IPMH Chapter 52

Su Xing used Yu Feng’s hand to mess up his hair so he would look less like a typical student. But there was no use, since Yu Feng indulgently and patiently combed his hair with his fingers. He then said, “Good looking.” with a sincere heart.

Su Xing was silent. He turned a complex look at Yu Feng. He did not believe that Yu Feng would have this aesthetic with his age and status? Unfortunately, with Yu Feng’s sincere eyes, Su Xing affirmed that it was the truth…

“I’ll be twenty in a few months. Are you sure I look good with this hairstyle?” Su Xing pointed at his head.

“How many months?” Yu Feng’s concern was slanted.

“I’ll count.” Su Xing used his fingers to count.

Yu Feng patiently waited on the side. He was not in a hurry to get in the car. Anyways, it was still early and the first floor parking lot was quiet so they would not be disturbed.

“I figured it out, three months and twenty days.” Su Xing happily reported.

Yu Feng calculated the date with the information given. “Okay, I’ll remember.”

Su Xing’s heart was filled with suspicion at that sentence. What did Yu Feng mean? Su Xing looked at Yu Feng who was driving and reasonably suspected that his friend wanted to give him a birthday present?

The little rabbit’s expression was too easy to read. All his thoughts were written on his face for people to see at a glance.

Yu Feng paused, “Few people must know about your birthday.” He made an accurate guess based on Su Xing’s personality. “If you don’t mind, I’ll celebrate with a party for you.”

The atmosphere in the car was suddenly quiet. Su Xing was taken aback, his nose soured and he turned his face away. Mr. Yu, what was with that fairy sentence? It hit him straight in the heart! He was unexpectedly moved!

“Hmmm.” Su Xing nodded. “Of course I don’t mind.”

Then he lifted his head and winked. “When is Mr. Yu’s birthday? I’ll celebrate with you too.”

The man touched his chin. “How would you celebrate my birthday?”

Su Xing was silent in response. Yu Feng drove to his home to pick him up and brought him to enjoy the city scenery. When it was Yu Feng’s turn, he could not pick up his friend to enjoy the idyllic scenery in the countryside!

“Not sure.” Su Xing’s brain turned in circles and he smiled.

Yu Feng laughed though it did not prevent him from speaking and answering the question. “My birthday is the fifteenth of January.”

“That’s a good day.” Su Xing blurted out. He avoided Yu Feng’s eyes, to some extent, he thought it was because of his sour nose from before.

The two people warmed each other’s hearts. They finished the conversation and Yu Feng drove to a nearby shopping mall to buy some necessary items. Then he brought Su Xing home with their large harvest.

It was not until Su Xing looked in the mirror after taking a shower that he realized that Mr. Yu used the two big bags of stuff like sugar-covered bullets (corrupting bourgeois influences). Suddenly, Su Xing’s calm was swept away, leaving a winter northwest wind. He marched towards the bedroom.

However, he was shocked silly by a half-dressed Yu Feng changing the bedroom sheets. “Wait, Mr. Yu, we forgot to buy pillows and bedding.” Su Xing interjected.

Yu Feng turned around. Since Su Xing was busy putting away the purchases, he had already taken a bath. He was only wearing a pair of pants, his sturdy body was the perfect, textbook example of a man’s physique.

The visible abs assailed Su Xing’s eyes and made him unable to stop looking.

“There are pillows and bedding. Come and sleep.” Yu Feng patted the soft bed, encouraging the youth to lay down.

Su Xing thought the same. He had a nap at noon but it was now nighttime. He walked over. It had to be said that Yu Feng’s bed was big enough. Even if one did not sleep well and rolled around, there was no risk of falling.

That was not to say Su Xing was a messy sleeper. On the contrary, he slept very peacefully. He never snored, ground his teeth or moved. However, perhaps due to sleeping more in the day or using a different shower gel, Su Xing had a hard time falling asleep.

At time same time, Yu Feng was right next to him. Under the faint bedside lamp light, Yu Feng warmly glanced at the young man. Sleeping in the same bed was a wonderful experience for him.

One should know, when Yu Feng was young, he would spend time with his girlfriend at the library. They would not do things like a typical couple, let alone being in the same bed. Yu Feng smelled the shower gel scent while his eyes watched his friend’s young face as if he was patrolling his territory. But Yu Feng did not realize these little details.

He quietly admired for a while and concluded that Su Xing was a well-behaved child. Yu Feng reached out to turn off the bedside light. The room fell into darkness, he could not see his hands.

This meant they had to seriously focus on sleeping. Half an hour passed. Su Xing plucked up his courage and rolled to face Yu Feng to whisper, “Mr. Yu, are you asleep?”

Yu Feng’s heart moved as he slowly opened his eyes. “No.”

“Do you want a nighttime snack?” Su Xing threw an olive branch at Yu Feng.

Yu Feng turned on the lamp and saw Su Xing’s eyes had no trace of sleepiness. Half an hour later, two people sat at the table eating freshly prepared seafood vegetable ramen. After things were cleaned up, Su Xing once again climbed into bed and finally slept clutching the quilt.

There was no discomfort from being in a foreign city or in someone else’s house. Mostly because Yu Feng was so accommodating to him. Even when brushing his teeth, he was handed a toothbrush with toothpaste already on it.

Things were great! Su Xing smiled in his sleep, as if dreaming of a wonderful future.

The next morning, Su Xing was not fully awake but he felt like was suffocating under the force of Mount Tai. The uncomfortable feeling made him open his eyes and realize something was off with his line of sight.

He realized that Mr. Yu’s shoulders were blocking his view and he was being treated like a human-shaped pillow by the taller man. This was the cause of the suffocation feeling. Su Xing was nice and did not think of breaking free yet.

He pushed against the strong chest. “Mr. Yu, it’s morning, get up.”

Su Xing repeated himself three or four times. The other man, who had long awoken but did not want to move, finally rolled over and let go. Su Xing could finally catch a break. He fled to the bathroom to wash up and worried about his future wife since Yu Feng’s sleeping posture was so wild and unruly.

The young man was refreshed and ready to cook a delicious breakfast. With his skills and the many ingredients in the fridge, Su Xing could pick a few things and make a complete and delicious meal.

As soon as Yu Feng was fully awake, he immediately smelled food in the kitchen. Su Xing usually cooked for him in a place he could not see, so it was the first time he truly stood in the kitchen like this.

Yu Feng got up without thinking and went to the kitchen to see for himself. The youth was wearing an apron while cooking and smiled in surprise. But there was something cooking in the pan so he greet his friend and continued to cook.

It was a different Su Xing compared to what Yu Feng usually saw. Now standing in front of him, Su Xing looked very independent.

Yu Feng shook his head, contained his thoughts and went to the washroom in order to wash up. When he came out, Su Xing’s breakfast was ready. It was simple potato pancakes with vegetable soup.

“Sorry, I woke up late today, so it’s only something simple.” Su Xing knew that Yu Feng went out at nine o’clock each morning, so he dared not delay.

“Su Xing, why are you being so polite.” Yu Feng continued while pulling Su Xing to sit down and placed a potato pancake into his bowl. “I know that you have done a lot for me, I won’t forget to thank you for the help.”

Because I will also be good to you, Yu Feng’s mind added.

“Okay…” Su Xing thought it made sense. Mr. Yu was a close friend so it was not appropriate to be overly polite all the time. It was better to be direct, especially with their friendship.

“You eat too.” Su Xing returned the favor and added. “Drink some soup too.”

Yu Feng tenderly patted Su Xing’s shoulder. He happily enjoyed Su Xing’s care with tender eyes. The usual burning desire to smoke a cigarette did not appear this morning. Yu Feng had many things to think about after last night’s comfortable rest.

He admitted to himself that humans were indeed social animals. Also that people at a certain age…would yearn for a family life.

“Mr. Yu.” Su Xing raised his chopsticks and noticed Yu Feng was still at home. “Quickly change clothes and go to work, it’s getting late.”

Yu Feng’s thoughts were interrupted and he waved a hand. “Not going to work, I’m accompanying you these next few days.”

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8 thoughts on “IPMH Chapter 52

  1. Happy belated new year! Hopefully this year would be better than 2020.

    Also, thank you for the chapter! Hahhaha, our MC and ML still not in the same page.

    YF: (clenches fist) I will be good to you from now on, no need to be polite with me…
    SX: Ah, you’re a really good friend, Mr. Yu.
    YF: (downcast after getting the good guy card) Oh…

    Hahahha, jiayou Yu Feng!


  2. thanks for the chapter!

    yearning for domestic life indeed… when i was a teen i was so opposed to being tied down, but now that i’m in my 20s, all i wanna do is find a nice wife and be a good stay at home spouse 😔 nicki minaj was right… yes i do the cooking… yes i do the cleaning…


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