After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 11

Early the next morning, Mingyou was about to start a live broadcast. The big black cat had finished washing and his paws were holding the towel. He was purring and scrubbing against his furry face; the polar bear obediently sat on the ground, and let Mingyou brush his teeth while holding a bowl.

    “Oh, Snowy is so good.” Mingyou praised with satisfaction when he saw the bear cleanly spit out bubbles.

    The black cat took off the towel while glancing at Mingyou and the silly white bear: “Didn’t you say that if a spirit beast’s favorability for you increased, you can make him your partner by giving a gift? Isn’t the affection level enough based on how that silly bear is treating you?”

    “The affection level is enough, but his current consciousness is offline. I want to wait for him to regain his senses, and then ask him if he is willing to be my partner.” Mingyou rubbed his face on the polar bear’s fur. He continued to praise, “Snowy is so good, I will cook you a delicious meal later.” The white bear blinked, and responded twice with “Uh-huh”.

    The black cat rubbed the towel in running water by himself, wrung it out and hung it in the dryer: “That’s right, it is illegal to marry a mentally retarded person.”

    Mingyou: “…”

    He noticed that the shadow liger was in a bad mood, and tentatively tried to remedy the situation: “Even if we enter into partnership contracts with other spirit beasts in the future, my feelings with them are definitely different from those with Blacky. Blacky is my first spirit beast.” 

   The big black cat raised his paw and licked it then washed his face with a paw: “Yes, polygamy and multiple concubines. I am the empress.”

    Mingyou m(-_-)m: “Blacky, I was wrong. I shouldn’t use the relationship between husband and wife to compare with the relationship between spirit beast master and spirit beast. We are partners, purely platonic partners, comrades-in-arms!”

    The black cat grinned: “I’m kidding, do you really think I’m jealous? Don’t be stupid. I want to ask, shouldn’t you become a partner with him? In order to help him with a detailed physical examination?”

    While Mingyou breathed a sigh of relief, a trace of frustration surged in his heart. Actually… if Blacky would be jealous of him, he would be happier.

    “Yes, I am already a spirit beast master now, and I can do a lot of things. His condition is similar to yours. He must be supplemented with nutrients before subsequent treatment.” Mingyou cleared up his frustration and rekindled his fighting spirit.

    Blacky doesn’t have deep feelings with him now, because they spent too little time together. He will definitely become Blacky’s closest partner!

    “You stayed up late to read a book yesterday, aren’t you sleepy now?” The big black cat changed the subject, “If you are sleepy, go to sleep. It’s not the best time for a live broadcast.”

    “The person who came to renovate our house yesterday respected you and Snowy very much. They saluted you, and several others had red eyes.” Mingyou touched the feline’s fluffy pointed ears, “I like them. Many people are looking forward to seeing you. Live broadcast earlier to put them at ease.”

    “Moreover, the ads are all released. If you don’t broadcast well today, wouldn’t it be a waste of your huge sacrifice of dancing with Snowy.” Mingyou touched, but could not hold back and hugged the big black cat. His head and face were buried in the soft fur.

    Yay! A good morning really starts with petting cats!

    The big black cat pushed Mingyou away with disgust. This young man was good at everything, but he was too clingy. Didn’t he have the stupid polar bear? Bears had fur too, so go and rub his fur. Humph.

    Mingyou hugged the big black cat pushing him away, then stood up with the disgusting look of the big black cat, tidied up his appearance, and prepared to start the live broadcast.

    Last night, he stayed up late to sort out the spirit beast information, obtained a lot of knowledge points, unlocked a lot of spirit beast illustration materials, and had a preliminary understanding of the situation of the star alliance spirit beasts.

    Today was the time to verify the results. Mingyou didn’t intend to make a fuss about it directly, expounding his and the Star Alliance’s current spirit beast cultivating methods were completely different. He would integrate his views into daily live broadcasts and show the audience his process of nurturing spirit beasts.

    Even though there would be many viewers who didn’t understand or even speak bad words on the way, as the live broadcast progressed, the viewers would recognize his point of view when they saw the spirit beasts gradually recovering.

    Must give thanks to Blacky for giving him such a good platform! Mingyou patted his cheeks.

    Although he hadn’t slept all night, he was very excited and not sleepy at all. He glanced at his eyes. Good, there were no dark circles! In perfect condition! Worthy of being called a super spirit beast master physique! There was no problem not sleeping for one night!

   On the Star Alliance’s internal encrypted live broadcast platform, the audience logged on early and waited in a newly opened live broadcast room.

    Today, the military camp’s S-level abilities were on holiday, and a small number of high-level officials, from the government, business world, and university, were waiting for the live broadcast room to start.

    The advertisement said that it would be open today, and many of them had been guarding since midnight. Even if there would be special reminders for when the live broadcast was turned on, it would not change things.

    At 8:30 in the morning, the live broadcast room finally lit up. Before Mingyou had time to say hello to the audience, he was almost deafened by the platform’s gift notification sound.

    He quickly turned off the notification sound, and said to the big black cat beside him in surprise: “Blacky, are there gift options for the live broadcast?”

    Since Arthur used his administrator identity to set the rules for the live broadcast room, he said: “Of course there is for the nursing home. You can still get a share. The money is yours, and I won’t grab it from you.”

    Mingyou hurriedly said: “My money is yours. You spend my money.” The partner spirit beast was of course raised by the spirit beast master. ! He was the head of the family!

    Arthur flicked his tail, rolled his eyes, and hooked the corners of his mouth. This young man was not tired of flattering him?

    The audience in the live studio went crazy. “Is….is that Prince Arthur?! Why did the anchor call him Blacky!?”

    “There is only one shadow liger in the entire galaxy, of course it is Prince Arthur. Your Highness seems to be talking to the anchor? The anchor can understand his Highness. What do you think is going on?”

    “What is there to think? His Majesty would not send someone who can’t understand His Highness to take care of the prince! Who said his Majesty deliberately tossed out His Highness! Come out and apologize!”

    “They do not dare to come out now, have they not seen the administrator list? His Highness is staring at them. “

    Who is the big polar bear next to him? Why does it look dazed and confused?”

    “I don’t know, but it must be one of the ten heroes led by His Highness. Their animal type had not been announced. Only the top should know who they are.”

    Mingyou was not yet qualified to know too many secrets, so he couldn’t see the barrage of comments. He was starting to live broadcast cooking according to the established plan. Today, his main dish was roasted wild animal meat with spirit grass.

    The frozen meat in the underground ice storehouse contained a few spirit beasts that could absorb energy; the fragrant spirit grass was an edible plant that he exchanged from the system.

    The energy in the fragrant spirit grass could be absorbed by all spirit beasts. Although the energy was not rich enough to be directly purified into nutrient cubes, the taste was very fragrant, similar to cumin. In the world of elves, it was a seasoning spice that elves and humans loved very much.

    Mingyou had not found food more suitable for spirit beasts in this world, so he could only improve the nutritional value and taste of wild beast meat as much as possible.

    “Hello everyone, I am the spirit beast master Mingyou of the No. 1 Spirit Beast Sanatorium. The dish I am cooking now is roasted wild animal meat with spirit grass.”

    “As we all know, spirit beasts are energy creatures, and their diets are different from humans. More inclined to all kinds of energy. Only a small amount of energy contained in wild beast meat  can be absorbed. But the nursing home currently has no other ingredients, I can only use the wild beast meat as the main ingredient, and try my best to improve the meat for higher energy efficiency.”

    “This plant is called fragrant spirit grass. It is an edible plant with mild energy. It not only has a cumin-like aroma, can remove fishy and enhance fragrance, but also has the ability to ripen the energy in ingredients. It is one of the most common seasonings when making food for spirit beasts.”

    “Now, we grind dried vanilla into powder, and mix it with salt, sugar, pepper, chili powder, oil, light soy sauce, etc. and make it into a sauce…” The audience was puzzled.

    Wasn’t this live broadcast only for revealing the condition of His Royal Highness Prince Arthur and the Ten Heroes? Why did he start live broadcast cooking? Who was this young man? What was a spirit beast master? What was vanilla? Wasn’t wild beast meat the most suitable ingredient for spirit beasts?!

    They had time to comment in a barrage, but they were attracted by the unusually wonderful aroma and energy fluctuations from the sauce.

    Star League’s live broadcast rooms were all holographic live broadcasts. The lens would not only capture sounds and images, but also smell and energy waves. If the host turned on the empathy mode, the audience could even share his five senses from his perspective-of course, the policy in the live broadcast room was very strict.

    Now, Arthur was very cunning and set the empathy to the ignorant polar bear, allowing the audience to suffer from the spirit beast master’s special food through the polar bear’s perception.

    This was just the sauce! 

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  1. In true cat form, Arthur can hide his jealousy and affection well when he wants to! Don’t think we readers can’t see through that bluff!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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