IPMH Chapter 62

Su Xing’s thoughts after visiting the game company: It’s very big and awesome. He looked back at the young founder who owned the company with burning, admiration-filled eyes.

“You are great.” He had said this more than once, but this time he was very serious.

“That’s true.” Yu Feng unabashedly showed his arrogance in front of Su Xing, then he grabbed the other person’s wrist. “Let’s go, you should be hungry.” After all, this person was half-grown but ate like an elderly man.

Su Xing followed Yu Feng’s employee’s eyes down at their intertwined hands and realized that this was not very appropriate. He broke free and withdrew his hand. But he did not want to be rude so he smiled at Yu Feng.

The man raised an eyebrow. “What’s the matter?”

Su Xing quietly explained. “I’m afraid the others will misunderstand.”

Yu Feng was stunned, and looked Su Xing up and down. His gaze ended on his new hairstyle and he smiled. “Don’t worry, all rumors and scandals involve beautiful women.”

Su Xing was speechless. In response to Su Xing’s gloomy expression, Yu Feng grabbed his hand again. He squeezed Su Xing’s hand quite openly. This little action was seen by others, it was extremely ambiguous and made other’s hearts beat faster.

Su Xing felt his palms itch and wanted to pull back his hand. When Yu Feng looked over, he fiercely stared back. However, Yu Feng did not think Su Xing looked scary, instead he looked cute.

“ Su Xing, you’ve become rebellious.” Yu Feng said with a smirk.

“Are you scared?” Su Xing did not actually want an answer if his brother was afraid of him. “Are we going to eat?”

“Yeah.” Yu Feng brought him to the elevator to separate him from the crowd. “Otherwise, who else would you go with?”

“Secretary Pei, I like him a lot.” Su Xing immediately responded.

The next second, his chin was pinched by the senior, who pretended to be fierce while asking, “You like secretary Pei? What about me?”

Although Su Xing knew that his older brother would not really be fierce to him, he was instinctively afraid and rushed to say, “It’s not the same. Don’t worry, there’s no one I like more than you.” As far as people on the earth were concerned.

“That’s to be expected.” Yu Feng rubbed his chin, looked at Su Xing’s face and his heart moved.

But the elevator door opened and they could only exit right away. Su Xing also felt that his brother thought about kissing his face. The interruption soured his expression.

After the crowd dispersed, the surrounding environment also quieted. Su Xing pulled Yu Feng’s sleeves and presented his cheek when he got the other’s attention.

Yu Feng was surprised because the youth who was crazy about him was a bit too cute. “You…” He chuckled softly and accepted Su Xing’s invitation. He pulled the other person, bowed his head and kissed the other person’s cheek.

But it wasn’t just a kiss, rather several repeatedly. The warm touch was close to Su Xing’s mouth, though he did not notice anything amiss. He only felt that the walking position was a bit coquettish.

“Enough.” Su Xing said and stopped. He raised a hand to wipe the corners of his mouth.

After eating at noon, he offered to take the car home after Yu Feng returned to the company. He really did not want to disturb Yu Feng at work anymore.

However, as soon as he made the suggestion, the older man glanced at him, “Are you tired of me so soon?”

Su Xing blinked…what bored? Those were some strange words. Even if he was just a student who had not stepped into society, he knew that if his brother really wanted to study in Beijing for a Ph.D. it would be impossible to visit the company. Shouldn’t he be very busy right before leaving?

Su Xing knew in his heart that he did not want to disturb the other party. In order to persuade the other party to concentrate on work, he awkwardly said, “We are going to be in Beijing for a while, but for the next while, the company needs you and you will be very busy.”

Yu Feng heard the previous sentence and coughed. What exactly was Su Xing talking about?

“Go to work. After school starts, can’t we be together every day?” Su Xing patted his brother on the back. He was helpless against this clingy brother.

“Okay…” Yu Feng said with difficulty. He thought if one day it would be Su Xing’s fault if he had serious thoughts.

“Then I’ll take a taxi.” Su Xing got up to leave.

“I’ll send you.” Yu Feng immediately said.

“Don’t send me.” Su Xing said with a serious expression. “Brother, if you keep babying me like this, I will never be able to grow up.”

Yu Feng thought it would be better to not grow up. Many things changed with time.

“Is that true? You’re grown up by calling a car?” Yu Feng smiled at Su Xing. “Brother will teach you about being a grown up in the future.”

Because Yu Feng was always a serious person, Su Xing also answered seriously. “Then I’ll wait.”

Since that day, Su Xing had not been to Yu Feng’s company again. The employees looked forward to Su Xing coming each day, but were disappointed each time they saw the boss alone. Rumors were rumors after all. Looking at the boss’s appearance, no one really thought he was in the closet.

After waiting half a month without seeing anything similar, this scandal became old news in people’s hearts. The more shocking news was that the boss suddenly wanted to go to Beijing for further study, so he put director Ye in charge of the company.

The night before Yu Feng left, he invited all the company employees to dinner. This kind of lively scene was relatively rare at the company. Su Xing also went.

When everyone saw him again, they finally realized that the gossip had not passed, it had always been present. As for Su Xing, the only person he knew was secretary Pei. So while Yu Feng was socializing, he talked with the secretary.

“Secretary Pei, who is the person drinking with my older brother now?” Su Xing curiously asked, seeing that they had a very good relationship.

Secretary Pei said, “Don’t you remember, it’s director Ye from the technical department. You should have seen him in the boss’s office that day.”

Su Xing had forgotten after half a month, so secretary Pei continued with, “When the boss and you went to study in Beijing, he was left behind to clean up the mess. He was so angry he kept drinking.”

“Oh.” Su Xing clearly nodded.

Secretary Pei said, “The two of them were high school classmates, no one could compare to their closeness. The art director and I were in the same class at university. Speaking of them, they are all your senior brothers and sisters.”

As soon as that tangent finished, secretary Pei asked, Su Xing, “How long have you known the boss?”

Su Xing thought for a while and said, “Five to eight, definitely at least four months.”

Secretary Pei was taken aback. Ji Jiaying did not deliberately eavesdrop, but she happened to overhear the conversation when she came over. Hearing this, her expression was the same as Pei Wen. She could not hide her surprise.

But she bypassed them and walked towards the drinking boss. Not to relieve any pressure, but to toast to him! Director Ye saw a ruthless character he was unable to deal with, so he retreated to the side to watch the excitement.

He saw old Pei focusing on watching the youth and felt amused. Then he looked at Su Xing’s overly youthful face, then at the angry Ji Jiaying who had spent a few years with Yu Feng.

Ye Xiaohan drunkenly walked over and interrupted the harmonious atmosphere between secretary Pei and Su Xing. “Everyone is drinking, what are you two doing? Only drinking water?”

Secretary Pei immediately pushed him away. “Old Ye, you are drunk, go and don’t mess around here.”

Yu Feng had already ordered him to not drink alcohol and to not let Su Xing touch a single drop.

“Kid, what do you think?” Ye Xiaohan ignored Pei Wen and approached from the other side. “Come on, I’ll get you a drink.”

Su Xing stared at the wine glass stuffed into his hand. He could not respond, the foreign wine in the glass choked up his nose. 

“Hey, you can’t drink this!” Secretary Pei anxiously reached out to grab the glass.

Ye Xiaohan slapped his hand away. “It’s just a small glass of wine, don’t worry.” He looked at the youth being guarded like a three-year-old baby. He wondered if the boy was someone who could not take care of himself.

Su Xing frowned and subconsciously looked at Yu Feng, because he was sensitive and knew that director Ye had some kind of ulterior motive.

“Don’t look, he is drinking with his ex.” Ye Xiaohan smirked and said, “He’s close to throwing up, but he doesn’t not dare drink the wine toasted by his ex-girlfriend.”

Su Xing’s eyes widened as he looked at the beautiful art director. She was brother’s ex-girlfriend? Ye Xiaohan only saw surprise in Su Xing’s eyes, but nothing else. He could not help being surprised, that seemed odd.

Or was it Yu Feng’s wishful thinking? It was not difficult to come to some kind of conclusion. Ye Xiaohan said in a deep voice. “If you don’t drink the wine I toast, are you looking down on me?”

Su Xing was very unable to deal with this kind of scene with twists and turns. He shook his head. “There’s no such thing. I just don’t know how to drink.”

He glanced at the cup and carefully said, “Why don’t I replace the wine with tea?”

Ye Xiaohan smiled disgustingly and said, “If you don’t want to drink, then you can’t respect the elderly. Why don’t you ask Yu Feng to drink for you.”

Su Xing shifted his line of sight and looked at Yu Feng who had just raised his head to drink a glass of wine…Although his brother was not uncomfortable, he had already drank so much wine and he had a bad stomach.

Thinking of this, Su Xing pinched his nose with a determined expression, ready to pour the wine into his mouth. At that moment, a hand stopped him and snatched the cup.

“Old Ye, why are you bothering him?” Yu Feng picked up the glass and drank it, while glaring at the trolling Ye Xiaohan.

Ye Xiaohan received all the warnings contained and understood. “Tsk, tsk.” Regardless of whether the youth was affectionate or not, old Yu must be interested anyway.

“Sorry, I’m heading to the bathroom.” After Yu Feng finished, he left the glass on a table then patted Su Xing’s shoulder. “Come and accompany your brother.”

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6 thoughts on “IPMH Chapter 62

    1. True, especially this Ye XiaoHan or the gossippy secretary (he’s more of can’t keep a secret type). Even if he want to inquire about the situation he could’ve picked a better method/ words. Making people uncomfortable and pressuring them to reveal things is annoying and impolite.
      A lot of the characters in this novel are unreasonable. At first, I was uncomfortable with both ML (his taunting way of talking aka ‘sharp tongue’; I think sharp toungue refer to people like MC in King’s Avatar more) and MC (the parts where his kindness is shown are kinda awkward, because of writing style probably).

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    1. True. What if some people had allergy or can’t deal with alcohol? Will they take responsibility? They’ll just say “I didn’t know he/ she has that condition. If that’s the case, he/she should’ve told him/her. So troublesome”. Disregarding the fact that they blocked the other trying to refuse/ explain. Truly disgusting.

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