After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 15

Arthur’s belly was facing up, his front paws were tucked into his chest, his hind legs were straight, and his face was full of vicissitudes.

    The big white bear sat observing for a while, then flattened Arthur’s stomach, and motioned to Mingyou to help him pinch his legs.

    Mingyou couldn’t laugh or cry, “I’m treating Blacky. Snowy, don’t make trouble.”

    The big white bear nodded, then stayed spread out and started sleeping with his belly facing up and closed eyes. Soon there was a low snoring sound in his throat. .

    Arthur rolled his eyes, but because the whites of his eyes were golden, they turned into golden orbs. They were so beautiful, so Mingyou immediately snapped a photo.

    Arthur grimaced, “You are not allowed to take ugly pictures!”

    “It’s not ugly! Blacky is the most beautiful big cat in the world!” Mingyou sent a series of compliments, “Blacky, don’t move, it will hurt…”

    Before Mingyou finished speaking, the energy in Arthur’s injured leg felt pinched, like getting poked by a needle, and he screamed in pain.

    The big white bear’s round ears moved, turned over, and continued to sleep.

    “The pain means that the leg is going to heal soon.” Mingyou quickly soothed, “Wait, be patient, take a deep breath. Come and take a deep breath with me, in… out… in…”

    Arthur inhaled and exhaled heavily, his lungs filled with air. Eventually endured this wave of pain. He looked depressed and kept muttering in his heart, “I’m just a cat blanket, a cat blanket without feeling, a cat blanket that can’t move”, and he dared not move.

    Although he was a hardened warrior with scars on the battlefield, he was actually really afraid of pain! Seeing the big black cat’s expression, Mingyou felt distressed. He rushed forward and kissed the shadow liger’s ear, “Hold on, Blacky is the strongest!”

    Wasn’t it obvious! There was no one stronger than him in the All-Star League. Arthur’s eyes were deadpan. Noting that Arthur’s pain seemed to be relieved, Mingyou continued to massage Arthur’s hind legs.

    Arthur’s previous fall seemed to have broken through a certain energy barrier in his body, which caused his injured leg to feel pain. After Mingyou checked, he found that the energy in Arthur’s body began to flow to his injured leg, conflicting with the residual zerg energy.

    If left alone, Arthur only needed to replenish his energy and increase physical strength. Sooner or later, his own energy would consume this small strand of zerg energy. In other words, Arthur’s injury had finally begun to heal.

    It was just that this self-healing process would be slow and painful. In addition, Arthur had to endure the itchy pins and needles sensation for at least several months.

    The energy began to flow. With the help of the system, Mingyou was finally able to use his core as a probe to analyze the specific components of the remaining zerg energy in Arthur’s body and set out to make an antidote.

    At the same time, using the heart power energy waves can also help Arthur speed up dissipating the remaining zerg energy. Disperse, not swallow.

    Arthur could not absorb it, he could only use his own energy to cancel the other out. So until Arthur received enough energy, the injury would never heal on his own.

    The massage lasted two entire hours. Arthur only started growling a few times, but when he saw the sweat dripping from Mingyou’s forehead, he didn’t make any more noises, and even endured the discomfort.

    “Huh, it’s finally over.” For the last half an hour, Mingyou relied on his willpower to support it. Now that the massage was over, his eyes went dark and he almost fainted.

    He did not know when the big polar bear woke up. He sat behind Mingyou, and caught the limp youth.

    “Ah.” The polar bear hugged Mingyou and yelled anxiously.

    “It’s okay…just…a bit tired.” Mingyou wanted to raise his head to touch the bear’s ears, but now his hands were so tired that he only felt sore and tingling. Not to mention raising his arms, even moving his fingers was difficult.

    Arthur got up, walked to Mingyou, and licked his sweaty cheeks. The rough touch made Mingyou smile.

    “Don’t lick it, my face is sweaty and dirty.” Mingyou said.

    Arthur didn’t hear anything, so he licked again and helped Mingyou fix his curly hair. The polar bear blinked, and lowered his head to lick Mingyou’s hair. The place where Arthur had just licked became more messy.

    Arthur slapped the polar bear on the forehead: “Don’t make trouble.” The big white bear whistled a few times, as if he was unconvinced.

    So a big cat and a big bear licked Mingyou’s hair as if they were in a fight.

    “Don’t lick, don’t lick!” Mingyou said to no avail. In the end, he could only obediently shrink into the bear’s arms, and let the two fluffies wash his hair with saliva.

    After a while, Mingyou suddenly thought of a question: “Does this count as indirect kissing?”

    Big White Bear: (⊙_⊙).

    Big black cat: (▼_▼).


    “Ah ah ah ah ah! Do not spit on the carpet !!!” Mingyou sighed dispiritedly while in the yard.

    Even the polar bear, who had lost his mind, knew that he had misbehaved, and obediently shrank to a corner of the bathing pool, taking a careful glance at Mingyou with shiny eyes from time to time.

    Arthur grabbed a towel soaked in cold water and walked to Mingyou’s side, and said, “Still angry?”

    “Not angry.” Mingyou said weakly, “Just a little tired.”

    “If you can’t handle it, I will pause. My legs are not in a hurry to recover.” After Arthur confirmed that Mingyou was indeed not angry according to the waves in the heart that radiated from Mingyou, his tail was raised again and brought a warm feeling.

    He absolutely refused to admit it. When Mingyou’s face changed when he saw him and the polar bear spit on the carpet, his tail was caught between his hind legs.

    Arthur was not afraid of Mingyou. How could he be afraid of the boy? He just didn’t want to see Mingyou angry.

    “The first time you massage, you have to work hard, and the rehabilitation effect will be better in the future.” Mingyou twitched the corner of his mouth, barely smiled, “Don’t worry, I just need to take a bath and sleep for a while.”

    “Then go quickly. Sleep, I’ll clean the bath.” Arthur said, “Isn’t it only manipulating a cleaning machine, I can do it.”

    Mingyou hummed softly, his eyelids drooped, and he actually slept in the bath unconsciously. Arthur quickly fished Mingyou out of the water and called the polar bear to help dry Mingyou’s body and blow dry his hair. Regardless of whether his body was still wet, he wrapped Mingyou in a bath towel and transported him to the bedroom upstairs.

    Arthur didn’t approach the bed because he was afraid that the water on his body would get the quilt wet. He put Mingyou wrapped in a bath towel on the edge of the bed, then his two paws grabbed the edge of the bath towel and flicked.  Mingyou rolled to the center of the bed.

    As soon as the cool breeze blew, Mingyou unconsciously drilled into the pile of quilts next to him, and his body resembled a silkworm. Arthur grinned. That was why he said that he didn’t need to fold the quilt when you get up in the morning, how convenient it was to sleep.

    “Achoo!” Arthur sneezed and hurriedly went back to the bathhouse to dry his fur.

    When he returned to the bathhouse, the water in the bathhouse had been drained, and the cleaning robot had begun to work.

    “Huh? Snowy, can you even use robots in your mentally regressed form?” Arthur was surprised.

    Snowy glanced at Arthur and walked over with the dryer: “Oh.” Drying.

    Arthur tilted his head: “Why don’t you huh?”

    Snowy held a comb in one hand and a hair dryer in the other. He had a straight face and did not speak. Arthur squinted and enjoyed the service of blowing and grooming for a while, and then sneered: “Regained consciousness? When? It’s not when you kissed me indirectly, right?” 

    The white fur on Snowy’s face almost turned black and blue: “When he fainted.” When Mingyou fainted, he was anxious, his head buzzed, as if the fog was swept away, suddenly everything was clear.

    “Oh.” Arthur squinted, his tail raised high, and the tip of his tail kept turning in circles. “What do you think of your previous performance when you were mentally regressed? Would you like to knock on the bowl for me again?”

    Snowy’s tone was flat and dull, like a robot: “Sure. I will clang directly into your ear.”

    The fur that Arthur had just blown bristled: “Believe it or not, I will broadcast it for you!”

    “You already did a live broadcast.” Snowy put away the dryer and comb, “and there are dancing ads.”

    “Hahahaha, iceberg man, you have already collapsed, are you not happy? Are you embarrassed and indignant?” Arthur’s ears soared up and down in schadenfreude.

    “Unhappy, but not ashamed and indignant.” Snowy straightened his fur in front of the mirror, “I collapsed. I am the guard of your Highness. Isn’t it normal to be broken by your Highness? If you like it, we can jump and dance again”

    Arthur: “Roll.”

    Snowy glanced at Arthur: “To be honest, now we are both rolling around most of the time.”

    Arthur: “…”

    Okay, he was sure it was true. The bear’s IQ had completely returned to normal. Herman Duran, his short-haired guard, an annoying iceberg man who made him speechless and wanted to choke to death. The bear woke up. 

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