After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 10

When the construction team arrived, the black cat hung on the tree in the courtyard to dry his fur, while the polar bear was holding a basin and chasing one of the middle-aged men around while making a racket.

    However, the middle-aged and old man were not only not angry, one was so excited that he wiped tears, constantly exaggerating how the white bear was making nice music.

    Although he was a liger, the big black cat in the tree laughed and almost fell off the branch. Mingyou stood under the tree with a nervous expression. Arthur lowered his head and glanced at Mingyou.

    The gentle energy fluctuations around Mingyou seemed to be frozen in the air, turning into a thin piece of ice with thorns. The thorns were facing himself?

    This young man, even if he was hurt and turned into a hedgehog, shouldn’t the thorns face outwards, what was he doing? Social anxiety had its ways of causing fear.

    Arthur yawned, scratched his ears, lowered his fluffy tail, and clicked on Mingyou’s head. Then hit Mingyou’s forehead with a “pop”. Mingyou looked up at the big acrobatic cat hanging upside-down. The thorny ice around him melted into a silly smile.

    “Blacky is amazing!” Mingyou applauded like a little seal on reflex.

    The big black cat used his belly as the axis, hugged the branch with four paws, grumbled and turned 360 degrees!

    “It’s amazing! Blacky is the best!” Mingyou continued to applaud like a seal. The big black cat grinned and jumped from the branch.

    “But Blacky, your belly fur hasn’t grown back yet. Doesn’t your stomach hurt?” Mingyou squatted down and tried to touch the liger’s belly, but the feline showed a fierce look.

    Roll roll roll! His animal body was not so weak that it would get scratched by branches if there was no fur! Arthur’s paw pushed the little unscrupulous Mingyou down. Hmph, fortunately, the youth also specially made him happy, so he didn’t stir the pot further!

    The only person who could enjoy Arthur’s cute and coaxing skills was the Star Alliance Emperor! Now that Mingyou enjoyed the emperor’s treatment, he should be extremely grateful!

    Mingyou was very grateful and immediately took out a comb to groom the big cat. The liger’s neck fur was soft and long, so it needed to be groomed frequently.

    The polar bear was following his eldest brother who joined the construction team to “move bricks” as a lieutenant. He glanced at him and saw that Mingyou was grooming the big black cat. He immediately put the basin on his elder brother’s head, ran up to Mingyou and squeezed the liger away.

    “Hmm.” The polar bear sat obediently.

    After dancing, Mingyou helped him and Arthur take a bath and combed their fur for a while. The big white bear immediately fell in love with the feeling of being groomed. He was not only a bear who loved music, but also a bear who paid attention to his appearance.

    Mingyou laughed: “You’ll have your turn afterwards. First come first serve, I will help Blacky comb his hair first.”

    Arthur maintained his posture squeezed by the big white bear, but his fluffy face was full of suspicion. This kid actually grabbed something from him? ! Was this still his iceberg-like guard who always put him first!?

    The lieutenant took off the basin from his head and secretly glanced over.

    “Don’t look around, work quickly. If you don’t hurry up and build the house, his Royal Highness and your brother will be subjected to the cold wind outside?” A person elbowed the lieutenant. “Listen to your Majesty. The live broadcast will start soon. You can see him every day from now on.” The lieutenant nodded, looked away reluctantly, and continued to move bricks.

    When helping the shadow liger and the polar bear comb their fur, Mingyou’s upset mood seemed to be soothed. The seemingly frozen blood in his body returned to his hands and feet, and there was color in his face.

    In his past life, Mingyou’s parents died young, leaving him alone in the hospital for seventeen years, and his temperament was just a little more withdrawn. During the nineteen years of this life, the more he lived, the more unbearable he felt, and he was a little frightened.

    This was not good. If he couldn’t communicate with people normally, how could he protect Blacky? Mingyou cheered himself up, plucked up his courage, walked up to the lieutenant general and whispered: “Can I give some advice on the room furnishings?”

    The person liked by the polar bear must be a good person, right? Mingyou’s heart was thunderous, and his head was covered in cold sweat.

    The lieutenant was taken aback for a moment, immediately smiled and said: “Of course, sir … The leader said that everything is based on your opinion.” He almost misspoke, but His Majesty said that for the time being, this magical young man could not know his true identity.

    Although he didn’t know what was magical about this young man, or why his Majesty wanted to conceal this, as a soldier, it was natural to obey orders.

    “Thank you.” Mingyou breathed a sigh of relief.

    At this time, the limping but still arrogant black cat walked to Mingyou’s side, flicked his tail, and wrapped it around Mingyou’s waist. Arthur glanced. With him, what would the youth be afraid of?

    Mingyou’s expression immediately became much more relaxed: “Thank you Blacky.”

    Blacky? The people who were working couldn’t help but look strangely at Mingyou.

    The polar bear followed him, stood upright, and placed a paw on Mingyou’s shoulder, looking like an older sibling. Mingyou’s smile became brighter: “Thank you Snowy!”

    Everyone continued to stare. It seemed that the young man really didn’t know the identities of these two people.

    “The name Snowy is really nice.” The lieutenant said with a smile, “It’s as cute as he looks!”

    The lieutenant praised the white bear, and Mingyou’s mood immediately became lighter. As long as one wanted to talk about Blacky and Snowy, then he could talk more!

    Mingyou immediately said: “Yes, Snowy is really cute. And he must like you very much! Before, he only chased after Blacky to knock the pot! For Snowy, he is not clanging a pot, he is playing music. He is a bear who loves music very much! Snowy will only play music for the people he likes the most!”

   The lieutenant laughed more happily, and his steps were floating while he was working. It turned out that in the heart of the younger brother who prioritized His Royal Highness in everything, his position was at a similar level! This matter, he could hold onto for a lifetime!

    The others turned their eyes to the lieutenant, their expressions barely concealed their envy. Several people turned their gazes out of the small courtyard, as if they were looking for something, and then withdrew their gazes regretfully and sadly, and went back to work.

    The lieutenant leaned over and whispered: “Don’t worry, there will be live broadcasts later. They will definitely appear in the live broadcast. There is no doubt, absolutely!” The others’ faces glowed with hope and nodded vigorously: “Yes, there will a chance.”

    Mingyou didn’t hear their whispers. After his nervousness eased, he walked towards the construction team and asked them to redecorate the house as he wanted.

    Blacky said that in addition to Snowy, there were nine fluffy animals here, all about the same size as them, so they had to reserve space for their activities.

    The rooms of other spirit beasts that had not yet appeared should be vacant and temporarily would not be decorated. After they arrived, they would be decorated according to their preferences.

    Snowy’s room must have a place where he could put musical instruments, and he couldn’t let Snowy keep clanging the pots. Blacky said he would sleep in the same room to protect his safety, so he was going to open the wall between his bedroom and the next room to increase Blacky’s area.

    Both of their rooms should have large balconies with awnings since animals liked to bask in the sun. It was best to put toys such as cat climbing frames on the balcony. However, these things were not available now, and they would gradually customize and add them later.

    The construction team drove the special-purpose mechs for construction, and quickly finished the house decoration. They said it was decoration, but Mingyou thought that they were more like rebuilding the house. This small building looked dilapidated, but it can be reassembled like a spaceship, which is really amazing.

    “Blacky, this will be our home from now on!” After the construction team left, Mingyou hugged Arthur’s head and rolled with the big cat on the newly laid carpet.

    Arthur pushed away Mingyou who wanted to kiss his ear with a paw, and felt resentful. This was not his home. But if he liked it, it would not be impossible for his home to be here.

    The polar bear saw a person and a black-furred dumpling lying on the ground, with a confused expression on his face. He scratched his round ears, then his eyes lit up, revealing an expression of enlightenment. Finally, he rushed towards the person and the ball of fur.

    “Ah! It’s so heavy!” Mingyou screamed, he was crushed by the great white bear mountain!

    “Oh…” That bear was heavy! Arthur was pressed to the bottom and almost had no strength to scream. This stupid bear! After he recovers his sanity, I must fire him! Arthur roared in his heart!

    That night, there was an additional video on the top of the live broadcast room that only S-class abilities in the military and the top class of the Star League could watch.

    That night, the homes where the strongest military camp and the top class of the Star League lived were filled with the magical singing of “the polar bear and the liger dancing” everywhere. And accompanied by this magical song, it was not only laughter, but also fluctuating sobs. 

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11 thoughts on “After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 10

  1. Blessings for a quick recovery for all of them! Clearly, everyone here is loved (even if we haven’t met everyone yet). Its cute enjoying their silly states of mind in the meanwhile though!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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  2. Thanks for the translation! Mingyou spent much of his previous life living in a virtual world with his pokemon, and spent most of his current life locked away from wider society. It’s no wonder he has social anxiety issues when dealing with humans.

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  3. I also have anxiety and I know that feeling, sometimes even if you have to speak you really can’t and you feel so scared.
    But it is true that if you talk about something you like, especially animals and pets, it is possible to talk a little more, although it is still scary!


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