IPMH Chapter 53

Yesterday, Su Xing thought about how to not be troublesome to Yu Feng. However the situation has changed, he learned that Mr. Yu was the president of a game company. Su Xing’s head was filled with question marks.

The president of a game company? The one that developed popular games such as Magic Domain and Sky Online?

Su Xing was not stupid, he immediately connected the dots and felt shocked. He took advantage of Yu Feng going to change clothes to do a web search on his phone, directly entering Yu Feng’s name into the search bar.

The first result was a page from the Baidu encyclopedia. Inside were all the information made public about Yu Feng. Su Xing saw many amazing accolades, such as youngest entrepreneur, youngest rich man and so on. It was like reading the male lead’s introduction in a mary-sue novel!

Not to say there was no sense of authenticity but Su Xing felt like the person editing the content was someone who liked to read overbearing president novels too much. There was a feeling of exaggeration mixed with yearning in the words.

Su Xing felt himself smile seeing the word ‘youngest’ added in front of these prestigious titles. He was very proud of his friend. As for any feelings of inferiority, when there is a gap, such emotions are unavoidable. But when the gap is enormous, the only thing left is appreciation!

Towards Yu Feng, Su Xing felt appreciation, mixed with a little worship and who knew how much affection. This feeling was nestled deep into his heart and made him not want to let the other side down. Su Xing felt anxious and his chest tightened.

The feeling of powerlessness and the fruitless struggle of trying was reminiscent of a famous writer who chose to end their life after writing their most famous work.

Su Xing shook his head and decided to make himself a cup of coconut milk with a somewhat somber expression. The usually steady and careful Su Xing accidentally spilled powder all over the table. It was an unsettling sight.

“Are you daydreaming?” Yu Feng suddenly appeared and glanced at the table. It took a few wipes to clean up the table. Meanwhile, Su Xing did not speak and remained in a daze.

Yu Feng looked at him and made his friend a cup of coconut milk according to Su XIng’s preferences. “Here Su Xing.” He watched the little rabbit’s strange expression.

He noticed that his face was unhappy but also his mind had wandered away. As the only other person present, he raised an eyebrow and prepared to ask again. The irritable boss, who only looked for problems from others, reflected on his words for the first time. Was there something wrong with what he said?

However, Su Xing was only embroiled in his thoughts and he came back to himself. He noticed that Yu Feng was looking at him while holding a cup. “Mr. Yu? When did you show up?”

Yu Feng’s expression changed. He bent over and looked straight into Su Xing’s eyes. “Do you have a daydreaming problem?”

He combined Su Xing’s love of reading and these few days of close contact to identify possible problems.

“That’s not it.” Su Xing shook his head.

Then why did he always get distracted with a heavy-hearted look. Yu Feng wanted to ask but handed over the cup when he saw Su Xing’s face. “The next time you want to drink something call me.” This was to deal with Su Xing’s clumsiness.

“Okay, um…” Su Xing responded while holding the cup of milk.

However he was worried about whether Yu Feng was unhappy with him? He looked at his friend’s handsome but stoic face and did not dare to speak further.

Perhaps the warm coconut milk had a pacifying effect or it was Yu Feng’s presence, Su Xing felt the anxiety disappear without a trace.

“When you come to Shanghai, you have to mention the famous Disneyland. It’s one of the places that all students and ladies who visit for summer vacation have to visit.”

Su Xing was startled. He thought he heard wrong, Mr. Yu wanted to take him to Disneyland. My god, what a direct blow to the soul!

“I don’t want to go.” Su Xing held onto the chair and pretended to faint, refusing to move.

Yu Feng, who wanted to take the cub out, was silent. He suspected that he was doing something wrong.

“So where do you want to go?” Yu Feng asked while handing over a tourist map. “Take a look.”

Su Xing did not know that while he was looking at the map, Yu Feng was looking at him with great interest. His fresh student hairstyle framed his elegant eyebrows which was pleasing to the eye. The morning sun shone on his nose and attractive eyes. Yu Feng’s line of sight finally fell on Su Xing’s healthy lips along with his bright temperament.

Yu Feng looked at such a good, honorable youth with a fond heart. He thought to himself, if he had a brother or a son, they would have to be like Su Xing or he would not feel close. After all, Su Xing was both lovable and a great cook who also cared for people. Anyone Su Xing called brother/father had blessings from a previous life.

Su Xing, who did not know he was placed on a pedestal by Yu Feng, carefully looked at the map and unsurprisingly had a hard time making a choice. In the past, he had many ways to find an answer smoothly when he encountered a problem. Now he had even more options.

“Mr. Yu.” Su Xing held up the map. “Do you think it’s better to go here first, or here?” Thin fingers moved back and forth on the map, fully expressing his tangled thoughts.

Yu Feng’s eyes followed the trajectory before making a decision. “First go to the closer one, then the further one.”

If it was too late to head home, it would not matter if they stayed near the attraction for a night. As long as Su Xing wanted to go.

“Okay.” Su Xing had no objections. He looked at Yu Feng’s choice and smiled, the two of them were very good friends.

In fact, there was no difference between the two options, he was just happy to enjoy the beautiful scenery with another person. The two of them going through something together would be the best memory.

Su Xing thought to himself, he would definitely have many nice memories after this trip to Shanghai. With that, Yu Feng who always had little patience for things other than work took Su Xing, who was curious about everything, to many of Shanghai’s famous tourist spots.

They even left Shanghai for the nearby tourist capital – Suzhou. Su Xing also discovered something incredible! It seemed that after spending time with Yu Feng, he previously only wanted to farm in the countryside but now was still curious about the world and filled with enthusiasm.

The best piece of evidence was although travel was very tiring and people would be exhausted, Su Xing’s eyes were still bright. Su Xing realized this when he looked at himself on Yu Feng’s cell phone in the hotel.

What’s more, there were so many pictures on Yu Feng’s cellphone that they made one numb. However, Su Xing took a closer look among these hundreds of pictures, with Yu Feng’s photography technique, only a dozen photos could be collected.

Su Xing selected single people and landscape photos to upload to their accounts. He added a simple description: [Summer vacation, Suzhou and Shanghai]

A lot of people left messages boasting about his new hairstyle. Well there were also some asking him when he would go back to the countryside, when he would live broadcast and so on.

Su Xing sent a mass reply: [Thank you for your concern. I will be back in three or four days.]

After the message, he called uncle Niu and then he felt really sleepy. Yu Feng went out to buy some snacks but had not returned. Su Xing wanted to call him but realized that he was holding Yu Feng’s phone.

He started giggling into the quilt, secretly enjoying the solid and down-to-earth feelings between them. Laughing like this, Su Xing fell asleep.

Yu Feng came back from outside with good food. He walked over only to find that the little rabbit who said he was hungry had fallen asleep. “…”

If it was another person, Yu Feng would have thrown the items at the person’s face. But since it was Su Xing, he did not say anything. After all, Su Xing had set an alarm for the middle of the night in order to take care of his nightmares and protect him from pain.

This time there were two beds in the hotel room. Su Xing and Yu Feng each occupied one, at least until the middle of the night.

At midnight, Su Xing woke up and found that Yu Feng was having nightmares again. “Don’t be afraid.” He soothed Yu Feng as usual, but because he was tired, he fell asleep soon after.

Early the next morning, Yu Feng leisurely woke up and tightened his grasp on the heat source in his arms. He suddenly opened his eyes and was silent. “…”

When he saw the youth in his arms, his face had a strange expression.

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