IPMH Chapter 58

Although Su Xing did not know what Yu Feng was doing by suddenly hugging him, based on their current relationship, it was correct to raise his hands and hug back.

“Brother, what’s wrong with you?” Su Xing was nearly a head shorter than Yu Feng. Even if he stood up straight, he could only hold above the other person’s waist. Yu Feng’s body was as strong as before.

“It’s nothing.” Yu Feng was a tad embarrassed. For a man, needing to be relied on would produce instinctive happiness.

Not to mention that Su Xing’s emotions were strong, almost to the point of desperation.

“That’s good.” Su Xing pondered then asked in a dull voice. “Are you angry with me?” He grabbed Yu Feng’s hand and shirt nervously.

Yu Feng keenly noticed those small movements. He was stunned then answered. “I don’t blame you.”

He let go of Su Xing and patted the latter’s sad face. “Su Xing, don’t worry about it.”

Su Xing was relieved and smiled brilliantly. “Okay.”

Yu Feng was blinded and thought to himself that this youth was like a sunflower in the sunlight.

“Take a break.” Yu Feng escorted Su Xing to the sofa. “Are you hungry?”

Since they were in a hurry, the pair did not eat lunch. Su Xing left Yu Feng to drink tea while he went into the kitchen to cook a meal.

“Why is the house like this?” Yu Feng drank tea and walked over.

“I don’t know.” The busy man answered. “My grandpa left this house to my dad, then my dad left it to me. I came back to live here for various reasons and met you.”

“Various reasons?”

“Yeah, I could not accept things after my dad passed away and I did not want to study.” Su Xing said lightly while avoiding certain things to create the proper image of a school-weary youth.

No matter if it was true or not, Yu Feng believed. “I think you became a bit lawless after there was no one to care about you.”

Su Xing responded with a ‘you are so smart’ smile.

Yu Feng sipped some tea with a dry mouth. “You concentrate on cooking, I have a call to make.”

Poor secretary Pei had been waiting for Yu Feng to return to work. But the first thing he noticed was not the boss’s work but gossip about him! It was crazy.

Their ten-thousand year old hermit-like boss would somehow be in the headlines of gossip newspapers. The content was disgustingly explosive! Secretary Pei laughed all morning. He thought to himself that this newspaper cashed out his laughter for the year.

The headline was written with a bold title. [Game Company Boss Yu Feng comes out of the closet in a high-profile manner, showing up in Suzhou with his boyfriend]. Attached was a high-definition picture.

It was indeed their boss, who seemed to be standing by a bridge and enjoying the scenery with a handsome youth. Yu Feng definitely knew the young man, since the youth was watching the scenery while the boss was watching the young man.

Due to such a photo, their boss came out in a high-profile manner. Secretary Pei and Yu Feng’s employees fought to hold back their laughter.Outsiders did not know what kind of person Yu Feng was but how could someone who saw him day and night not know?

So the secretary did not take it seriously. He called the public relations department and debated sending a lawyer’s notice regarding the matter. In the morning, he kept calling Yu Feng’s cellphone but could not get through.

At two o’clock in the afternoon, the other party finally called him back. Secretary Pei straightforwardly said, “Boss, negative news about you was published this morning, but it’s only a gossip magazine and the content is catchy. Do we need to send a lawyer’s notice?”

“What was written?” Yu Feng asked while not answering the question.

“High-profile out of the closet.” Secretary Pei laughed, the magazine was funny. “But who is the young man travelling with you? A relative’s kid?”

That couldn’t be true, who were Yu Feng’s relatives? If they weren’t dead, he did not get along with them. 

“Coming out?” Yu Feng thought about the meaning of the word and showed an unhappy expression. “Is there a concrete photo in the newspaper?”

“No, only your profile.” But Yu Feng was too easy to recognize for others. He knew it was him at a glance.

The young man was not a public figure so secretary Pei figured it should not be a big deal to be photographed.

“Send it.”


“Lawyer’s notice.”

When the secretary heard this, he knew that the newspaper was going to be unlucky.

“Okay.” He asked, “Did you come back from Suzhou?”

The boss answered, “Yes, but I went to another place, so I won’t be back for a while.”

Secretary Pei was silent for a moment before finally asking, “Last question, who on earth were you traveling with?”

He really wanted to know. But it was impossible for him to get an answer because the boss hung up. “What a wayward man!”

Come out? The meaning of this term was generally known to those who had been in contact with the internet. It was for gays who concealed their sexuality from their acquaintances.

When Yu Feng was photographed, he did not guess that the reporter would dare to write nonsense. But it did not matter how it was written, the lawyer notice would still be sent.

“Brother, are you in a hurry?” After eating, Su Xing handed Yu Feng a plate according to his usual habits.

The man did not answer but continued to lazily lean on the sofa and look at him.

“Brother, you really…” Su Xing smiled. He thought he got the other party’s meaning. He sat beside him, speared a piece of fruit and delivered it to his brother’s mouth.

Yu Feng was also surprised as he squinted at the fruit. He could not think of a reason for refusal and happily accepted. When he was finished eating, Su Xing handed over another piece.

When Yu Feng faced Su Xing, his inner goodwill was tapped to the maximum so he would not sit back and enjoy it all by himself. He also picked a piece and sent it to Su Xing’s mouth. Su Xing was taken aback, then ate happily.

But in his heart, he thought that Yu Feng was too lazy to eat fruit but was willing to move for him. It was really touching.

“Brother, are you in a hurry?”

“Not busy.”

Su Xing was happy as he put down the empty plate. He handed a tissue over, “Then don’t rush back and leave tomorrow morning.” Everything was accessible here, it was like Yu Feng had never left his home.

“Can’t bear me leaving?” Yu Feng asked with a smile.

“Yes.” Su Xing answered nonchalantly.

“Then it’s up to you.” Yu Feng agreed. The two of them went into the house to rest.

Su Xing woke up and saw that it was getting late. He immediately leapt from bed, ran downstairs and picked up a bucket to water the vegetable garden.

Such a pity, for the seven or eight days while he was gone, some of the delicate seedlings had been abused by the sun. Only the deep-rooted cucumbers and peppers were still alive. Fortunately, a few of the cucumbers were ripe and it was enough for a meal.

Su Xing picked them off and placed them into his basket. Even if he had to abandon this vegetable garden in half a month, he still watered, weeded and tilled the soil.

Realizing he had not interacted with the audience in the live broadcast room for a long time, Su Xing turned on the camera and focused on the garden, regardless if there was anyone watching.

“Long time no see.” Su Xing smiled, then noticed all the shocked messages. Asking things like, [What happened to your vegetable garden! How could this happen?!].

Su Xing was silently guilty and awkwardly smiled. “I went out to play for seven to eight days and it became like this…”

He continued to say, “They are still salvageable. They should return to full vitality after a few days of watering.”

[Okay.] The audience believed his words and felt a little better.

“I do have sad news to tell everyone. I will be going back to school in the city after summer vacation.” Su Xing revealed.

Obviously, the audience was very curious about the situation, but Su Xing did say much, only explaining. “In the future, I will be focusing on my studies so I won’t have many opportunities to broadcast pastoral life for everyone. But I will still update videos and my learning situation, so some may be interested.”

While talking, Su Xing caught a glimpse of various audience members asking him about his hair. Su Xing angrily turned away and plucked weeds. “I won’t tell you.” The animated anchor worked busily and was no longer distracted by trivial matters.

It was long when a pair of strange legs entered the camera’s range. It fired up the audience in the live room. Mainly because the host had been broadcasting for a while but there were few others in the camera.

“Su Xing.” A low male voice entered the audience’s hearing, making their ears itch.

The audience in the broadcast room: So the anchor brother’s name is Su Xing? Some viewers were focusing on something else: Ahh! Lean down to let us take a peek!

At present, the camera caught the person’s lower half. Since he was too tall, his head was not captured.

“Brother, you are awake.” Su Xing turned around and spoke, already forgetting that he was broadcasting at this time.

By the time he remembered, Yu Feng had already squatted next to him. His entire face was clearly shown in the camera. All chatter in the broadcast room paused for a few seconds, then as expected, it exploded into exclamation marks and emojis.

“Pulling weeds?” Yu Feng and Su Xing were close together. From a distance, their faces were almost touching, their relationship was self-evident.

“Yeah, also catching bugs.” Su Xing said while naughtily sliding a caterpillar in front of Yu Feng. “Hahaha, are you afraid?”

Yu Feng was disdainful of the worm and remained motionless.

“Don’t be afraid.” Su Xing threw away the insect and said with pity, “If only the chicks were here.” He could give them a meal!

Thinking about that, Su Xing noticed his phone and was startled. “It’s still…” The phone was still recording!

He hurried over and turned off the camera before looking at the audience’s reaction in the broadcast room. Yu Feng did not notice anything amiss and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Su Xing put away his phone with a guilty conscience and shook his head. “Nothing.” He raised the basket of cucumbers by his feet. “Look, let’s eat cucumbers tonight.”

The man glanced at the suspicious cucumbers and said, “This kind of vegetable is wicked.” Su Xing was taken aback? Was his brother talking about explicit jokes?

Su Xing’s gaze involuntarily moved downward to stare straight at his friend’s crotch.

“Where are you looking?” Yu Feng noticed and immediately pinched the youth’s cheek to correct his gaze to where it should be looking.

“Haha.” Su Xing smirked and walked back home carrying the basket of evil vegetables.

Yu Feng, who was molested by his younger brother’s gaze, was silent before walking back as well. He ran forward to catch the young man who wanted to run. He held a small cucumber in one hand and leaned towards Su Xing’s lower body.

“Brother!” Su Xing was shocked and cried out. What was he doing?!

“I’m seeing if you and the cucumbers grew well.” Yu Feng stubbornly said.

Su Xing was startled and struggled while bending over to protect himself. “You, how can you do this?” But his brother’s hands were too strong and Yu Feng let go after making the comparison.

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