After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 7

Why would the name of the spirit beast equal the race of the spirit beast? Why was the name of the spirit beast equal to the race of the spirit beast!

    The two continued to talk in circles for a while, before Arthur remembered to introduce his true “race”, Shadow Liger. Although there was only one Shadow Liger in the Star Alliance, this was considered a race, right?

    He explained it all! He was unique! Unique! Arthur slapped the floor like crazy!

    “Shadow Liger…” Mingyou filled in Arthur’s species, and the Spirit Beast Encyclopedia gave him one hundred knowledge points.

    It seemed that filling the illustrated book and gaining more knowledge about spirit beasts was the most important means of earning knowledge points in the future. Mingyou nodded.

    After the pictorial entry appeared, Arthur’s information was also updated in Mingyou’s “Partner” column. Now all the detailed information of Arthur was blacked out with “???”, he needed to use knowledge points to unlock the text.

    Arthur’s treatment plan also needed to be unlocked with knowledge points. The full set of plans required a total of 100,000 knowledge points, and that series of zeros made Mingyou’s eyes spun. Therefore, Mingyou did not intend to waste knowledge points for information that could be learned through his own research.

    While tailoring a nutrition plan for Arthur, Mingyou made the plan based on the knowledge he learned in practice mode. Without relying on the system, he only spent 1 point of knowledge for the system to give him a score for the nutrition plan.

    The system evaluation was “A”. The knowledge point spent on scoring was not only returned but Mingyou also earned ten knowledge points. At the same time, the basic treatment plan for the first stage of Arthur’s treatment plan was reduced from one thousand knowledge points to one hundred points.

    After analyzing the situation, Mingyou concluded that the more knowledge he had, the greater the proportion he contributed to the plan, the cheaper the system price.

    Although the system did not require Mingyou to take action, it used pricing to guide the host on how to progress every day. Use his brain and hands for everything. Don’t bother the system if he could solve the problem himself.

    Mingyou was reminded of his head high school teacher in his previous life. It was a pity that he only lived for 17 years in his previous life. He failed to pass the college entrance examination. He failed the teacher’s expectation of “returning as the provincial champion”.

    With Arthur as a partner, Mingyou became a small complainer. He wanted to hold Arthur’s fluffy head and mutter any words in his heart out loud. This time was no exception.

    Mingyou aired his regrets for a long time, “Why couldn’t I hold on for longer in my previous life, just one year, give me one year, I will give my teacher the province champion honour”, Arthur showed a deadpan expression on his feline face.

    Fine, he learned another important secret of the young man. So Mingyou was really an alien, but in a past life, so there were no traces in his current life.

    Arthur ruminated on the secret he heard from Mingyou.

    Mingyou’s previous life lived in a world with many spirit beasts. Most of the spirit beasts could not become humans, and they were a different race from humans. Spirit beasts and humans lived in wonderful harmony. The research and technology related to spirit beasts was highly developed. Spirit beast masters were the most popular and respected profession.

    Mingyou was the leader among the younger generation of spirit beast masters.

    But this little genius suffered from a congenital disease that could not be cured by society. His life was a two-point line divided between hospitals and school. He died in the company of his spirit beast partners at the age of seventeen, and then brought his memories and the light brain of his previous life. He reincarnated as Tan Changgeng, the youngest son of the Tan family.

    Reincarnation came with memories, there was a corresponding study in Star Alliance soul quantum science. But reincarnation could bring along a light brain? Or even bring a space backpack? These things were bound to the soul and could not be detected by ordinary technology? Was this also explainable by quantum science?

    Arthur carefully thought about it, it could indeed be explained by quantum science. Since the soul, light brain, and space backpack can all be disassembled into quantum waves, they could also be transferred to another person through quantum entanglement. It was just that these were all theories, and the Star Alliance had not found concrete examples yet.

    However, even if there was proof, no one would simply reveal it, right? They would be captured by scientific madmen and locked up as research materials. Sigh, why did this young man not have any sense of danger? Arthur was very tired.

    “Growl!” You are not allowed to tell others anything about your past life or reincarnation! Nor to any other beasts! Arthur slapped Mingyou’s head with his paw.

    “No need to hit me! I only told you!” Mingyou formed a bright silly smile, and quickly promised, “Don’t worry!”

    You won’t make me worry my foot! How could that reassure me? Thinking about how Mingyou had completely revealed his secrets, but Arthur still had many things to hide, the guilt in Arthur’s heart made his hair dull.

    So while Mingyou was helping him prepare a nutritious meal, he was going to walk into the second basement floor to report to his brother and ask for…no to fight for Mingyou’s welfare.

    Before leaving, Arthur told Mingyou about his ability to communicate with the outside world. At the same time he told Mingyou that he would transfer Mingyou’s household registration to his own. As Mingyou’s new guardian and recommender, he could transfer Mingyou’s acceptance from the Star Alliance Agricultural School to the Star Alliance Central Military Academy spirit beast course. Mingyou could take advantage of professional schooling to cultivate himself.

    Arthur didn’t tell Mingyou that the Tan family had cancelled Mingyou’s household registration and student registration. The young man was pitiful enough, there was no need to be the bearer of more bad news. Anyway, with his protection, the young man would no longer have the opportunity to be bullied.

    He only needed to keep a silly and bright smile from now on. Arthur thought to himself.

    “Spirit Beast Cultivation Major?! I’m going, I’m going! Blacky! Please!” Mingyou folded his hands and stared eyes, “But Blacky, do you still have a household registration?”

    Although he knew that the big black cat was called Arthur, Mingyou still habitually called the feline with a nickname. Since Arthur didn’t object, Mingyou took it as acquiescence.

    “As a heroic beast, I have my own account book. Isn’t it reasonable to allow my spirit beast master partner to be added to my account book?” Arthur used Mingyou’s words to block him and went back.

    Mingyou vigorously nodded. Yes, yes, it was reasonable. Arthur felt very frustrated, since he wanted to see Mingyou’s confused or unhappy expression.

    “I’ll give you the nutrition cubes for today. You can eat one when you are hungry. The meal will be done in about one hour. Remember to come back on time.” Mingyou hung a box around the big black cat’s neck. The box closely resembled a child’s snack box. Open the lid and he could pour nutrition cubes into his mouth.

    Arthur fiddled with the box. This box also has energy fluctuations that locked the nutrition cubes in the box like a protective cover. It also prevented the nutrition cube’s energy from escaping.

    The Star Alliance also has a similar box, but it was used to hold energy ore. It was the first time Arthur saw a container like this used to hold food. Mingyou rubbed Arthur’s ears, asked the liger to pay attention to the time, and then went to work in the kitchen.

    Now that he had “Super Spirit Beast Master” aura, he no longer needed Arthur to help him carry the meat. Mingyou carried a huge piece of meat in one hand and flew away. He went upstairs in one breath without panting. The corners of Arthur’s mouth twitched and his fur was shaking constantly.

    Arthur vigorously shook his head, threw the weird sight out of his head, loped to the second floor of the basement, and connected to his brother’s communication device.

    This communication was also answered in seconds, Arthur wanted to ask his emperor brother if he was unemployed. Otherwise, how could his brother answer a communication at any time when the emperor had so much government affairs to deal with?

    But after thinking about it, his brother was crying because he was injured, so Arthur was temporarily embarrassed. Although his brother hadn’t beaten him for a long time, when he was a child, his brother did not show any mercy.

    “Look! Nutrition cube!” Arthur typed with one paw, and the other paw tore off the candy box, poured the nutrition cube into his mouth, and then showed an intoxicated expression.

    “It looks really delicious.” Emperor Aldrich saw that his younger brother was still full of energy today, and his tired face showed a gentle look. “The person who brought Mingyou to the sanatorium before was Dulan. He deliberately didn’t tell Mingyou how things were operated, probably wanting to force Mingyou to leave. You let unqualified personnel work at the nursing home, and many people are dissatisfied.”

    Arthur’s fluffy face showed an ironic expression: “You and I directly give orders for everything in this nursing home. He didn’t even follow your orders. It’s not just dissatisfaction, right?”

    “By the way, brother, the young man said that the outside world has not publicized the war with the Zerg? Is my hero name so little-known? I’m very sad!” Arthur lifted his paw and wiped his tears, while wiping this nose and sniffling. If it weren’t for the fur at the corners of his eyes that were still dry, it would look like he was howling.

    “I’m about to tell you about that.” Although Emperor Aldrich knew that Arthur was fake crying, he couldn’t help but feel distressed.

    He knew that although Arthur was not crying now, he must feel very uncomfortable in his heart. Upset for those comrades-in-arms who did not come back from the battlefield.

    “In the war with the Zerg, although we won, many of the special spirit beasts that were on the battlefield were more or less injured. Our current technology cannot heal their injuries. We can only wait for them to heal on their own. The special-type spirit beast troops are unable to fight. If the Zerg learn this information, they are very likely to invade again. If a tragic war with the Zerg is propagated, it will inevitably be dug up and spread around causing social panic.”

    “Moreover, special-type spirit beasts are an important combat asset of the Star Alliance. Your wounds remain unhealed, which has greatly weakened the military power of the Star Alliance. If this incident spreads out, the ambitions of the autonomous sector and the lawbreakers of the chaotic sector will spark and act immediately.”

    “Now we have reached a tacit agreement with the autonomous region governors not to publicize the true situation of this war, based on the fact that no one knows whether you are alive or dead. If you are still alive, their propaganda will serve as publicity for you and for the Star Alliance.” Aldrich concealed his helplessness with an indifferent tone: “Everyone is waiting for news about you. The moment you pass away, announce the truth about the Zerg war.”

    While Arthur was a marshal, everyone thought he was just a mascot sent by the royal family. But he won the love of a group of young officers and S-level supernatural powers with an incredible speed. Then he used a few beautiful battle victories to reverse the decline of the Star Alliance, and won control of the army from the military veterans.

    When Arthur personally led the death squad to complete the charge operation and won a full victory in the Zerg war, his reputation in the army was unprecedentedly high. The garrisons in the star districts that originally had a tendency to govern themselves had become united in their admiration for him.

    It was foreseeable that when the truth of the war was announced, the hearts of the Star Alliance people would also achieve unprecedented unity because of this conquering hero. The development of Star Alliance would usher in a new era. The ambitious autonomous region would not be able to cause trouble during Arthur’s lifetime. Therefore, everyone was waiting for news from Arthur. Waiting for him to recover, or waiting for him to die.

    “There are rumors in the army that I deliberately cut you off from the outside world because of your high merits and wanted to kill you.” Aldrich put his elbow on the armchair, his head was slightly tilted and he clenched his fist, “Dulan took advantage of this. But his brother is in this nursing home, and he cares for family. I don’t plan to punish him severely.”

    Arthur shrank into a big fluffy ball. Drooping ears, eyes and fur, highlighting the word “mourning”.

    He didn’t expect his serious injury to bring so much pressure to his brother. But even if he had known, he would only repeat the old path he had walked before. When everyone was not optimistic about the charge, he said to his subordinates who trusted him, “Follow me”.

    Suddenly, Arthur had an idea, and his ears pricked up like two devil horns. “Brother, I thought of a good idea that does not announce the news immediately, but can appease the army !” 

“Don’t all other spiritual beast sanatoriums have internal live broadcasts, allowing the family of S-level supernatural powers in the military to watch them heal? Record the whole nursing home for me! This will allow them to see that I was seriously injured, and let them know that I am gradually recovering!”

    “Almost all the live-streaming viewers are people who support us! Even if some rumors go out, those careerists will not believe it.” Arthur’s fluffy body was twisted up, his tail was raised high, and the tip of his tail was twirling in circles. “After all, the young man is amazing, I almost don’t believe it myself.”

    Aldrich thought about it for a few seconds, and then made an immediate decision: “The plan is feasible. I will immediately send someone to renovate the nursing home and restore the internal webcasting equipment. The planet is in my private domain, and even if someone wants to do anything, I won’t let them interfere.”

    Aldrich also liked to watch the enemy be anxious, like his younger brother. “But Arthur, what happened to your communication? Although I guessed what you mean, why does it sound strange?” Emperor Aldrich was very puzzled.

    Arthur’s tail stiffened and stopped spinning in circles.

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