IPMH Chapter 64

Su Xing, who was laying on the bed, disbelievingly watched him sit on the wooden chair from elementary school. Under Yu Feng’s weight, there was a creaking sound. “…”

He finally realized that everything here was the wrong size compared to Yu Feng’s tall figure. As soon as Yu Feng sat down, he heard cracking noises. He had weathered many winds and waves in his life, but he showed some rare panic as he quickly stood up and stood to the side.

Su Xing was stunned and he got up from the bed. “Brother, I’m so sorry. I did not think things through.” He scratched his face in embarrassment. “Let’s go to a hotel.”

“Yeah.” Yu Feng agreed.

Soon after he brought Su Xing to his apartment near the university. “This is a house I bought for convenience when I was studying.”

Although it was not as spacious as the house in Shanghai, it was bright and comfortable. Much bigger than Su Xing’s house.

“It’s a beautiful house.” Su Xing praised. He thought to himself that being friends with capitalists had its downsides, like always getting upstaged by their strength. But he was very happy to live in a large house.

Yu Feng moved all the luggage into the master while Su Xing wondered, “Is it the same as Shanghai, no guest rooms?”

If they were available, he would prefer to stay in a room by himself. He did not want to disturb Yu Feng all the time.

Yu Feng paused, then nodded. “Yes.”

Su Xing believed him. As a housework expert, he had itchy hands when he arrived at the house and wanted to start cleaning again. But after looking around, he found it was spotlessly clean. Su Xing thought for a while and blushed when he understood the situation.

Yu Feng had already set up this place as a foothold. If Su Xing had not gotten off the plane and brought him to his house, he would probably directly come here.

Su Xing boiled some water, poured a cup of tea and brought it to Yu Feng’s side while whispering, “Sorry, it’s all my fault.”

This kind of apology with a lowered head made Yu Feng’s heart tighten. “It’s okay.”  They were considered brothers and close friends. Yu Feng felt mean and shameless.

“Brother, what are you watching? Games?” Su Xing came over and squatted beside him while looking at the laptop screen.

Yu Feng’s arm got tickled by Su Xing’s hair and his heart felt a tad itchy. “Just logging in to have a look.” The older man kindly replied and moved Su Xing to his lap. “Sit and have a better look. Squatting will be too tiring.”

Su Xing was embarrassed but his brother’s legs were steady. There was also his chest acting as a backrest, it was very comfortable!

So he did not want to move. In order to thank his brother for taking care of him, he hesitantly revealed, “Brother, I have a secret to tell you.”

“Huh?” All of Yu Feng’s perception was concentrated on his nerves. He casually asked, “What’s the secret?”

Su Xing blinked and removed his brother’s hand from the keyboard. He minimized the current game interface and double-clicked the game client on the desktop.

He had not logged into his little Taoist account for a long time. When he entered the password, he almost forgot whether it was correct. Fortunately, the password was not wrong.

He opened the friend page. There was still only one lone entry, Flying Clouds. Yu Feng was stunned. He still remembered what happened two or three months ago. Not to mention he still had a strong impression of the game ID “Sweet and Sour Lotus Root”.

In fact, when he first heard the voice, he thought it sounded familiar but nothing came out of it. Unexpectedly, that Sweet and Sour Lotus Root was actually the little brat snickering in his arms.

“You bad boy…” Yu Feng had mixed feelings that were hard to describe. He immediately hugged Su Xing and kissed his cheek.

Su Xing thought his brother would punish or be angry with him instead of kissing him. Is his brother too cute or his thoughts too complicated?

“Brother…” He leaned against Yu Feng’s chest and whispered, “We are destined.”

Yu Feng was coaxed and his eyes turned red. He turned and fervently kissed Su Xing. Su Xing had a big heart and felt really happy. His brother was acting like his dad.

“Brother, let’s go see the scenery.” Su Xing took control of the laptop, manipulated the game characters and took a screenshot of the beautiful scenery in the game.

After a bit, he could not help but add, “If only we could use more colorful clothes.” Even the beautiful screenshot could not counteract the earthy black and gray tones.

“Okay, I’ll deal with it.” What else could Yu Feng say?

Yu Feng took a deep breath and contacted someone in the technical department to add two limited-edition outfits  immediately. Send it to him.

Technical department: What the hell?!?!

Art department: Festive color styles?? Did he want a northeastern flower coat?

In regards to the boss’s established arrogance in the company, the ladies in the art department did not dare to send that even if they had the guts. Fortunately, there was a young lady who had something suitable in her previous works. She picked out two and used those as the base.

Su Xing got his new clothes and took a new set of photos. He looked curiously at the images. He had to admit that the scenery was really beautiful. So this afternoon’s schedule became playing games.

At four or five o’clock, Su Xing was tired and wanted to go to sleep.

“Let’s go to bed after dinner?” Yu Feng hugged him affectionately and whispered in his ear.

“Hmm.” Su Xing obediently hummed in agreement. He felt guilty that he could not keep his eyes open and talk.

Yu Feng silently gave him some hot water to wake him up. Su Xing curled his fingers around the cup and asked, “Brother, are we acting too closely?” Wasn’t he?

“What do you mean?” The old beast who had weathered society for many years, pretended not to understand.

“I meant we are too intimate.” Su Xing carefully explained.

“No.” Yu Feng evenly answered. “Isn’t it normal for us to watch out for each other?”

Su Xing thought so as well. This was a matter between the two of them. What others thought of it was not important in the slightest. He metaphorically buried his head in the sand like a little ostrich.

However, when his brother held his waist, Su Xing carefully shifted the other’s hands to stay on the clothes.

“Shy?” Yu Feng kindly smiled. Su Xing looked at him and said nothing.

After going to the bathroom, they went out to eat. Su Xing felt that after he revealed his newbie account, Yu Feng’s pampering multiplied and he did not know why. Yu Feng was not understood. He was so good to Su Xing, not because of the game but because Su Xing did not dislike him.

Yu Feng laughed at himself regarding his desires. Even if he poured ten bottles of wine, he did not dare to say it arrogantly all at once. It was something that Su Xing, who bought dog-head slippers and coconut flour, could stand. 

A patient man knew to slowly cook a frog in warm water, letting it slowly figure things out.

That night, Su Xing, who could not sleep in his brother’s arms, felt a tad uncomfortable. Even a little unhappy. He thought he may have a crush on his brother. Not just friendship…but his brother was obviously heterosexual and only liked beauties.

Su Xing would be shot down before he could say anything. In addition, school would be starting soon. He thought if Yu Feng did not reciprocate, they would continue to get along as friends. Either way, as a friend or a partner, things were good.

After Su Xing figured it out, a weight was lifted from his chest. His heart felt light and he turned around to quietly kiss the other man’s face. Yu Feng was asleep at this time, probably he was too tired today. Coupled with what happened yesterday, it was normal to sleep well.

While the man was sleeping, Su Xing reached out to feel something he had been curious about for a long time, his abdominal muscles. They were as impressive as he imagined. Then he sneaked a few touches in other okay areas.

After Su Xing was tired, he finally closed his eyes and fell asleep. Early the next morning, Yu Feng woke up first. He turned to see Su Xing’s sleeping face, hesitated for a few seconds then quickly pecked the other’s lips.

The two people faced each other while eating breakfast with calm expressions. They looked at each other, each with their own secrets.

“Brother.” Su Xing’s smile was extra bright today. “Did you sleep well last night?”

Yu Feng started and said, “Slept well.” He blushed thinking of the secret morning kiss, which was very unexpected of him.

“That’s good.” Su Xing remembered his bold move last night and lowered his head. “Let’s go to school.”

His returning procedures need some time to go through. However, with Yu Feng accompanying him during the process, it passed fairly fast. At the moment, there were not many people in the office and they went to lunch.

The lady who handled the formalities handed over the papers and asked, “Is your depression better?”

Su Xing’s eyelids jumped, startled by the words asked by the lady. “Hmm…” He vaguely answered with a lowered head. He pretended to be busy gathering his things.

He was not sure if Yu Feng heard it or not. Anyway, he stared at Su Xing with a strange look.

“Okay, let’s go.” Su Xing’s voice was small and he couldn’t help but hold Yu Feng’s hand with dependence.

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