IPMH Chapter 65

At that moment, Yu Feng’s response was not much better than that of Su Xing. He was also stunned at the woman’s words.Until his hand touched something cold, Yu Feng frowned when he realized that it was Su Xing’s hand. Su Xing’s fingers were too cold and they even twitched…

Yu Feng said nothing while immediately warming the other’s hand with his own. “What’s wrong, don’t let yourself be confused.”

He opened his mouth and wanted to say that it was not an uncommon problem and there was nothing to be afraid of. After thinking about it, he chose to hug Su Xing’s shoulder and softly say, “Be good, don’t be afraid. Brother loves you.”

In truth, Su Xing was not afraid of his secret being revealed. He just…didn’t want Yu Feng to look at him differently. Although he knew that the brother who was good to him was definitely not such a person. And it turned out that Yu Feng was indeed not like that.

Su Xing was so moved that his nose felt sour. He flung himself into his friend’s arms. He said with great emotion, “Brother, I love you too.” He tightly hugged the other man.

Yu Feng the hooligan was caught off guard. His handsome face paused in amazement and uncertainty, but he dared not think further. In the end, he could only hug harder in retaliation to embarrass the little rabbit.

Yu Feng grit his teeth and touched Su Xing’s face to see if he was crying. However, he only noticed one thing, the young man’s face was very tender.

“Brother.” Su Xing turned around with a coquettish sound and touched his brother’s palm. However, he felt it might be too obvious, sooner or later things would be revealed.

“Boys should be strong.” Yu Feng said. Suit pants were relatively thin so it was better to be safe than sorry. The two let go of each other and pretended that nothing had happened.

But Su Xing felt his face getting hot with the atmosphere. He did not have the courage to look at his brother. Fortunately, his brother was like other straight men in the world. He should not be good at noticing any emotional changes in the people around him. Maybe he thought Su Xing lowered his head and was feeling sad.

“Don’t be sad.” Su Xing had been spot on when Yu Feng spoke.

He protectively held Su Xing’s hand as they left. They directly left the school around noon. The two drove to a quiet japanese restaurant and entered a private dining room.

“Come sit here.” Yu Feng motioned to a seat next to him.

To be honest, Su Xing felt he was under great pressure. Fortunately, the mood was not bad despite knowing what Yu Feng wanted to ask about.

He glanced up at Yu Feng’s restless expression and carefully said, “Brother, I’m fine now.” It was true, he thought things should be fine.

“I’m not asking about that.” Yu Feng said. He wanted to smoke but looked at Su Xing. How could he let the youth breathe in second-hand smoke?

“Eh?” Su Xing froze, he wasn’t asking about that? What else could it be? It couldn’t be that his brother found out he was gay and was unhappy…

Su Xing heard Yu Feng say, “The school has arranged a room for me, which is very spacious. I will show you in the afternoon. If you like it, we will stay there.”

After all, although housing outside the school was not far away, there was still some distance. Yu Feng estimated that with the number of Su Xing’s courses, it would be more convenient to stay closer to the school.

“That’s good.” Su Xing said with a smile. He had been thinking that Yu Feng would not notice anything since he was a straight man.

Hey wait…PhD student housing? Su Xing said, “Brother, do you want me to live with you in graduate student housing?” That would be weird! What would the people around him think? Su Xing was internally crying, his brother was too frank.

“Is there anything wrong?” Yu Feng casually said, “If you are afraid that people will laugh at you in the dormitory, you can say you are my lover.”

Su Xing was silent. The irony was that he did not know this young man wanted to be in a relationship with him.

The graduate dormitory at the university was a bright, spacious square-shaped building. It was located in the southwest corner of campus with a side door for easy access. It was not too far from the school building so one could sleep in if they wanted. You could also get around with a bicycle.

The decorations in the room were a bit plain, so you could easily add something to spruce things up. In the past few days, Su Xing was busy and looked like a spinning top.

When there were classes, he ran to the classroom then back to the dormitory to sort out the place where he and Yu Feng would be spending the next two years. With Yu Feng around, he needed pots and pans. When Su Xing was not busy, he could cook a meal. This would be his daily life.

These days, Su Xing was always entering and exiting the dormitory building. Almost everyone who lived in the same building had seen him. They could not help but wonder, were children now so formidable that they could be doing graduate studies at such a young age?

Later they learned that the youth was a junior and was staying with a family member studying for their PhD. That wasn’t strange. At present, it was difficult to apply for a large single room so people were also curious about the mystery relative.

It was also strange that Yu Feng was so busy the first few days of school. He left the door and stayed out all day. Even if he did come back, sometimes he did not have time for lunch.

At the start, Su Xing was just as busy but after a month, he had things settled and could take the time to deliver lunch to his brother! At noon, after his early class, Su Xing returned to the dormitory on a bicycle and made two dishes with an egg soup. The dish was sweet and sour lotus roots.

Su Xing looked at the schedule and asked Yu Feng what he wanted to eat. Yu Feng had not eaten a meal made by Su Xing in a while. “I want to eat sweet and sour lotus root.” When he heard the question, he did not think about it. There was only one dish in his mind.

Su Xing agreed with the other person’s request, he had a feeling in his heart. The other dish was yellow braised chicken. Su Xing added a few other ingredients and the finished product was brightly colored and aromatic. The scent flowed throughout the graduate dormitory building.

The person in the next room howled internally, which guy ordered yellow braised chicken! So fragrant! Someone even opened the door and came out to ask where the takeaway was ordered from.

In the end, they only smelled the fragrance that lingered in the corridor for a long time. Su Xing held two insulated lunch boxes and took out his phone to see where they were meeting up. He quickly found the place but everyone seemed to be busy.

Su Xing glanced in through the window and saw his brother, wearing a simple white shirt yet still standing out from among the crowd. It was not hard to notice that the other people were not familiar with him, they occasionally gave him a second glance.

Or maybe they were just admiring the handsome man! Su Xing waved as Yu Feng looked over. Upon seeing the youth’s arrival, Yu Feng’s serious face shifted. Prior he looked aggressive, now he breezily laughed. After all, the cub came so the man was going to pretend to be a wolf.

“Come in.” Yu Feng dropped his things and approached the window to greet Su Xing.

Su Xing sweetly answered, “Brother.” He did not intend to go in and just handed over his brother’s lunch box. “Hurry and eat while it’s still hot, don’t go hungry.”

Yu Feng grabbed his hands. “Did you eat?”

It was still early so Su Xing shook his head. “I’ll go back to eat.” He still had class in the afternoon so he would not have time to stick around. “You should go back.” He squeezed Yu Feng’s hand and noted the man was plainly dressed without a watch, even his hair was casual.

But Yu Feng was still devilishly handsome.

“Then give your brother a kiss.” Yu Feng turned his face.

Su Xing froze, but it was undeniable that he did not want to give a goodbye kiss. Seeing no one around,  he quickly pecked Yu Feng and started to walk away. However, Yu Feng held his face and kissed the other’s cheeks. “Be good. Go back and study hard.”

Su Xing’s young heart stuttered at the second sentence, because what Yu Feng had done was the same as what his father used to do for him.

“I know.” He seriously answered. Such an honest child, Yu Feng thought as Su Xing left.

“Mr. Yu, is that a relative?” A female doctoral student saw that they seemed close and made a guess when seeing the lunch box.

“Yeah.” Yu Feng answered curtly.

“The little brother is really handsome and will have potential stock in the future.” The instructor spoke. “Yu Feng,he’s not too old. Want me to introduce someone to him?”

As many knew, it was difficult for female graduate students to find boyfriends. If they could not find one while studying, it was even more difficult in the future.

Yu Feng heard the words and bluntly told his mentor. “He is still young. I will not allow him to start a relationship before graduating from university.”

Everyone laughed and joked around before the topic shifted. Although there were similar ideals in the era, it was mostly dross. However, they had nothing to do with a stranger’s choices.

Su Xing returned to the dorm. As soon as he opened the door, he saw a student from next-door lean his head out and ask with a smile, “Little brother, tell your senior, where did you order takeaway?”

Su Xing was confused, what takeout? He thought about it and shook his head. “I didn’t order takeaway. I cooked the meal myself.”

The senior next door looked desperate like he had taken ten thousand points of damage. Because if it was not takeaway, he would never have the opportunity to eat such a fragrant dish.

“Um, are you hungry?” Su Xing tentatively asked, “I made more than enough, should I get you a bowl?”

The senior was instantly resurrected. He nodded with bright eyes. “Yes, great.”

It could only be said that the other person had a nice face with a gentle tone. Su Xing always liked interacting with such people. Yu Feng, who was serious and confident at the beginning was probably an exception. But on the inside, Yu Feng was also a warm person.

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