IPMH Chapter 57

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No matter when he was young or a student, Yu Feng had never been kissed on the cheek. Just now, Su Xing clearly placed a kiss on his face? It was kind of soft with a little moistness. Even if it was only fleeting, it was impressive enough.

The man, who was taken advantage of, squinted his eyes but said nothing. After all, Su Xing’s current state was a child who lacked love. It was completely excusable to behave a bit more dependently on the people around you.

When he turned his head to deal with the luggage, he saw Su Xing near the door, worriedly watching his reaction. Yu Feng walked over in amusement and squinted arrogantly. “Let’s go, you coquettish child.”

Su Xing’s face turned as red as a monkey’s butt and he was speechless. Those words lingered in his mind for a while and would not leave.

At nine o’clock in the morning Yu Feng was driving on the highway. Su Xing slept well last night and was not tired, but did not dare bother the man driving. He took out his mobile phone and played a puzzle game that Yu Feng got him.

According to the other party, this was a small game he asked a programmer friend to write. It was not available for download on the market. The three-hour drive was faster than expected.

At least Su Xing’s cell phone still had a lot of battery, then he felt Yu Feng poke his head with a finger while saying, “How do you get to your house?” It seemed that he was not intending to just drop off Su Xing in town.

“Eh?” Su Xing woke up in a daze and noticed the scenery outside was familiar. “We’re here, I’m sorry I fell asleep.”

His hands on the seatbelt were gripped by another hand while the other party responded, “Su Xing, are you sure you want to get off here?”

There was a tone of dissatisfaction that Su Xing, who had just woken up, could hear clearly. He remembered that his dad said that he should not bring anyone home. However, Yu Feng’s status in his mind was no longer an outsider.

Su Xing looked down at their held hands, his heart moved as he bit his lip. “Please send me the house door.”

Yu Feng let go with satisfaction. “Guide the way.”

Su Xing, who made the decision impulsively, breathed a sigh of relief. He thought as long as he told Yu Feng his last secret, they would have nothing to hide between them. Maybe this was what someone once said about trust between friends.

Su Xing thought about that for a while, then suddenly remembered that he had other secrets, so he had a guilty expression. He never wanted to tell Yu Feng that secret. After all, there had been improvements in their friendship and the information would not affect anything!

At present, Su Xing’s only concern was whether Yu Feng’s driving skills could cope with the mountain road on the way home.

He revealed his worries and Yu Feng suddenly squeezed his face. “Are you worried about my driving skills?” Yu Feng thought to himself, how horrible could a road that Su Xing could handle be?

Facts proved that Yu Feng was good at driving and they soon arrived at town. Su Xing said, “Let’s go to uncle Niu’s house first to give him things.”

Yu Feng had no objections. He brought Su Xing to the legendary uncle Niu without saying a word. Although he was not smiling, he was not rude at all. He just waited for Su Xing to speak with the old man.

Considering that summer vacation was coming to an end, it was necessary to take back the dogs and chickens at this time.

Su Xing said to uncle Niu. “Uncle Niu, please take care of the dogs and chickens. I will come back to see you during the winter vacation. During my absence, you must take good care of yourself.”

Uncle Niu looked at the big bag the child brought back and then at his haircut. He looked very spirited and the old man resolutely nodded.

Su Xing could not bear this kind of atmosphere the most and forced a smile. He hugged the dog that came close to him, bowed his head and pretended to concentrate on his pet.

The unknown man took out cigarettes from his pocket and passed one to uncle Niu while sitting down. “Have a smoke.”

Uncle Niu’s face brightened. He took the cigarette from the boss and ignited it. He took a deep breath. “This cigarette is really good.”

Yu Feng smiled and lit his own cigarette. The two people blew smoke clouds for a while Su Xing was trembling. He wanted to say that smoking and second-hand smoke is harmful to one’s health.

But after thinking about it, uncle Niu rarely smoked, so he chose to stay silent. He also avoided Yu Feng’s gaze. Generally speaking, Yu Feng did not smoke in Su Xing’s presence. It seemed that he clearly knew that second-smoke was bad.

In this way, Su Xing played with his dog while Yu Feng smoked a cigarette with uncle Niu. They stayed about half an hour before setting off again.

“Brother.” Before leaving, Su Xing tugged on Yu Feng’s clothes. “Look, that’s my adult tricycle.”

Yu Feng glanced at his cub’s vehicle and the corners of his mouth twitched to show his appreciation.

“I ride a tricycle to go back, otherwise it is difficult to get out of the mountain.” Su Xing explained.

Before he continued, Yu Feng stretched out his arms and pulled Su Xing back. “Hey, brother…” Su Xing was anxious. “It only takes an hour to arrive.” Su Xing knew it was impossible for the other party to misunderstand his concerns.

But the intelligent Yu Feng ignored Su Xing, sent him into the car and said, “Don’t worry. I have something in mind.”

Su Xing was obedient so far and had to compromise. He pondered the situation for a while. It would not be bad to get along with Yu Feng longer. After all, meeting while separated by his space was different from in-person interaction.

It seemed that Yu Feng was reluctant to leave, otherwise he would have dropped him off in town. Su Xing thought about these things and showed a happy, grateful smile.

When the car reached his courtyard, he did not hesitate to open the door and lead Yu Feng inside.

First he brought the other person to visit the ground floor. “Brother, this is the living room where I usually eat. This door leads to the bedroom. It’s very basic.”

Yu Feng stood in the house and looked around. “Yeah, it’s definitely basic.” He raised an eyebrow, why didn’t Su Xing pour him a glass of water?

Did his friend want him to leave soon? It would not be easy. Yu Feng grabbed a seat and got comfortable.

“Brother, don’t sit down yet.” Su Xing pulled him. “I’ll take you to the second floor.” They should go back to his own home to rest.

“There’s a second floor?” Yu Feng realized that Su Xing was not trying to drive him away so his face softened.

“Yeah.” Su Xing’s palms were slightly sweaty as he led the other man. Tension was inevitable and fear was reasonable.

But things had come to this point and there was no possibility of turning back. So Su Xing could only continue to lead Yu Feng up the stairs and open the secret door.

He stepped aside. “Brother, look.”

Yu Feng was lackadaisical at first, until he saw the scene inside the door and was shocked. However, the first question that came to mind was that Su Xing was a fool. He revealed this kind of secret without any preparation. Had he considered things clearly?

In fact, Su Xing was ready to answer questions but stayed silent since the other party did not ask anything.

Yu Feng grabbed Su Xing’s shoulder with one hand and said blankly. “Do you trust me that much?” Anyone with a brain should know they should be tight-lipped and keep this a secret!

Why would Su Xing reveal this all of a sudden…

“Brother, who else can I trust other than you?” Su Xing responded. “You might not know, if I didn’t have you, I would lose out on this house…”

“What do you mean?” Yu Feng was keen and immediately noticed something hidden in Su Xing’s words.

“It means that you are very important to me.” Su Xing pursed his lips while lowering his eyes.

Such a guilty expression was not enough to fool Yu Feng, an old beast who had a lot of experience, but now was not the time to pry further.

Yu Feng stared at Su Xing and slowly let go. “Really?” Then he looked away, turned and walked into the house he was familiar with.

The young man was under great pressure and leaned against the wall. He took some deep breaths before following.

“Brother…” Su Xing was going to confess his guilt.

“That’s how you saw me before?” Yu Feng looked around the room before returning his gaze to the worried man’s face.

He saw the other party guiltily nod and quickly explain. “But I rarely did anything here, other than cooking.”

Yu Feng believed him, otherwise how would this person not know his address or identity. But he remained silent. His expressionless eyes were firmly locked on the bewildered youth.

“Brother.” Su Xing’s voice trembled, almost begging. If he knew Yu Feng’s reaction would be like this, he would definitely continue to hide it.

The man with an unclear expression walked up to the man who was about to cry. He lifted Su Xing’s chin with a hand. “Look at me. Am I really that important to you?”

Su Xing’s eyes were covered with a layer of mist. He did not hesitate to nod. But why was Yu Feng asking this? Shouldn’t he prioritize asking more important questions?

Su Xing was very puzzled. He heard a low sigh and then was pulled into a warm embrace. He was held tightly!

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