After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 13

Before the war, what was the ordinary and happy life they were seeking? A juvenile young man with a soft look, a soft voice, and a soft vigor from mental fluctuations was busy in the kitchen.

    The crackling oven exuded an alluring fragrance, and the black cat who was one-sidedly beating the polar bear stopped his frantic slaps, crouched in front of the oven, as if guarding his treasure. The polar bear shook his injured paw and walked towards the young man who was cleaning the kitchen. 

   He arched his fluffy head into the young man’s arms, humming as if he was accusing the big black cat of bullying. The young man touched the polar bear’s round ears, and massaged the base with his fingers. While their ears were being scratched, their heads seemed to be emptied in an instant, and all worries were massaged away by the youth’s warm fingertips, leaving only the relaxation of the body and mind; the warmth of home, the coolness of the breeze and the aroma of food. 

    A gentle family whose existence showed a peaceful world, this was happiness. They had fought hard and guarded this happiness.

    They didn’t know when the audience who could transform the beast turned into a fluffy form again. They opened the sympathy setting with the polar bear, found a comfortable position, and made rumbling sounds in their throat.

    Mondy Duran also walked to the large terrace connected with the office, and turned into a big black bear with a cute mark on his chest. The bear lay on a wooden lounger with all four feet upside down, letting the sun shine evenly on his dark and shiny fur.

    After the young man rubbed the round bear ears, he massaged the poor polar bear’s paws. While massaging, he babbled at the shadow liger, but the feline turned a deaf ear and even flattened his ears.

    The young man sighed. His voice was as soft as a feather, and when it rang in his ears and fell in his heart, it seemed to create a more peaceful atmosphere than pure silence.

    Mondy narrowed his eyes and felt lethargic. If not for the aroma in the oven becoming more and more intensely tempting, he would probably have unknowingly fallen asleep.

    At this time, the black liger suddenly stood on tiptoe, stalked over, lowered his head and bit the polar bear’s nape. He roughly dragged the big white bear away from Mingyou’s embrace.

    “How dare you! It’s not your turn.” Arthur released his grip, “Bah,” He spit out a few strands of bear fur, “Go get the food bowl by yourself, and get ready for dinner!” The big white bear scratched his neck, and went away to grab the basin.

    The startled audience glared at the most beloved Royal Highness Prince Arthur. “Your Majesty! Please be a gentleman! I finally fell asleep! Do you know how long I haven’t had a good night’s sleep!”

    “When the back of my neck was bitten, I was so scared that my heart jumped out of my chest. Your Majesty, can you not be so sudden???”

    “My roommate and I are now face-to-face with tears in our eyes. As expected, His Royal Highness reminded me of the horror of his specialty training!”

    “Your Royal Highness my foot! Isn’t it just a massage? Isn’t it just grooming? All spirit beasts in our No. 1 Nursing Home enjoy this treatment every day, and I’m tired of it. Is massaging or grooming important for eating? Get out and get a pan!”

    “But Your Highness QAQ , we are not residents of No. 1 Nursing Home. We only had one piece of candy, and now we only get one massage. Don’t be so stingy!”

    “I don’t believe that Your Highness is tired of eating barbecue. I could eat one bite and not stop!

    “Blacky, you are so fierce today.” Mingyou took advantage of the situation and hugged the big black cat’s head while combing his fur.

    The shadow liger snorted and said in his heart, “You fool, you were too soft in the live broadcast, like a little sheep, be careful that others look down on you.”

    The next time, the live broadcast had to show Mingyou’s strength, lest the military group mistakenly thought they needed to protect the weak, and scheme against Mingyou. The half-squinted eyes of the big black cat revealed a sly light.

    The audience did not notice the malice against them by their most beloved Prince. The barbecue was done, and the polar bear and the shadow liger had napkins tied around their necks, ready to eat.

    Mingyou brought the large baking pan to the dining table with gloved hands. He took out a long meat cleaver and sliced it down. The skin of the wild animal meat made a mouth-watering crisp sound. The audience swallowed their saliva.

    “Blacky, your taste is heavy. First taste if it has enough flavor. If there’s not enough, I will add some dipping sauce.” Mingyou put the first piece of meat into the black feline’’s mouth, and the polar bear eagerly held his bowl in his two bear paws.

    Arthur chewed twice and nodded his fluffy head. His ears moved up and down a few times: “It’s okay, no dipping sauce needed.”

    Mingyou nodded twice following the liger’s rhythm and continued cutting the meat. A small piece for himself, a large piece of Blacky, a large piece of Snowy, and a small plate of fruit salad. For Mingyou, this breakfast was a bit greasy, but Blacky and Snowy were very satisfied. The audience was also very satisfied.

    The crispy skin overflowed with charred fragrance between their teeth; the fat and lean pork belly had a layered taste every time they chewed; the special spices slid into the throat along the grease and turned energy for the body and spirit. One bite was satisfying, and every bite was a wonderful taste experience.

    While being stupefied by the food, the audience seemed to understand what the mysterious anchor said before; that the most suitable food for a spirit beast was the sincerely handmade food that contained the spirit beast master’s feelings.

    They could perceive that the energy fluctuations from the holographic sympathy of this piece of barbecue were far inferior to the previous nutrition cubes. But they had taste not present in the nutrition cubes.

    This taste was difficult to describe in words. It was like after wandering outside, a person who was used to eating the delicacies of the mountains and the sea, drank warm soup cooked by their parents.

    The soup was half-warm, the ingredients lost their umami taste due to soaking for too long, and the proportion of seasoning was not as perfect as a trained chef. But as soon as the soup entered the throat, a warm feeling flowed into their internal organs, and spread all over the body. It seemed that the fatigue and grievances from being in a foreign country for a long time were washed away by this bowl of thick stew.

    Delicious was a very subjective thing. Everyone has different tastes. But even the most delicious food never had this seasoning of “emotional resonance.”

    Wild beast meat was the most important ingredient in the daily meals of S-level abilities. Although most of it was eaten raw or boiled after they transformed into beasts, their taste preferences were not different from when they were in human form. The league leaders even had top chefs who cooked delicious food for them.

    But all the viewers in the live broadcast room had never tasted such delicious and energy-rich wild animal meat. This kind of energy level was the equivalent of a one-week energy reserve. This was just the most basic ingredient in the young man’s mouth.

    What kind of magical taste would the spirit beast delicacies made from ordinary, high-quality, and superior ingredients have? What terrible energy waves would there be?

    At this time, the big black cat and the big white bear had finished their meals and began to eat fruit. The fruity sweet juice diluted the roasted meat’s rich aroma in the mouth, and the warm energy waves calmed the desire for further eating caused by the roasted meat. What fruit was this? How could there be such strong energy fluctuations? !

    “This is red squash fruit. It is the most important raw material for the red nutrition cube. The energy contained in it can restore the physical fitness of a spirit beast to a small extent.” Mingyou said, “Red squash fruit is the most suitable food for spirit beasts. But the Star Alliance currently does not have any spirit beast fruit, so I will try to plant some.”

    “If there is no natural ability to help in planting, it will take two to three years for the red fruit to mature after planting. Before that , I will try to grow it. Try and find alternative plants in the Star Alliance. As long as you find an alternative plant source, the nutrient cube can start production immediately. Don’t worry, everyone will soon have delicious nutrient cubes to eat.”

    Mingyou just finished speaking, and the audience was mulling over the additional information in his words. Arthur stuffed a handful of nutrition cubes into the polar bear’s mouth. Okay then, the audience’s collective thinking stopped and they began to roll on the ground.

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  1. There seems to be an outsize amount of vinegar in this food? Someone didn’t like everyone getting pet and massaged by his favorite!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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  2. Thanks for the chapter! If you really think about it, Arthur is sneakily subjecting the apex class of interstellar society to pavlovian conditioning here. XD

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