After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 3

The big black cat ate his first boiled meat since he came to this nursing home. Plain boiled meat in water, the kind without salt.

    Mingyou cut the boiled meat into long strips that the cat could sink his teeth into and fit in his mouth. The big black cat alternated between taking a bite of boiled meat and turning his head to look at Mingyou several times.

    Mingyou “stole” some meat from the big black cat’s dinner, cooked the thin meat slices in water, and guiltily dipped it in some ginger garlic chili oil. The big black cat pointed at Mingyou’s cooking: “Oh!” Guilty? Feel guilty, mine is only boiled in water!

    “Blacky, it’s not that I don’t want you to eat good food. The staff code didn’t have the information, and the irresponsible blond person in charge didn’t reply to the email. I don’t know what you cannot eat.” Mingyou said bitterly, “Let’s get through this meal first. Make do with water and boiled meat for now, and when the person in charge responds to the email, I will make a good meal for you!” 

The big black cat gritted his teeth and bit the meat, staring viciously at Mingyou, as if it was Mingyou he was biting. Mingyou was filled with helplessness.

    There were too many things that ordinary cats could not eat. Although he knew that spirit beasts did not eat the same things as ordinary animals, the big black cat still had injuries and illness. Eating food meant for healthy spirit beasts could cause diarrhea instead. For Blacky, it may aggravate the injury.

    So, Mingyou had to hold on! He could not be soft hearted!

    “Um…Blacky, if you finish the meat, I will feed you a blue nutrition cube, OK?” Mingyou put down his chopsticks and took out a sapphire-coloured nutrition cube from the system backpack. “Other types of nutrition cubes cannot be given to you without a detailed examination of your body. But the blue nutrient cubes can nourish your mental energy. You should be able to eat them without side effects?”

    Check the body in detail? Was this the young man’s purpose here? Get his genetic data? The big black cat glanced suspiciously at Mingyou, then squatted aggressively, raised his two front paws, and popped out ten digits.

    “Ten?” Mingyou couldn’t laugh or cry. “You remember what I said before, each type of nutrition cube is limited to ten per day?”

    The big black cat snorted, his eyelids drooped and his eyes turned into inverted triangles (▼_▼) . Nonsense! Do you think I have dementia? Am I a goldfish? Only a few seconds of memory?

    “Okay, ten.” The nutrition cube was originally a nutrient meant for spirit beasts, and Mingyou was not stingy. If it weren’t for the fact that he wasn’t sure about the large cat’s physical condition, and was afraid of eating problems, he would give out seven nutrient cubes of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue and purple colours.

    In the training mode, the most common reward was in the from nutrition cubes. Even the rarest nutrient cube, Mingyou estimated that there was enough for the black cat to eat for a month. The big black cat was satisfied, and immediately took out the aura of a beast, and ate up the big pot of boiled meat that Mingyou had cut for him in two mouthfuls.

    He licked his paw with a tongue, wiped his face with his paw, he looked at Mingyou madly and evilly while washing his face. Stop talking nonsense, hand over the nutrition cubes! Mingyou smiled and fed him.

    The big black cat squinted and collapsed into a fur blanket. This taste…this taste…compared to the physical pleasure before, this time it was a more spiritual satisfaction. His mental energy levels that were nearly dry felt like they were dunked into comfortable hot spring water that was the perfect temperature. The warm steam made people drowsy in satisfaction.

    “Wrowr…” The big black cat unconsciously turned his body, and his pink belly was facing upwards. He straightened his hind legs, curled his front paws, rubbed his back on the ground, and made a gurgling sound in his throat. Twisting around like an oversized cat.

    Mingyou endured. Be patient…bearing…can’t bear it anymore! He leaped forward, hugged the black cat’s body, and buried his head on the sparsely furred belly.

    “Ohhhhhhhh!” The feeling from lack of fur blocking made the big black cat almost slap Mingyou away.

    He waved his paws halfway, and then anxiously stopped, otherwise, with his strength, Mingyou would lose half of his head!

    “Growl!” What are you doing! Stand up! You’re touching porcelain! I almost shot you to death!

    The big black cat pushed Mingyou away. The cat pawed Mingyou’s shoulders, while snarling frantically at Mingyou. The cat’s mouth was so big that it could bite Mingyou’s head off, and his saliva sprayed on Mingyou’s face.

    Mingyou wiped the cat saliva off his face, put his hands on his knees, and sat down obediently: “I’m sorry, I was too reckless.” That was dangerous. If it weren’t for the big black cat’s good temper, he would be dead. It was better to live than dying by cat and being a ghost. Only by living can you continue to pet cats.

    But the big black cat really was too gentle. Compared to his own stomach getting injured by, the big black cat was obviously more concerned about the fact that Mingyou almost encountered danger when he “touched porcelain”. Mingyou looked at the big black cat, a pair of big apricot eyes that seemed to be full of galaxies. Otherwise known as starry-eyed.

    The big black cat was frightened by Mingyou’s unabashedly fond eyes and took a few steps back, and the hair on his tail stood up.

    What was the matter with this person? What was going on with that look? How could it be so creepy? Was he really a spy? Would spies deliberately have such noticeable behavior? Or was he just someone with a brain problem?

    No, no, no, he could not speculate about people so maliciously. The IQ of this young man must be okay, maybe his spirit was only a little abnormal.

    How could an ordinary person fully trust a strange beast, cuddling and burying his face on his belly! Who did such shameful things to a strange beast! The definition of a mental disorder!

    The big black cat thought he knew the truth. He stepped back two more steps, his face filled with vigilance.

    Could it be this person… was not interested in his genes, but greedy for his body? But he knew that there were kinds of perverts who didn’t like people, and wanted to be with animals instead…

    The more the big black cat thought about it, the creepier it got, and his hair rose in unease. He clamped his hind legs tightly, and roared menacingly at Mingyou. Mingyou only thought that the big black cat was still mad at him, so he immediately took out blue nutrition cubes. “There are five cubes left, don’t you want to eat it?” The

    The big black cat’s face stiffened. He hesitated for a second at the blue nutrition box that could be a trap, then rushed forward to accept the feeding without hesitation.

    What if this young man is abnormal? He was such a big beast, why would he be afraid of a young man that he could slap to death?

    While feeding, Mingyou combed the big black cat’s neck fur with his fingers. The big black cat showed a look of enjoyment, if it weren’t for a trace of sanity, he would twist his stomach again and again. It’s too comfortable, I can’t stand it.

    A trace of worry flashed in Mingyou’s eyes. Blacky is so easy to coax, no wonder the injuries on his body were so severe. The scene of the big black cat being abducted into a trap by bait, and then abused by a group of people in black, pictured in his mind.

    Simple spirit beasts were easily attracted by false kindness, then hurt and used by bad people. If this was the case in the game, it must be darker and bloody in reality.

    “Blacky, I will protect you from now on.” Ming You said seriously, “I won’t let you be harmed by humans.” The big black cat almost choked on the nutrition cube.

   The nerve of this person? Sure enough, was there some kind of mental abnormality? After the feeding, the big black cat quickly slid to a corner, keeping a distance where Mingyou could be observed without letting him touch.

    Whether Mingyou was a spy with a special purpose or a mentally abnormal pervert, the big black cat still couldn’t come to a conclusion. But no matter what, the “nutrition cubes” that Mingyou carried and his emitted energy fluctuations emitted were very useful for his injuries and required close observation.

    As a top ten senior master player of the spirit beast tamer class in “Elves World”, Mingyou knew that when conquering the spirit beast, he needed to keep a distance from the spirit beast from time to time.

    So after the feeding, Mingyou pretended to ignore the big black cat squatting in the corner and started to clean. There was too much clutter in the hall, since he would not use the location often, he just asked the sweeping robot to clean the ground, without doing too much further tidying up the hall.

    There were several empty houses on the second floor, so he chose a room with a large balcony in the bedroom. Apart from a large bed and an empty cabinet, the bedroom had no other furnishings. It looks very empty, and there was even space for several big black cats lying on the ground.

    Mingyou raised his hand and slapped his head. What was he thinking! Why did he still want to sleep with the big black cat! Although the big black cat’s hair was dirty and knotted, it still smelled good to the touch so Mingyou really wanted to hug him to sleep. Mingyou wanted to eat peaches in his heart.

    He suddenly had an idea, and thought of an excuse to get close to the big black cat. “Blacky, are you afraid of water? If you are not afraid of water, can I give you a bath?” Mingyou ran to the big balcony and said to the big black cat on the edge of the catwalk, “Your hair is so dirty and knotted, very uncomfortable, right?”

    The big black cat showed a conflicted look on his face. He knew rationally that he shouldn’t let this young man who was suspected of wanting his body help him bathe. But he really wanted to take a bath.

    He really wanted to really think about it… When he talked about taking a bath, his body started to itch! His fur was knotted, and it was not smooth even after licking it for a long time. There was dirt and dust! Maybe there were fleas… Damn it! fleas! ! ! ! ! !

    The big black cat jumped in from the edge of the balcony, and anxiously roared, “Rooaarr!” Take a bath! He must take a bath! immediately!

    “Okay, let’s go now.” Mingyou understood the black cat’s eagerness. He knew that a big black cat who would care about the hair loss on his belly would definitely care about the cleanliness of his fur. This was a big black cat who loved beauty very much!

    When he arrived at the bathhouse, the big black cat threatened Mingyou with his eyes. If you dare to slap me, I will claw half of your head! Super fierce!

    “Blacky, close your eyes, and be careful of water and foam getting into your eyes.” Mingyou stripped down, rinsed himself → showered Blacky → lathered shower gel on himself → bury Blacky in the pile of foam → rinse off the bubbles → rescue Blacky from the bubbles.

    The big black cat looked up and down at Mingyou, who was not worried that he might be bitten to death by the beast when he exposed so much meat, and then turned away in disgust.

    Small, hair hasn’t even grown yet. Mingyou worked hard to brush the fur of the big black cat, but he didn’t know that he was suffering the most serious insult as a man.

    “Whew, I’m tired today, haven’t cleared the bathing pond so we will not soak up.” Ming You brushed the cat, tired almost paralyzed, “When I’m done drying the hair, we go to bed, OK?”

    The past few days he had not eaten or slept well. He was tossed and turned on the vehicle before dawn this morning. He was reaching his mental and physical limits. After Mingyou blowdried the big black cat, he was slapped away with four paw pads.

    Who will sleep with you! Goodbye!

    Mingyou sighed. Sure enough, it was impossible to sleep with the big cat after only one day. Continue persistent efforts tomorrow!

    Mingyou slumped on the bed, and the smell of the bed and quilt after the dryer reminded him of the warm and soft cat hair on the big black cat. Tonight, he fell peacefully asleep and had a good night’s dream.

    Arthur layed on the balcony. After Mingyou fell asleep, he got up and shook his hair, ran to the basement floor, and patted a spot on the wall. A hole appeared in the wall. After he got into the hole, the opening closed, as if nothing was there.

    The second underground floor was made of special metal, which could shield the abnormal electric waves on this planet and communicate with the outside world normally. The machine here could only be turned on by Arthur.

    The paw knocked on the light curtain for a while, and the screen in front of Arthur’s eyes showed the words “Connecting”. He yawned, and thought that his elder brother might be busy, and he didn’t know when he could see his communication request. The communication was connected in seconds.

    On the opposite side of the screen, a majestic middle-aged man in a tuxedo who seemed to be participating in some major event looked at him with a frown.

    “Wow.” Arthur quickly closed his mouth and made a flattering expression. The big cat was funny, round eyes, hooked corners of the mouth, super cute ⊙ω⊙! So, brother, don’t talk over me, okay!

    The middle-aged man blinked his eyes, his body trembled slightly, and two lines of tears overflowed from the corners of his eyes.  Arthur (|||`oДo’)! ! What the hell! ! ! ! Brother crying? ? ! !        

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