IPMH Chapter 56

Even if they got along well, parting would be inevitable. After the two people played around on the sofa, they quieted down.

“Thank you, I’ve had a great time these past few days.” Su Xing said breathlessly while lying on his back and looking at the ceiling. After saying these words, he looked at the sitting man.

The other person was sitting beside his feet. His slightly messy hair only made him look more handsome. Yu Feng’s heart stuttered as he flipped his head and responded with a hum. This relaxed and approachable appearance was handsome.

“Should we go to bed early?” Su Xing propped himself against the sofa and suggested. “We need energy since we’ll need to drive a long distance tomorrow.”

“Are you serious?” Yu Feng looked at the time and helplessly asked. “It’s only nine twenty.” For Yu Feng, it was only the start of nightlife. But the young Su Xing probably forgot about that.

Su Xing realized that it was too early. He was embarrassed then cleverly added, “Then would it be better to go out for a drink?”

Yu Feng raised an eyebrow, but Su Xing did not notice while continuing, “Now that I think about it, I’ve never been to anything like a bar before. I really want to see what the legendary pub looks like.”

“That kind of place…if you’re too tired then forget about it.” Yu Feng took a deep breath and said, “Go change your clothes.”

He thought a lot in a few seconds. Rather than letting the curious child get in trouble, he might as well satisfy his friend’s curiosity. Five minutes later, Su Xing was wearing his most mature clothes. He was still wearing fitted jeans that wrapped his legs, although they were not very long.

“I’ve changed.” Su Xing smiled when he saw Yu Feng looking at him before pausing. Yu Feng was wearing a black short showing some neck. He was handsome and attractive.

“Let’s go.” Yu Feng was extraordinarily tall and slender. His temperament was cold and arrogant, which made Su Xing almost afraid to approach.

“Okay.” Su Xing returned to himself and followed after.

“Didn’t think…” While the two people squeezed in the hallway to change shoes, Yu Feng turned to Su Xing and said jokingly. “There was a shirt in such a small size.”

Su Xing was confused at first, until Yu Feng finished the second sentence. He immediately turned into an angry bun while thumping the other’s shoulder. “What are you talking about?” Could they still be friends?

Yu Feng walked away after teasing, returning to a more distant position. However this move dispelled any strangeness caused by Yu Feng’s actions. After he changed his shoes, Su Xing could walk forward and could reach Yu Feng’s shoulders.

The funny posture made the person he was holding secretly lower his shoulders a bit. A delicate person like Su Xing would soon discover such a move. His hand slid down Yu Feng’s arm and changed to walking with the arm.

Before, Yu Feng liked to have two drinks at the bar when he had a bad night. He occasionally did not mind if someone came up to talk to him as a distraction. But Yu Feng refused to accept intimacy so anyone who sent him one-night stand signals went home without success.

By all accounts, he had not set foot in such a place for a while. Yu Feng felt a little unhappy when he heard the noisy music again.

It was Su Xing’s first time at a bar. He looked around at the decorations and the crowd. He thought to himself that this was a bar. It did not seem as fascinating as he expected. He looked at Yu Feng, who also looked calm.

Yu Feng took Su Xing to a less crowded counter and ordered two cocktails from the bartender. When Su Xing watched the bartender use dazzling methods to mix drinks, he seemed to have found the fun in visiting a bar. He relished in the experience.

The bartender looked at the two guests in front with shining eyes. Since the drink ordered by the guests was one of the famous couple drinks at the bar. Yu Feng was wronged, he did not mean that at all. He just remembered that this drink had a light taste and was suitable for Su Xing.

“Wow, thank you.” Su Xing sat on a high chair, took the glass the bartender offered and admired the colored cocktail before taking a sip.

In contrast, Yu Feng’s drinking posture could be described as bold and unrestrained. He picked up the drink and had a large mouthful. It was like he was only drinking boiled water. The observant bartender could tell from his drinking posture that the man usually drank strong alcohol like tequila.

The man was likely accompanying the little cutie to drink a light cocktail. It was indeed true. Otherwise, Yu Feng would never drink a sweet cocktail in his lifetime.

“Brother, if we drink this, does it count as drinking and driving?” Su Xing turned to talk to Yu Feng only to see a beautiful woman bent over and saying something to the latter.

Su Xing was speechless, it turned out Yu Feng was accosted by a beautiful woman in the bar. He thought to himself that Yu Feng was very handsome.

“Aren’t you worried?” The bartender watched the scene and could not help but approach Su Xing.

“Huh? Su Xing blankly tilted his head. His hair had grown for a week and was no longer as rigid as before. It even had a somewhat fashionable feel. But only a few points, he stilled looked young and naive.

The bartender had misunderstood that the two were a couple so he said in an annoyed manner. “Go and don’t let him bully you.”

Su Xing was even more confused, who was bullying who? Was he talking about Yu Feng who brought him to play and then left him alone to talk to beauties?

Under the worried bartender’s gaze, Su Xing patted Yu Feng’s arm so the latter turned to look at him. But Su Xing did not know what to say so he looked away in embarrassment.

Yu Feng shifted his hand and turned to say something to the eloquent lady. Said woman angrily left.

“What did she tell you?” Su Xing curiously asked.

Yu Feng squeezed his friend’s face. “What else would a woman talk to a man in a bar about?”

Su Xing understood in a second, then blushed.

“What’s wrong? Do you want someone to flirt with you too?” Yu Feng looked at him with a smile.

“No.” Su Xing denied.

However Yu Feng changed his attitude. Before he avoided talking about this issue, now he directly asked, “Su Xing, are you thinking about women at a young age?”

Su Xing was speechless and glared at Yu Feng. Making fun of him so he no longer wanted to talk.

“That’s not good.” Yu Feng said grandiosely. “You have no one to care for you so your brother will take care of you in place of your parents. Before graduating…” He patted Su Xing’s face. “If you dare to fool around, I will punish you.”

Su Xing opened his mouth to protest and closed it again. It took a while before he nodded. “Fine.”

This obedient appearance made Yu Feng in a good mood. He raised his head to drink while touching Su Xing’s hair. “Good.”

The cocktail still had some alcohol so when they went back, Yu Feng looked for a driver. Su Xing was unhappy sitting in the back row. Yu Feng knew that Su Xing was reluctant to leave.

“Su Xing, you don’t want to go back?” Yu Feng said into the other’s ear. His breath had a scent of wine.

This soft and caring tone grabbed Su Xing’s heart, which made him happy. “Brother.” He whispered.

“Huh?” Yu Feng helped him loosen his collar.

Su Xing’s emotions finally boiled over. He crawled onto the other person and clung to his neck like a child. “Brother…” His voice sounded sad with tears of laughter.

Yu Feng felt heat on his neck and felt this guy did not have a good time before their meeting. Even if he did not worry about food or clothing, he was mentally empty. Even if he could manage his life in a well-organized manner, Su Xing was still a fragile youth.

Yu Feng hugged Su Xing and reached a hand to pat his friend’s thin back. At this moment, he was not bothered by the sudden dependence and even readily accepted that Su Xing needed him.

If Yu Feng’s previous mentality was that the world was not worth it, that it was no big deal if everything was ruined, then now he should live well and take care of his body to avoid Su Xing crying.

Su Xing, who accidentally exploded in emotion, thought Yu Feng had seen him smiling as well as crying. Needless to say, this feeling was really good. Yu Feng was like a second father. He gave him new links with the world and the motivation to live happily.

The next morning, nothing was externally different but something between the pair had changed. They packed their things and went out without any problems. When they went back this time, Su Xing could not be lazy and could only carry his luggage with him.

“Are you packed?” Yu Feng stood at the door and glanced at Su Xing. He came with so little luggage and left with a lot.

One third of it were specialty products purchased during the trip. But Su Xing only went out for around ten days.

Yu Feng frowned. “I think you should leave some of your luggage with me.”

Su Xing thought about it and left a suitcase with his clothes. As for the local specialties, they were bought for uncle Niu.

“Brother.” After everything was set, Su Xing smiled and looked at the older man who helped with luggage.

“What?” Yu Feng looked sideways and noticed that the little bunny’s eyes were a little red.

“Nothing.” Su Xing stood on his toes and kissed Yu Feng’s face. “Haha, I just want to take advantage of you.”

He smiled and ran away, leaving Yu Feng who could not react.

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