After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 8

As soon as Mingyou made the meal, Arthur came back on all fours. It could be said that he was on all fours, but in fact Arthur only had three functioning limbs, one leg was unable to move because of injuries.

    The big cat walking on three legs should look miserable, but Arthur’s plush face showed a screaming tiger smile, his tail was so high that he could jump and dance with only three legs. Yes, one couldn’t see the slightest sadness.

    It was hard to imagine that he was on the verge of death yesterday.

    When Mingyou saw Arthur, the corner of his mouth couldn’t help but raise. He thought, no matter how sad and desperate people are, after seeing such a cute and so happy big cat, they couldn’t help but get infected by the big cat’s optimism and showing a bright smile, right?

    “It smells so good, let me see what’s so delicious!” As soon as Arthur entered the kitchen, he stood up and leaned into the big iron bucket. Mingyou was so scared that he hurriedly moved, grabbed him behind his back, and dragged him away from the stove.

    “Be careful! Don’t burn yourself!” Mingyou looked terrified, in fear that the big black cat would accidentally knock over the iron pot.

    Arthur squatted on the ground, and slapped the floor in dissatisfaction: “Am I that stupid?!”

    “No, no, Blacky is the smartest, I’m just afraid of you getting burned.” Mingyou scooped some stew out and said to himself, a big bowl for Arthur, “Do you want rice?”

    Arthur whirled around his food bowl, constantly licking his mouth, anxiously waiting for the meat to cool: “No. I’m a liger, what kind of rice would I eat.” “

    Mingyou took a bite with chopsticks with meat and said: “I think the diet of spirit beasts should be different from ordinary animals. You should get more energy from being vegetarian. Eating meat is just for taste and filling the belly, conversion into energy has low efficiency.”

    Arthur was so surprised that his ears stood up, and turned left and right like a radar: “Is there any other information?”

    Mingyou nodded. The system said that spirit beasts and elves were of the same origin, so the diet of spirit beasts should be the same as that of elves.

    Mingyou thought for a while and expounded on the energy transformation theory from the game world. The special abilities possessed by elves came from the sun, moon and earth. In other words, their power was special energy possessed by the stars and planets.

    In the regular food chain, plants were usually regarded as the first level of producers, while insects and animals, etc were predators.

    The energy from nutrition was continuously transmitted upwards through layers of consumers, and biological energy continued to accumulate. Therefore, for ordinary humans, it was more efficient to absorb nutrients by directly eating the “predators” in the upper layers of the food chain.

    In Mingyou’s era, it was easy to understand, “If you have oil and water, you can eat less food.”

    But the “energy” needed by elves was different from ordinary nutrition. As the first level producer, plants could accumulate the energy of the planet into their bodies. But if preyed upon by other animals or insects, part of the energy would be consumed by the “predator, and the energy remaining would be reduced.

    Therefore, for this kind of “energy”, the higher the level on the food chain, the less energy retained in the body that could be absorbed by other predators. This was the most important part of the world view of the game “Elves World”. Because of this rule, spirit beasts generally did not prey on each other, and humans rarely use beasts as food.

    “This is similar to fossil fuels. We can purify fossil fuels, but if it is burnt slag, it is difficult to use.” Mingyou said, “Spirit beasts food should be something rich in energy. In addition, other than plants, other energy sources such as minerals, water and even electromagnetic waves, light particles, etc., may be your food.”

    Arthur’s mouth was so big that it could fit Mingyou’s head. His whole body was petrified. If what this young man said was true, then the spirit beast nutrition of the All-Star Alliance had gone in the wrong research direction! Instead of nutrition, should they focus on energies? !

    “Our world is like this. Spirit beasts and elves are of the same origin. There should be little difference?” Mingyou said, “The nutrition cubes are also applicable to you. There should be little difference. I have to wait until I learn more about spirit beasts to determine anything specific.”

    After learning more knowledge and accumulating enough knowledge points, he would be able to unlock the course “Spirit Beast Nutrition” from the system. Now what he is learning is only the “Elf Nutrition” from the practice mode.

    “What do you need to complete this research?” Arthur lifted his petrification, and rushed into Mingyou’s arms, his head kept arching into Mingyou’s chin, “Ah, ah, ah, you know if you can be sure of this, the entire Star Alliance’s spirit beast cultivation textbook could be rewritten?”

    Before Arthur used his headbutt, Mingyou put the tableware on the stove, and opened his arms to catch the impact. As soon as the big black cat’s fluffy head was in his arms, Mingyou hugged and vigorously rubbed the spirit beast.

    “It doesn’t need much. I only need to complete the basic knowledge of the current spirit beast research.” Mingyou glanced at the knowledge value needed to unlock “Spirit Beast Nutrition”, and made an estimate in his heart, “but I am young and in a low position. No one would believe me even if I sorted out the nutritional science of spirit beasts, right?”

    Academic disputes are like those of religion. Heretics were endlessly pursued. Mingyou was a little bit embarrassed.

    “What are you afraid of? I’m here.” Arthur continued to rub Mingyou’s chin, and the fluffy touch made Mingyou giggle. “I’m telling you, I have already applied for your live broadcast, and we are now anchors. We can directly verify your theory. When you save the spirit beasts in the nursing home, that counts as strong evidence, who would dare to question you? Let’s start preparations and then play!”

    “Live broadcast?” Mingyou asked while laughing, “Hahaha don’t rub. It’s so itchy.”

    Not only did Arthur not stop, he also got worse . It wasn’t until Mingyou was almost out of breath that he stopped rubbing. Arthur squatted in front of Mingyou, licked his paws and washed his face for a while.

    “Yes, live broadcast.” Arthur told Mingyou about the live broadcast plan, “The workers should come over to renovate the house tonight, and we can start the live broadcast tomorrow.”

    “In addition to the live broadcast, you can also learn about spirit beasts in advance. I have sent the textbook to your staff light brain. If you do not understand then ask me. “Arthur proudly lifted his head, “I am a genius and know all the relevant subjects!”

    “Really Blacky, that’s amazing! Blacky must be the most powerful liger in the world!” Mingyou immediately applauded like a little seal.

    “There’s no need to praise me. At present, there is only one shadow liger in the Star Alliance.” Arthur scratched his ears. “Star Alliance research shows that spirit beasts are composed of supernatural powers. So every individual in the same race has different abilities, resulting in slight differences in beast bodies.”

    “Keep this a secret, my brother is a big golden lion! When I turned into a beast for the first time… I thought I was adopted when I was a kid!” Arthur half-covered his mouth with a paw, “I ran away from home in order to find my biological parents. My elder brother still remembers this matter. So when you meet him, don’t ask why his beast form is different from mine, or he will go crazy. “

    Mingyou nodded vigorously, and remembered this matter firmly.

    “Clang.” The two were chatting when they suddenly heard the sound of a pot being knocked down. The two turned their heads at the same time.

    When did a huge white bear appear in the kitchen! Mingyou was so scared that his neck hairs stood up!

    “Oh oh oh oh my meat!” Obviously Arthur’s reason for growling wass completely different from Mingyou. “Bastard stupid bear!! I haven’t even eaten a bite!”

    The big white bear listened to the black cat’s roar. Not only was he not afraid, he also stuck out a tongue and cleaned out the bottom of the pot, without even leaving a drop for the big black cat.

    “I’m going to beat you to death!” Arthur was so angry that he was about to rush over, waving his paws, but was hugged by Mingyou.

    “Don’t go now! His heart power is fluctuating very strangely! It seems that he has no clear consciousness!” Mingyou again showed his unscientific brute force, and firmly pressed Arthur’s behind to the ground.

    The big white bear kept a dumbfounded expression, glanced at the black big cat that was snarling, then looked down at the empty food bowl. There was an enlightened look on his face, one paw grabbed the food bowl, and the other paw banged on the bottom of the food bowl like a gong.

    “Clang clang, clang clang!”

    Arthur was frightened by the “gong bashing” and his ears stood up: “What is he doing?”

    Mingyou was not sure: “Demanding food?” 

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  1. New resident spotted! What a perfect subject for the live broadcast in terms of treatment! Arthur has already fully gained his consciousness after all!

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  2. i kenott🤣🤣🤣arthur is such a drama queen when he was little, not that it change much when he grow up🤣🤣🤣 soo funnyy!!
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