After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 9

*Clang clang, clang clang* The big white bear tirelessly knocked the bowl. Arthur’s two front paws pressed against his fluffy pointed ears, lying on the ground like a cat blanket. He tightly closed his eyes, and curled his tail.

    It was not that Arthur had never thought of snatching the basin from the white bear, but when he tried, the polar bear stood up and held the basin upside down like a hat on his head. The big white bear tilted his head at his stunned expression.

    Arthur had an injury on his hind leg, even if he could partially stand up, he would not be able to support it for long. After several unsuccessful snatches, Arthur lay flat on the ground and gave up, held his paws against his ears, and waited for Mingyou to cook.

    He didn’t know how the big white bear could eat so much. After eating up Arthur’s meal, he even knocked on the bowl and shouted hungry. Mingyou had to rush to the underground ice store to get more meat.

    After robbing Arthur’s stew, the polar bear seemed to lose interest in raw meat. When Mingyou brought the cut raw meat in front of him, he continued to *dang dang dang* knock on the basin without even giving the raw meat a spare glance.

    Mingyou didn’t know what a polar bear liked to eat. In order to prevent him from making other things for the polar bear to ignore, he used the same recipe to make an identical stew from before.

    The stew took half an hour, and the polar bear knocked on the pot for the entire time. Arthur was on guard beside the big white bear, and was worried that the bear might hurt someone. He was almost deafened by the sounds.

    With the stew completed, the polar bear finally stopped torturing Arthur’s ears. Mingyou touched the big black cat’s ears who was weeping while eating meat: “Thank you.”

    Arthur sucked his nose, shook his fur, and stared at the polar bear.

    “Blacky, didn’t you say that your spirit beast compatriots would come to this small courtyard when they regain consciousness?” Mingyou looked at the eating polar bear with concern.

    This big polar bear had a low IQ no matter how one looked at it. How was this considered regaining consciousness?

    “I’ll ask. Don’t get close to him.” Arthur hurriedly filled his stomach and walked to the polar bear.

    The big white bear looked up at Arthur, hesitated for a while, then pushed his food bowl in front of Arthur.

    Arthur was happy: “You just robbed me of my meat, and now you know to pay it back? You still have a conscience.” Mingyou watched the big black cat and the big white bear communicate with growls and groans. The bear had a blank smile on his face.

    Just like in the game, even if the spirit beast’s intelligence was not high enough to communicate with humans, other spirit beasts can communicate normally even if they are of different races.

    Mingyou was not an elven linguist, and didn’t know how they could communicate between species. He only knew that people’s hearts would melt looking at the two adorable plush dumplings, one black and one white.

    The polar bear’s IQ was not high. Arthur asked by waving his paws and making gestures with an exaggerated expression, to let the big white bear understand his problem.

    After a while, Arthur returned to Mingyou with a tangled expression: “This guy actually came looking for me. His beast territory is next to mine. I used to leave at most for a day before going back. This time he didn’t smell me for two days. He found my scent and searched for me.”

    Mingyou pondered: “Looking for you? He was worried about your safety?”

    “His current IQ level is similar to that of a kid who hasn’t gone to kindergarten, so he probably doesn’t have any complicated thoughts.” Arthur’s front paws were joined together, and he sat on the ground, his tail pattered on the ground, “I think it’s… just an instinct.” Arthur whimpered, his ears drooped in sadness.

    The polar bear had already licked the basin, and seeing Arthur with his ears drooping, he sat beside Arthur, held the basin, and began to clang again. The sadness on Arthur’s face was immediately drowned out by the cacophony!

    “Ohhhhhhh!” Don’t clang! Arthur flailed his paws! The polar bear stood up and buckled the basin on his head.

    “Hey, maybe he was knocking on the basin not to demand more food, but… because he just likes hitting the basin?” Mingyou couldn’t help laughing when he saw Arthur, who had collapsed and was rolling on the ground. White was a bear who loved music?

    The polar bear cast his eyes on Mingyou, as if he understood Mingyou’s words. He stood up and took a step towards Mingyou. Arthur, who had been disguised as a cat carpet on the ground, immediately rushed to Mingyou and separated him from the big polar bear.

    “Don’t worry, I can feel that he is not malicious.” Mingyou patted Arthur’s back, and said to the polar bear, “Hello, my name is Mingyou. Are you Arthur’s friend? I’m also Arthur’s friend.”

   The polar bear understood the words again. He cast his gaze at the wary big black liger. Arthur hesitated and nodded his head: “Rawr! “Yes, he is my friend!

    The big white bear nodded to Arthur, took off the basin from his head, and handed it to Mingyou. Mingyou took the basin and clanged in the polar bear’s expectant eyes.

    “Hmm!” The polar bear’s claws waved and danced to the rhythm of Mingyou knocking on the basin.

    “Puff…cough cough.” Mingyou almost choked with laughter, “The bear really loves music!”

    Arthur almost popped out his golden pupils! Who was this sand sculpture bear?! It was definitely not his boring, robot iceberg male guard!! Mingyou smiled and continued to knock on the basin, humming a song while knocking on the basin.

    The polar bear opened his arms and circled with the rhythm. After going around a few times, he scratched his head and felt that something was missing. Then, he rushed towards Arthur, lifted him, and took the cat around in circles.

    The black cat was still in a daze, was suddenly put on the polar bear’s shoulder and turned around in circles. He only had one intact leg as a focus point, and he was almost dragged on the floor by the polar bear.

    Not only did Mingyou not rescue the poor big black cat, but also changed the lyrics and sang loudly: “The polar bear and the liger are dancing, jumping and jumping one and two; they are dancing in a circle, jumping and jumping one or two. The polar bear nods in time while the big black cat laughs, laughs one two one! “

    Laugh my foot! You still compose the lyrics for me! Mingyou, are you tired of living? The big black cat roared!

    “Cough.” Mingyou gave a dry cough and laughed, “You see how happy he is. Play with him for a while. Maintaining a good mood is also good for recuperation.”

    I’m in a bad mood! The big black cat continued to growl! Arthur’s fluffy cat’s face was troubled, but he could not do anything to the polar bear.

    He could not beat the polar bear? Not to mention that beating the mentally handicapped violated Arthur’s morals. Now neither of them could use abilities. Could the liger bite the bear?

    “Oh oh oh.” The dance was recorded and edited into a video, which should be released as an advertisement in the live broadcast room. Arthur urged. Since he couldn’t resist, Arthur decided to break the jar!

    “Okay.” Mingyou immediately asked the employee’s light brain to turn on the video mode.

   Wasn’t Blacky very face-saving? This time, in order to promote the live broadcast room, Blacky made a great sacrifice. Mingyou cast a look of admiration towards the big black cat who was still being held by the polar bear and dancing in circles.

    Haha, I definitely can’t be ashamed of myself! Arthur gritted his teeth in his heart. Let’s go! Anyway, everyone in the All Star Alliance knows that he was injured, and it didn’t matter if he danced. The bear was a notoriously cold-hearted man like an iceberg. He will cry when he wakes up! 

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! Poor Arthur…doesn’t he realize that while this dance is the bear’s black history, it’s also his black history?


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