After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 17

Mingyou pressed his fingers on the piano keys, *Ding Ding Dong Dong* and found his rhythm. Singing while playing, the piano could only play an accompaniment role. Overly complicated piano music couldn’t be used in multi-tasking.

    Mingyou turned his head and glanced at the expectant shadow liger, then turned his head to the other side, and looked at the polar bear who had habitual facial paralysis after recovering his mind.

    A melody suddenly appeared in his head. A naive entertaining series, but it made him cry from episode to episode, his eyes were swollen and puffy. It was the ending song that he once used.

    Thinking about the lyrics of that song, it seemed a little bit suitable for the two heroic beasts around him. Mingyou went through the melody in his mind, and soon the melody came to mind. He once prepared scores for this song. As long as he had picked up the score and played the music, he would not forget it.

    The prelude started, and the cat and bear ears stood up at the same time. Mingyou started singing, the sound of his young voice was clear: “Where in the world is full of flowers, if it really exists then I will go to …”

    Mingyou once yearned for the glory in the song, but unfortunately his body didn’t allow it. If there was a chance, Mingyou didn’t know if he could be as brave as the two spirit beasts around him.

    “Fate can’t make us kneel and beg for mercy, even if the battle is paved with blood.”

    Blacky once said to him, while facing the battlefield of the Zerg, the alliance declined domestically and faced foreign difficulties.

    The Star Alliance had been at peace for too long, and some vested interests had forgotten the cruel and terrible war. They used war as a means to seize power and caused great trouble to the frontline soldiers.

    The Zerg offensive was fierce, with comrades falling down every day, but the rear could not provide effective support. The wounds stabbed by the people responsible for their protection were deeper and more painful than the wounds caused by the Zerg.

    But in order to protect their hometown, protect their families, and isolate the cruel war from the lives of ordinary people in the Star Alliance, they never thought of giving up during the hardest time.

    Mingyou hugged the black cat, feeling distressed and in admiration. He was weak and cowardly. After being hurt, he not only wouldn’t give birth to ideas of revenge, but even had obstacles to normal communication with others. How could he not worship a hero like the shadow liger?

    This song was dedicated to the hero in his mind. The original song was rock, and the singer shouted with emotion, which made this song very catchy. After being adapted into a piano piece, the song was less impassioned and more tender.

    But tenderness did not mean weakness. Poor little Mingyou had experienced setbacks and hardships in his second life. Even though he hadn’t noticed it, his soft skin had a tougher inner core, which had changed from softness to flexibility.

    The lingua franca of the Star Alliance was very similar to Mingyou’s previous language, which made him wonder whether there was a pure and blue planet in the history of the Star Alliance that had been lost.

    It was also possible that this was a parallel world with the same historical origin as his hometown. The songs of his world were sung in the lingua franca of the Star Alliance, without any sense of contradiction.

    The black cat was stunned. The white bear looked at the big black cat through Mingyou, with a trace of nostalgia in his eyes. The big black cat opened his mouth and sang along with feline cries. Although his cry was on the beat, to Mingyou’s ears, the black cat was pretty out of tune.

    Mingyou smiled and almost sang the wrong lyrics. After singing it once, Mingyou played the song a second and third time. The big black cat finally kept up with the tune, and the polar bear also opened his mouth and joined in.

    As a bear who loves music, the white bear only listened to the song twice and sang better than Mingyou. At least to Mingyou, he sang better than him.

    Right! Blacky was also singing very well! Better than him! After Mingyou exaggerated the polar bear in his heart, he didn’t forget to praise the black cat again. As the black cat sang, his tail waved to the beat of the song and his head moved like a child singing at kindergarten.

    The white bear did not move as much as the big black cat, but his paw couldn’t help tapping on the ground. Boom boom boom, boom boom boom, just like drum beats, they were in harmony with the piano sound.

    Mingyou was infected by the black cat and the white bear, and he couldn’t help shaking his body and head. His voice became lighthearted with a somewhat nostalgic singing voice. It seemed that they were not chasing dreams, but had succeeded in chasing dreams, with joy and pride, recalling the past.

    Mingyou sang more and more cheerfully, and the smile on his face became brighter and brighter. The corners of the big black cat’s mouth were raised, his eyes narrowed slightly, and his head swayed more strongly.

    The polar bear’s iceberg face could not help but reveal a little smile. His fluffy face showed a little bit of innocence when his mind was not yet awake. The light blue energy of Mingyou rippled outwards, like ripples in the lake.

    After the big black cat and the big white cat “received” the emotional energy emitted from Mingyou, the supernatural powers in their bodies unconsciously operated, responding to Mingyou’s emotions. There were also light blue energy fluctuations floating through them. The black cat’s eyes widened into circles.

    He felt that the energy in his body was recovering at an incredible speed. This was the power of the bond? Wow! It turned out that the emotional resonance and the sharing of bonds between people and spirit beast could really lead to such a powerful force?

    What was this setting? The cat kicked back! He liked this setting very much (*≧ω≦)! ! ! The big black cat sang more vigorously, successfully shifting the tunes of Mingyou and the big white bear.

    “Hahahaha Blacky, you are really amazing!” Mingyou touched the keys with a smile.

    The big white bear looked around himself for a moment. Okay, the strange energy fluctuations haven’t disappeared yet. This was the new power he gained after becoming a partner with the spirit beast master? How was it similar to the second-second animation that His Royal Highness often pulled him to watch?

    But this kind of power really made people very happy. The deeper the bond, the stronger the strength, as if all his pursuits received positive feedback, how could he be unhappy?

    “Let’s play the piano next time on a live broadcast.” The black cat’s paws rested on Mingyou’s legs, his head arched into Mingyou’s arms, the fluffy pointed ears swiveled left and right, the tail was pointing to the sky, and a pair of big cat eyes were full of bad intentions.

    Mingyou hugged the black cat and said, “Then I will play the piano live and make desserts later? By the way, I want to make toys for you during the live broadcast. Snowy has recovered his sanity and can use his abilities. Is it possible to leave the yard and go around the fence of the nursing home? It’s okay to just cut a few trees outside the fence, right?”

    The big black cat’s tail stiffened: ” Cut down trees?”

    Mingyou nodded, “There are some chainsaws in the warehouse!” In fact, there was a tree-cutting chainsaw in his system inventory. This was something that was rewarded by a previous system training course. In addition to the chainsaw, the system also rewarded a lot of messy props, such as axes, files, and awls.

    There were life professions such as carpenter and stonemason in the game. Mingyou was very proficient in all life professions. He had mastered this miscellaneous knowledge during more than ten years without encountering the shadow liger.

    He should be fine in reality, right? The systematic training courses were very realistic holographic courses. The black cat’s tail drooped: “You can use a chainsaw?”

    ” Yes. I will make a cat climbing frame and a cat roller for you!” Mingyou had long wanted to make toys for the black cat. How could there be no enrichment facilities in a nursing home? And some toys could also play the role of rehabilitation aids.

    Mingyou hugged the liger’s head with one hand and touched the bear’s ears with the other: “What does Snowy want? Do you want a big climbing frame to bask in the sun?”

    Him? This… forget it? The rationality of the perfect elite in the Great White Bear madly rejected the idea. But when he looked at Mingyou’s sparkling eyes, he changed his mouth: “Okay.”

    “There is also a swing! A drop shot! Ah! When we can move in a bigger territory, I will find a river and give it to you. You dig a big swimming pool!” Mingyou’s small face lifted slightly, his face full of ambition.

    The black cat and the white bear looked at each other, and the two fluffy expressions were a bit silly. Cut down trees? Do carpentry? Even dig a swimming pool yourself? Mingyou…

    Shadow Liger: Just remember to apply for a construction robot.

    Polar Bear: Yes.

    The black cat rested his head on Mingyou’s lap, while enjoying Mingyou’s chin scratches, while listening to Mingyou’s grand plan for nursing home enrichment with alert ears. Mingyou even planned to build a special runway for the spirit beast parkour in the yard.

    Of course, this runway was best built outside the fence of the nursing home. How could such a vast land outside the fence be wasted? He wanted to build a lot of spirit beast amusement equipment training facilities outside, plant a lot of spirit beast fruit trees and medicinal herbs, yes, he will plant some miscellaneous crops in the scattered ground.

    They couldn’t just eat things that contained energy, so there was no sense of happiness. Although eating other foods was not good for the body, there should be many kinds of very delicious things.

    Ah, did he want to raise chickens and ducks, and another pond with fish, shrimps and crabs? When it came to farming, he wa not sleepy anymore! Mingyou got more excited as he talked, the white bear also leaned his head on Mingyou, and sighed deeply.

    Farming… His Royal Highness seemed to be very excited as well. Was His Highness really ready to farm on this planet? Although… This kind of future seems pretty good.

    The war had ended, and His Highness had no ambitions. Instead of entering the vortex of power, doing things he didn’t like, maybe planting some fields, and promoting the nutrition cube to the All-Star Alliance, maybe it could promote a new wave of evolution for the supernaturalists, and His Royal Highness would definitely be happier. After all, His Highness was a lazy cat who wanted to doze off for half of the day.

    “Mingyou, next time I won’t broadcast live playing piano, live broadcast cutting trees to make toys.” The black cat regretted it again. He covered his mouth with a paw and grunted, “Let them see the power of a spirit beast master.”

    “Power?” Is it the ability of making toys? Mingyou nodded: “Okay!”

    Blacky had the final say! The white bear covered his eyes with a single claw. Thank God, the comments on the next live broadcast were probably not available. 

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  1. I’m beginning to think the real silly one is Mingyou! He’s really cute with how enthused he is about his charges, though more than a little off base as to what exactly the sentient ones would want anything to do with outside of kind obligation. Spirit beasts don’t quite equal pets I’m afraid..

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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  2. Thanks for the translation!

    Also, if anyone is curious, here’s a link to the song that Mingyou sang in this chapter. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be any translation available for the lyrics.

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  3. Now that I think about it, Mingyou spent most of his last life in the hospital and playing video games and most of this life in a fancy boarding school. His idea of how stuff like farming and construction works is probably kind of… off

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