After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 12

The wild beast meat Mingyou selected was half-fat and half-lean pork belly. Grilled meat must have enough fat to be fragrant. He turned the wild beast meat over and charred the food with a small flame spray gun specially made for the kitchen, and burned away the remaining hair on the wild beast skin.

    “Even when the spirit beasts are exhausted, their self-consciousness will protect themselves, they still have the IQ of a two or three-year-old child.”

    “So, even if spirit beasts need energy, the way they eat may affect the efficiency of their energy digestion. It’s not a big factor, but it’s like humans know that boiled meat without any seasoning is more nutritious than deep-fried meats, but they will never choose plain boiled meat unless necessary, the pleasure brought by food also applies to spirit beasts.”

    “As we all know, spirit beasts are energy beings, and emotional energy can also be absorbed and utilized by spirit beasts. The deeper the spirit beast master’s love for spirit beasts, the more energy waves contained in the food. So although vitamins such as nutrition cubes have been popularized, the nutrition cubes only count as a lower level spirit beast food. Higher tier spirit beast food will always be purely crafted by the spirit beast master.”

    Mingyou mentioned the energy content of nutrition cubes, not to pretend, but to prepare for future sale of nutrition cubes.

    He had learned the mechanical principles of the nutrition cube maker from the system. With the Star Alliance’s current technology, it would not be difficult to develop a nutrition cube maker—although it was necessary to set up the nutrition cube maker to make the best nutrition cubes. Making quality nutrition cubes did not need super-high skills or talents, and one only needed the requisite proficiency.

    Mingyou wanted to promote nutrition cubes, but failed to find corresponding substitute ingredients. But he believed that since there was energy remaining in the wild beast meat, based on the available recipes, he would be able to definitely  find high-energy ingredients suitable for spirit beasts.

    During the live broadcast, he would reveal the existence of the nutrition cube. If others thought that the nutrition cubes were a unique product that only he could make, the danger would be greater than the benefit.

    But if Mingyou revealed that the Nutrition Cube could be mass-produced, other people would prefer to cooperate with him and share the big cake. Moreover, if the nutrition cube supplemented energy, it meant that all the S-level ability users in the All-Star Alliance could enjoy the nutrition cube benefits. Whoever touched him would be an enemy of the S-level superpowers of the All-Star Alliance.

    Mingyou just had a vague idea about this point, and Arthur helped him perfect the plan. After hearing Mingyou’s thoughts, Arthur took the initiative to lift a paw and touch Mingyou’s soft black hair as a sign of encouragement. The young man just didn’t have enough experience, he was not stupid.

    Although Arthur was confident that he could protect Mingyou, Arthur was also very pleased that Mingyou could think of a way to protect himself. When Mingyou said that nutrition cubes could be mass-produced, Arthur grabbed a red nutrition cube from the box around his neck and stuffed it into the polar bear’s mouth.

    While resisting the temptation of the sauce, the audience was thinking about the explosive information in Mingyou’s words, but suddenly fireworks exploded in their heads.

    What was this? !  What was going on? !

    When the pure energy exploded in their mouths, a warm current surged from the tip of the tongue to their bodies. At this moment, many S-rank abilities unconsciously turned into beasts. The special camp dedicated to S-level abilities in the army had become a plush exhibition. A large number of creatures of different shapes and colors were either howling towards the sky, or lying on the ground and rolling around, and there was fur everywhere. Fluffy animals rubbed their backs against the ground, against the wall, against the tree, humming and twisting, like they were drunk.

    They had never eaten something so delicious! What was this!?

    The holographic sympathetic effect dissipated, and an indescribable emptiness gushed out of the large pile of fluffy hearts. They trembled and turned back into human beings, ranting frantically in the barrage.

    “Your Highness! Please give us another bite! Just one bite! Please!”

    Arthur glanced at the barrage, showing a simple tiger-like smile *罒ω罒*, and made an announcement as the administrator. “What are you talking about, I don’t understand, I’m just a plush.” ​

   The barrage stopped. Very good, this taste was really Your Highness. Your Highness was still so lively, it’s great QAQ. But your highness, we are also fluffy, could you not be so perfunctory.

    “Yeah!” The polar bear also felt that one was not enough. He spread out his claws and asked Arthur for food.

    Arthur stretched out a paw and slapped the polar  bear’s paw. The polar bear continued to unyieldingly stretch out his paws for food. Arthur waved his paw and swatted hard. The polar bear thought that he had thick skin and flesh. Be not afraid, and he will get food soon.

    Arthur’s paws waved out as afterimages, and all the audience who shared the feeling of the polar bear felt that the palms of their hands were madly beaten by the feline.

    Cough cough, although the pain will be weakened, but in the holographic live broadcast room, they would experience the feeling of their palms being beaten… Everyone had switched the empathy mode to third-person perspective, waiting for the prince to feed the polar bear that beautiful, gem-like candy cubes, then cut back to the sympathy mode.

    The third-person perspective was also called the anchor tracking perspective or behind-the-scenes perspective. The camera would directly focus on the anchor to track their every move. The third-person vision was also a holographic mode, and it could also give the audience an immersive feeling through information capture.

    Mingyou was focusing on handling the wild beast meat, so he didn’t see Arthur helping him make a wave of nutrition cube advertisements.

    He continued to talk about the special spirit beast food made by the spirit beast master: “The food that is full of the spirit beast master’s heart will definitely not taste bad. When it comes to this, there must be someone in the audience asking, what if I am a dark cook and not good at cooking? What should I do?”

    “I have to declare again that it’s impossible for food full of the love of the spirit beast master to be unpalatable. What is love? Love is caring, love is going all out.”

    “Soy sauce and vinegar are indistinguishable? Smell it in advance. Can’t you tell the difference? Unclear whether it’s sugar or salt? Why not taste it in advance?”

    “It’s not easy to grasp the ratio of seasonings to ingredients? Have an electronic scale in the kitchen and weigh it strictly according to the recipe. Always undercooking the food or burning it? How hard is it to keep a stopwatch in your hand while following the recipe?”

    “Chopping vegetables can be practiced, kneading noodles can also be practiced… To become a culinary master really requires talent. But most people’s efforts do not require overwhelming talent. As long as there is enough love for spirit beasts, as long as all the steps of cooking are handled carefully, as long as there’s enough practice, everyone can make delicious meals. That’s what I think, lack of talent is certainly not the cause of poor taste.”

    Mingyou took the knife, carefully scraping off any overly burnt parts off the top. He changed the knife to cut the meat into slices and added some sauce. Mingyou’s technique may not be proficient enough, but he did it carefully. His behaviour was proving what he said.

    Mingyou’s voice is as soft as the fluffy hair on top of his head, like cotton gently hitting the hearts of the audience, involuntarily relaxing their mood. The reason they came to the live broadcast room was originally just to confirm the safety of Prince Arthur and the ten heroes he led. But now, they were unconsciously attracted to Mingyou.

    This young man looked very soft, his voice was very soft, and even the energy fluctuations exuding around his body were soft, like a little sheep. This group was always on alert due to the aftereffects of the war with the Zerg. The S-level ability people could not help but relax.

    They went out of control just now because the nutrition cube was delicious beyond common sense. But now, they just watched Mingyou busy and listened to Mingyou’s babbling, letting them lose a little bit of tension from their nerves, allowing them to experience an ease they hadn’t felt for a long time.

    The lieutenant general who had just returned from the nursing home to visit the brother of the polar bear, Mondy Dulan slumped on the chair in the office, closed his eyes, and daydreamed for a while.

    The war had ended for a year. During this year, when he was sleeping, he would wake up immediately if there was rustling wind or grass. On weekdays, his nerves were also always tense, and he always felt that some zerg would jump out of nowhere.

    He knew that this was a side effect from the war. All veterans who had experienced the battlefield could not avoid this mental illness. The Star Alliance psychiatrists were doing their best to treat them.

    But ordinary soldiers were not okay. They rushed to the front line of the battlefield. Everyone transformed into beasts and S-level ability players had fought with the powerful zerg. Even if they were not as miserable as the special abilities, their wounds were full of Zerg residual energy.

    The zerg energy lingered like evil spirits and reminded them of the feeling of being on the battlefield, which made their psychotherapy progress very slow. They were like dead spirits trapped on the battlefield.

    Mondy thought that they were the only ones who could get them out of the bloody battlefield in their memory. But In front of them, there was an immature young man who was like a little sheep, soothing their mental anxiety, pulling them from the battlefield of the undead, temporarily back to the world of birds and flowers.

    What was the young man’s origin? Where did His Majesty and His Highness find this big treasure? 

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5 thoughts on “After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 12

  1. Honestly, cooking is more a demonstration of effort than actual talent. If you strictly follow a recipe and don’t get distracted while cooking it’ll turn out just fine! Beyond that is just a matter of personal taste whether you like the recipe or not! That’s when you experiment with small adjustments to perfect it to you instead of the general audience. Most people failing at cooking in my experience either forget to track cooking time, experiment with additions or substitutions too much, or just don’t follow the instructions strictly enough. Which isn’t to say cooking can’t be a real pain! There’s a reason pre-made meals come in all kinds of varieties!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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    1. Thats right. You also need to not fear the fire. I think the actual talent is the plating (its an art), chopping, slicing.

      The profession that needs actual talent is the pastry chefs especially the chef who crafts in chocolates or candies.


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