After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 19

Mingyou continued to craft the cat climbing frame. The cat climbing frame he made was very luxurious, he added many functions, such as slides, single parallel bars, and rings.

    After Mingyou used his knowledge points to unlock the specific information of the fragrant yellow tree, he learned that the tree had the effect of soothing the spirit of the beast after special treatment.

    Mingyou had already exchanged the method of processing fragrant yellow trees from the system. However, as a spirit beast master with special abilities, he could use his power to mobilize the remaining vitality of the fragrant yellow tree and directly guide the wood’s special power.

    Perhaps spirit beast abilities could also activate the special power of the fragrant yellow tree by accident? There were fragrant yellow trees near the sanatorium. Mingyou believed that Blacky’s family choosing this place was no means an accident.

    The audience wanted to eat and be groomed. If possible, a massage would be better. But His Royal Highness and Colonel Herman had no intention of telling this little spirit beast master of their requests. They could only lie on the bed and floor, idly watching Mingyou doing manual work.

    They were numb to Mingyou’s strength. Wasn’t it just a big tree? Who had never moved one? If one couldn’t move it with their bare hands, couldn’t they use a machine? Wasn’t it just cutting iron? As an S-level ability player who had been on the battlefield, they would also dismantle weapons with their bare hands.

    About electric welding? How…how could this little spirit beast master know everything?! Could’t these rough jobs be handed over to robots? Did he have to do it himself? ? Wasn’t the robot invented just to free humans from heavy labor?

    Mingyou was wearing a mask and holding an electric welding tool. Sparks splashed in front of him. The black cat and the polar bear had retreated far away.

    Two large fluffy beasts, one black and one white, looked at each other. The cat climbing frame Mingyou mentioned before, they had thought it was just a wooden frame. The thing this young man assembled was a far cry from a cat climbing frame, right? Was Mingyou ready to build a small amusement park directly in the yard?

    “Hey, Fool, let the robot do the rest.” Arthur couldn’t stand it anymore and stopped Mingyou who was about to set up the swing framework. 

“Aren’t you tired?” The polar bear took the swing from Mingyou’s hand. He did not speak, but his expression was obviously disagreeing with Mingyou’s overwork.

    “How can I be tired if I’m making toys for you?” Mingyou wiped the sweat from his face with the back of his hand, which darkened his face.

    Instead of his face, only his teeth were white. The audience looked at Mingyou’s dusty face, and the corners of their mouths couldn’t help but twitch, but there was a trace of sourness in their hearts.

    “Big Brother is petting Mingyou, he never spoiled me.” The sour words continued, “even more tragic is that I do not know whether to be jealous of the youth or the older brother.”

    If he lost control and turned into his beast form, it would be great to meet a spirit beast master like Mingyou.

    “Very jealous.” Mundy washed his face with his paw. His bear face was still wet. After hearing the news that the polar bear had recovered his sanity, Mundy couldn’t stop his tears.

    He was one of the partial insiders. His stupid brother was stunned by others, and he became the first person to come into contact with Mingyou. So he knew that Mingyou had been in the sanatorium for less than half a month.

    In less than half a month, Herman’s sanity had recovered. What an amazing speed was this? Mundy was grateful for Mingyou’s appearance, and couldn’t help complaining to God. Why didn’t Mingyou appear earlier? Why should the heroes of the Star Alliance suffer so much?

    If Mingyou appeared before the Zerg War…Fine, if Mingyou appeared before the Zerg War, Prince Arthur did not have such a powerful reputation and right to speak. Those who only knew how to fight for power would have swallowed this naive looking young man.

    Mundy calmed down and continued to watch Mingyou quarrel with the two spirit beasts he loved in the live broadcast room.

   He was totally jealous. Of course they are all jealous. Hearing the “quarrel” in the live broadcast room, Mundy suddenly felt a little sleepy. It was strange, he was sleepy, but obviously things were so noisy. Other viewers in the live broadcast room also contemplated the matter.

    The voice of the young spirit beast master was as soft as his appearance, but his tone was like his strength level, and he would not compromise. Their beloved Prince “Ao Ao Ao Ao” kept screaming and looked frustrated.

   Colonel Herman was as usual. He was reluctant to say anything. He said a few “um” to the little spirit beast master for a while, and then yelled a few times at His Royal Highness, as if to persuade him.

    The sounds of people and beasts, coupled with the rustle of the wind blowing through the leaves, the rustling of insects in the grass, and the sound of their own breathing and heartbeat, all these sounds seem to converge into a lullaby. Their impetuous spirits felt as if they were gently stroked by a soft brush and their eyelids involuntarily drooped.

    It was like during a lazy afternoon, the sound of comrades training not far away, the instructor would occasionally blow his whistle, finish the training session and was lying in the shade of the tree preparing to take a nap.

    The noise around them would not affect their drowsiness, but would make them feel at ease from the inside out. During the war, they could only take a nap in an environment with noise from their comrades-in-arms.

    If it was too quiet, no one could sleep. Because silence correlated with death. Emperor Aldrich exclusively occupied a lounge, not squeezing with other ministers. He opened his mouth and yawned a lot.

    The big golden lion stood up, shook his fur, stretched his limbs, and turned into a long golden cat-worm. This young man was really amazing with a soothing temperament.

    Mingyou’s unique temperament, coupled with the strange light blue energy fluctuations, made every spirit beast feel good about him when he saw him.

    No wonder, Arthur, who was very vigilant, couldn’t help but protect Mingyou soon after meeting him. What a previous treasure. He belonged to his family now. The big lion triumphantly raised his tail, and twirled his tail in circles.

    In the end, Mingyou failed to complete his spirit beast playground plan in one go. Arthur became angry and told Mingyou his most serious threat. “Not obedient? If you are not obedient, you will sleep on your own tonight!”

    The cat pillow was gone! The cat quilt was gone! All gone! Mingyou immediately acknowledged and even almost performed a kneeling hug for the liger on the spot: “I was wrong! Blacky! I listen to you! I’ll listen to you!”

    The polar bear covered his eyes with one paw and couldn’t bear to look directly. He always felt that His Highness and Mingyou were arguing… how do one put it, it was too ambiguous? It seemed like junior high school students in love? Maybe this was just an illusion?

    Arthur urged Mingyou to take a bath and the live broadcast ended hastily. But before the end, Arthur was still conscientious and opened up the empathy function, allowing the audience to feel the pleasure of simultaneously eating nutrition cubes.

    “Red nutrition cubes can increase physical strength. All spirit beasts can eat them.”

    “Orange nutrition can increase physical endurance. It’s suitable for supplementing spirit beasts taking the muscle route. Of course, spirit beasts that don’t want to take the muscle route can also eat this nutrition cube. All spirit beasts should have a strong body without question.”

    “Yellow nutrition cubes can eliminate physical fatigue. Taking one after training is beautiful.” 

     “Green nutrition cubes have a beautifying effect and are good for the fur. This must be eaten every day!”

    “The cyan nutrition cube can relieve mental fatigue and injuries. It is very suitable to eat after excessive use of abilities or mental impact.”

    “The blue nutrition cube is a simple supplement for mental energy, just like the blue potions in video games.”

    “The purple nutrition cube is the most special. It can develop a spirit beast’s potential. The quantity is too scarce. You can’t eat it like a candy bar. It’s too rare.”

   The audience rolled all around, while their mouths were non-stop grumbling. Streaming tears of disappointment.

    Your Highness, did you just talk about sugar cubes? Did you just say sugar cubes? Weren’t the nutrition cubes a rare food? Was it okay for him to eat it like candy? Was the little spirit beast master your family’s treasure? Did the little spirit beast master have to kiss and embrace him on both live broadcasts? Even though the spirit beast master treated Colonel Herman very well, he would only praise Arthur in such a fancy way. Was it amazing?

    Fine, it was amazing, it was amazing_(:з」∠)_. Unbelievable tears overflowed from the audience and shed all over the ground. Today’s live broadcast ended again amidst the sound of howling, and even His Majesty Emperor Aldrich couldn’t stand this bear kid anymore.

    His brother, he could only watch the live broadcast to relieve my greed! Could he stop being so arrogant! Alas, I hope the little spirit beast master can quickly find a substitute for the raw materials used to make nutrition cubes.

    For the first time, the angry emperor had the idea of ​​throwing the throne to his younger brother. But soon, the emperor’s spoiling heart for his younger brother overcame the evil thoughts in his heart. He sighed, shook his fur, turned back into human form, and went back downstairs to continue the meeting. It was really hard to be a good brother.

    “Blacky, this wood should be placed in a cool place to slowly dry! When the resin has all flowed out, we can use it to make furniture!” Mingyou, who took a shower, made himself dirty again.

    Fragrant yellow trees were good things. Putting some fragrant yellow wood furniture in the house would be good for spirit beasts.

    But he couldn’t make furniture like a wooden shelf outside right after cutting down the tree. When wood with high moisture and resin content was made into furniture with tight structure, it will be deformed after a long time.

    Arthur lightly hit Mingyou, and the youth grabbed the cat’s paw and rubbed it. Arthur took back his paw disgustingly, and said: “What drying? What kind of backward processing method for your era? Tomorrow we will send a batch of robots to let them work!”

    Mingyou said that he wanted to build a training ground for spirit beasts and tours here. Beforehand, Arthur called his brother and ordered robots. Originally, he wanted to gather all types of robots at once and give them to Mingyou, but he couldn’t watch Mingyou while working.

    “No, I have to do it by hand.” Mingyou explained the function and processing method of fragrant yellow wood. Now there are no processing conditions, he can only manually guide the power of the fragrant yellow wood.

    “It’s troublesome.” Arthur lay on the ground, his head leaning Mingyou’s calf, “You write down the processing method, and I will find someone to apply for a patent for you and give it to others to ponder.”

    “Okay.” Mingyou knelt down, hugged Arthur’s big head and kissed him several times. The he was pushed away by a cat slap. “I’m going to cook for you!”

    Arthur stood up, shook his fur, cocked his tail and went to the kitchen to order food with Mingyou. The polar bear went to the yard and moved the wood for Mingyou. Mingyou was shocked silly as soon as he entered the kitchen.

    The kitchen pots and pans were all on the ground, and the cooking robot was even more pitiful, with only one head left.

    “Blacky!!! Was there a thief in our kitchen?!!!” Mingyou screamed, covering his face.


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