IPMH Chapter 63

Su Xing walked with Yu Feng to the bathroom. During this time, his expression was filled with worry and he wanted to help his brother who had been drinking tonight.

The other man spoke with a clear voice. “I’m fine, you don’t need to worry about me.”

So Su Xing took a closer look and found his feet were steady and his eyes were clear. He was now very relieved.

“I’m sorry for what happened just now. I’ll apologize on behalf of old Ye.” Yu Feng held Su Xing’s shoulders. “He’s not usually like this, but he probably drank one to many glasses of wine. Don’t take it to heart.” There was another more important reason, but Yu Feng did not elaborate.

In fact, he knew very well the reason why Ye Xiaohan bothered Su Xing in public. It was to roughly test his attitude towards Su Xing. Yu Feng was very unhappy at the scheme. He wondered if old Ye was blind? Did his relationship with Su Xing still need temptation?

Since bringing Su Xing to Shanghai semi-compulsively, he had not concealed anything. Everything was on the bright side.

“It’s okay.” Su Xing bowed his head and scratched his face. “I didn’t drink it anyway, it was you who drank it in the end.”

“Okay, you aren’t angry at all?” Yu Feng squinted at the self-aware boy.

Su Xing was dumbfounded by the question, frowned and pursed his lips. He did actually feel a little unhappy. He had a mental comparison going on. He felt that an old friend who had known Yu Feng for more than ten years was much closer than him.

Also, it turned out that Yu Feng had so many friends. He was not the kind of lonely man with no friend network that he had thought. Su Xing wondered to himself how swollen his face was after that slap.

Seeing that he did not answer, Yu Feng inwardly sighed and then cursed Ye Xiaohan who caused him trouble.

“Mr. Yu, the bathroom is here. You can go in.” Su Xing thought to himself and could not think of a better answer, so he simply changed the subject and did not intend to accompany Yu Feng inside. He even stopped calling him brother.

Yu Feng’s expression changed and he forced a faint smile. “My head is a little dizzy, can you help me in?”

Su Xing glanced at him and tactfully refused, “You go quickly.” He did not want to go in since there was no need for it.

As for the twists and turns in Yu Feng’s heart, he would probably be at a loss because he was truly not angry. If he insisted, there was only a little bit of depression and a feeling of insignificance.

Yu Feng had seldom seen Su Xing act like this. Since they had met until now, Su Xing had treated him very well and these days stuck close to him. Occasionally, the two would have closer conversations.

What was going on? After spending many sweet days together, it felt like Yu Feng had been brainwashed…thinking that they were a couple that promised to stay together even if the world were to end.

Su Xing frowned at him, he would get annoyed if he was forced further. But Yu Feng was not an entangled type of character. After getting refused, he silently accepted, “Then you wait for me here and don’t leave.”

He went into the bathroom and solved his personal needs as quickly as possible. After washing his face he came out and looked at Su Xing.

To be honest, Su Xing who had never fallen in love before, had his heart beat at Yu Feng’s sultry appearance. “Brother, you are so handsome.” He blurted out.

This naive compliment almost caused Yu Feng to short-circuit, but despite that, there was an effect on his mental equilibrium. “You are also very cute.” Yu Feng rubbed his heart and wondered why Su Xing’s praise was so powerful.

From the past to the present, there were many people who praised him for being handsome. Su Xing’s words were nothing new. Su Xing felt his brother was being polite and did not take his praise to heart.

After the laborious farewell banquet, the pair, who were going to board a plane the next day, returned home and slept until noon.

Su Xing was the first to wake up and there were no uncomfortable feelings. This was, of course, because he only drank tea last night while others drank alcohol.

Su Xing brushed his messy hair and found his phone to check the time. It was noon, when was the boarding time? He thought for a while, to his horror, there were only two hours before the boarding time.

He flailed and kicked his brother who was sleeping like a log. “Wake up!” After kicking a few more times, he leapt out of bed and rushed to the bathroom to wash. Fortunately, their baggage had already been packed.

Su Xing grabbed his clothes and angrily yelled at the bed while putting on his pants. “Brother, get up!”

Ten minutes later, Yu Feng got up to wash. With his unbuttoned short, he had a roguish appearance. Especially if there was no time to shave, it made him look more….how to describe it? Su Xing thought to himself for a while and labelled his brother as licentious. 

“Everything okay?” Yu Feng fastened his buttons and looked at the young man who was angrily waiting for him with his suitcase.

The youth angrily complained. “When I wanted to set the alarm clock last night, you said your biological clock was punctual and unaffected by alcohol!” What a joke!

“Can you believe a man in bed?” Yu Feng squeezed Su Xing’s face. “Let’s go, don’t waste anymore time.”

Su Xing wanted to bite back but he jumped when he thought about the short time before boarding. He left downstairs carrying a new backpack. Yu Feng, who was left behind with two large suitcases, whistled with a smile in his eyes.

Next, he drove and smoothly reached the airport at a speed that scared Su Xing.

“Goodbye Shanghai.” The plane took off and Su Xing whispered while waving at the shrinking airport outside the window.

Yu Feng, who had blazed through traffic, started sleeping again with a mask after he got on the plane. By the way, said eye mask was snatched from Su Xing with an interesting pattern.

Su Xing looked around and hugged his blanket, but did not feel tired. Fortunately, before the plan was scheduled to land, Yu Feng quietly woke up, avoiding the potential embarrassment of Su Xing kicking his leg in public.

“Brother, are you a pig?” The young man’s eyes were full of mockery and made a gesture at the man sitting next to him.

The ridiculed man had a self-assured expression and curled a finger. “Come here, brother wants to give you a kiss.”

Su Xing looked around, only when he noticed that everyone was far away then he let go of Yu Feng. “If it’s not embarrassing.”

“Haha.” Yu Feng did not expect him to be willing when he woke up and said whatever he wanted. If Su Xing was willing, it would be best, if he refused, he would find a way around it. However, Su Xing thought Yu Feng was joking with him and wanted to embarrass him.

As for whether the man had any other ideas, he did not dare to think about it. That would be an insult to his brother. The thought stuck in Su Xing’s mind for only a second before leaving.

If nothing else, his handsome and golden brother was only interested in beautiful women. In Su Xing’s mind, his brother was a veteran in the field of lovers and romance. He figured when he could ask his brother for advice when he would pursue a woman one day.

After getting on the plane, Su Xing said warmly to Yu Feng, “Brother, do you remember that I have a house in Beijing?”

He thought Yu Feng was going to a hotel and immediately grabbed Yu Feng’s hand. “Let’s go to my house!” While in Shanghai, his brother warmly welcomed him and they also shared half a bed with him. Now that they were in Beijing, he would of course invite his brother to his house.

Yu Feng thought for a while. If he had a wolf tail, it would be cheerfully wagging. But he still asked, “Your house hasn’t been lived in for so long, can you still stay?”

“Of course.” Su Xing promised. “I closed the doors and windows when I left last time so bugs could not get inside. The house should be neat and tidy.”

“Then go.” Yu Feng silently concealed the fact that he also had a house in Beijing and followed Su Xing back home.

Unsurprisingly, the home was very small. Probably the smallest house Yu Feng had ever lived in. Su Xing was happily as busy as a bee. Yu Feng could tell from Su Xing’s behaviour and expression that he was affectionate towards the house and the youth did not feel it was too small.

Yu Feng sat on the mini sofa. No matter what he touched, he looked cautious in fear of damaging Su Xing’s things.

“Brother, you can sleep in my room. Come on, everything is ready.” Su Xing pulled Yu Feng into the room, waved his head and left.

Yu Feng was silent. He nervously sat on the bed, fearing it would collapse if he moved. So he dared not move an inch! He thought about going to sleep on the sofa, but that was also small. The whole room, the chair and desk…made Yu Feng feel like he had strayed into the country of small people.

“Brother…” Su Xing came in again. “I got rid of the bed in my dad’s room last time I left. I’ll squeeze in with you.”

Yu Feng looked at Su Xing, then at the small bed with a serious expression. Su Xing had already climbed into the bed, covered himself a quilt and patted an empty spot. “Brother come on.”

Yu Feng was afraid of breaking Su Xing’s bed and sighed. “I am not tired. Go to sleep by yourself for now.” He stood up and sat down at Su Xing’s desk, like a guardian statue.

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