After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 6

Mingyou took the tool and approached the old treatment device. He said that he could change this treatment device into a body scanner specially for spirit beasts, but Arthur was only half-convinced.

    Arthur was now lying one meter away from Mingyou, observing with a pair of feline eyes. The sudden appearance of Mingyou’s “power” scared the panther to death. And this young man, with a “this is normal” expression, seemed ambivalent about it? Arthur became less and less shocked towards this abnormal young man.

    “Huh, okay.” Mingyou wiped the sweat and oil from his face, and smiled at the big black cat, “Blacky, come and try it.”

    I think you have done something wrong. Arthur thought as he got up and walked slowly to the machine. No matter how he looked at the situation, Arthur was frightened of the sizzling noise coming from the machine. There was an illusion that the machine would explode at any moment.

    Mingyou connected the data interface of the detector to his system and obtained detailed data on Arthur’s body. He looked at Arthur’s test report and was silent for a long while, tears couldn’t help but stream down.

    Arthur was circling around the machine, observing what kind of strange thing the previous machine was transformed into. Seeing Mingyou shedding tears, he couldn’t help but tilt his head in bewilderment. “Oh?” Why are you crying?

    Mingyou sniffed, rushed in front of Arthur, hugged his head, buried his face in Arthur’s collar, and choked with sobs: “Exhaustion of mental energy, supernatural powers disorder, malnutrition, many old wounds all over the body… …Who abused you so viciously!! Is this someone from this animal sanatorium? I knew it! This animal sanatorium definitely has problems! “

    Huh? Arthur twisted his body and broke free of Mingyou’s embrace. He casually wiped Mingyou’s face twice with his paws. Don’t cry, why are you crying? Why can’t I understand what you said?

    Mingyou held Arthur’s paw to wipe his tears, and spoke with an expression of grief and anger: “I will definitely free you and escape from here!”

    Arthur: “…Escape to where?”

    Mingyou was stunned. He pondered for a while, then hesitated: “Maybe, we can try to escape to the chaotic star area?”

    The Star Alliance’s jurisdiction was divided into the central star area, the autonomous star area, and the development star area. The development zone was also known as the chaotic zone. It was a lawless zone where unscrupulous organizations such as star thieves gathered.

    Arthur’s fluffy face showed a very obvious “Are you stupid?” expression.

    “There will always be a way!” Mingyou showed fascinating self-confidence again, while Arthur couldn’t help but yawn.

    He licked his paw, wiped his face, and said, “I was injured on the battlefield. It has nothing to do with the nursing home. This nursing home is full of spirit beasts that cannot be cured by current technology and are waiting to die.”

    “Battlefield?” Mingyou put his hands on his knees and sat down, waiting for Arthur to explain. It was not that he wanted to sit on his knees, it was that he couldn’t even find a chair in this garbage sanatorium.

    “The Zerg invasion the year before, did you know about it?” Arthur raised his head triumphantly, “I am a hero who has many military exploits!”

    Mingyou thought for a while if it did happen. “It seems that a small zerg army got lost and was annihilated by the Star Alliance outside the border of the Star Alliance?” Mingyou said with uncertainty.

    Arthur’s triumphant expression froze, he said with disbelief: “What little Zerg army got lost? It was a large-scale invasion of the Zerg! You know how much it took us to hold the Zerg on the outer battlefield. To net let the flames of war extend to the Star Alliance’s domain?”

    Arthur’s became a ball of raised fur, his tail turned into a propeller, and his ears pinned back in a straight line.

    Mingyou really didn’t know. Sky Blue Star’s report on the war at the time was full of trivialities, skirmishes, and so on. Ordinary people throughout Sky Blue Star did not pay attention to this matter.

    “Forget it, it’s about maintaining stability.” Arthur shrank into an aggrieved ball, and his tail flopped on the floor, “The front line is still fighting, if something goes wrong in the rear…”

    “Ah, no! I can’t stand this grievance!” Before Arthur finished speaking, he laid down on the spot, not paying attention to his bald belly, rolling left and right, twisting into a super-large cat. “It’s been a year since we maintained stability during the war! It’s been a year now! Why don’t you give us some good publicity! I don’t accept it! I don’t accept it!”

    “Don’t be angry, don’t be angry, it’s not worth it if you are angry.” Mingyou pacified Arthur, “Maybe Skyblue Star did not promote it because it is in the Autonomous Star Region. The Archon of the Autonomous Star is not willing to increase the prestige of the Star Alliance?”

    Arthur stopped rolling around and showed an aggrieved face “Really?”

    “Well…I’m not sure.” Mingyou told the truth.

    Arthur snorted fiercely, got up from the ground, squatted on the ground, and slapped the ground fiercely with a paw. “When I get better, I must ask for myself! I want to ask for the sake of  the tens of thousands of comrades who sacrificed their lives on the battlefield!” The paw slapped the ground with a bang! Arthur’s eyes were red.

    Mingyou was stunned: “Tens of thousands?”

    Arthur sniffed, tears streaming out in despair. A cat’s tear gland was too sensitive, so troublesome!

    Mingyou was silent. He took out a tissue and wiped away Arthur’s tears. It was rare for Arthur to lie down on the ground cleverly, resting his head on Mingyou’s lap, allowing Mingyou to comfort him.

    The two were silent for a long time. After their emotions calmed down, Mingyou asked in a low voice, “Can I help them?”

    “You can do a lot.” The sun was a dazzling gold, “Cure me first, I’ll go explain the situation.”

    “Okay.” Mingyou breathed a sigh of relief. This was what he could do. “There are other spirit beasts in this animal sanatorium, right? Although I am not sure whether the medicine and food I have now can save them, I can do a physical examination for them first.”

    “If they regain consciousness, they will come to this yard. If they don’t regain consciousness, they will attack you like ordinary beasts when you get close to them.” Arthur never thought of bringing all his subordinates to Mingyou to see at once.” When I regain some strength and can use my power, I will take you to find them.”

    “Their vitals are still very stable, and there is enough time. I don’t trust many and can’t let others interfere in this matter.” Arthur rubbed Mingyou’s leg with his head and said, “You also have a lot of secrets, but as long as you stand by my side, I will help you keep your secrets. You should also be careful, don’t dare to take anything out.”

    Mingyou hurriedly said: “I’m not that stupid! I usually hide well! I only told you!”

    Arthur had black lines: “It’s weird to just tell me this, okay? We are not familiar? Why do you trust me so?”

    Mingyou said: “Because you are a spirit beast, spirit beasts will not lie!”

    “There are so many spirit beasts that can deceive.” Arthur raised his claw and grabbed the black lines on his head and threw them to the ground. .

    But Mingyou was particularly stubborn: “I know that there are good and bad spirit beasts. But you are not. I am a spirit beast master, I can feel the heart of spirit beasts. Blacky, your heart is as warm and dazzling as the sun. You are definitely the kindest kind of spirit beast!”

    “Do you see the energy waves that occasionally radiate from my body?” Mingyou stretched out his fingers, and light blue energy waves rippled from his fingertips. “Before I could not control this energy. Now that I have a spirit beast partner, I can release this energy freely.”

    “In addition to the vitality and spiritual power of the human body, there is also a kind that only intelligent creatures have. The power of emotion, that is, the power of empathy. What I use now is this ability, called the power of the heart.”

    “It’s the same as when some people are extremely vigorous and good at fighting; some people have exceptional mental ability, and they are good at thinking. Some people have the talent to use the power of the heart proficiently. I am one of them.”

    “I can’t penetrate the human heart, but I can read the heart of spirit beasts, and can also make the spirit beast understand my heart.”

    Arthur looked at the energy emanating from Mingyou’s fingertips, raised his paw, and put it against Mingyou’s fingertips.

    At that moment, he seemed to feel a torrent of emotions that did not belong to him pouring into his heart. It was like a blend of spirits and a touch of the soul. Without words, he could feel Mingyou’s unreserved love and trust in him.

    This kind of affection and trust was so straightforward and warm that Arthur was very confused.

    “I have to correct you about that mess of a metaphor. If my heart is like the sun, you have been roasted and burned.” Arthur retracted his claws and pretended to be nonchalant. “Moreover, what kind of heart power do you have, why can you understand it? You understand the heart of spirit beasts, but you can’t read the heart of humans? That is strange. Wouldn’t you think that all intelligent creatures have similar energy fluctuations?”

    “I am a spirit beast master, of course, my empathy power can only communicate with spirit beasts.” Mingyou’s expression of “this is very reasonable” made Arthur doubt life again.

    Arthur even suspected that there was no alien power behind Mingyou, the youth himself was an alien! Otherwise, how to explain the completely abnormal brain circuits of this young man?

    After a lot of talking, Arthur was very tired. He could only tell Mingyou to keep secrets over and over again, not to take out things that this galaxy did not have in front of other people, nor in front of other spirit beasts!

    Anyway! Ask him before he decided to do anything! Mingyou nodded like pounding garlic. Understand completely. 

     “Why don’t you ask me who I am?” Arthur licked his paw and glanced sideways, feeling a little nervous.

    If the young man asked him about his identity, would he say it? They had only known each other for two days now, and it would violate confidentiality regulations. Not to mention, the young man trusted him so much, and he didn’t want to live up to this trust. It was really heavy.

    “The ability of spirit beasts to go to the battlefield means that the upper levels of the Star League…maybe other upper ranks know about spirit beasts, and these things are confidential to ordinary people.” Although Mingyou had very shallow experience, he was not stupid, “Blacky, you said that you have not been abused by this nursing home, and you even trust this nursing home very much. If you are not being deceived…”

    “How could I be deceived!”

    Mingyou smiled and hugged the fluffy head that bumped him: “Okay, okay, Blacky will definitely not be deceived. I mean, your identity is not only your own business, but also a military secret. I came here by mistake and want to be accepted by you. There must be an inspection period. I will wait patiently until the day you tell me.”

    Arthur looked up, his big round eyes were as cute as a kitten: “You know? You still told me so much? Aren’t you afraid of me telling the news, then you are locked up and used as research material.”

    “You are my partner, my closest family member in this world. I believe you will protect me.” Mingyou’s eyes were filled with stubbornness that Arthur couldn’t understand, and Mingyou unconsciously emit light blue energy waves. The fluctuation of the power of the heart.

    This time, Arthur not only felt Mingyou’s love and trust in him, but also felt Mingyou’s deeper emotions. Fear, loneliness, and even despair, like the edge of an icy sea.

    In this suffocating coldness, Mingyou’s feelings for him were like a canoe in the waves, a lighthouse in the thick fog, and the only warm existence in the endless icy sea.

    He suddenly understood Mingyou’s beyond common sense trust and dedication to him. Although he didn’t know why Mingyou chose him, but…silly boy.

    “The inspection period is three months. After three months, I will tell you everything you want to know.” Arthur put away his frivolous attitude and looked cautious and serious, like a tiger king standing on the mountaintop. Showing a very different momentum from usual.

    For the first time, Mingyou felt that this spirit beast might be more noble than he thought.

    “Of course, if you perform well, the inspection period will be shortened.” Arthur was domineering for a few moments, and after a few words, he lay bonelessly on the ground, his head still in Mingyou’s arms. He instructed Mingyou to help him comb his fur, “For example, nutrition cubes, you understand me.”

    “Haha, I know, I will try my best to satisfy you.” Mingyou laughed. While helping Arthur comb the long hair on his collar, he asked softly, “Blacky, can you tell me your name?”

    “Name, Arthur.” Arthur squinted at Mingyou to see if Mingyou could guess something from the name. If Mingyou guessed it by himself, it wouldn’t count as a leak. Arthur was righteous.

    “Ah, Blacky is so powerful, is he the apex of Arthurs?” Mingyou sighed.

    That’s right, I’m indeed a royal… Wait? Wasn’t there something wrong with the young man’s words?

    “Are all Arthurs big black cats? Are there other colors of Arthur?”

    Emmmm… As expected, there was something wrong…

    “But even if they look the same, Blacky must be the strongest, most magnificent and most beautiful Arthur!”

    Huh? Even if you praise me…

    “Even if I see other Arthurs in the future! Blacky is still the white moonlight and cinnabar mole in my heart! No matter how many Arthurs there are…”

    “Ao Ao Ao Ao!” Arthur’s paw almost touched Mingyou’s mouth!

    What other Arthurs! Where are there so many Arthurs! He was the only Arthur!

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  1. It really goes to show that common sense truly depends on the circumstances you are used to! Can’t wait to see what the reaction will be when its found out “spirit beasts” aren’t pets/mounts as they are in an RPG setting…

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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