After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 16

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When Mingyou woke up from starvation, he opened his eyes and saw a large pile of fluff. He looked to the ground, and sure enough, no matter how big the bed was, it didn’t stop him from kicking the quilt on the floor. He slept in a sleeping bag when he was in the dormitory. Strangely, he didn’t have this problem in his previous life.

    “Good morning, Blacky.” Mingyou rubbed his cheek against the big black cat in his arms. Today the black cat obediently used him as a pillow and a quilt. His cat was the cutest in the world!

    “It’s night now.” Arthur lazily got up, jumped out of the bed, twisted his hips, flicked his tail, and shook his fur in one go.

    Mingyou hurriedly put on his clothes: “You are hungry! I’ll cook now!”

    Arthur yawned, “I’m not hungry. There are nutrient cubes and cooking robots.”

    Now that the nursing home had been transformed and intelligent robots were available. He and Herman could handle little things like cooking.

    “Blacky is really amazing!” Mingyou hugged Arthur’s cat head in awe.

    Arthur’s cat’s ears twitched. He wanted to say that he was not the one who controlled the robot to cook this time, but…Forget it, he would give Mingyou a surprise later. Knowing that the liger and the polar bear had solved their food problem by themselves, Mingyou was no longer in a hurry.

    After he finished washing, he followed the shadow liger downstairs and saw the polar bear unpacking a box in the hall.

    When Mingyou first came to the nursing home, many boxes were piled up in the main lobby. Later, the cat told him that these boxes contained the spirit beasts’ favorite things. So when renovating, these boxes were still piled up in the corner of the hall, waiting for the spirit beasts to open after they recovered their sanity.

    “Snowy! Don’t move those boxes!” Mingyou stopped quickly.

    The polar bear looked up, staring at Mingyou with a calm look.

    “Snowy?” Mingyou hesitated.

    The big bear put down the box and slowly walked to Mingyou and sat down: “Yes.”

    Mingyou said in surprise: “Are you back to normal?” The polar bear nodded his head. Mingyou stretched out his hand, trying to stroke the polar bear’s ears, but he hesitated halfway through.

    The polar bear seemed to be a little cold after he recovered his sanity. Would it be not good if he behaved too intimately? Seeing Mingyou’s hand stopped midair, the white bear actively lowered his head and placed his ears into Mingyou’s hand.

    Mingyou QAQ. Snowy was also the cutest in the world! Blacky was the cutest liger in the world, Snowy was the cutest bear in the world! There was no conflict!

    Mingyou hugged the bear’s head and rubbed it hard. The polar bear stretched out a paw and touched the small soft curls on Mingyou’s head. The bear’s face was full of indulgence, and the shadow liger snorted in response.

    “A cold? Take medicine if you are sick.” The polar bear said coldly.

    Shadow liger: “???” Although he knew that the ice bear cared about him, weren’t his words very ambiguous?

    “Snowy, do you want to be my partner?” After Mingyou finished petting, he took out the ice gem necklace that he had bought from the system backpack.

    Ice gem was a kind of ore crystal enveloped with ice energy. Certain spirit beasts carried ice gems with them, which could increase the power of ice-type moves and increase the speed of power recovery.

    When Mingyou looked at the polar bear, he knew that one of his main attributes must be ice. This gem should suit him well. The big white bear looked at the unknown gem polished into a bead shape, stretched out his paw, and solemnly accepted it.

    “Congratulations, there is a bear in your harem. As the official spouse , I am very pleased. Please keep working hard and continue to enrich the harem.” The big black cat said with an interesting expression.

    Mingyou blushed: “Blacky! I meant as a comrade-in-arms! A comrade-in-arms! Please don’t hold on to my previous slip of the tongue!” He hugged the black cat’s head, and rubbed vigorously.

    “I’m just kidding, do you need to be so defensive? Isn’t it too hard to play?” The black cat arrogantly shook his head.

    “Well, I can’t afford it.” The polar bear patted Mingyou on the shoulder and motioned for him to move away.

    He held the ice jewel tightly in his paws, and a layer of cold mist enveloped his whole body. Mingyou took a closer look and found that the air around the polar bear had actually condensed tiny ice crystals.

    “I can’t play, so, practice?” The big white bear waved another paw, and the ice crystal mist shrank, forming a ball which looked like a glove.

    Big black cat ←_←. He lay down on the spot, his claws retreated, his tail flicked left and right.

    “Oh, I’m so pitiful. I protected someone on the battlefield several times. That person not only doesn’t appreciate me, but also bullies me who can’t use abilities. Hit me then, what can I do? I owe you. I only hurt a leg. What you lost is a chance to make merit. I know that you hate me. Come on, take revenge for your lost merit.”

 Mingyou =口=||.

 Big white bear -_-#.

    “Enough, get up, Your Highness. Please pay attention to your image.” The polar bear dissipated the ice force on the bear’s paws and frowned. Oh, the polar bear had no eyebrows, so his small eyes scrunched together.

    “Okay, okay, Blacky, stop making trouble.” Mingyou smiled and rushed to the feline, then buried his head in the big black cat’s fur. He was sorry! He saw the liger lying down! He couldn’t help it!

    “Huh.” Arthur pushed Mingyou away with a look of disgust, “Didn’t you say you were hungry? Go eat. The robot has already heated up the food for you.”

    Before going downstairs, he used his lightbrain to remotely command the cooking robot. Dinner was hot. “Okay!” Mingyou hugged Arthur’s fluffy head and kissed him before going to the kitchen to find food.

    “Mingyou is still a child, don’t teach him badly.” The polar bear put the ice gem necklace around his neck and glanced at the big black cat who was licking his fur.

    Arthur glanced back at the polar bear: “Yes, he is seven years younger than me. But why don’t you remember that I am ten years younger than you? I am also a child, and you actually want to beat me up.”

   The polar bear looked up and down . Arthur, who had a straight face and shamelessly, gave a cold snort, “Yes, you are also a child. Your Majesty, I also changed your diaper for you.”

    Arthur: “…”

    He tiptoed on three legs and ran into the kitchen to play with Mingyou. Don’t bother with this polar bear! The white bear looked at Arthur’s limping posture, and he held the ice gemstone against his chest and pinched it tightly.

    Among the survivors of the advancing team, he was the least injured because he had been protected by His Royal Highness Arthur. As a guard, he was not strong enough. Not only did he fail to protect His Highness, but instead let him bear the injuries that should have been borne by him.

    Although His Highness said that he would get his life back even with one injured leg, there was no more cost-effective business in the universe. But his self-esteem as a guard made him unable to accept this.

    Fortunately, Mingyou could heal His Highness’s injuries. His Highness could continue to run happily in the future.

    Herman remembered that when he was a child, he and Arthur thought that they were not related to their families because of their different coat colors. They ran away from home. A fat white bear carried a small black liger on his back. They had no money or documents. He was arrested as soon as he left the palace.

    Arthur knocked him out with a tail and carried everything off. He was kept in confinement for a whole month, and his Majesty personally trained him.

    He had been very clumsy since he was a child, and he was slow in learning anything. It was obvious that he was the older brother, but Arthur had been protecting him. Therefore, he would hide his true temperament and strive to cultivate the most perfect elite appearance. He hoped that one day, he could protect Arthur once.

    The cat stretched out his head from the kitchen door, and screamed: “Snowy, Mingyou wants to bake a cake and wants to know what flavor you like! Come and choose the fruit!” The polar bear loosened his paws, landed on all fours, and slowly turned towards the kitchen.

    Mingyou baked a few small cakes on a whim, and the black cat and the white bear said they tasted good. He decided to make desserts on the next livestream. The shadow liger patted his stomach with a smile. He could imagine the wailing in the message boards the next live broadcast.

    After filling his stomach, Mingyou took the two fluffy spiritual beasts to continue with the unfinished business-unboxing.

    “This big box is for Snowy? Let me see…wow! Piano!” Mingyou rubbed his itchy hands,” Snowy can play the piano? Can I play it?”

    The polar bear nodded and prepared to tune. Then he was depressed to find that his bear paws were too big and too short. In short, he couldn’t do the job of tuning the piano.

    “I’ll come, I’ll do it!” Mingyou raised his hand very positively.

    “You can tune the instrument?” The black cat was curious.

    Of course Mingyou could. After his parents unexpectedly passed away in his previous life, he was left with a large inheritance. He lived in a small suite with a garden platform at the hospital, with a special soundproof music room and an online game room.

    Mingyou’s mother was a pianist, and the piano had been his toy since childhood. His mother once said that he had great talent. If it were not for his physical strength, unable to support him for a complete concert, he would definitely become a better musician than his mother.

    In this life, although the Tan family forbade him from leaving the boarding school, he was not lacking in resources. He still had a piano. Unfortunately, that piano did not belong to him any longer. Mingyou didn’t use any tuner, he only tuned the piano by instinct. *Ding ding dong dong*

    The black cat and the white bear listened with perked ears. After transforming into a beast, their hearing was much sharper than that of humans. They could hear that Mingyou’s tuning was very accurate. This boy seemed to have the gift of absolute pitch.

    Without mentioning Mingyou’s ability with the cultivation of spirit beasts, if he entered the field of music, he should also be considered a genius. Arthur carefully leaned back, and his face showed an exaggerated expression.

    Oops, the Tan family was really awesome, such a genius was thrown away. If there was a musical genius among the members of their feline family, wouldn’t they be guarded tighter than a treasure vault? At least, they would never be allowed to participate in the emperor succession lottery ceremony!

    “How is it?” Mingyou adjusted the tone, his eyes were sparkling.

    “You play first.” The polar bear brought a stool for Mingyou, sat next to the youth, and listened to him playing the piano.

    The black cat squatted to Mingyou’s other side, and bumped his head against Mingyou’s shoulder: “Sing a song from your world, I haven’t heard a song from another world yet!” Another world? The white bear suspiciously glanced at the big cat.

    “My world…” Mingyou showed a weird look. Should he sing “On earth, in heaven, in that girl’s skirt, I must also recover the spirit beast”? No way, would he be considered a pervert? 

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