IPMH Chapter 50

Originally, Su Xing just mirrored Yu Feng’s show of goodwill. He wanted to hug the other party and use this action to stop his mouth from saying the wrong thing. Hugging was an excellent way to express one’s feelings. Yu Feng would receive his intentions and he would not have to say much.

As a result, the two shared a strong hug. Su Xing felt like a koala hugging a tree trunk. He looked down at their posture to find Yu Feng kneeling while he was draped over his shoulders. Su Xing felt his heart warm and thought, how could there be such a kind person in this world?!

A person who was not blood-related, who was not obligated to care for him, drove several hours just to pick him up. Su Xing knew good and bad so he tightened his grip on Yu Feng, transmitting his feelings through his actions.

The man getting hugged stiffened but his heart softened. This kid was not lazy or acting out, likely embarrassed at his situation. Now he was being nice and the other party immediately approached without scruple.

Yu Feng’s mood was quite complex. His deep eyes showed helplessness, relief and an inexplicable sense of achievement. At first, he invited Su Xing over to educate him well and have him return to school.

In the end, Yu Feng saw Su Xing but did not say anything straight away. He was shocked by the other’s obedient appearance and put away his usual temperament. He only cared about whether the other party was cold, hungry or tired. These feelings suddenly awakened in the twenty-seven year old.

Yu Feng wondered if he developed fatherly feelings because of his biological clock since he was not married and did not have children. He frowned as he glanced at the person on his shoulder, even if he developed paternal feelings, it should not be for an older child…However he felt chills when imagining himself holding a baby. He felt holding Su Xing was more suitable.

“Mr. Yu, are you cold?” Su Xing separated and looked down at his friend. “Is the air conditioning too low?”

When Yu Feng left in the morning, he did not turn off the air conditioning so it was particularly cool when they entered the door. “No.” Yu Feng shook his head and stared back at the youth.

“Hmm.” Su Xing was a little embarrassed. After all, his actions just now were a tad coquettish. But the other party was Yu Feng, so there wasn’t really an issue.

Yu Feng stood up and spoke to Su Xing. “You are tired. I’ll bring you to the bathroom to wash up and then you can sleep.”

Su Xing also stood up and smiled. “Mr. Yu, did you forget? I might be more familiar with the house than you.” He did not need to escort him.

Yu Feng of course understood Su Xing’ meaning. He was not angry and ruminated instead. He must have owed Su Xing something in his last life, why else would he be so indulging since their first meeting.

Since Su Xing was familiar with the house, he was free to move. “But…” Before he went to the bedroom to change, he remembered an issue that made him frown. “I don’t have an extra room, so there’s only one bed.”

A four room, one bedroom house was really big. However, when Yu Feng furnished the house, he did not want to let anyone else live inside. This was his private space, except for a few friends visiting, Su Xing was the most familiar with the apartment.

“Eh?” Su Xing also remembered the issue. He did not think it was an issue as he looked at Yu Feng’s sofa. “No matter, your sofa is very soft. I slept on it a few times.”

Yu Feng blinked at Su Xing’s words. He looked at his sofa and wondered when Su Xing slept on it?

“Don’t worry Mr. Yu. I have not spied on your privacy in the bath or anything.” Su Xing waved his hands to clarify himself, but his momentum weakened when he realized. “…I’ve been in your bedroom though.”

“In my bedroom?” Yu Feng’s voice was confused.

“Yes…” Su Xing’s heart tightened but he continued to explain. “The first night I returned to the countryside, the first floor of my house was not habitable after a decade of neglect. So I spent the night in your home.”

That was the night the two first met.

“Yu Feng, you seemed to be in a bad mood. You were smoking and drinking in the living room at night. After getting drunk you went into your bedroom to sleep. I…”

Su Xing trailed off and Yu Feng asked, “You what?”

Su Xing grimaced. “I helped take off your shoes and trousers…” He whispered and felt like crying. “Now that I think about it, I did the wrong thing.”

“What’s the issue? You helped me and I don’t see anything wrong about that.” Yu Feng frowned.

Su Xing perked up at not being blamed. “You don’t think it was unreasonable?”

“No.” Yu Feng was direct.

Su Xing got a positive answer, so he continued. “That night you looked trapped in a nightmare and there was a lot of sweating. I did not know how to help, only could wipe away your sweat with a hot towel. You were fine after a bit.”

Yu Feng’s eyes widened in surprise and something was brewing in his eyes.

The atmosphere was good, since Yu Feng seemed okay, Su Xing was destined to be honest and did not stop speaking. “Since that day, you usually had nightmares around two o’clock in the morning. I slept on the couch and set an alarm to help get rid of them.”

Then he moved into his own house. Su Xing spoke in an ashamed whisper. “After moving to my place, I did not go to see you for several days.”

But this information was enough to shock Yu Feng. He did not think that Su Xing had done so many things in private.

Looking at the guilty little rabbit, Yu Feng could not help but pat his shoulder. “I am not blaming you, I’ve been much better.”

At that time, he thought that things were a result of eating and sleeping well. Now he knew that someone had foolishly set up an alarm to help chase away his nightmares. When he looked at Su Xing, his eyes were full of undetermined emotions.

But Yu Feng was a stoic man, a warm hug was the limit for his expression of feelings, any more would be awkward.

“Go ahead, we’ll talk more when you are rested.” Yu Feng said to Su Xing.

“Okay.” Su Xing said what he wanted to say and received Yu Feng’s understanding. He felt refreshed, like after expelling impurities.

He entered Yu Feng’s apartment, opened the cloakroom and found the suitcase he transferred. Clothes and supplies were there so he could take them out to use. 

“What a wonderful feeling…” Su Xing hummed a tune while heading towards the bathroom.

The man stood in the corner and listened carefully to Su Xing’s movements. When the door closed, he acted as if he woke up from a dream before heading back to the bedroom.

After Su Xing took a bath, he went looking for Yu Feng while wearing summer pajamas. “Mr. Yu, do you have extra pillows and sheets?”

“No.” Yu Feng responded.

Su Xing fixed his eyes on the two pillows on the big bed in the room.

Yu Feng followed Su Xing’s line of sight, his face remained calm. “It’s not good for you to sleep on the sofa. You can take the bed.”

“Eh?” Su Xing retreated. “But Mr. Yu, the sofa is too short for you. It’s better for me.” Because his legs were short!

That was an issue. “Then I’ll sleep in the bed too.” Yu Feng said.

Su Xing looked at the bed again and his mind automatically calculated how much space would there be if he shared with Yu Feng? 

“Well, I still think I should sleep on the sofa.” He mainly considered, since Yu Feng was so tall, he would easily get flattened.

“Are you thirsty?” Yu Feng frowned at Su Xing’s conclusion and decided to change the topic. “Come on, I’ll get you something to drink.” Su Xing followed along.

After a bit, Yu Feng heated up water to make a cup of warm coconut milk. He stirred with a small spoon. “How much sugar?”

Su Xing quickly put up two fingers. Yu Feng nodded and put two sugar cubes. Su Xing took a sip of the coconut milk and sighed in relief. One hand was hugging a small pillow while the other was holding a hot drink.

At the same time, he remembered there wasn’t any coconut powder in Yu Feng’s house before! There weren’t any sky-blue and yellow chick patterned towels in the bathroom! Su Xing was very confused when he looked at the dog-head slippers on his feet.

“….” Did Yu Feng hurriedly prepare these things yesterday? Su Xing thought it was very likely. Yu Feng was so cute!

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