IPMH Chapter 61

Unlike the dark waves between Yu Feng and Ye Xiaohan in the president’s office, the atmosphere between secretary Pei and Su Xing outside was obviously much gentler.

This was because secretary Pei was a gentle and scheming person. If he strongly pushed from the beginning and Su Xing noticed unscrupulous questions, he would most likely get scared away.

“Let’s go visit the art department first, there are a number of gentle and lovely young ladies.” Secretary Pei said softly while carefully watching the youth standing next to him.

He was unbelievably young and Pei could not believe it. This was the boss’s concubine…no, boyfriend.

“Okay, thank you very much.” Su Xing smiled at the secretary. He was happy with the treatment. “I hope it won’t delay your work.”

Secretary Pei was taken aback for a moment, then quickly waved his hand. “No worries.”

How could this delay his work? Even without the boss personally telling him, secretary Pei knew his most important job this morning was to take good care of Su Xing.

The two walked and talked happily all the way to the art department. As expected, as soon as they entered the area, Su Xing had entered a colorful world. The visuals were comfortable and enjoyable to look at.

“It’s so beautiful here.” Su Xing said sincerely.

“Right? It was designed…” Secretary Pei stopped and the next second he was ready to pull Su Xing out from the art department. Because this had been a terrible idea!

He felt his brain had been offline, that was the only explanation to immediately bring Su Xing to visit this director’s office area.

Su Xing was confused. “What’s wrong?”

Secretary Pei anxiously answered, “I think…the technical department might be more interesting. There’s a cat there as well!” Someone like Su Xing should like small animals right?

Secretary Pei prayed that Su Xing was someone who loved cute animals.

“Oh, okay.” Su Xing was indeed a person who liked small animals. When he learned there were cats in the technical department, his hands were itchy. “Let’s go then.”

But it was too late. Director Ji gracefully walked in wearing five-inch heels and saw secretary Pei and a young boy. She smiled, “Old Pei, a new employee?”

Old Pei gave tearful thanks to the heavens. He quickly nodded and said, “Yes, visiting the company.”

The director figured that a person who secretary Pei would escort around the company should be a potential stock with good ability, so she took a closer look at Su Xing.

“Done visiting my department?” The director liked this little brother’s appearance.

“Yes.” Secretary Pei did not want to stay a moment longer. After a few greetings with the art director, he took Su Xing and fled to the technical department.

As soon as Su Xing walked into the technical department, Xiong Yuanfei jumped up from his seat. He was very excited, but he closed his mouth and stayed silent in the background.

But the secretary came over and asked him, “Xiong, where’s Afei?”

Xiong Yuanfei looked at the host brother who was standing in front of him. He thought the youth looked more handsome than in the video. At the same time, the host also looked younger and less mature than in the videos.

He glanced over to the corner where Afei was resting. He covered his mouth with one hand and pointed at the cat with another. Secretary Pei did not notice anything strange but Su Xing noticed the man was looking at him with excitement.

“Hello.” Su Xing greeted with a smile after a bit of silence.

“Hello!” Xiong Yuanfei opened his mouth and happily replied, but his heart was screaming. The broadcast host is so handsome!

After Xiong Yuanfei sat down, he updated his Weibo with an image of a slim silhouette wearing a white t-shirt and jeans while holding an orange cat.

Secretary Pei found himself in a complicated mood. Due to the orange cat, Su Xing refused to leave!

“Pei Wen, where are you?” The boss sent him a message. While in the process of discussing work with director Ye, he obviously sent it when he had the chance.

Secretary Pei: [We are in the technical department.] *Click* Pei Wen took a picture of Su Xing holding the cat and sent it to the boss. [The tour started and ended in the technical department.]

Yu Feng: [Isn’t he so cute?]

Secretary Pei felt the boss showing off slamming through the screen with that answer. It almost burned his eyes and he did not dare to look directly at it.

“Secretary Pei.” Su Xing turned around and said, “This cat is very nice.”

Secretary Pei quickly put down his phone and nodded with a smile. “Yes, Afei is well-behaved.”

“Then…” Su Xing felt conflicted in his heart. “Can I play here with Afei? I will visit around the company next time.”

Secretary Pei was not surprised at Su Xing’s decision and smiled heartwarmingly. “Of course you can play with Afei here.”

“Okay, thank you. Secretary Pei you don’t need to accompany me.” Su Xing felt particularly embarrassed.

“No need, it does not matter.” Secretary Pei waved his hand and sat down in an empty chair. As if he was not busy right now and had idle time.

Su Xing smiled, found a chair to sit down and continued to play with the cat. Secretary Pei pretended to look at his phone, took a lot of pictures and sent them to the boss. This indirectly caused director Ye a lot of trouble.

Because the man he was talking to about work frequently looked at his mobile phone. Then the corners of his mouth would rise into a smile, which would cause goosebumps.

“Old Yu, tell me what you think,” Ye Xiaohan stopped his explanation and directly threw the problem at Yu Feng. This action had two objectives.

What made him speechless was after Yu Feng put down his phone, he clearly refuted all the points he had raised that needed consideration. In addition, he also put forward a new point of view that would cause more advantage.

This abnormal ability made Ye Xiaohan understand that the boss was still the boss. But how to put it, these were always issues that Yu Feng had to consider. Ye Xiaohan felt that he should stay nothing more than the supervisor of the technical department.

After saying what he wanted to stay, Yu Feng obviously did not want to stay any longer. He stood up and patted Ye Xiaohan on the shoulder. “I will leave the company for you to take care of while I’m in Beijing.”

This was a task that Ye Xiaohan had always avoided. Thinking about it, he was just a code programmer and not good at managing the entire company.

Ye Xiaohan broke down and scratched his head. “You can leave it to Pei Wen or Ji Jiaying, why me?”

Yu Feng turned around and said,”Pei Wen’s overall outlook is not as good as yours. As for Ji Jiaying, you think I would dare?”

Director Ye was taken aback and grimaced. The two looked at each with a complicated atmosphere. “It seems you still have a bit of self-knowledge.”

Yu Feng did not care about the interjection. He was thinking about the little rabbit playing with the cat in the technical department. Yu Feng walked towards the destination.

No matter how many times the employees saw him, they would still be involuntarily attracted by the moving figure, until he disappeared from view. After seeing the boss’s appearance, people continued to attentively work…actually gossiping.

“The boss’s rumored boyfriend is in the technical department, so secretary Pei is guiding him!”

“Who dared to visit the technical department to see?”

“Did you not see when you passed by?”

Most employees had seen secretary Pei and Su Xing when they walked by. It was not a big deal and a feast for the eyes who were joking while walking.

But some people were not happy after seeing this. Because no matter how unpleasant the boss was, he would definitely not do that kind of hurtful thing. All of Yu Feng’s employees firmly believed that the man still had integrity.

“Su Xing.” The man walked in like a gust of wind. Before anyone noticed him, he had called out.

“Brother.” Su Xing’s reaction was happy. He stood up to greet him while hugging the cat. “Look, this cat is so well-behaved and purring in my arms.”

“Really?” Yu Feng knew that there was a cat in the technical department, but he had never touched it before. “It’s pretty cute.” Today, since the cat was in Su Xing’s arms, he broke character to reach out and pet the animal. Afei was purring at the pinnacle of his life.

Yu Feng knew that Su Xing had not toured the company and hopelessly asked, “Do you want me to take you around the company?”

Su Xing had been holding the cat for so long. So he nodded at the words. “Yeah I want to.”

“Let’s go.” Yu Feng glanced at the fat cat. It wasn’t too important and did not leave a deep impression.

After holding the cat, there would inevitably be a lot of cat hair left behind. While Su Xing followed Yu Feng out, he lowered his head to deal with the pet hair on his clothes. Secretary Pei followed and watched the boss patiently stop to help the youth remove the cat fur!

Fortunately, before a crowd was formed, Su Xing patted his clothes and said, “Forget it, I’ll use a lint roller back at home.”

Yu Feng answered, “There are no lint rollers at home.” Because he never washed clothes by hand.

Su Xing was at a loss for a bit, then happily decided, “Then let’s go to the supermarket.”

After spending a long time with Su Xing, Yu Feng learned that this guy liked to go to the supermarket. It was a really simple hobby.

Secretary Pei was filled with question marks. He felt like he was intruding on something.

The art department was the closest to the technical department. Although Yu Feng took the director into account, he could not bear Su Xing missing out, so he led him inside. Secretary Pei closed his eyes and prayed for salvation.

When he wanted to sneak away in the back, he saw the art director gritting her teeth and glaring at him. She watched her ex-boyfriend who had always been too lazy to care for people, take care of the little brother. She guessed that Su Xing was the rumored boyfriend and not a new company employee.

It had been a long time since they broke up and Ji Jiaying certainly would not have any feelings for Yu Feng. On the contrary, she would rather Yu Feng face love troubles. It would best if he got together with someone after many twists and turns!

“You come over here!” Director Ji domineeringly grabbed secretary Pei’s tie and dragged the person to the side. “A new employee huh? You dared to lie to me? Go to death!”

“AH!” Secretary Pei pleaded. “Ma’am, please have mercy…”

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