IPMH Chapter 68

Whether it was the fierce kiss of the sudden confession, Su Xing was not the only one who was scared. When Yu Feng heard Su Xing’s words, he hugged the young man and seemed to be suppressing his desire. He paused for some time before saying, “You are a man, be strong.”

That was just a kiss, there were more “scary” things. Su Xing was speechless, what did this have to do with being a boy? However the other man laid on his shoulder and smiled. Su Xing could not help but smile in response.

Yu Feng laughed while kissing the other’s ear and asked, “My Su Xing, why are you so good? I said I like you and you agreed, you don’t have any arguments?” Or did the little bunny already have feelings for him?

Su Xing thought about it and calmly said, “Now that you mentioned it, I will think about it for a few more days.”

“No.” Yu Feng immediately said. He lowered his head and kissed Su Xing to avoid any rebuttals. It was overbearing in both behaviour and language.

Su Xing felt like in the future he would be tightly controlled more than before. After the kiss, Su Xing’s mouth was red and swollen. He shamefully covered his lips with a hand. The other hand grabbed his new overbearing boyfriend to call a taxi on the road.

While waiting for the car to arrive, the other man held Su Xing’s hand while occasionally giving a nibble. Su Xing was temporarily speechless. “Your posture really scared me. I have to think things over before giving a final answer.”

“Consider my foot.” Yu Feng embraced his boyfriend in a good mood with a bright smile.

When he got off the taxi, he even startled the driver with the size of the tip. There was a 24-hour convenience store near the school’s side entrance. After getting out, Yu Feng quickly walked inside to Su Xing’s confusion.

“Brother, I don’t agree!”

“What are you afraid of? I didn’t say anything about using it tonight.” Yu Feng bought this kind of thing for the first time but acted like someone experienced in front of the salesperson.

The salesperson had a smile on their face. Su Xing thought it was ridiculous, but was unable to stop Yu Feng from making the purchase. He felt a little jealous when he saw the salesperson staring at Yu Feng. His heart fluttered as he grabbed Yu Feng’s hand.

“Don’t be afraid.” Yu Feng was a good boyfriend. He immediately kissed Su Xing’s forehead right in front of the salesperson.

On the other hand, Su Xing felt super embarrassed and immediately ran out after the purchase. The evening breeze cooled down his warm cheeks.

Things felt surreal. He was only 19 years old and he already had a boyfriend? The older students at the bar would potentially feel envious.

“What are you thinking about?” Yu Feng looked nervous, wavering between staying close and not approaching.

Su Xing uttered his heartfelt feelings. “It feels unreal that I suddenly have a boyfriend.”

Yu Feng laughed at the response. He hugged his boyfriend from behind with affectionate eyes. “I will help things sink in.”

At first Su Xing did not know what he meant. After returning to the dorm, Su Xing realized that he was a frog boiled in warm water! This beast…Right, nothing would be used tonight…it was all a lie.

Su Xing acknowledged that he was naive. He really believed that Yu Feng just wanted hugs and kisses. When reality ensued later, he had no recourse but to go along with things. Then he believed that Yu Feng only said for a while, not more than half an hour. Okay, Su Xing was a fool, no doubt about it.

“I’m here to show you things are real.” Yu Feng hugged Su Xing like he was a treasure. He had no idea how many times he had kissed Su Xing tonight.

“Okay.” Su Xing said. He was exhausted and felt his eyelids start to droop.

However, he had to admit that sleeping with Yu Feng was not a dream. It might take a few days for the thought to fully sink in. Thankfully before he went to bed, Su Xing remembered that did not have class tomorrow.

Yu Feng could not sleep. It was impossible for him. This was a day worth remembering forever and he stayed up until dawn. This was different from insomnia, Yu Feng was feeling better than ever. He cherished the feeling even more than when he started his company.

Thinking of that, Yu Feng kissed Su Xing’s forehead again. He had kissed the other’s entire face. The sun rose on the next day. The two men woke up after spending the night together.

Su Xing hummed and woke up naked. His expression was blank for a moment. He looked at the handsome man beside him and the memory of kissing burst into his mind.

Su Xing blushed, quickly got up, grabbed his clothes and jerkingly put them on. He hissed under his breath. This was…this was part of being in a new relationship? Su Xing washed his face and grumbled in the bathroom.

Then he found that no matter what he was doing, whether it was washing his face or brushing his teeth, he inevitably thought about those things. His heart was pounding, his body was fluttering and the corners of his mouth were lifting. It was a strange feeling!

But this made him seem like a fool. Su Xing hoped that he would be calmer. At this moment, a tall figure leaned on the door and looked inside. In contrast to his deliberate calmness, he was smiling like the sun.

“Good morning, Su Xing.” Yu Feng’s voice was extremely sexy. Su Xing was instantly reminded of all the words the other said last night.

Su Xing jumped and carefully wiped his face with a towel. “Good morning brother.”

“Have you already forgotten? I’m your boyfriend.” Yu Feng stepped forward and hugged Su Xing from behind. “Shouldn’t you call me husband today?”

“Kekeke…” Su Xing was startled and noted that a serious Yu Feng was hard to fight against. What did he mean by husband?

“Just joking with you.” Yu Feng said as he pulled away from Su Xing to wash in the water. This was no different from usual.

Su Xing froze for a moment, looked back and continued to wash his face. In view of the fact that it was too late, Su Xing directly made lunch. With Yu Feng’s recommendation, it was relatively light. After eating, they rested in the house.

“Su Xing, did you get up and take a bath?” Yu Feng approached.

“No, what’s wrong?” Su Xing pulled his attention from his book and looked up.

“It’s nothing. If you wash, remember to apply medicine.” Yu Feng acted like an abandoned dog. The only issue was that the man had done something wrong last night.

After he calmed down, he knew that he had gone too far. Su Xing’s indifference was normal.

“Oh, I see.” Su Xing whispered then lowered his head to keep reading. He used the activity to conceal the uneasiness on his face. He did not notice that Yu Feng was silent.

“Are you angry?” Yu Feng could not help asking in the silence.

Su Xing whispered, “A bit.”

Yu Feng’s heart choked at the understatement and he felt pained. He immediately apologized. “I was in the wrong.” He admitted but did not fully regret.

If the chance came again, Yu Feng would still choose to eat Su Xing up. In the end, Su Xing was a kind person and responded. “Anyways, things already happened.” He tilted his head. “I just remembered that you said if I fell in love during university, you would break my leg.”

Speaking of that, he glanced at Yu Feng. “Is that still in effect?”

Yu Feng awkwardly froze. Su Xing continued to speak. “You also said that my feelings were just part of growing up. They would fade after a while? A month to a semester?” Su Xing touched his chin. “It can’t be a week.”

Yu Feng felt his face turn green. What month or semester, Su Xing was deliberately needling him.

“If you’re really angry, you can hit me all you want. I promise to not hide.” Yu Feng said. “But don’t talk about leaving, I can’t stand that.” He grabbed Su Xing’s hands and placed them on his face.

“If I tried to slap you, wouldn’t it hurt my hand more than your face?” Su Xing pulled back. “I am not going to fight. I am not angry either, I’m just kidding. Wouldn’t you if you were in my place?”

The young company founder had weathered many storms and had strong mental qualities. “You are. If not, you would not force yourself.” Yu Feng took the chance to hug Su Xing while talking. He spoke rare words. He did not want to refuse this intimacy and affection.

Su Xing nervously smiled and kissed Yu Feng. “Okay, let me say something that will make you happy.”

Yu Feng pricked his ears. “What is it?”

Su Xing shyly said, “I also secretly liked you.”

This sentence not only made Yu Feng happy, it also transformed him into a wolf that wanted to bring Su Xing to bed again. He wondered how there could be such a lovely person in the world. A higher power must have seen his suffering and sent Su Xing to save him.

“Okay, then you have to like me all the time.” Hidden from Su Xing’s view, Yu Feng’s eyes flashed with possessiveness and a spark of madness.

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