After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 1

Turns out someone else has taken over the project I was thinking of doing, so I found another one. Got called in for work unexpectedly, so I will post the title page for tomorrow. Schedule for now will be same, once a week on Tuesdays. I will see if I can handle anything more.

When Mingyou saw the dilapidated three story building in front of him, he felt cheated. When the blond man who had claimed to be his boss, but didn’t work here, introduced him to the relevant regulations of this animal sanatorium, Mingyou’s feeling of being deceived deepened.     

Was he the only staff member at this animal sanatorium? All he needed to do was thaw the meat in the underground ice store and put it in the yard’s food trough? The only safety operation requirement was to not to leave this small courtyard surrounded by low white walls?

Was this place really an animal sanatorium?

If this had not been the job he grabbed on the official employment website of the Star Alliance government after exchanging a huge amount of knowledge points to the system, Mingyou would have left with his suitcase.

“I will emphasize once again, although the beasts will not attack you as long as they enter the wall, but if you want to hurt them… heh.” Ian said with a stern face, “The employees have recorders on their lightbrains. I will send the image of your successful death to your family, got it?”

Mingyou’s face still had a little baby fat. As the blood faded little by little, his face became extremely pale, and looked very pitiful.

Ian, who deliberately exaggerated the situation and wanted to scare him away, couldn’t help but feel a trace of pity in his heart at Mingyou’s childish face. He had no more threatening words to say.

“You are a short-term worker and only working for three months. We won’t give you too much authority. You only need to do the job of feeding well, and don’t do any unnecessary things.”

“You can’t use Star Network in the staff dormitory, only non-smart older appliances. You said in the interview that you are very good at using old appliances so your living standards should be fine. If you have any difficulties, please contact me with your employee lightbrain.” 

The young man seemed ready to start crying. Ian finally had some conscience, and eased his tone a little, “Send me an email if anything is missing. I will check your work every Sunday and bring you daily necessities at the same time. The situation is like this. So, are you sure you want to sign a contract?”

Mingyou gritted his teeth: “Yeah.” Trust the system! And he has nowhere to go! He must save enough college tuition in these three months!

Seeing that Mingyou was scared to tears but still insisted on signing the contract, Ian couldn’t help but whisper: “Tsk, even if it is a short-term worker, there are so many people in our group who want to come here to be a worker. Didn’t give us a chance, and hired this nobody. Who knows what’s going on in that man’s head?”

His complaint was very quiet, so Mingyou couldn’t hear what he was talking about.

After signing the contract, Ian reminded Mingyou of some common sense life tips. Then he flew the aircraft with an unwilling expression, and disappeared into the sky. Mingyou was left alone, standing at the entrance of the small building, looking at the hall full of debris on the first floor, and feeling uneasy.

He will be living here for the next three months? One could not see any trace of someone living here at all.

“System, scan.” Mingyou sniffed, rubbed his eyes, and stepped into the first-floor lobby while mentally calling the system.

    Be strong! Cheer up! Although he was now penniless, at least he still had a healthy body and was alive! As long as he lived through these three months and saved enough college tuition, a bright future was not a dream!

    [Knowledge point balance is 200. Please confirm the scan range. ]

    [The scan range has been determined. It will cost 10 knowledge points. Please confirm. ]

    Mingyou chose to confirm but his heart was bleeding.

    Perhaps it was because he chose to enter the holographic game “Elves World” when he died in his previous life, and slowly closed his eyes with the companionship of the elves. After reincarnation, he carried over a spirit beast cultivation system.

    Introduction to Spirit Beast Cultivation System of spirit beasts, and “elves” were of the same origin, and had similar cultivation methods. The system currency was called “knowledge value”, which is obtained by collecting information on the world’s spirit beasts, completing tasks, and completing courses. Knowledge points can unlock spirit beast cultivation information, and can also be exchanged for valuable things in the spirit beast mall.

    However, 19 years had passed and Mingyou had not seen a single spirit beast, so the system functions had not been fully unlocked. Knowledge points could only be obtained through the course assessment in “practice mode”.

    What the courses in “Practice Mode” taught was to cultivate relevant knowledge for the elves in Mingyou’s previous “Elves World” game. Mingyou has passed all the course assessments and only gained 1,000 knowledge points.

    Fortunately, there are other rewards in “practice mode”, which slightly reassured Mingyou’s mind, who was sad by the fall of anticipation day after day.

    [The scan has ended. The scanning space is affected by abnormal electric waves, it cannot be connected to the Internet, and smart appliances cannot be used. 】

    【Except for the employee’s own video recorder, there is no other monitoring here. In order to prevent system data from being monitored, the employee’s lightbrain has been taken over by the system, and the recording screen will be deleted, modified and replaced, and 10 knowledge points will be forcibly deducted from the host. 】

    【No other ordinary humans. No harmful ordinary organisms. ]

    Hearing that another 10 knowledge points had been deducted, Mingyou’s distress was about to turn into an explosion, and the corners of his eyes were slightly red. All the courses in practice mode had been completed, and he had no way to earn more knowledge points.

    【Ding! ! ! ! ! ]

    A sudden system prompt that cut through the sky made Mingyou, who was bemoaning the knowledge point loss, almost scream out in fright.

    [Found a wild beast! ! Novice series missions available! ! 】

    【Whether it is a spirit beast trainer or a spirit beast trainer, a spirit beast partner is indispensable! Dear host, please conquer your first partner and start your life as a spirit beast master! ]

    [The first step of the novice task. Dear host, the current spirit beast’s favorability for you is currently vigilant, please raise the favorability level to friendly! As a reminder, feeding is the best way to increase the favorability of spirit beasts! ] 

The system’s tone was suddenly cute, and Mingyou’s eyes burst with a strong radiance of surprise and hope.

    Spirit beast? A wild beast?

    After nineteen years, he finally found the first spirit beast! This was the real use of the system! He knew this a long time ago. Mingyou turned around and followed the system’s guiding arrow and then the thoughts in his head were instantly cleared, and the expression of ecstasy dissipated.

    The big black cat that appeared at some point was sitting less than two meters away from him, looking at him with slightly squinted, golden, vertical pupils.

    The black cat is more than two meters tall and had sharp fangs in his slightly opened mouth. Even if the big cat’s hair was dull and knotted, with a skinny body, and there is an abnormally curled hind leg, it is definitely not an existence that Mingyou could contend with.

    Friendly reminder, feeding is the best way to increase the favorability of spirit beasts…Master are you thinking about feeding the large cat by sacrificing yourself? The system doesn’t have any self-defense props in it’s backpack!

    Mingyou’s body trembled slightly due to fear, cold sweat soaked his back, a pair of apricot eyes could not help but shine with tears. His legs were as soft as jelly, and he couldn’t even scream or escape.

    The big black cat in front of him slowly opened his mouth, Mingyou could even see the sharp teeth, and the despair in his heart spread bit by bit.

    “Rawr.” The big black cat feebly wailed, raised its front paws, and pointed to the center of the yard.

    Mingyou’s brain was crashing, but words came out: “You…you want me to go to the yard and be eaten by you?” The big black cat stiffened, and Mingyou could see from the fluffy face an expression of “Who is this idiot?”.

    Anyhow, he was a person who had experienced life and death in the holographic game. Mingyou’s IQ slightly returned: “You, you don’t intend to eat me?”

    He looked past the front paws of the big black cat that had not yet recovered, and saw the food trough in the yard.

    The light bulb in Mingyou’s head lit up: “Are you reminding me to add food?” The big black cat retracted his paw and nodded his head. The pointed ears slumped weakly and turned into airplanes.

    “I, I will…” Mingyou was about to go to the underground ice store, and suddenly realized a serious problem. “The boss who just sent me didn’t teach me how to defrost the meat in the underground ice store…”

The cat’s face stiffened again.

    Seeing that the big cat didn’t intend to eat him, Mingyou felt much bolder. He muttered in a low voice while taking out a nutrition cube from the system backpack: “Has the money of the animal sanatorium been embezzled by the dean? It can’t even bear the cost of staff training. The animals here are so pitiful…”

  The cat’s drooping ears stood up, and a guilty conscience flashed in his eyes. But soon, his guilty conscience instead became righteous. He raised his front paws, and fiercely slapped the ground.

    What guilty conscience! He only said that for his last days, he would find someone he didn’t know to be a caretaker. He didn’t want to be seen by people he knew in embarrassment. He said he didn’t even have employee training! His brother thought he was too embarrassed to die of illness, was he going to starve him to death directly!

    Ouch! Pissed off! Super angry!

    “Do you want to try this?” Mingyou cautiously stretched out his hand, a nutrient cube resembling a ruby in his open, shining brightly under the faint sunlight coming from outside the door.

    In the game “Elves World”, the nutrition cube was a special food product with added attributes and fullness. In this world, nutrition cubes had become purely nutrition products.

    The red nutrition cube that Mingyou took out was suitable for the tastes and nutritional needs of all spirit beasts. The special feature was double nutrition—that is what the training course said. In reality, Mingyou had not tried it with any spirit beasts.

    The big black cat’s nose moved, his slightly squinted eyes became round. His expression instantly changed from a beast to a large cat.

    An alluring sweet scent hit his nose! His mind was with thoughts of “wanna eat, want to eat”, and there was a gurgling sound in his throat.

    No way! How could he eat strange things from the hands of strangers! The big cat suddenly returned to his senses. He took a step back, his expression of eagerness shifted into alertness.

    When the big cat showed a salivating look, Mingyou breathed a sigh of relief. But then he saw that the big cat showed a more alert look than before.

    He looked at the nutrition cube in his hand in confusion, thought for a while, and realized: “Are you afraid that this thing is poisonous?” After that, Mingyou threw the nutrition cube into his mouth, chewed it twice, and swallowed it.

    The red nutrient cube is so sweet, he usually treated it like a piece of candy.

    “Look…Huh?!” Mingyou stepped back in fright at the big black cat’s expression.

    Big black cat: (●—●) dull and black in front of his eyes. It was eaten…eaten…wassn’t it for me? Why did he eat it himself?

    The tempting smell disappeared, the cat’s stomach became more hungry, and his brain was faintly aching, as if every cell in the body was protesting.

    “Oh!!” His food! ! The cat went crazy! His paws slapped the ground frantically and made a drumming sound!

    “That…” Mingyou watched the big black cat flail in the wind, and even began to look out of his body. A short video of a cute pet that he had previously made appeared in his mind.

    When the owner took a piece of meat and waved it in front of the dog sitting next to him while eating, when he stuffed the meat into his mouth to eat in front of the dog, it had an expression of doubting life. It was similar to how the large cat was currently acting.

    He hurriedly took out another nutrition cube from the system backpack: “Don’t worry! If you are still afraid of poison, we can split it in half…ah!” The big hungry cat threw Mingyou to the ground.

    As soon as Mingyou screamed, he felt the rough and moist touch of the palm of his hand.

    “Woo*罒▽罒*!~” What is reason? What is vigilance? It smells so good!

    “Hey, don’t lick it, it hurts a bit.” When Mingyou saw the big cat licking, he not only carefully avoided using teeth, but also put away the soft thorns on the tongue, leaving only the rough touch. The fear in his heart dissipated. For the most part, a faint smile appeared on his face.

    The big cat is not only wise, could understand people’s words, but also very gentle. Worthy of being a spirit beast. Mingyou seems to have returned to the time he played with the elves in “Elves World”.

    The big black cat stiffened, realizing that his behavior was out of control, and quickly got up and backed up, with obvious confusion and annoyance in his expression.

    Mingyou got up and wiped off the big cat’s saliva with the hem of his clothes: “I still have more…Don’t rush! Don’t lick me! I will feed you!” 

The big black cat = 皿 =! ! Reason Reason… Reason it… Chew, swallow ⊙~⊙.

    What exactly is this? The taste that hits the soul… No, this is more than just the taste (*T▽T*)!

    At the start of the second nutrition cube, the big black cat was finally able to resist the temptation and carefully savored it.

    The thing called a nutrition cube by the youth has a candy-like taste, and the sweet scent that flows directly into the depths of the spirit like a mist, so that the tired body and mind of the big cat could be relieved in an instant.

    It felt like a person who has been on a diet for a long time has eaten a high-calorie meal, every cell in the body is clamoring, this is the fat they needed, this is the sugar they needed; his body is dry and cracked The earth finally ushered in a drizzle, and both the body and the soul were cheering.

    Happiness, fulfillment, and even touching.

    Pure energy crystals that can be directly digested by eating? ! The big black cat stared at it with round eyes, looked at him with expectation in front of him in disbelief.
Meanwhile, the youth was asking, “Is it delicious or not?”    

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