After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 5

The morning light entered the bedroom and shined on Mingyou’s eyelids. Mingyou opened his eyes in a daze and stared at the black and fluffy fur in front of him for a while, before he slowly regained his senses.

    He saw the spirit beast! Still a super kind, super gentle and super cute big black cat! Mingyou turned over and sat up with a jerk. He accidentally kicked the big cat’s soft belly.

    The big black cat made a gurgling sound in his throat, and his two front paws curled up under the big cat’s head. He turned over and continued to sleep.

    “Wow!” Mingyou’s eyes widened in surprise. He actually slept with the big cat all night! The spirit beast actually let him hug him while sleeping all night!

    Didn’t the big cat sleep on the balcony last night? When did he enter the bed in the house!

    【Ding, the host has gotten up. Quiet mode is disengaged.】

    【Congratulations to the host, for completing the first round of the novice series of tasks, the spirit beast’s favorability rises to friendly. Reward 100 knowledge points. 】

    【The second task of the novice missions, keep in close contact with the spirit beast for more than five hours. Close contact means that the distance between each other is less than one meter. 】

    【Ding! Detected that the host has completed the second round of the novice series of tasks. 200 knowledge points are awarded. 】

   【 Start the third task of the newbie series, please tame your first spirit beast partner. 】

    【Reminder, there are no Elf Balls in this world. When the spirit beast is friendly to the host and accepts the host’s nickname, the host can give the spirit beast a bonding item. After the spirit beast equips the prop, it is deemed to be accepted. 】

    【This time the novice mission partner items are provided by the system. The healing bell has been issued to the system backpack. Please give the healing bell to the spirit beast to complete the novice task. After the host tames the spirit beast, he must purchase items from the system by himself. 】 

    The sudden amount of knowledge points made Mingyou feel dizzy. He only had 180 knowledge points left, which instantly increased to 480 points?

    Looking back on his past nineteen years, he had only accumulated one thousand knowledge points. Mingyou didn’t know whether he should be sad or happy.

    “The better the days are coming, it is a good thing!” Mingyou patted his face and took the healing bell from the system backpack.

    The healing bell was a bell carved from a crystal, with colorful streaks flowing on the surface of the bell, which shows its extraordinariness.

    Mingyou shook the bell. The bell made no sound, but to his senses, there was a colorful halo around the bell. A spirit beast should be able to hear the “sound” of the healing bell.

    According to the system’s description, the bell produced healing energy waves that soothed a spirit beast’s impulsiveness, fatigue, and continuously restored their spiritual power. In game terms, it was an item that increased chaos resistance and regenerated mana.

    The morning light slowly creeped over the big bed, and it also reached the big cat’s face. The big black cat was obviously dissatisfied with the sudden light, and covered his face with two paws, but then opened his eyes while grumbling.

    His eyes shrank into golden slits due to the light, and he caught a glimpse of Mingyou who was sitting close to him. The big cat’s head buzzed loudly and he remembered.

    Arthur scrambled to sit up, and was angry: “Oh oh oh oh!” He didn’t climb into the bed!

    Mingyou tilted his head and looked at the big black cat, not understanding what he was upset about.

    Arthur replied: “Aoaoaoao!” You were sleepwalking!

    Mingyou continued to look at the big black cat with raised ears with bewildered eyes.

    Arthur was instantly discouraged. What was the use? The young man couldn’t understand what he said. After a few words, Arthur suddenly felt tired. He jumped out of the bed, stretched his limbs, flicked his head, and signalled Mingyou that it was time for a meal.

    Mingyou understood the meaning. But before the meal, he would try to give the big black cat a gift.

    “Blacky, I have a gift for you.” Mingyou spread out his palm and revealed a bell that gleamed with a strange brilliance, “This is a healing bell that can soothe and restore your mental power.”

    Arthur leaned in suspiciously. Healing bell? It looked suspicious at first glance. Was this a spy tool? Recording? Or scan his body data directly? Perhaps it was simply a chronic poison?

    “Listen.” Mingyou picked up the bell and shook it. The energy fluctuations of the healing bell spread to Arthur, causing him to squint and reveal a comfortable expression.

    The ring tone disappeared, and Arthur opened his eyes, his expression was even more puzzled. What was this thing? It seemed to be useful for his injury.

    He leaned forward and stretched out his front paws, which touched the bell.

    Dangling. Comfortable… Ringing. So comfortable ……  He continued to ring the bell!

    “Ouuu-mi!” Arthur was inattentive, and then rolled around on the ground, continuously ringing the bell. What was this! Why was it so good! He was in a good mood! Good spirits! He couldn’t even feel his headache!

    “Do you like it? I’ll give it to you.” Seeing that the big black cat liked the healing bell so much, Mingyou smiled brightly, “Do you want to tie the bell to your neck or to your claws?”

    Hearing Mingyou’s voice, The cat’s expression sank, and then he remembered that there was another annoying person next to him. He neatly got up, his paws pressed the bell.

    With Mingyou’s capabilities, it was impossible to get such a good thing that he and his brother had never seen. Who was the power behind Mingyou? Could it be an alien civilization with a higher level of civilization than the Star Alliance?

    Did the nutrition cubes and healing bell represent their kindness, or were they poisoned sweetness?

    Arthur thought for a while, his fluffy ears trembled, and his fluffy head went crazy. Then he nodded his head so fast that his ears flew up and down, leaving only a round head.

    Whatever! It was free of charge! This thing was very useful to him, very useful to the entire Star Alliance! Don’t give up eating because of a chance of choking!

    “I’ll find you a ribbon to use!” Mingyou took out a metallic black ribbon from the system backpack.

    This black ribbon was an item reward he got in the training mode, called “Gathering Ribbon”. In game, it could reduce the cooldown time of the wizard’s active spells. In reality, it could probably increase the “casting” speed of the spirit beast when they use their abilities?

    Even if it was not of much use, the color was a match for the big black cat’s coloring. Arthur stared at the black ribbon for a while, then looked at Mingyou with a weird look. This guy took out another good thing filled with energy. Did he not know the value of these things?

    Mingyou pulled out the healing bell from under Arthur’s paws and stringed the healing bell into the Gathering Ribbon. He hesitated for a while, then said solemnly: “Blacky, I can’t let you become my partner while confused.”

    Arthur’s fluffy head tilted. Was the young man finally about to start negotiating terms? He had just thought, how could the forces behind the young man give out so many good things in vain.

    “I’m telling you a secret.”

    As long as Mingyou was not a Zerg spy, Arthur would cover him as long as he could heal him and his subordinates.

    “I am actually a spirit beast master.”

    Huh? What the hell was a spirit beast master?

    “I may be the universe’s only… well, on the safe side, I may be the only spirit beast master in the Star League.”

    So what the hell was a spirit beast master ?

    “Nineteen years and you are the first spirit beast I have seen. Blacky, do you want to be my partner?”

    Arthur raised his claw and scratched his ear. He once again doubted whether the young man had a mental problem, was there any logic to what he was saying? He had never seen a spirit beast for nineteen years, so how did he know that there were spirit beasts in the world? How did he become a spirit beast master?

    “After you become my partner, I will be able to communicate with you, help formulate a detailed treatment plan, and customize a nutritional meal that suits you specifically. I can even help you increase the power of your moves.” Mingyou said solemnly. , “Choose me as a partner, okay? I can definitely go to the top of the spirit beast with you!”

    Arthur side-eyed the youth. ←_←.

    He now understood that the young man did not have a mental problem, but just entered the rebellious phase. He also had this problem when he was young. He always thought that he was destined to be a rising star in the Star Alliance.

    This young man suited his appetite! Arthur thought he understood what Mingyou meant, and stretched out a paw.

    Come on, follow this brother. Brother will cover you in the future! When my team is healed, let’s go to the summit of the Star Alliance together!

    Mingyou did not immediately grasp Arthur’s feline paw. He continued: “Speaking of the benefits to you, I also want to talk about the benefits I can get after you become my partner.”

    Arthur’s round cat’s eyes narrowed into slits. Was the young man about to make demands? Let him hear what the forces behind Mingyou wanted.

    “All the abilities and knowledge of spirit beast masters are based around spirit beasts. Without spirit beasts, I am trash.” Mingyou lowered his head, with a sad expression on his face, “I don’t have anything, I can’t do anything well.”

    Arthur’s cat’s eyes, which had just narrowed into a slit, opened immediately. He thought of Mingyou’s data in the investigation report.

    Mingyou was a well-known good person in school, gentle, kind-hearted, diligent and studious, and had a sense of justice. The redhead who now had Mingyou’s status, was once helped by Mingyou during campus bullying. If it hadn’t been for Mingyou coming forward, that guy would have been dropped out of school.

    Seeing Mingyou trembling like an eggplant that had been beaten by frost, Arthur felt an inexplicable anger in his heart. He took a step forward, arched his head into Mingyou’s arms, and headbutted Mingyou’s chin.

    “Mwror!” Cheer up! Don’t sigh! Don’t bow your head! Get revenge on whoever bullied you in the past! You and I will climb the peak of spirit beasts together!

    Mingyou clutched his chin and looked at Arthur’s cheering eyes, his nose suddenly felt sour.

    “Blacky! It’s great to meet you!” Mingyou sniffed and abruptly hugged the big black cat’s head, rubbed his face against the big black cat’s head, “Be my partner! I’ll be fine. I’ll protect you! Never let you suffer any more harm!”

    Arthur stretched out his front paws and pushed Mingyou away with disgust. Protect him? He wouldn’t be able to scratch a beast let alone deal with a spaceship. With how weak Mingyou was, Arthut will protect him.

    “Really, I will be able to protect you.” Mingyou rubbed his eyes, but tears didn’t come out, though the corners of his eyes were a little red. “A spirit beast master who has a spirit beast is invincible!”

    “Oh oh oh.” Arthur let out a perfunctory howl, and after squatting down, he extended a front paw again.

    Mingyou solemnly tied the healing bell to Arthur’s paw. Then, he held Arthur’s cat paws with both hands, lowered his head on the fluffy paws, and gave a light kiss.

    【The newbie task was completed. Congratulations to the host, for finally becoming a real spirit beast master! All system functions are unlocked! The novice rewards have been delivered! 】

    【The newbie gift pack includes 1 “Super Spirit Beast Master Physique” aura! 1 Beast master bracelet! 1000 knowledge points! 100 nutrition cubes for each of the seven attributes! 】

    【The main missions are available! Ask the host to learn more about spirit beasts and improve the “Encyclopedia of Spirit Beasts”. There is no penalty and no time limit for this task. 】

    【Life has boundaries, but learning has no boundaries. Host survives in this world and continues to struggle to create a world where spirit beasts and humans live in harmony! 】

    Arthur was embarrassed and recovered his paw, and brushed the floor: How did the bell gifting sound like with a marriage proposal.

    Mingyou earnestly said: “To conclude a partnership contract with a spirit beast is almost the same as a proposal.”

    Arthur’s eyes widened: “Aw?” Was there anything else?

    Mingyou nodded: “A spirit beast master and their spirit beast partner are linked, spiritually connected, and more intimate than husband and wife.”

    Arthur nodded with an expression of “this guy is talking about eight grade syndrome”.

    “Okay, I’ll take the gift, it’s time to eat. I’m starving to death!” As Arthur walked, the bell looked like it was dancing on the breeze.

    Dingdang, Dingdang, *罒ω罒* (relaxed expression), Dingdang, Dingdang~

    “Before you eat, I will do a physical examination for you. After the physical examination, I can tailor the nutrition diet for you.” Mingyou changed out of his sleepwear. Took off his shirt and shorts and quickly put on long-sleeved trousers, and then troted a few steps behind Arthur.

    “Okay.” Arthur paused, his golden eyes widened, his body arched, and he jumped half a meter in the air.” You can understand what I said!”

    Mingyou nodded.

    “How can you understand what I say! You are not a spirit beast!” Arthur was going crazy.

    Mingyou scratched his head, showing a confused expression: “Because we are partners. With a partner, I am an official spirit beast master. As a spirit beast master, is it not reasonable to be able to understand what your partner says?”

    How reasonable was this! Arthur the cat panicked. When Mingyou easily carried the old-style treatment device with a height of one person and a full metal shell from the second floor to the first floor, Arthur once again became a feral cat jumping on the spot.

    What was going on? Yesterday Mingyou was exhausted from moving a piece of meat!

    Mingyou scratched his head again, showing a confused expression again: “Because I became a spirit beast master, isn’t it reasonable that I get stronger after partnering with a spirit beast?” Didn’t that make sense? 

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  1. Mingyou: When we become partners, I would be able to understand your needs better, a spirit beast master with a spirit beast is invincible!

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