After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 14

 His Majesty Aldrich was lying on the soft carpet as a lion covered in long golden fur, which seemed to be spun from the purest gold. The sunlight shone through the antique windows onto the lion’s fur, and the reflected golden light almost blinded Neil’s nearsighted eyes.

    “Your Majesty.” Neil tremblingly bowed to His Majesty, holding his cane.

    Neil was almost four hundred years old, even if he was a supernatural person, he was already very old. Aldrich suspected that opening his mouth a little and blowing out air would blow the old man apart.

    Did the Academy of Sciences send this old man to touch porcelain?

    After finally getting some sleep as a lion, he turned back into a human shape with an unhappy face. The expression on that face was ten percent similar to Arthur’s with inverted triangle eyes.

    Aldrich sat down on the chair and motioned to Neal to sit opposite him, and the secretary immediately brought two glasses of warm plain water. Aldrich glanced at the secretary, who looked back with a smile. “Your Majesty, bear with me, I’m afraid that Old Man Neil will have trouble drinking anything else.”

    Aldrich quietly drank the tasteless water, said: “A request to live at the nursing home?”

    Neil eagerly said, “Your Majesty, can you let the youth called Mingyou to enter the Academy?”

    Aldrich didn’t hesitate to say, “No. ” 

Neil: “…” Was it that difficult to be polite? He was here to make a request! Your Majesty, how could you refuse so simply?

    “Since the veterans of the Academy of Sciences invited you, I knew that I would never agree to this.” Aldrich said slowly, “They couldn’t find out any information about Mingyou at all, did they panic?”

    “The Academy of Sciences has been studying for so long, and every day tell me that my brother can not be saved and is waiting for death. Prepare for passing. Now an unknown young man from who knows where, looks like he is about to heal my brother. Are they anxious?” His Majesty’s lips lifted into a smirk, and his serious face was filled with sarcasm. Neil’s heart couldn’t help but pound.

    The Academy of Sciences only knew that His Royal Highness Prince Arthur’s personality was very difficult to deal with. Was it true that the Emperor had a good temper? They forgot who raised His Royal Highness.

    “I was hasty.” Neal had long been ignoring the affairs of the Academy of Sciences. This was a rare time he agreed to the veteran of the Academy of Sciences’s request. It was not because of the face of the younger generations of the Academy of Sciences who had chilled his heart. “Even if the current system of the Academy of Sciences gets disintegrated, I think our Star Alliance needs more people to learn Mingyou’s cultivation techniques.”

    “Didn’t I let him start a live broadcast? If you want to learn, watch the live broadcast yourself.”  Neil watch Academy of veterans not stand aside, Aldrich put away his sarcastic smile, but still does not relent, “Teacher, you go back and tell them a message the Academy will be very concerned about.”

    Neil sighed. His Majesty the Emperor had called him a teacher, and he couldn’t take care of this.

    “Teacher, they are not the same as you. What you care about is the health of the Star Alliance fighters. They only care about whether this young youth who appeared wants to take away their honor. They really don’t have to worry, he is the only one left of his family.” Aldrich’s solemn expression revealed three points of sadness, three points of anger, three points of distress and one point of sarcasm.

    Obviously it was nonsense, pretending that it really looked like that. Thanks to the Tan family for covering the sky within the sky blue star, erasing all traces of Mingyou’s previous life, and they even created a record of the death for the “fake Tan Changgeng”, turning Mingyou into a living ghost.

    From then on, the Star Alliance was left with the sole heir of the ancient academic genre, Mingyou.

    “Apart from him, there are no other spirit beast masters in the Star Alliance.”

    “The spirit beast fruit tree cultivated by the spirit beast masters and other food and medicinal materials suitable for the spirit beasts have all been burned.”

    “When he escaped, he took all the things he could take, but these things were not enough for Arthur. One person takes care of the body.”

    “It was just an academic dispute, which eventually turned into a heresy trial. This was what the Senate Association was best at. Mingyou is a stupid boy, he doesn’t know anything; the spirit beast masters are annihilated and dead. He couldn’t speak. He didn’t have any evidence. I don’t know who killed them or who hid the results of the Spirit Beastmaster’s scientific research to this day. I can only do my best to protect this only hope.”

    “I can let him show up in public, at least after Arthur can transform into a human form.” Aldrich sighed, pinched the bridge of his nose, looking very tired, “He is protected by his reputation, even if experts and scholars related to the cultivation of spirit beasts of the All-Star Alliance are attacking. He can also protect Mingyou.”

    Neil’s figure was shaky, as if he couldn’t catch his breath, and was about to suddenly faint. The secretary immediately took out some heart medicine for Neil.

    Neil patted his chest and finally caught his breath. He carefully asked, “Nothing? All gone? Really all gone?”

    Aldrich nodded slightly and sighed again.

    “Why is it all gone? Why is it all gone?” Neil stood up, hobbled around the house twice like a headless fly, and then slammed the cane to the ground. “Who did it?! There are no clues, you didn’t find anything?!”

    “No. Mingyou is naive and thought that they were simply suffering from natural disasters, not man-made disasters.” Aldrich continued to make up, and just casually lied, “He came to Number One nursing home and said that he could cure Arthur. I was also in a hurry to find a doctor. I didn’t expect to meet a treasure.”

    “I don’t plan to tell Mingyou about these guesses. Since his elders didn’t tell him anything, it means that they didn’t want him to be burdened with too many dark things. Teacher, when you see him in the future, don’t tell him these speculations.” After the sticks were distributed, Aldrich began to distribute candies.

    “This kid has always lived in a place isolated from the world and doesn’t know much about the Star Alliance. He is now healing Arthur and the others, while studying the current spirit beast cultivation of the Star Alliance, looking for substitutes for the destroyed things. At the same time, modify the theory of cultivating spirit beasts.”

    “I have sent people to search for all the things in the recipes of wild beasts Mingyou said, Maybe we can find substitutes for the nutrition cube ingredients from these things.”

    “If the teacher still has energy, can you let him email you to ask questions? In today’s Star League spirit beast-related academic circles, you are knowledgeable and will not suppress heretics. I only trust the teacher.”

    “I have the will and energy!” Neil immediately yelled in anger, “I’ll teach this student myself… No! It is me and him who learn from each other and make progress as teachers! Leave the affairs of the Senate and take care of this single seedling! Wait for Arthur! When His Highness comes back, let me see who dares to talk too much!”

    After all, His Highness Arthur was the man who almost dismantled the Academy of Sciences.

    When the war against the invasion of the Zerg started, the veterans of the Academy of Sciences wanted to take the opportunity to expand their power, stealing resources from the resting spirit beasts on the front line, and even wanted to experiment on severely wounded soldiers.

    His Royal Highness Arthur drove a mecha and led a group of S-class fighters into the Academy of Sciences. He robbed all the supplies, not to mention demolished the Senate Hall, a symbol of the power for the Senate.

    What was even more amazing was that when His Royal Highness Arthur demolished the hall to grab things, someone inside the Academy of Sciences turned off the protective shield, and the door was opened, waiting for Arthur to come down. The Senate wanted to hold that person accountable, but found that the young members of the Science Society had the same views and made it clear that everyone had a part in protecting each other. Since then, the veterans’ management and control of the Academy of Sciences had been much worse than before. Had it not been for His Royal Highness Arthur “disappearance” after the war, the Senate of the Academy of Sciences would now exist in name only.

    After Neil learned of this, he patted his thigh, gritted his teeth and said “it’s time”. With the temper of His Majesty, if it were not for the wounded soldiers, this group of people would not be touched for the time being, they would have been sent to the military court long ago. So Mingyou was, in a sense, a reminder for this group of people.

    Neil tested the Emperor’s determination to protect Mingyou. After returning home, he was so happy that he even ate half a bowl of rice. He just waited to see the death of that group of senators, even if they were his disciples and grandchildren.

    After Aldrich learned of this, he scolded the old fox with a smile. The old fox was also worried about his position. After all, the group of people in the Senate had pushed the disappearance of Arthur and the Ten Heroes on his head.

    As long as Arthur did not appear, these rumors would not disappear. Their best expectation was that Arthur was injured and stepped down by himself. Although this emperor was the one who had lost the lottery, so he had become the emperor. Unless he wanted to step down, who dared to move him?

    Aldrich thought about who he would give the emperor position to after he took the initiative to step down. Arthur? This bear kid absolutely refused to deal with official duties honestly, let him be the emperor, he would definitely run away overnight.

    His son? Stupid child only grew muscles and abilities but not brains. He had a headache after reading textbooks for more than half an hour. Other nephews? Everyone had an excuse not to do it.

    Now then, let’s draw lots. First of all, find an excuse to exclude Arthur and his son from drawing lots. The sufferings Aldrich had suffered, absolutely can’t suffer again. His Majesty the Emperor was resentful.

    Mingyou wanted to broadcast live at night, but Arthur slapped him on the forehead with a feline paw and rejected it!

    It was going to be cold for the next few days, and his brother would handle things smoothly. The public opinion from the outside was about to ferment, and then they could start the next live broadcast!

    Mingyou’s apricot eyes were wide open, and he looked like he was saying “I understand.”

    Arthur pushed Mingyou’s head with his paws, and Mingyou shook his head. Arthur clearly heard the sound of tofu dregs colliding with each other inside Mingyou’s head.

    His paw pushed the polar bear’s head again, and the bear shook his head, making the same noise as Mingyou.

    Arthur understood. When it comes to this kind of complicated matter, Mingyou’s brain was like the polar bear who had lost his mind, and his brain became tofu dregs.

    “I’ll listen to Blacky!” Mingyou knows that he has no idea about conspiracies. Mingyou had a very good mentality.

    “Oh.” Arthur chuckled and felt tired.

    The polar bear nodded “Uhhhhh”. Yes, yes, what a brain! Listen to the big black cat!

    Arthur was so angry that he kicked the polar bear’s forehead, “Fine, you are tall! Get back to normal soon! Use your own brain to think about the problem!” The big white bear fell to the ground with a “hmm” cry.

    Then with a “boom”, Arthur was unstable standing on three legs, harshly fell to the ground, turning into a puddle of black fur.


    “Ah ah ah Blacky, where did you fall! Let me see!”

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