After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 4

The great emperor of the Star Alliance, Aldrich Brick, used physical discomfort as an excuse to skip the evening charity party and scolded his younger brother in the lounge for an entire hour.

    The noble Emperor of the Star Alliance started by throwing bugs into the cup of the etiquette teacher who taught his little brother when he was in kindergarten. When he talked about Arthur smashing the windows of the school boss in elementary school, he used the teaching of disliking the poor and loving the rich from when he was in middle school. The director’s sacking, and tearing off the die-hard minister’s wig during a live broadcast during college.

    When the Zerg invaded, Arthur ignored his orders and personally led the death squad to assault the Zerg’s nest. After the war ended in victory, he and the surviving death squad members had incurable wounds-the Zerg residual energy interfered with the healing process, and the sequelae of special abilities overuse could not be alleviated. Together, these things cannibalized the heroes’ vitality, making their consciousness as human beings gradually blur, and slowly weaken them to death.

    The Emperor was choking on emotion again. Arthur squatted obediently with wide eyes, and looked like he was humbly listening. The Emperor couldn’t help but feel relieved at the sight. After so long, his bear child Arthur finally grew up.

    “Do you know what you did wrong?” The Emperor said solemnly.

    Arthur’s huge cat body shrank and turned into a huge furry ball: “Oh.” After growling, he realized his brother couldn’t understand what he said through the screen, so he moved his claws. “Listen with an open mind, never repent, ( ̄▽ ̄)/Woo!”

    The emperor squeezed the metal teacup in his hand with a clatter.

    Arthur raised his paw, pulled the corner of his mouth, and stuck his tongue out: “Niee!”

    The metal teacup in the emperor’s hand turned into a metal dumpling.

    Arthur turned around, and laid down. He showed his buttocks while his tail was wagging left and right. The Emperor expressionlessly threw the metal dumpling into the trash basket.

    “Enough!” The emperor was full of anger, “I can see that you are very energetic now?”

    Arthur turned around, and the cat head leaned in front of the camera, occupying the entire screen: “Oh oh oh.” Spirited! So don’t be sad! Smile!

    Emperor Aldrich groaned and rubbed his eyebrows: “I know you don’t want me to be sad, but how can I not be sad?”

   In the last call, Arthur actually said that his death was approaching and he didn’t want to be in front of acquaintances. To avoid his embarrassing appearance, he asked him to find someone who didn’t know anything to be a temporary caretaker, and to wait for him to die before replacing him.

   What was he thinking? What the big cat said would not work!

    Although Emperor Aldrich wanted to reprimand and refuse, he finally fulfilled Arthur’s wish.

    The average lifespan of a Star Alliance person is 200 years, and the lifespan of a powerful person could exceed 300 years. His parents suddenly wanted to live the life of an ordinary person when his parents’ physical abilities were declining, and said that he would go to a beautiful place to live in seclusion. As a result, the heavens were not kind, and he died when Arthur was less than one year old.

    At that time Emperor Aldrich was already one hundred years old. To this younger brother who was younger than his son, the whole family treated him like a jewel. Arthur, who was less than 30 years old, was still a child in their eyes. He couldn’t bear Arthur to go through too many ordeals, but he never managed to control this bear kid who had large ambitions from a young age.

    “Don’t be sad, come and laugh with me!” Arthur typed on the mat, and after finishing typing, he looked up at the camera with a tiger-like smile *罒ω罒*.

    “Bear kid!” Arthur made more funny expressions. The Emperor Aldrich finally showed a helpless smile, “You are in good spirits, didn’t you want to die? Want me to call some professionals?”

    Arthur put away the funny expression. The cat sent a text message with a serious face, “Brother, send me a copy of the investigation report for the person you sent.”

    Aldrich frowned: “What’s the problem with him?”

    Arthur hesitated. The situation was not clear, he did not want his brother to worry. But without explaining the situation, what would he do if eldest brother transferred the young man away, or simply imprisoned him for torture? Although the young man’s behaviour was suspiciously abnormal, he was currently treating him well.

    “He may have a special healing power.” Arthur concealed part of the truth, selectively telling his brother, “I want to observe him for a while, don’t send anyone else for now.”

    Aldrich was shocked. He stood up abruptly, and spoke with a hoarse voice, “Really?!”

    He looked around and waved his hand. Footsteps appeared on the screen, and then a protective cover stood up. “Go on.” Aldrich sat back on the sofa with a frown.

    “He has strange energy fluctuations that can temporarily relieve my injury.” Arthur typed, “He was too kind to me and trust between words and deeds, but doesn’t seem to recognize me, just treats me as I would an ordinary animal.”

    Arthur tilted his head for a moment, he added: “No, not treating me as an ordinary animal. He called me a spirit beast, he should know that I am not an ordinary animal.”

    Aldrich fell into thought. The term spirit beast was not a surprise, they called the beasts that S-level supernatural power people turned into a mutant beast or a spirit beast. Strangely, the fact that the S-level ability person could turn into a beast was listed as a core secret of the star alliance. Only S-level ability people and some of the senior leaders of the star alliance and the high-level forces knew about this matter.

    As an ordinary person, Mingyou shouldn’t know the existence of spirit beasts.

    After transforming into a spirit beast, although the strength of the supernatural being will be greatly improved, their IQ would be reduced, and their behaviour would be affected by the animal’s nature. They were not only the secret weapon of the Star Alliance, but also the weakness of the S-level superpowers themselves. Only those with a special ability could fully maintain human rationality after transforming into a beast. Arthur was one of the best.

    However, an ability-user needed to eat food that contained the energy of their corresponding attribute to supplement nutrition, otherwise the ability would consume mental power instead. As for “special” abilities, no high-efficiency nutrition products with corresponding attributes had been found.

    Special abilities could cause a lot of damage to the Zerg. After discovering this, the Star Alliance finally slapped the Zerg back to their nest on the extraterrestrial battlefield, without letting the flames of war spread to the Star Alliance itself. But because they could not supplement energy from food, they could only consume their vitality and mental power. Many special powers had paid a serious price, including his younger brother.

    While Aldrich was meditating, Arthur had read all of Mingyou’s information, and the cat’s face was puzzled.

    Mingyou’s nineteen years of life were lacklustre. He was born in the Tan family, a wealthy family in the independent region. He grew up in a boarding school because he had no talent for supernatural powers. He was not allowed to leave school even on holidays.

    The turning point of Mingyou’s life was after the college entrance examination. The Tan family suddenly announced that he had been wrongly raised, took the “real” wealthy young master home, and kicked him out of the house.

    Arthur looked at the photos of Mingyou’s dad and his dead mother- the two had black, curly hair. Arthur then looked at the photo of the rich “true” young master-long, straight red hair.

    Therefore, Mingyou, who had fluffy black naturally curly hair, was not the real child of the couple with long black curly hair, but the supernatural person with straight red hair was the real child of these two couples?

    Oh, he had learned biology for nothing! Worthy of being the rich family of the rulers in the independent star area. This ability to tell bald-faced lies was really too strong! Even Arthur felt second-hand shame!

    Arthur finally knew how this family maintained the line of “supernatural powers”-children who did not have supernatural powers were the wrong person! What! 

    “Mingyou’s mother, Ping Wanshu, was a martyr who served in the army. Her eldest son Tan Chenxi is a S-level superpower who has not yet awakened his beast form. Currently, he belongs to your direct army and is considered your subordinate.” Aldrich added, “Ping Wanshu was severely injured by a thief’s revenge after retiring, and she died after giving birth to

    Mingyou. It was the military doctor who went to rescue her that delivered her baby. It is impossible to hold the wrong child. Mingyou, formerly known as Tan Changgeng, was expelled from the family After that, the Tan family asked him to change his name and surname, and he changed his name to Mingyou himself. Based on his life, there should be no chance of contact with the hostile forces of the Star Alliance.”

    “Not only does he have no school registration, even his household registration has been cancelled. I was planning to let him temporarily use the collective account of the nursing home where you are.”

    Aldrich chose Mingyou for his late mother’s sake, and wanted to help the poor child. Arthur’s eyes fell on the last paragraph of the investigation report.

    Mingyou was admitted to Xingmeng Agricultural University with the first place in the Sky Blue Star. He came to the animal sanatorium to do part-time work for three months in order to make up the college tuition.

    But Mingyou didn’t know that at the moment he was kicked out of the house and changed his name, someone in his family had his student status cancelled and his file was withdrawn from the Star Alliance Agricultural University.

    This was of course an illegal operation. But the Tan family were royalty of the Sky Blue Star, and the Star Alliance could not manage that far. No one checked and the incident just passed. Poor baby, he did not know he had lost his chance to study.

    “Foolish Tan family, to miss hugging such a golden thigh, this kid belongs to us!” Arthur’s tail waved like a big windmill, “What agricultural university, he studies spirit beasts, he should go to the Star Alliance Central Military Academy! What collective account! Use my account book! I will be his recommendation! Directly recommend him to enroll!”

    Aldrich wondered: “Since you are sure he has a special healing talent, he is indeed eligible to go to the Star League Central Military Academy. But why are you working so hard to become his guardian? To protect him?”

    Arthur was so proud that stood up straight: “If I am his guardian and recommendation, all good things will be provided to me first!” For example, nutrition cubes! Nutrition cubes! And nutrition cubes!

    “It seems that he has more than the secret of healing talent.” Aldrich said sharply.

    Arthur looked wary and slapped half of the camera: “Don’t mess around! Leave his affairs to me! I have ten subordinates waiting for him to help!”

    “Okay, I will deal with it. But don’t force him. If he doesn’t want to enter the military school, Agricultural University is also good.” Aldrich sighed deeply and said tiredly, “As long as he can save you, no matter what secrets he has, I will keep him. ” Even if he is a spy for the Zerg.

    Arthur fur stood on edge. “Hey big brother how could someone so stupid raise that kind of flag. There’s no way that runt is a spy!!!! Take advantage! But as long as people are facing us, they are ours, right! Don’t be like this, brother is afraid! You are the unselfish emperor!”

    After Arthur finished typing, he lifted his claws and wiped non-existent tears. Wipe it, take a look at the old man, wipe it again, oooooo!

    “Don’t pretend to cry.” Aldrich said helplessly, “Are you missing anything?”

    “Lacking? Lack of a lot! And which stupid was leading the young man this time? Huh? What about employee training? If it wasn’t for me, The young man can’t even use the underground ice store! He still doesn’t reply to any emails! The young man didn’t dare to give me random food. Today I had a meal of boiled meat in plain water! Plain water! Boiled meat!”

    Two paws in front of Arthur And the long tail behind him waved out afterimages. Complain! Crazy complaints!

    The expression on Aldrich’s face became softer and softer, and a gap was finally opened in the cloud of despair in his heart, revealing a ray of hope. He hoped this child would bring him the dawn of hope as his name suggested.

    When Arthur returned to the bedroom, it was already past four in the morning. He squatted beside the big bed and looked sympathetically at Mingyou. The boy was a terrible sleeper and had kicked all the quilts on the ground.

    Bright blessing. What should he expect of the young man with this name’s meaning? Poor boy, thinking about saving enough tuition to start a new life, but didn’t expect that his school acceptance was cancelled? The Tan family really didn’t want to give him a way to survive.

    However, this kid was able to leave Sky Blue Star alive, and happened to see his brother recruiting workers and came to a place beyond the reach of the Tan family. Was it luck? Or were there other secrets?

    In any case, Arthur has determined that Mingyou had no malicious intentions, at best he could be used by others. As for the intentions of the people behind Mingyou, Arthur still needed to observe for a while.

    “Achoo” A cool breeze blew, and Mingyou, who had kicked off the quilt, curled up into a ball, shivering.

    Little fool. Arthur picked up the quilt, climbed onto the bed, and tried to cover Mingyou. But he did not expect that his weight was too heavy, and he shifted the bed when he moved. Mingyou rolled over to him, and entangled his hands and feet like an octopus.

    Mingyou unconsciously rubbed and sniffed. Ah, it’s the soft fur of the big cat. Mingyou fell asleep contentedly.

    Arthur: “???” Wait! You let me go! Don’t use me as a pillow…

    “Woo…” Mingyou’s body exudes light blue energy fluctuations again, causing Arthur to relax physically and mentally, and his eyelids begin to droop. So sleepy… It seems that his body had not taken a good rest for a long time

    … Huh… Huh… No… he had to push Mingyou away… Push away… Huh Zzzzzzz…

    Moonlight shone in from the window. On the big bed, a big black cat occupied most of the area of ​​the bed, and a young young man wearing a T-shirt and shorts wrapped his hands and feet around the big cat, both were sleeping soundly.

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  1. Thank you for the chapter! I really like the beginning of this novel and am very interested in how this will develope! 😀 I really like tsundere Blacky xD

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