IPMH Chapter 55

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Su Xing was really surprised. He could not believe that Yu Feng had said he would accompany him.

First, the two of them were just friends. Their feelings were not to the point one would be willing to make such a big sacrifice. Second, Yu Feng was the president of a large company and would usually be busy. It should not be possible for Yu Feng to accompany a friend to Beijing for study.

Su Xing laughed milkily at Yu Feng’s casual remark. “Mr. Yu don’t make fun of me, I will get angry.” Then he continued to eat fruit.

“Why would I be joking?” Yu Feng caught Su Xing’s wrist while he was busy eating melon, so they were looking at each other.

Su Xing was startled and a bit numbed. He thought Yu Feng’s eyes were super deep. “Eh? It wasn’t a joke?” That was too flattering!

He put down the melon and looked back at the man who was too good for this earth towards him. 

Then Yu Feng continued. “Of course, it’s not solely for you.” He looked at the young man who seemed ready to pounce and hug him. “I already had the idea of going back to school regardless of your decision.”

Yu Feng only said this to appease Su Xing’s unease of his good intentions. Su Xing would be relieved if Yu Feng happened to travel with him instead of specifically following him.

“Okay then.” The young man smiled without teeth. The stone in his heart flew away with that brief dialogue.

Su Xing’s happy appearance in the dim light attracted Yu Feng’s eyes. No matter how he looked at it, Su Xing was special. It made Yu Feng, who disliked socializing, want to tease him at little.

“Do you want something else to drink?” Yu Feng whispered in the little rabbit’s ear. Because there was a little noise nearby and Yu Feng was lazy so he did not want to talk loudly.

When Yu Feng leaned forward, Su Xing appeared to be shy but did not stop the approach. This indicated their feelings as well as showing that the restaurant was a tad noisy.

“Eating too much meat feels greasy, let’s drink some sour plum wine.” Su Xing thought about it and passed the proposal to Yu Feng’s ear.

The man nodded then called a restaurant waiter to order a bottle of sour plum wine. After dinner, they left the restaurant holding hands. Yu Feng occasionally glanced around, since there were no cameras, he grasped Su Xing’s shoulder.

“Where are we going now?” Su Xing hugged Yu Feng’s waist and frankly asked.

“Let’s go where I often buy groceries.” Yu Feng estimated the distance and chose to walk.

Su Xing was a little dizzy after drinking too much plum wine, but felt refreshed as soon as he walked into the shop of ingredients. He walked among the dazzling array of shelves to pick and choose. His headache was gone and he could buy ingredients to bring home. Anyway, Su Xing was in charge of shopping instead of Yu Feng.

Yu Feng’s eyes deepened, he walked over and casually said, “School starts in a few days, why bother going back and forth?”

Su Xing, who was picking up crabs, blinked then pondered for a moment. He seemed to understand the meaning Yu Feng wanted to express.

“No need.” Su Xing understood Yu Feng did not want him on the road, but he had to go back.

Yu Feng did not say anything in response. After all, he was used to Su Xing disagreeing with him from time to time. After returning home, Yu Feng knew that he would need to spend time in the office to deal with official duties after not working for several days.

Su Xing was satiated and sleepy on Yu Feng’s bed. He narrowed his eyes when he felt someone next to him. When he found out it was Yu Feng, he leaned forward welcomingly.

Yu Feng was stunned when Su Xing placed his arm across his chest. He carefully shifted it down and covered it with a quilt to avoid exposure to the cold and getting sick.

Su Xing woke up at seven o’clock in the evening. He had a comfortable sleep. He blinked in satisfaction and yawned a little. Halfway through, Su Xing made an expression of surprise.

Now he finally knew why Yu Feng never washed his underwear in the morning! Because he washed them at night! Su Xing felt envious again.

Su Xing moved his leg, rolled over to the other side and waited for five minutes. After he contentedly got up to make a meal for himself.

Yu Feng waited for Su Xing to leave the room before slowly opening his eyes. Any laziness was removed from his eyes, only leaving scalp-numbing monstrous desires. So Su Xing completely misunderstood the private life of a grown man. It did not have anything to do with stopping the drum and pressing the armor. There was a clear point ready to go.

It was only because of Yu Feng’s abstinence and lack of gossip which would give people the wrong impression.

“Mr. Yu, the meal is ready.” Su Xing called with a relaxed smile as his handsome face appeared in Yu Feng’s field of vision.

Yu Feng propped up his body after solving his physical needs. He glanced nonchalantly at Su Xing and asked him to go out first. 

“Okay, I’ll wait for you.” Su Xing left with a knowing smile, giving Yu Feng private time.

“Stinky boy…” Yu Feng raised his eyebrow, left the bed for the bathroom, washed up and went to have a meal with Su Xing.

The two people at the table naturally did not mention such matters. In particular, Su Xing knew that the man eating with him did not like to speak about private matters at all. Su Xing was certainly not that kind of person bored enough to bother Yu Feng with this sort of thing.

After silently eating to six points full, Su Xing said, “Mr. Yu, you don’t have to send me tomorrow. I can get myself back since it’s not too far.”

Yu Feng immediately frowned, obviously did not want to listen to Su Xing. “Please don’t address me as Mr. Yu.” Did he think that this was being polite? Su Xing did not think this through.

Su Xing thought about it. “What should I call you then?” He saw Yu Feng open his mouth then close it with bright eyes.

Su Xing tilted his head before hesitantly whispering, “Then I call you brother?”

Yu Feng glanced at him and said nothing. But Su Xing could see that he was not satisfied. What should he use then?

Su Xing’s head was empty of ideas and could only spit out, “Brother?”

The word was common and not worse than any alternatives. However Yu Feng was reluctant to accept Su Xing calling him with that term. “Hmm.”

Su Xing’s eyes brightened, he did not expect an easy agreement. “Brother.” He called again.

“Yes.” Yu Feng unconsciously nodded.

“Brother!” Su Xing called once again.

This time the other man pinched  and pulled Su Xing’s face. That caused Su Xing to call out and said he would not dare.

“Naughty.” Yu Feng scolded.

But in truth, his heart was moved because when he was studying, there were no juniors who approached him in friendship. All he could think was that the world was hard to predict.

An unexpected encounter many years later turned out to be a fellow student from the same school. Thinking about this, Yu Feng could not conceal the affection in his eyes towards the young man rubbing his face.

“Are you in pain?”

Su Xing looked at Yu Feng who cared for him and shook his head. “No.” He was still afraid that Yu Feng would get angry. He did not expect the other side to worry about him in turn.

When he got an answer, Yu Feng shifted his line of sight and started to clear the table. Su Xing was surprised and hurried to help. The two men worked together to clean up the kitchen.

Yu Feng stood behind Su Xing and removed the apron. Su Xing’s waist was really thin when compared to Yu Feng’s hands.

“Mr. Yu…” Su Xing had started to speak when his waist got pinched as a warning. Su Xing hastened to correct himself. “Brother…”

Yu Feng whispered into his ear. “Your waist is too thin, you should eat more.”

Su Xing was not happy and retorted. “I eat a big bowl every meal, how is it not enough?” It truly was a large bowl and not small in the least. Besides, young people grew like this and it did not matter how much they ate.

“Fine.” Yu Feng briefly responded.

He walked away from Su Xing to the living room to rest for a while. Then he went back to his office for company business.

Su Xing dared not disturb, although he wanted to talk with Yu Feng since he would be leaving tomorrow.The man who was busy with business also remembered the youth outside. Since he was not motivated, he went out to read on the sofa next to Su Xing.

The other person had long seen him and smiled without teeth. Su Xing slammed into his shoulder like a cute and naughty kid. Yu Feng smirked, put down his glass and rolled on top of Su Xing.

Su Xing was bewildered but realized that Yu Feng was playing around with him. His little heart was about to burst with happiness. When he tried to fight back, he noted that Yu Feng had solid muscles.

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