IPMH Chapter 60

The company Fengxing Games was well-known by many young people. Su Xing was one such youth and he naturally heard about this famous company.

It was not because he played games developed by Yu Feng, but because there was a group of roommates who loved playing games at school and he would be asked to buy food. Overtime, Su Xing’s impression of Yu Feng became muddied. He felt that these explosive games were a stumbling block that prevented students from entering graduate school.

To this day, Su Xing would certainly not reveal the thoughts in his heart while beside Yu Feng. When he left the elevator, Su Xing let go of the other’s hand. At the same time, a smile appeared on his face.

Seeing that, Yu Feng wondered, was this actually Su Xing? Perhaps he did not expect Su Xing to be mature and stable in front of a crowd.

“You don’t have to push yourself.” Yu Feng whispered.

“It’s okay.” Su Xing waved his hand, indicating that he was fine.

At this moment, Yu Feng frowned and remembered that when he was getting along with Su Xing, the other party had a sense of disharmony that he occasionally noticed. This feeling reappeared today.

The only thing these moments had in common was without exception, when there was a third person present. But they had already entered the company and had no time to investigate the reason.

The whole floor belonged to Yu Feng. The front desk was spacious and brightly designed to meet the standards of the large company. Of course, Su Xing had only visited a handful of companies. In his opinion, Yu Feng’s company was the best he could imagine.

When they passed by, the pretty girls at the front desk looked at the passing president and were surprised at the little  brother beside their boss.

Soon everyone realized something and whispered to themselves. “Is that the fresh meat mentioned in the newspaper with the boss just now?”

“It’s very possible.” Everyone still remembered the newspaper article from yesterday.

“The newspaper is really messy.” What high-profile coming out? If there really was some kind of hidden relationship, would the boss bring someone so grandly to the company?

Besides, the young man was plainly dressed and looked pitifully young. The boss was intense but he was not beastly. The company employees saw Yu Feng escort Su Xing through the floor and were further convinced.

Including poor secretary Pei. The man saw the boss had finally remembered he had a company to manage and was happy, but then he saw a small tail behind the man.

“Huh?” Secretary Pei rubbed his eyes and felt the little tail looked familiar.

Combined with the article published in the newspaper yesterday, the tail should be the person in the newspaper traveling with Yu Feng. Secretary Pei was relieved that the boss brought him to the company. Yu Feng’s frank behavior implied no drama regarding the two’s relation.

“Boss.” He walked over with a smile and waved to Su Xing on the way. “Hello.”

Although he did not know what the youth’s name was, Yu Feng traveled with him and brought him to the company so he knew he was an important person.

Su Xing looked at him and smiled back. “Hi.”

“You…” Secretary Pei was about to strike up conversation with the young man then he saw Yu Feng’s arm around the youth’s shoulder. “Let’s go inside to talk.” The secretary was stunned by this movement.

He had a sudden thought, it couldn’t be that the boss had sired a child of this age right? He quickly shook his head and curiously followed the two into the president’s office.

After they closed the door, the whole company knew that the boss who had secretly gone on vacation had come back to work. He also brought the little fresh meat mentioned in the scandal yesterday! The employees were gossiping like crazy.

There was only one person who did not participate, that was comrade Xiong Yuanfei from the technical department. He seemed to be holding a big secret, sitting alone in his seat and savoring his drink.

Things started yesterday morning, Xiong Yuanfei found the host who had been silent for a long time suddenly started a live broadcast. The distressed host told him that he had been traveling for a few days and had neglected his vegetable garden.

Xiong Yuanfei was also distressed so he sent a message to comfort the young man. As a result, when he finished sending the message, he saw someone that closely resembled his boss. Xiong Yuanfei was stunned and thought he was seeing things.

When he wanted to check again, the host had already turned off the camera. Those who only cared about how handsome the person was could not understand Xiong Yuanfei’s mood.

It turned out that the live broadcast brother and the boss really knew each other. They seemed to be close friends. It was like a fantasy!

He helped his boss’s friend’s business! More than once! Suddenly Xiong Yuanfei felt like this might be the pinnacle of his life.

Supervisor Ye Xiaohan, who always liked to watch drama, said in a happy tone. “What? Old Yu brought his rumored boyfriend back? Then I’m going to have a look.”

Before leaving to watch the excitement, he informed the director of accounting. [Old Ji, your ex brought his boyfriend to the company. Let’s go take a look.]

The person who received the message was silent. There was no turmoil in her heart. After all, for someone like Yu Feng, she would rather believe that he is married to his work than dating someone. The boss never seemed interested in either men or women.

“My name is Pei Wen. I am the boss’s secretary.” Secretary Pei stretched out a friendly hand to Su Xing and his eyes flashed with a welcoming feeling.

Su Xing liked this kind of warm person from the bottom of his heart. “Hello secretary Pei, my name is Su Xing. I am a junior student from the same school as Mr. Yu.” While introducing himself, he glanced at Yu Feng.

The other party gave him a relieved look, which made his smile more natural.

“It’s a nice name.” Secretary Pei sincerely praised. His heart questioned the answer of a junior student at the same school? With all due respect, how much of an age difference was there?

Su Xing gave an answer. “There’s an eight year age difference.”

Secretary Pei was taken aback, then said with a smile. “Then you and the boss are really fated.” Was it friendship between brothers for them to cross paths with such an age gap?

“Stop talking nonsense, make him a cup of scented tea.” Yu Feng was a little unhappy seeing Su Xing standing and talking to Pei Wen. He pulled Su Xing’s wrist. “Come and sit down.”

Su Xing naturally followed along. He noticed something off and squeezed Yu Feng’s finger to confirm. “Why is your hand cold? Are you uncomfortable?”

Secretary Pei, who had turned his back to make tea, heard the words and was so surprised that he almost broke the teapot.

“No, I’m fine.” Yu Feng also held Su Xing’s hand, which was warm. “You give me warmth.”

Secretary Pei’s head was filled with question marks. He could not understand their brotherly friendship anymore.

“Okay.” Su Xing obediently sat next to Yu Feng. He held the other’s hand with his own and rubbed to warm them up.

Secretary Pei bravely turned around with a cup of tea to see the scene of the boss and his younger brother clasping hands. A sliver of fearless spirit emerged in his heart.

Su Xing noticed that secretary Pei had turned around, so he was embarrassed to be caught holding his brother’s hand.

“Thank you.” He took the offered tea containing monk fruit and jasmine flowers and took a sip. The sweetness spread on the tip of his tongue.

From secretary Pei’s perspective, every moment was fresh and artistic, like from a movie. Su Xing would be the male protagonist…So Pei did not quite understand, how could this white cloud-like existence have something to do with his smelly copper boss?

It was not just that the two did not match each other, they were people in two different worlds. Secretary Pei thought so and turned his attention to the sitting man. Suddenly there was an overbearing-president-falling-in-love plot template!

The atmosphere was heating up. Someone knocked at the door and the secretary could not bear to open the door and see who it was.

“Supervisor Ye.” The director of the technical department was standing outside the door.

“Secretary Pei how are you?” Ye Xiaohan’s purpose was relatively obvious. “I heard that the boss brought his boyfriend over? Can I meet him?”

Secretary Pei pursed his lips, he figured the man would come and visit without fear of death. He forgot that Ye Xiaohan was impervious to getting glared at. 

Ye Xiaohan passed through the door and entered the room. He saw Su Xing sitting on the sofa and drinking tea, which was completely different from what he imagined. The man was too young and simple. Ye Xiaohan thought this was totally ridiculous and there was no valuable gossip.

“You are really well-informed.” Yu Feng also saw him. “You knew as soon as I got back to the company.”

Ye Xiaohan shrugged, “After all, monitoring the company is in my job description.” He had completely discarded the mentality of gossiping. He changed his attitude to one of sitting down and talking about work with Yu Feng.

Secretary Pei breathed a sigh of relief while holding the pot of tea originally made for Su Xing. He took out extra cups to pour a cup for supervisor Ye and Yu Feng. Then he stood next to Su Xing and quietly said, “They’re talking about work and it will be very boring. Why don’t I bring you on a tour of the company.”

Su Xing nodded, this was a good arrangement. He put down the cup in his hand. “Brother.” He asked the man on the sofa. “Secretary Pei and I are going to tour the company, you talk slowly.”

The entire office was temporarily quiet because of Su Xing’s words.

“Okay, don’t go out for too long.” Yu Feng raised a wrist to check the time. “When I’m done talking, I will show you around in person. Then we can go to the internet celebrity store you mentioned yesterday for dinner.”

Su Xing was surprised because he had only casually mentioned that store to the other party. “Yeah.” He smiled at Yu Feng before leaving with secretary Pei.

These simple interactions were full of intimacy.

“…” Ye Xiaohan felt the face slap come too quickly and kept rubbing his metaphorically swollen face.

“Are you crazy?” Yu Feng looked at him.

Ye Xiaohan thought his boss was the crazy one. The rumor turned out to be real! Yu Feng was no better than a beast! The little boy looked like he had just graduated from high school, a little green plum. Yu Feng, this old dog turned out to have this kind of taste!

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