IPMH Chapter 51

“What’s wrong?” Yu Feng noticed the little rabbit gave him a subtle look over and could not help but look at himself, was there something wrong?

He was wearing some gray-blue casual cotton clothes. They wrapped up his tall and strong body, hiding away his typical sharpness. Overall, it was a hundred times softer than his usual suit and tie attire. He acted carefully, especially since he suspected Su Xing was in his rebellious period.

“Nothing.” Su Xing shook his head and continued to joyfully drink his coconut milk. He swung his dog-slipper feet under the sofa, which showed that he was in a happy mood.

Yu Feng was an observant person and had already seen Su Xing’s emotions in his eyes. He made sure to not raise the corners of his mouth.

Su Xing finished his cup of warm coconut milk in silence, before yawning and wanting to rest. He did not know when Yu Feng took away his pillow and the cup in his hand.

“Go and have a rest.” Yu Feng’s voice sounded magnetic.

Su Xing did not refuse. He obediently got under the covers. He slept particularly well and it was getting dark when he woke up again. He sat up and looked around in a daze with messy hair. Where was this place?

It was not until he saw a figure sitting on the corner sofa, reading a book, that he remembered what was going on. He came to Yu Feng’s house for summer vacation!

Su Xing was now fully awake and looked at Yu Feng on the sofa. He felt the man reading under the lamp light had a hazy yet clear aesthetic. The combination of these two contradictory words somehow created an image of harmony.

There was no doubt that Yu Feng was an excellent and promising man. Su Xing sighed, he was a good friend of Yu Feng, yet he was just a poor dog.

Su Xing did not know how long he stared at Yu Feng, but he noticed something strange. Why was Yu Feng taking so long to read one page?

“Are you awake?” Yu Feng looked up at the young man who had been watching him since he awoke.

“Hmm.” Su Xing looked around and noticed the position he had been lying in. “I’m sorry Yu Feng. I took over your bed.”

“It doesn’t matter, I invited you as a guest. You don’t need to be polite.” He put down the book in his hand. “Get up and change your clothes, let’s head out.”

“Okay.” Su Xing was no longer tangled. He came down from the bed, found that he was dirty and ran into the bathroom. He washed his face, combed his hair and changed into a regular t-shirt and jeans along with a pair of solid canvas shoes.

This kind of style was smooth for Su Xing and pleasing to the eye. It gave people a good first impression. In short, elderly aunts liked it best. Yu Feng also liked it and gave Su Xing a few looks without saying anything.

He silently waited for Su Xing to wear his shoes before leading him out of the door. The two exited the elevator while Su Xing tried to keep up. He clicked his tongue and thought Yu Feng’s legs were really long!

One step for the other was equivalent to two steps for him! What an enviable figure. Su Xing hoped that he would one day grow as tall as Yu Feng. Then he looked at his arms and thought, that was a little unrealistic.

This was Yu Feng’s first time taking someone out. He opened the side door only to see that Su Xing had not moved. He coughed as he looked at Su Xing’s idle legs.

“Mr. Yu! Where are we going?” Su Xing got off the car, had dinner and then went back into the car.

With his excellent memory, he looked out the window and found this was the way home! Was Yu Feng taking him to see the prosperity of Shanghai? Su Xing thought this and immediately built up an extravagant life in Shanghai.

A big hand reached over to interrupt Su Xing’s daydreaming and rubbed his slightly longer hair. “Take you to cut hair.”

Three things that must be done for children during summer vacation: eat, buy clothes and cut hair! Since Su Xing’s hair was too long, they skipped buying clothes for now and Yu Feng directly went to a salon he frequented. He also asked his usual stylist to cut Su Xing’s hair.

“What kind of haircut do you want?” The stylist was surprised and looked between Su Xing and Yu Feng, wondering about the relationship between the two people.

Su Xing knew that getting one’s hair cut was a big deal. He had to think about it in order to avoid an unflattering haircut.

“Student style.” Yu Feng said, ignoring Su Xing’s startled look in the mirror.

“No, I want something more handsome.” Su Xing fought for his choice.

“Student style.” Yu Feng said to the stylist, not taking Su Xing’s appeal into consideration.

Stylist Aaron nodded, he figured out what relationship the pair had. So he did not consider Su Xing’s opinion and went in accordance with Yu Feng’s advice. Su Xing’s face was smooth and full. His features were handsome and youthful. In the stylist’s eyes, Su Xing had a young charm that was really suitable for student hairstyles.

If there was no natural, youthful feeling from Su Xing, cutting a rigid style would be like painting a tiger as a dog. Su Xing watched snippets of hair get cut by scissors and fall onto the ground.

“Mr. stylist, I want a handsome cut.” Su Xing whispered since he saw Yu Feng was outside smoking. Don’t just stare and cut his hair.

“No young man.” Aaron shook his head and the scissors continued to cut.

Su Xing frowned and said, “Why not?”

Aaron patiently answered, “I listen to whoever pays.”

“I’ll pay for it.” Su Xing appealed to the hairstylist. “I’ll pay, please give me a cool hairstyle.”

Aaron shook his head, but he had a happy smile on his face. His next words made Su Xing’s eyes widen. “I can give you a cute hairstyle.”

Su Xing was confused. He stared at the stylist in the mirror, then sadly dropped his eyes. He no longer spoke or looked at Aaron. The stylist laughed so hard his shoulders started shaking.

Yu Feng was standing outside for a smoke but he saw Aaron laughing strangely through the window. He furrowed his eyebrows and frowned before taking one last drag then throwing the cigarette into the trash. After that, Yu Feng stood next to Su Xing and did not leave his side.

Su Xing and Aaron were shrouded in invisible pressure and felt their hearts pound. Why was the air so heavy?!

“Okay.” Aaron finished the last cuts.

“Are you sure?” Su Xing’s eyes were wide as he saw the results. The youth who looked fifteen or sixteen was him!

“Very good.” Yu Feng nodded in satisfaction and then went to pay.

Su Xing sat in the chair and removed the cover. He immediately ruffled his hair, which restored a young person’s usual appearance.

“You came to Shanghai for summer vacation?” Aaron asked Su Xng when he saw that Yu Feng was gone.

“Hmm.” Su Xing nodded in high spirits.

“How do you address him?” Aaron asked while the man was at the counter.

Su Xing understood what Aaron meant. He closed his mouth and said nothing. He suddenly felt that Mr. Yu was a tad distant. They were closer than that.

Aaron noted the silence and thought Su Xing was still angry. “Haha, he’s doing it for your own good. After all, you’re still studying, right?”

Su Xing calmed down and thought that made sense. “Yes.”

“What grade are you in? When is your university entrance exam?” Aaron patted the young man while thinking that he was a high school student.

The young man, who had been looking better, instantly glared and no longer spoke.

Yu Feng quickly returned and pulled Su Xing to his side. He looked at Aaron. “What happened?”

Aaron was stared at by the young man’s parent but he was confused. “I…” Didn’t do anything. But something happened to make the youth sad…Aaron felt like pulling his hair!

“Let’s go.” Yu Feng escorted Su Xing out of the blacklisted hair salon.

Su Xing certainly did not know about Yu Feng’s decision. He felt like a broken winged angel and wondered when his hair would grow out. Would it recover in a month? What if he added beer and ginger to his hair? He did not notice the arm around him, nor the other’s dark expression.

“What did he do to you?” Yu Feng bent over the young man, who seemed scared as he sat in the passenger seat.

“Eh?” Su Xing turned his head in a daze when looking at Yu Feng’s face in the light. If he had a face like Yu Feng, any hairstyle would be suitable!

“Did he harass you?” Yu Feng’s voice was calm but his fingers gripped the car seat and it was hard to hide the danger in the words.

“Harassment?” Su Xing thought and figured Yu Feng wanted to know why he was not happy. “No, he just said I looked like a high school student and wanted to give me a cute haircut.” 

That was what he was angry about. But it did not matter now, he can change things back in a month.

Yu Feng was speechless. His sharp eyes swept past Su Xing’s silly face and he thought about other matters.

“Mr. Yu, what’s wrong?” Su Xing noticed him still not leaving.

“It’s all right.” He raised his hand, intending to ruffle Su Xing’s hair but then he remembered his friend had some scruples about the haircut.

Su Xing’s eyes lit up, he quickly grabbed Yu Feng’s palm and used it to ruffle his hair while laughing. Yu Feng had a soft look, this clean smile washed away his anger at the ugliness of the world.

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  1. Wait, so how short is his hair exactly? Could someone who understands link me an example pic? xD
    Thanks for the chapter~
    Btw I kinda wanna smack Yu Feng haha. Having sth like a haircut decided for you without the opportunity to decide yourself wouldn’t sit well with me personally. Like come on, it’s MY hair ( ̄▽ ̄) XDD

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  2. ty for the chapter legend 😚 happy early new years! remember to pamper yourself every now and then!

    these two are so tooth rotting


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