IPMH Chapter 69

The final chapter! Thank you to all the readers for supporting this project. I will be taking a break for the rest of April while looking for/starting next project. Thinking of The Rebirth of the Last Days and Return to [Fang] Hao by the same author as Reborn Otaku Apocalypse, but I’m open to suggestions.

This question was hard to answer. Life was long, would it be considered a lie if things did not continue until the end? Su Xing vaguely knew about Yu Feng’s past. Not much, but he occasionally saw tidbits on the internet.

“Of course.” He chirped at Yu Feng. “I will always like you, and I like you the most.” Su Xing was not ashamed of such sappy words. Because he loved the man, why hide it?

And…seeing that the other party was tightly hugging him, he knew the words were useful. If those words made Yu Feng feel that his life was not lost, then Su Xing felt it was worth it. They hugged each other then let go. After all, they were adults.

Su Xing continued to lean on Yu Feng’s arm while reading. When he encountered a part he did not understand, he would get a mentor from the history department to give some help. Yu Feng crossed his legs and was apparently working on his laptop.

Pei Wen was talking with him when a message appeared, “Pei Wen, you should find someone soon.” Pei Wen did not respond at first, he knew that the boss did not care for gossip.

However, his intuition pinged something from Yu Feng’s words. “Boss, did you fall in love?” Then he guessed, “Is it young Su Xing?” It was a joke, in the scheme of things Pei Wen felt more likely to date someone than Yu Feng.

“Yes.” The boss did not give Pei Wen a chance to say congratulations.

Pei Wen was startled. “You…you…” Before he knew it, Yu Feng had sent him a big red envelope.

The secretary opened the red envelope and was smashed by the amount inside.

Secretary Pei: [Congratulations to the boss!  Congratulations to the boss! Wish you and Su Xing all the best!]

President Yu Feng felt happy and felt that the money was well spent. He smiled and ordered Pei Wen to reward everyone in the company. Since he was so happy, he would let the others join in.

Su Xing noted that Yu Feng was happily smiling. The man seemed to be glowing with a soft light, very different from when they first met. Needless to say, Su Xing definitely preferred the present Yu Feng.

With that, Saturday leisurely passed in the blink of an eye. On Sunday, Su Xing was basically recovered. He got up early and asked Yu Feng to accompany him to the supermarket for shopping.

In order to make hearty brown sugar jujube and taro cakes, the recipe required a few pounds of ingredients!

“Do you plan on selling some?” Yu Feng felt it would be too much for them to eat.

Su Xing sheepishly explained his thoughts. “It was embarrassing to leave karaoke that day. I wanted to do something for them…And you…” He looked at Yu Feng. “Although you don’t need to entertain them, people talk. One should be polite with people they meet with on a daily basis.”

Although no one spoke that night, people had secretly asked if Yu Feng, who lived with him was busy. Yu Feng did not object to Su Xing making something for everyone to eat.

Yu Feng then added in a reminder, “Su Xing, they asked me about you, not talking about making friends.”

“What can you do?” Could they just talk business? They were engaged in academics. Not everyone was like Yu Feng, a history student who went on to be a game developer.

“Many things.” Yu Feng nonchalantly smiled.

“Haha.” Su Xing shook his head, too lazy to answer further.

Before he started cooking, he suddenly had a clever idea. He took out the phone stand he had used before and placed it inside the kitchen. It had been a long time since he had recorded a video, so he would stream today.

Yu Feng watched him fiddle with it but did not stop him. Instead, he picked up a nearby apron and went to help prepare the large taro by the sink.

Su Xing looked over at his bare hands and scolded. “You already forgot about the pain from last time. You want your hands to itch?”

Yu Feng paused while looking at his hands and the taro. “What’s wrong? Am I doing it wrong?” He wasn’t supposed to peel this thing?

“Stupid, taros are similar to yams. The juice will cause your hands to itch.” Su Xing said while starting the live broadcast.

At the start, there was no one watching while he set up the phone and ingredient preparation.

“Put on some gloves.”

“I didn’t know that this was the procedure.”

Yu Feng listened while his shorter boyfriend seriously explained. “After peeling, use this tool to make some cuts like this…”

The steps were very simple after Yu Feng got the hang of it.

“This is going to be salty right?” Then the brown sugar jujube cakes were sweet. The two together should be able to deal with everyone’s taste, which was very like Su Xing.

“In general, guys prefer the taro cakes while girls prefer the jujube cakes. Both are healthy to eat and look good.” Su Xing explained to the audience.

If he was not already taken, he would be a good house husband for someone. He could cook, do housework and was considerate. In the future, there would not be a case of the husband not caring for the children at all. It was a pity that he was young.

The tall, handsome boyfriend was standing beside him. The girls in the broadcast from all thought the same thing; sure enough, all the good men are already taken.

Su Xing was preparing the dates. “Yu Feng, I started the live streaming, but did not show your face because you are too tall. If you want to show your face, you can bend down.”

He felt that there should not be many people watching this small live broadcast.

“Why didn’t you tell me that I was outside the shot?” Yu Feng said while turning his head to smile at Su Xing’s phone. He was extremely happy to be in the same video as Su Xing.

“Do you think they will accept our relationship?” Yu Feng was worried. Only Su Xing knew that it was the man being worried about other’s disgust, but that they did not register as a couple.

Su Xing recalled the audience’s style of messages. “Rest assured, two men from different TV series can be shipped together.

But Yu Feng did not feel it was enough. He bent over and kissed Su Xing. After a few seconds, Su Xing tilted his head up to reciprocate. Who knew how many times they exchanged kisses.

As for the comments and number of viewers in the live broadcast, Su Xing did not keep track of or read to the end. Maybe a stream of messages crashed against the screen, maybe a lot of people watched it, or no one paid attention to the pair. Regardless, Su Xing was very happy.

He and Yu Feng went to distribute the finished taro and jujube cakes. Although Yu Feng only accompanied him and did not participate in any social things. He acted like an ice cube while saying he was guarding Su Xing from interlopers.

Su Xing could not help and think how things got to this point? Was it the cooking? Passing a small note? Su Xing recalled the past and came to a conclusion, Yu Feng had recovered quite well.

At that moment, the graduate students who had received the jujube and taro cakes were gossiping in a private group. 

The girls with more nerve were the first to ask the question: [Why does the snack I received today feel like getting wedding candy?!]

The dessert box was pastel colored with two taro cakes and two jujube cakes. They were even put together in pairs! Wake up! It was impossible for a straight man to be so meticulous!

A male classmate had already eaten half of his snack: [My god, I hadn’t noticed that before, but now that you mention it, I can’t unsee it.]

Plus, if it was just sending a snack, he could have come alone, but two people came together! Zhou Jia tried to police the small groups of people online. After everyone had made their guesses, it was his turn as an insider.

Zhou Jia: [You aren’t wrong.]

Everyone: [Hurry! Spill the details!]

Zhou Jia: [I knew it when I first stepped into their room. They cooked for themselves and life is so rosy for them. They are not a new couple.]

Student lurking in the group: [To sum it up, this is the classic combination of the domineering, ice cold top and the well-behaved wifely bottom, you girl’s favorite.]

The next day, the pair had class at nine o’clock. They looked at each other and smiled before getting up. Su Xing got seduced again last night and felt lethargic.

“Do you want to take time off?” Yu Feng whispered against Su Xing’s forehead, his eyes full of tenderness.

Su Xing completely forgot what Yu Feng was like before. Because, he had completely reversed his impression in the past few days. It would be described as super sweet.

“No need, you are not as powerful as you think. Wake up please.” Su Xing calmly stated.

Yu Feng was silent then filled with question marks. When did Su Xing learn this, why didn’t he know?

“Kiss and learn happily.” Su Xing said with a smile.

“Okay, I’ll enjoy learning.” Yu Feng grasped Su Xing’s arm and let go after kissing enough.

The two went out side by side. “Yu Feng, there’s the intersection.” Su Xing stopped and smiled at the man.

Yu Feng also stopped and touched his boyfriend’s hair. At the fork in the road on campus, Yu Feng went left while Su Xing went forward in separate directions. But they knew that no matter how far they went out, they would return to each other before sunset. Foreheads touching closely and welcoming the next morning in each other’s arms.

The End

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  1. Why like there is skip part or chapter from last chapter? Or this chapter is like to jump topics or scenes, I mean not flowing like previous 1-68 chapter..
    Maybe it’s just my feelings because it’s felt like suddenly finished..

    Thanks for the hardwork


  2. Freaking YES to “The Rebirth of the Last Days and Return to [Fang] Hao”!

    I’ve already MTL it, but I want to read a good English translation of it!😭


  3. What a sweet ending, I enjoyed reading their journey together.

    Thanks for all your hard work! 💕

    Also, I’m saying yes to the novel you’re thinking of since I love Reborn Otaku Apocalypse and the author’s style. I’m actually re-reading it right now!


    They’re relationship development feel so Natural! When they grow even intimate, it was the sweetest thing ever! Also the most moments where I grew nervous because I was afraid if they miscommunicated. Thank God they were not misunderstood each other’s affections! And the Love confession happen when their feelings actually mutual!!!


  5. Their relationship was really sweet! Like buttercream on cake sweet! 2 people with diferent circumstances and different suffering and pain met each other through time and space (just spacial overlap, lol), healed each other and fell in love, continuing to love and care the other.
    ML’s possesiveness and madness (expression shown after the confession) as a result of leftover pain from ‘not mother’ and her family is a bit worrying, but probably will ease over time from MC’s care and pets’ stickiness.
    I was a tad dissapointed that until the end it wasn’t said that ML’s image got cleared (referring to the shitty ‘grandparents’ reputation-breaking lies) I thought at the very least since MC majors in journalism, he would help ML clear his image because even if ML doesn’t care about his own image in front of others (or maybe he cared too much, about his cool persona, that is) MC cares and doesn’t want him to be wronged; or maybe he had enough and sued the ‘grandparents’. Whichever’s fine. His in-game character fiasco wasn’t told what happened in the end as well (did that self-righteous, arrogant and ignorant guy get humiliated until he quit the game? Or something else?) Him not revealing his identity is fine since it might impact badly on the company’s performance.


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