After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 18

Since the first live broadcast of the Spirit Beast Sanatorium, the Star Alliance had been secretly surging. But while these storms were surging, most viewers who watched the live broadcast did not care.

    His Royal Highness Arthur showed his face in the live broadcast room. Was there any time to care about rats in the gutter? Instead of caring about grasshoppers after autumn, it was better to urge His Highness to record more live broadcasts.

    A: But we can only urge His Highness to start the live broadcast.

    B: Then you hurry up and urge His Highness to start the live broadcast.

    A: But we can only urge His Highness to start the live broadcast!!

    B: Then you hurry up and urge His Highness to start the live broadcast!!

    A: But we can only urge His Highness to start the live broadcast!!!

    … A and B started fighting because of this boring matryoshka problem.

    The instructor sighed as he watched the creatures flying around the training ground. After the live broadcast of the No.1 Spirit Beast Sanatorium, everyone had an especially good night’s sleep. Look, they had enough energy to sleep, and the fights were even more fierce.

    All training. The instructor glanced at his mail. Fine, today was also a day with no live broadcast network but he paid special attention to the start-up reminder message.

    Huh? Were his eyes deceiving him? There was an unread message! o(*≧▽≦)ツ~! ! What training! Time for a holiday!!

    The instructor turned into a handsome plush, and ran back to the dormitory at a pace that his relatives would not recognize. What was better than training while lying down and watching holographic live broadcasts?!

    On the training ground, the beast people froze for a few seconds, and then checked their mailboxes. Immediately afterwards, there was a burst of howling sounds as if a zoo was rioting, and the beasts disappeared in a dust cloud.

    A man was patrolling behind a certain general with his hands behind his back, he sighed while looking at the messy scene in front of him.

    “General, do you want to punish them?” The adjutant asked.

    The general glanced at him: “What punishment, hurry up and find a place for me to watch the live broadcast comfortably!”

    Adjutant: “…” Sorry, he was not an S-level ability user, he didn’t understand how this group of S-level ability user’s brains worked. What were they thinking about?

    Even training was on break for the live broadcast? Why was the live broadcast so attractive? Was it His Royal Highness Arthur’s speech? Impossible, how long had His Highness Arthur been missing? Unlikely. In this live broadcast, Arthur didn’t have any forewarning, and caught the audience by surprise.

    So university professors and corporate executives skipped classes. His Majesty the Emperor Aldrich glanced at the officials from various departments who were fighting in front of him: “Keep on arguing, or first adjourn the meeting?”

    “Your Majesty, can you let His Royal Highness stay in a fixed location? At the time of the live broadcast?” One official wryly smiled.

    His Majesty the Emperor lazily raised his eyes: “When has he listened to me? Why don’t you go and try to talk to him?” The official was silent. Your Majesty, Your Royal Highness does not even listen to your words. Would his words be useful?

    “Then continue the meeting…”

    “No, no, no, your Majesty, let’s temporarily abandon the meeting.”

    “Yes, yes, it’s the same even if we wait a while.”

    “Have someone arrange a lounge for us, and we will restart after we finish watching the live broadcast.” The officials looked very earnest.

    Before the live broadcast, Mingyou put on a straw hat and tried to put straw hats on the heads of the big cat and the white bear. The polar bear obediently wore it, and two round white plush bear ears appeared through the straw hat.

    The black cat dragged his injured leg and wildly ran around the yard. He refused to wear the hat. It looked so stupid!

    When Mingyou started the live broadcast, the black cat not only swatted the straw hat that Mingyou wanted to put on him, but also removed Mingyou’s hat. The audience was at a loss. What was His Highness doing? What game was he playing? The polar bear lazily hugged the shadow liger when he wanted to swipe his hat away.

    Mingyou hurried over and buckled the hat on the head of the big black cat: “Everyone should be neatly dressed! It looks good!”

    Arthur grinned, “Even if you put it on for me, can’t I take it off?”

    “No, you can’t.” Mingyou put on his hat as well. “This hat has the function of getting rid of mosquitoes. If you don’t want to be bitten by mosquitoes, just wear it obediently.”

    How could a hat produced by the system be an ordinary straw hat? Mingyou poked the big cat’s nose and said, “I heard that a cat was once bitten by mosquitoes on their nose and eyelids, and their face was swollen like a ball, and it was ugly.”

   The black cat touched his nose and eyes and hesitated. The young man took out too many weird things. It seems possible…the straw hat had this purpose. 

    Finally, the black cat succumbed to the threat of mosquitoes and wore the same straw hat as Mingyou and the polar bear. Mingyou also helped cut two slits in the straw hat to expose his ears. Arthur moved his ears and did not feel uncomfortable. Forget it, no matter whether this straw hat was useful or not, it was just to make the young youth happy.

    “Stupid bear! Put me down!” Arthur growled. The big white bear silently put Arthur down, and helped the feline groom his fur.

    “By the way, I have good news for everyone! Snowy has regained his consciousness!” Mingyou took the polar bear by the hand and motioned for the bear to greet everyone.

    The polar bear reservedly nodded, and the cold expression on his face made the audience know at a glance that the polar bear now was no longer the silly bear he used to be. Although this was a good thing, why did they feel a little regret? The audience thought hard until a message barrage awakened everyone.

    “That… of course it’s a good thing that Snowy’s body recovered, but… have you noticed that there is no option QAQ for Dabai’s empathy option?” The audience slapped their feet! Correct! What about the previous empathy option? Why was it missing?

    “Since the iceberg man Herman has woken up, do you still want to empathize with him? Dreaming, you are dreaming.” The administrator, Arthur, made a speech in the live broadcast room, which caused the audience to respond.

    “The polar bear is Colonel Hermann? Impossible? Colonel Herman wouldn’t be so naive!!!”

    “Colonel Herman is the guardian and bodyguard of His Royal Highness. His Royal Highness personally authenticated him. What else might be impossible. Colonel Hermann asked for common sense! Otherwise, His Royal Highness can give us a sense of empathy.”

    “Yes, yes. At least give us a bite during dinner! Just a bite!”

    “Ball, ball you guys! I rolled a ball ball ball you guys!”

    “If you have combing and massage, please activate the empathy function, just click, click!”

    “When you are playing with toys, please feel the same. I don’t know what kind of toys the cutie will make.”

    “Straw grasshoppers or something? Maybe it’s a small sandbag that you can throw around?”

    “Maybe it’s a small ball? Or a feather shuttlecock?”

    “The little toys made by the anchor, will your Royal Highness and the colonel play with it? Isn’t it too childish?”

    “The live broadcast is out…(艹艹) What is the anchor carrying? Chainsaw? What is he going to do?!”

    Arthur lifted a paw, adjusted his fur, then sneered. Hmph, mortals, you don’t know anything about the power of the spirit beast master.

    “Wow! There’s such a good tree at the entrance of the courtyard!” Mingyou carried the chainsaw and looked up at the straight tree in front of him. As soon as he left the yard, the system map was overwhelmed with a group of small question marks.

    Most of the plants and ores here had energy fluctuations! He could use knowledge points to unlock types and uses! Especially for the tree in front of him, the energy score given by the system actually had five stars!

    Although the full score was ten stars, five stars was one of the better building materials used by the general public in the game. Wood above five stars was generally used directly as food for spirit beasts.

    Treasures were all on the doorstep? Mingyou was stunned. He wanted to ask Blacky if he knew about this, but suddenly remembered that it was now the live broadcast, but he didn’t ask further.

    “Why are you in a daze?” Arthur glanced at him and knew that Mingyou had something on his mind.

    “Tell you tonight.” Mingyou rubbed Arthur’s cat ears outside of the straw hat. The big black cat raised its paw to press the straw hat, and turned its ears left and right.

    Mingyou said seriously: “Blacky is the cutest in the world!”

    Arthur showed a look of disgust. This young man confessed to him a hundred times a day, not greasy.

    “I know, I know, don’t you want to cut down the tree?” Arthur patted the tree in front of him. “I really don’t need help from Snowy?”

    “No need.” Mingyou put on his gloves and started the chainsaw.

    Creak, the electric saw cut wood like tofu, and soon the saw went in halfway.

    The audience was horrified. “Wait? What kind of toy needs to cut down the tree?”

    “Mingyou is so weak! Your Highness actually let him cut down the tree! How dangerous is this!”

    “Aren’t there robots who can cut down trees or something? It’s too dangerous, your Highness should persuade him. He’s a child.”

    Just as the audience expressed their worrying opinions, the tree “creaked” and leaned to the side. Mingyou kicked out, “Bang!” The tree quickly fell down, and clouds of dust rose up on the ground, while countless birds took off.

    Mingyou handed the chainsaw to the polar bear. He checked the center of gravity for the tree. He walked to the center of the tree, picked up the trunk of the tree and held it high above his head.

    “Next, we are going to transport the tree trunks into the yard, plane them into wooden boards to make toys!” Mingyou held the tree trunk and strode towards the small courtyard gate.

    Audience: “???”

    Audience: “!!!”

    Wait! what happened? Wasn’t this a fragrant yellow tree? This kind of tree must be a fragrant yellow tree, right? The density of the fragrant yellow tree was very high, and the weight was not low! Even if they were facing such a big piece of wood, they had to drive a forklift to tow it. This young man actually lifted it up?

    Was it a prop? It must be for special effects for the show, right? Or was this simply a holographic projection?

    The unique scent of the fragrant yellow tree they smelled from the holographic sensor told them, don’t be silly, accept the reality, you think the weak and cute spirit beast master, just take a whole fragrant yellow tree with two hands. Lifted it up.

    They hadn’t awakened from Mingyou’s unreasonable strength, Mingyou had already begun to make “toys”. Sawing wood, soaking planks, building shelves, ding ding dong dong, ping pong pong, an oversized cat climbing frame, formed from Mingyou’s sweat.

    All manual, without any robots to help. No way!

    “The toys made by a spirit beast master will make the spirit beast happier. There are viewers of spirit beasts in the live broadcast room. You can try to make a toy for your own spirit beast by following today’s cat climbing frame tutorial.” Mingyou wiped his face. Sweat beaded on his face, a bright smile, showing two rows of white teeth, “It’s easy, isn’t it?”

    Audience: No way!! What the hell was a spirit beast master? ! This was completely different from what they imagined!!

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  1. For today’s episode, Mingyou has moved the program to the home improvement channel. Better luck next episode for those hoping to be spoiled with great food or brushing!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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  2. Important note for those who want to work with wood: You need good protective glasses! Wood jumps when you use it and expands with moisture, a small piece of wood in your eye and it can cause a serious problem.
    Take care of your safety, wear protective glasses when working with tools!

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