IPMH Chapter 54

If he recalled correctly, Su Xing did not sleep next to him last night, but slept in another bed. However when Yu Feng looked at his arms, Su Xing was soundly sleeping. His ruddy cheeks were partially hidden, but there was enough to show that the youth’s body was very healthy.

Yu Feng thought about it, his face scrunched up and felt something was off. Before this, he and Su Xing slept in a regular room, one bed per person and did not interfere with each other. They only slept in the same bed the night Su Xing arrived in Shanghai.

But he woke up late that morning and nothing happened. This morning he woke up early…

The nineteen-year-old skunk not only ran to his bed in the middle of the night and squeezed, but he also poked him….Yu Feng was in a complicated mood, along with some consternation.

But since Su Xing was young and a guest, Yu Feng certainly would not make a fuss, nor did he feel offended or unhappy. He just gently moved himself and slept in the neighboring bed. Although he was close with Su Xing, he wanted to avoid suspicion from this sort of thing.

This was Yu Feng’s character.

About an hour later, Su Xing woke up from a dream. When he realized what happened, he whispered something, then got up and washed his underwear as usual. Su Xing had spring dreams since he was thirteen to fourteen around three to four times a month, which was normal.

After washing his underwear for several years, he would certainly be very calm. Su Xing was not shy about washing his underclothes even in front of Yu Feng. Because his father told him that it was normal so men did not have to be shy about it.

Then again, Su Xing had some doubts about he had never seen the other get up in the morning and wash his underwear during the time they had been friends…Was it possible that at Yu Feng’s age, a man would lay down the flag and still the drums? That did not make sense.

Su Xing glanced at Yu Feng’s perfect figure. He refused to believe that a man’s golden period would be so short, it could not be true. It must have been that Yu Feng secretly washed his underwear when he was not paying attention.

Su Xing, who thought he had discovered the truth walked past Yu Feng who was doing pushups with a look of envy.

“You come too.” Yu Feng paused while maintaining his posture and invited Su Xing.

Su Xing was taken aback and waved his hand. “No, no, I can’t do that.” It was too tiring!

“How do you know without trying?” Yu Feng sternly lectured. “Besides, what kind of man would say that sort of thing?” Physical exercise was part of a man’s instinct and nature.

It made sense. “Okay.” Su Xing was persuaded. He took off his sweaty t-shirt and positioned himself next to Yu Feng.

At first, he grit his teeth to keep up with Yu Feng’s rhythm but after a dozen, he was exhausted and could not move his legs anymore. Since doing pushups was hard, Su Xing also felt his waist and arms hurt everywhere.

Yu Feng must have a super physique. He had been doing pushups beforehand and he was still going strong!

“Really awesome.” Su Xing said with envy. Obviously there was an unbridgeable gap between the two. Su Xing smoothly chose to give up.

Yu Feng raised his head and smirked at Su Xing, who he had driven to exercise. He did not say anything further but continued to work out in silence.

Su Xing asked Yu Feng while lying on the floor. “Mr. Yu, have you secretly washed your underwear these past few days?”

Yu Feng almost dropped himself. “What sneaky underwear washing?” Yu Feng’s reaction was serious. “No.”

Su Xing quickly remembered that Yu Feng did not like to talk about colorful jokes. Su Xing smiled and thought Yu Feng was very good and upright, the ideal type for many girls.

Upon seeing this, Yu Feng smiled and cursed the stinky boy but did not take further action.

After morning exercise, it was nine o’clock in the morning. The man led the youth out of the hotel to find food. The boy seemed to heavily rely on the man with a dull face. He followed the other closely when they were out and occasionally pulled the other’s arm and raised his head to say something.

The tall, handsome man seemed to take good care of the boy. Whenever the boy speaks, the man lowers his head and listens. He would either frown, smile or embrace the youth’s shoulders. The two strolled through the streets and had fun.

The reporters followed them all the way. They initially suspected that the little boy was a relative of President Yu but then wondered where did this family member come from? Anyone who paid a little attention to gossip knew that president Yu was a lonely man.

Recently, on the internet he had been dubbed a man who would not recognize any relatives. No matter how one thinks about it, there was no way Yu Feng would bring a relative out for leisure.

Seeing the beautiful boy’s reliance on Yu Feng and their intimate behavior, the reporter figured he knew what was going on. Although Yu Feng was not a part of the entertainment industry, he was one of the leading figures in the business world. That was an indisputable fact.

So it was normal to be followed by paparazzi. But they were pushing it by tracking and taking photos of people’s private lives and relationships. Yu Feng did not expect he would encounter the annoying paparazzi while he was out and about.

When he spotted someone following him, his face soured and he pulled Su Xing in front of him to avoid getting caught on camera.

“What’s the matter?” Su Xing was puzzled and tried to look around in response to Yu Feng’s behavior but was pushed back.

The other party answered in annoyance. “There is a reporter, do not look at him.” Pulling back and forth, their behavior seemed extremely intimate!

The reporter who followed was a straight man, who got goosebumps when he saw this strange scene. President Yu turned out to be deep in the closet. His taste was maddening and disgusting. This news was too hot.

The reporter realized that Yu Feng had shifted the boyfriend to avoid pictures. He knew that the other party must have known that someone was following. He compared his physique to Yu Feng’s and retreated in fright in adherence to the principle of cherishing life.

“Reporter?” Su Xing was taken aback, wasn’t that the career he wanted to pursue in the future?

But he was not stupid enough to think this was a good matter. “Are you photographing you?” His friend was a famous businessman, it was not surprising to be in the news.

Yu Feng glanced at Su Xing, shook his head and took him away from the crowded area. He found a nice-looking small restaurant to have lunch. He guessed that the paparazzi would release a photo of him with Su Xing.

So after returning to the hotel, Yu Feng tucked Su Xing in and then called Pei Wen from the balcony. “Pay attention to the news for the next few days. If there is any negative press about, no matter what, tell me which company I need to send my lawyers after.”

The secretary received the call and was startled. “Send a lawyer’s notice? Really?” This from the boss who did not pay attention to negative press. Yu Feng affirmed. “Yes, report.”

Pei Wen was really shocked. “So sudden, what happened?”

The boss sounded serious, what kind of shocking feat had happened while the boss was outside? Could it be related to the Tang family again? Then that family was really lingering, to the point they wanted to attack their boss.

“It’s nothing, not a big deal. Just deal with it.” Yu Feng ordered but did not reveal any details. When the news came out, Pei Wen would naturally know about it.

“Okay.” Pei Wen answered. “Then when are you coming back.”

To be honest, when the boss suddenly left the company for vacation, he was caught off guard but it seemed reasonable. After all, there had been too many broken things in the past six months.

Yu Feng thought for a while. “Tomorrow.” However returning to Shanghai tomorrow did not mean he will go to work.

Secretary Pei Wen might be happy for nothing.

The next morning, Yu Feng hurried back to Shanghai while Su Xing was eating snacks. They went to eat at a celebrity gourmet shop that Su Xing saw on the internet.

The young man with a healthy appetite chewed his chopsticks and whispered to Yu Feng. “This is the last meal we’ll eat out at a restaurant.”

Yu Feng raised his eyebrows and waited for the other to finish.

“You spent too much money these past few days.” Su Xing shook his head in distress while eating a bite of food. “Tomorrow we will buy groceries and cook for ourselves. It is a better deal.”

“Okay.”  Yu Feng was very cooperative. In truth, he liked Su Xing’s home cooking more than outside stuff.

“When I get rich from work in the future, I will also invite you to dinner.” Su Xing looked at Yu Feng and solemnly promised.

“Okay.” Yu Feng, who usually did not show much expression, had a relaxed smile on his face.

However, Su Xing’s next sentence broke the table’s harmonious atmosphere. “It’s been almost a week since I came and disturbed you. I want to go back the day after tomorrow, are there any problems?”

Yu Feng paused in raising his glass of water then slowly lowered the cup. “So anxious?”

Su Xing answered. “Vacation is ending and school starts soon.”

There was still a question left unanswered. Su Xing lowered his eyes to eat some fruit and faintly said. “I’ll listen to you. I will go back to school after summer vacation.”

Yu Feng paused and looked questioningly at Su Xing. He swallowed and asked, “Are you afraid of being alone?”

Su Xing was startled and nodded. “It should be that.” After all, although the city is lively, it also highlighted the loneliness of a lone person.

“What if I go to Beijing to accompany you?” Yu Feng said.

“Huh?” Su Xing was stunned and almost dropped his melon.

Accompany for studies? He suddenly lost the ability to understand words.

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