IPMH Chapter 67

The private room was dimly lit and the sound of music was deafening. Su Xing had rejected Zhou Jia’s invitation to sing and was drinking beer in silence, alone on the sofa.

The iced beer slid down his throat and his nose was slightly sour. Su Xing could not help but feel like those who lived and died for love. He obviously felt extremely naive. Under the influence of his emotions, he blindly lashed out without knowing consequences. No wait, it would annoy his brother to want to break his dog legs.

Su Xing shuddered. He was not sure whether it was the beer being too cold or the thought of his brother being angry at the matter. He put down the glass, rubbed his face and picked up his phone.

At this moment, the phone vibrated. Su Xing did not need to look at the number to know it was his brother calling again.

“…” Su Xing felt guilty. In reality, the other party was sort of right. Older people would usually consider those younger than them as children. It was a typical train of events.

He stood to the side and looked at the latest message received. It was a threat…definitely a sign of being angry.

Su Xing bitterly smiled. His elder brother really raised him as a son and controlled him strictly. He picked up and spoke into the phone. “Brother, are you being so strict because you are afraid that I will fall in love at university?”

Yu Feng was outside the door as he thought, it was not that he was afraid Su Xing would fall in love, it was that Su Xing would fall in love with someone other than himself. But he still had to give an answer, “Stop playing around, are you going home or not?”

Yu Feng was no in the mood to speak with Su Xing. He sounded irritable and Su Xing dared not provoke him further. “Oh, I’ll go back after dinner.”

Yu Feng froze as he thought back to all the days that Su Xing had eaten dinner with him. Now, not only did the little bunny not make him supper, he was eating a meal with others. Why would he not come back? His heart felt like it was smashed, the pain was overwhelming.

“You…will be going home now!” Yu Feng murmured. His voice was filled with jealousy and sourness, even passerbys gave him a glance.

Su Xing was also startled and felt like he had really messed up with his brother…. Should he find a place to hide? He thought about it and shook his head. If he did go hide, wouldn’t it be worse once he was found?

“Su Xing?” Yu Feng waited for a while without a response. “You’re making me angry.” He impatiently kicked the steps.

In the eyes of pedestrians, he was the picture of an angry boyfriend storming over to grab his disobedient significant other. If Yu Feng had any cigarettes, he would definitely smoke one to calm down, before he went in to retrieve someone.

But he had recently quit smoking, so he no longer carried any on him. Yu Feng walked past the golden gate with a chilling face and entered Su Xing’s private room. Under Zhou Jia’s leadership, everything was lively and harmonious.

Suddenly the door opened and a tall, slender figure walked in while capturing everyone’s attention. Because Yu Feng was mysterious and cold, very difficult to approach, so there was not a lot of information about him.

He was known to be the founder of a successful game company. But there was an indescribable feel of alienation that made it hard to make friends. Now Yu Feng appeared in their private room; someone recognized him and wanted to give a greeting.

However, Yu Feng passed that person and went straight to Su Xing who was playing. Su Xing turned around when he felt everyone was looking at him.

After discovering it was Yu Feng, he slowly blinked. “Mister…Brother?”

Yu Feng looked down at him and said blankly, “Since you are having so much fun, let me join in.”

Everyone froze, unbelieving that the almighty frigid president Yu was finally willing to socialize with people.

“Okay. Welcome.” A nearby girl immediately shifted to give him a place.

But Yu Feng did not accept. He approached Su Xing, picked him up and had the youth sit on his lap. Even if the group knew that the two were close, people froze in surprise. Su Xing was probably the most surprised. He did not expect his brother to be so indifferent to potential gossip. He wondered if his brother was punishing him for not going back.

Su Xing blushed and squeezed Yu Feng’s hand around his waist. “Brother, I’ll stop playing around and go back with you.” After a pause, he added in embarrassment, “I was wrong.”

The two were close enough to hear each other. The people nearby only saw them hug with an ambiguous atmosphere. Yu Feng heard Su Xing’s words and his heart involuntarily softened. His rage had already somewhat calmed, so he did not want to make a scene.

So he did nothing when Su Xing wiggled and jumped off his leg. Su Xing scratched his head and addressed the crowd. “Dear ladies and gentleman, I am so sorry my elder brother caught me skiving off homework. I will go back first.”

This sentence broke the ambiguity and made people go along with the flow. It also indirectly softened Yu Feng’s cold impression.

“Really? You almost graduated from university. Your brother still worries about you like this?” A bold person looked at Yu Feng in disbelief.

Yu Feng smiled and grabbed Su Xing’s shoulder. “I gave him a chance, but he refused so I had to get him in person.” The people around laughed while Su Xing kept quiet.

“Let’s go.” Yu Feng guided Su Xing out. Su Xing instinctively lowered his head at the implied threat and did not resist.

However, Yu Feng pushed him against the wall. Su Xing started to tremble and felt boneless. “Mister…I was wrong…”

Yu Feng grabbed the youth’s chin. “If you really want to fall in love, do it with me.”

Su Xing blinked. “Why…what?” What was this man talking about?!

“I said, if you really want to fall in love, do it with me.” Yu Feng tried to make his voice sound calm and gentle, without too many fluctuations. But he did not know how much this sentence affected Su Xing.

“Brother, are you joking around with me?” Su Xing asked aggressively, he was at a loss and on guard.

To Yu Feng, his look of surprise was an unacceptable resistance. Yu Feng chuckled and prayed that Su Xing was not homophobic. Also that he would feel pity for him and not snuff out his hope.

“It’s not a joke. It’s true.” He tore open the last layer and cut off the possibility of returning to the past.

Two extremes were possible, he and Su Xing would either be even closer in the future or they would become enemies. The young man had wide eyes, Yu Feng figured that he could not accept the message.

In the end, he bowed his head and did not look directly at him. It seemed to be a silent rejection. Yu Feng thought at least it was not disgust.

Meanwhile Su Xing was thinking, was this his chance? How did he score a perfect person even with such a difficult ending? However, he still had doubts, did his brother only say this when he found out his intentions?

So Su Xing raised his head and looked at his handsome, dull brother in the dim light. “That…you are telling me that you like me?”

Yu Feng had no intention of burying his heart. With nothing to hide, he stared into Su Xing’s eyes. “Yes, I love you.”

“The romantic love kind?” Su Xing asked.

“That kind of love.” Yu Feng stubbornly did not give any chance to be mistaken.

Su Xing smiled happily. “When did you fall for me?” This bunny was acting sly.

Yu Feng relieved and slowly approached. “When you came to Shanghai, or maybe even earlier.”

After getting the answer, Su Xing nodded his head. “I’ll get together with you then.”

The man in front felt his heart spark ablaze. He opened his mouth to say something but found that there was something that could not wait.

Yu Feng held Su Xing’s face. He tried to control himself when tasting the other’s soft lips, telling himself he did not want to scare the youth but acted like a beast anyway. Su Xing faintly tasted wine mixed with other smells.

Su Xing wrinkled his face in fright. He felt pain…was Yu Feng going to bite off his mouth? What would happen later on? In panic, he scratched at Yu Feng’s hair. The pain was a catalyst for stopping. After all, Yu Feng cared about Su Xing, so he forced himself to stop this long-awaited intimacy.

Su Xing flinched away. His vocal cords were slightly hoarse as he said, “Brother…you scared me.”

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