IPMH Chapter 59

Yu Feng did not hesitate to stand beside his nominal brother and shamelessly evaluate, “It’s very good, better than the cucumber.”

Su Xing was speechless. He was bent down and blushing on the ground. At this moment, when he heard the other’s words, he jumped up and grabbed Yu Feng’s calf.

Yu Feng hissed as he was bitten. “Let go.” He squeezed Su Xing’s jaw so that the other loosened his grip.

“Who let you bully me.” Su Xing stood up and left the yard without his basket.

Yu Feng wasn’t actually hurt. He just pretended to be fierce to scare the child who attacked him. However, he looked at his hand, it seemed Su Xing could no longer be called a child based on what was between his legs. He was already an adult.

Yu Feng smirked without regret, then picked up the abandoned basket on the ground. 

“Brother…” Su Xing returned to the yard when he realized that he forgot the basket of vegetables to pick them up. He saw that Yu Feng had already grabbed them.

“Are you angry?” Yu Feng asked as he handed over the bamboo basket.

“No.” Su Xing took the bamboo basket, turned around and fled to the second floor. Somewhere unseen by Yu Feng, he quietly blushed. Because the sensation of getting squeezed by his degenerate brother remained. The young adult was embarrassed.

But they were both men, Su Xing was preoccupied only for a moment then forgot about it.

“Look at what happened to you.”

On the sofa, Yu Feng rolled up his trouser leg to reveal the place where Su Xing had bitten him. There were deep tooth marks.

Su Xing, who was usually kind to others, smiled and gloated on the sofa. However, after laughing for a while, he grabbed some ointment and rubbed the wound.

“No need.” Yu Feng did not seem to care about the wound at all.

“It’s necessary.” Su Xing retorted.

Yu Feng moved his leg and tried to avoid Su Xing. The latter pinned down the leg. “Just let me put on the medicine.” Yu Feng stilled and stared at Su Xing’s eyelashes which looked like a pair of small fans.

That night, Su Xing had no reason to sleep in Yu Feng’s bed. Although in comparison, his bamboo bed was not that comfortable. “Brother, I’ll go down and rest. You go to bed early.”

Yu Feng grabbed Su Xing’s wrist right after and asked, “What are you talking about?” The ground floor was so sparse, could people live there properly?

Plus there were so many mosquitoes in the mountains. Yu Feng remembered when Su Xing was bitten by mosquitoes and his face was swollen.

“Then you…” Where was he planning on letting him sleep? Yu Feng saw that the little rabbit was arrogant.

“Are you comfortable if I squeeze in with you?” Su Xing was worried about this.

Yu Feng was happy and dragged Su Xing into his lap in fear that he would not believe him. “Comfortable.” He got along well with Su Xing.

“Okay then.” Su Xing also smiled. That was fine, it was not the first time they slept in the same bed anyway.

That night, Su Xing slept in his brother’s room. As usual, when Su Xing woke up, he noticed that his hands and feet were wrapped around his brother.

This was undoubtedly too intimate. Su Xing carefully withdrew his limbs. When he looked at the time, it was already eight in the morning, not too early.

“Brother.” Su Xing woke up Yu Feng. “Get up and wash. I’ll cook soon.”

Yu Feng opened his eyes, turned towards Su Xing and used a hand to block the incoming sunlight. Then he closed his eyes and continued to sleep.

“Brother!” Su Xing’s voice was filled with energy, which contrasted against the other’s mature and lazy style.

“I heard you.” Yu Feng got up and the first thing he saw was Su Xing’s caring face.

He paused, let out a sigh then glanced at Su Xing. “Come back with me.”

“Huh?” Su Xing was surprised and thought he did not hear Yu Feng clearly.

Yu Feng repeated himself. “Come back to Shanghai with me.”

This left Su Xing in a daze. He did not understand what Yu Feng meant for a while. “Brother…”

“Didn’t you insist on coming back because you were worried about uncle Niu and wanted to explain things to him?” Since they had met and said their farewells, Su Xing had no need to stay in the mountains, so Yu Feng proposed that the youth go back with him.

“That’s true, but…” Su Xing felt things were a little messy, especially his brother’s expression. He felt something was off.

“But what?” Yu Feng frowned. “If you think about it, isn’t it troublesome for me to pick you up again in half a month?”

“Eh?” In truth, Su Xing never thought that Yu Feng would drive him again. “I can go directly to Beijing by myself.”

Yu Feng was unhappy and he opened his mouth to give a suitable reason, but found nothing usable. He wanted Su Xing to accompany him. “Needless to say, you come back to Shanghai with me.” He said with finality.

Su Xing closed his mouth. He finally knew what was off. Yu Feng seemed to be clinging to him, Su Xing thought that Yu Feng was someone who was afraid of loneliness like him.

Su Xing could not bear to refuse Yu Feng’s invitation after those thoughts. “Okay, I’ll go back with you.”

Yu Feng nodded and after breakfast, he took Su Xing back to Shanghai. Before Su Xing left, he was still preoccupied and only ate one cucumber.

“Thank you for these past two days.” Back in Shanghai, Su Xing hugged the man who had been driving for two consecutive days before urging him to take a bath and rest.

“Why did you suddenly hug me?” Yu Feng said while stretching his arms around the young man who had not left for bed.

“Um…” Probably because he needed it. Su Xing did not say that out loud. He raised his head and blinked at Yu Feng. “Do you like hugs from me?” If he did not like them, he could change it to silent company.

“What do you mean?” Yu Feng asked.

“That should be something you like?” Su Xing glanced at the arm around him.

“Why have you been so clingy these days?” Yu Feng paused and his scrutiny made Su Xing think he was joking.

Su Xing wanted to vomit blood. Wasn’t Yu Feng the clingier one?

“I can’t help you.” Yu Feng hugged Su Xing like the latter did previously and gave a kiss on the face. “Is this satisfactory?”

Su Xing was so angry his cheeks puffed up and stared at the thief shouting to catch the thief.

“What? You want to give you another kiss?” Yu Feng held Su Xing’s face. “How can you be so shy?”

“You are shy.” Su Xing broke away and depressingly entered the bathroom.

“Su Xing.” Yu Feng shouted from outside.

Su Xing sat on the toilet and did not want to bother people. He felt very sad, it was Yu Feng himself who forced others to return to Shanghai with an expression as if the sky would collapse if he did not agree.

However, after returning, Yu Feng beat him down, saying he was clingy and not ashamed. Su Xing was quite angry.

“I’ll come in if you don’t answer.” Yu Feng knocked on the door twice before opening the door. He found Su Xing sitting with a pouting expression. The act of a child who did not get candy.

Yu Feng approached and poked Su Xing’s forehead while saying, “Are you okay?” He would not go further because he was afraid of scaring Su Xing.

Su Xing was surprised and raised a hand to wipe his forehead. “Who made you kiss me?” He did not mean that.

“I let myself.” Yu Feng turned around and undressed to take a shower.

“You are not embarrassed…” Su Xing’s face flushed and he fled the bathroom.

After taking a shower, it was another day of summer vacation. However, Yu Feng had a job to do, so he could not continue his break. Otherwise, his secretary would hunt him down.

“Su Xing.” Yu Feng spoke to the guy tidying the house like a busy bee. “I’m going to work, do you want to come with me?”

Su Xing naggingly thought that Yu Feng was actually the clingy one. However, it was a good choice to visit a famous game company.

“Okay.” Before leaving, he finished cleaning up and put on clothing suitable for an outing, t-shirt and jeans.

Yu Feng finally noticed that his cub wore two or three sets of clothing over and over again. It was so basic that it was distressing. Yu Feng blamed himself, if he was a woman, he would have discovered Su Xing’s needs long ago.

In truth, Su Xing wore the same outfit, not because of constraints but out of convenience. To put it one way, he was the type of man who did not pay much attention to appearance. Otherwise, he would have been preoccupied with his haircut for longer.

“Brother.” Su Xing suddenly felt nervous about visiting the man’s company. “Will I interrupt your work?”

“No.” Yu Feng responded.

The car drove to the ground floor parking lot below the company. Upon arrival, Yu Feng looked at the slightly awkward Su Xing and stretched out his hand. “Come with me.”

Su Xing could only feel a sense of security while being led by Yu Feng. He breathed a sigh of relief and scratched his ear in embarrassment at his reaction.

He could go up and down the mountains and rivers in the countryside without any pressure. However, once faced with a crowd, there was an invisible pressure that made him breathless. The fear of making mistakes or letting people down, in short it was better to live in the country.

Thinking of this, Su Xing glanced at Yu Feng’s hand and felt warm in his heart. It was thanks to the lovely and upright Yu Feng willing to guide and encourage him. When he was about to give up on himself, Yu Feng rekindled his confidence in life.

Therefore, he and Yu Feng must have had some fate in their previous life and the two of them should take good care of each other in this life.

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