IPMH Chapter 49

It was not an exaggeration to say that Su Xing’s hometown was a small place. The most iconic location was a hamburger place in the heart of the town’s busiest district. Su Xing stepped into here, not to eat but to wait for someone else.

He looked like a student, especially with his backpack. He sat near a tall window and looked at the vehicles passing by on the main road. Of course he knew Mr. Yu would not arrive immediately, but he could not help but look.

Su Xing had breakfast early that morning since he woke up just before dawn to cook. So he was hungry at ten o’clock while smelling food. At eleven o’clock, Su Xing felt tangled, should he eat first or wait to eat together with Yu Feng?

Then he pondered, did Yu Feng eat fast food? After Su Xing thought that, he lined up and leisurely ordered a meal. He asked one of the employees for a cup of hot milk, a chicken wrap and french fries.

In truth, he usually did not have a chance to eat these things. It was a fresh change of taste. After eating, Su Xing felt that occasionally eating a chicken wrap was great along with the french fries.

The issue was that it was past eleven o’clock and Yu Feng’s car was nowhere to be seen on the road. Su Xing was afraid of bothering the other person while driving and dared not to call. However he was worried in his heart.

Around eleven-thirty, Yu Feng arrived at the agreed place in his black SUV. He stopped at the side of the road and wanted to call Su Xing but he saw a figure in the shop. Although he was not certain it was him, it did not stop him from walking through the door.

He walked into the shop and saw the same figure from two months ago, someone thin, clean and full of student spirit. Yu Feng who often mixed with city circles, looked very out of place. How he and this pure rabbit became friends Yu Feng did not think about as he approached.

The closer he was, the more he could feel Su Xing’s pure and peaceful atmosphere. At this moment, Su Xing was resting his hands on the table, reading a book he had brought out. His slightly longer hair covered half his face, only showing the tip of his noise and chin.

Yu Feng silently walked beside the table. He lowered his eyes and glanced at the pair of thin arms holding a ballpoint pen, twirling it around from time to time. Was this the Su Xing who said he hated learning?

Yu Feng thought to himself, wasn’t his friend studying well? Su Xing felt something similar as he was immersed in learning.

He looked sideways and noticed a pair of legs. He choked, realized something and sharply looked up.

Unlike Yu Feng who saw Su Xing two months ago, the latter saw Yu Feng everyday so he was not affected by the other’s appearance. He stood up and blurted, “Mr. Yu, when did you arrive?”

Su Xing’s face had a small happy smile because of their meeting, though it was not obvious on the surface. Yu Feng raised his eyebrows at Su Xing’s calm appearance but did not say anything. He nodded in response and looked at Su Xing’s book, “Have you been waiting for a long time?”

“No.” Su Xing shook his head then put the book on the table into his backpack. “Mr. Yu, are you feeling tired?” He looked directly at Yu Feng, his eyes filled with straightforward concern.

After all, in Su Xing’s eyes, the two of them were friends and did not need to exchange polite small talk.

“I’m fine.” Yu Feng was not tired. He reached out to Su Xing. “Give it to me.”

Su Xing followed Yu Feng’s line of sight and saw his backpack. After thinking about it, he handed it over to the other party. As it turned out, Yu Feng was simply carrying his bag for him.

“Let’s go.” One hand lifted Su Xing’s backpack, the other held Su Xing’s hand as the two exited the shop.

Su Xing was startled but could only focus on keeping up since compared to Yu Feng, his legs were too short. He then seated himself in the SUV’s passenger seat.

“Fasten your seat belt.” Yu Feng whispered, then did it himself upon seeing Su Xing in a daze.

“Thank you.” Su Xing looked around at the interior of the vehicle and suddenly grinned.

Yu Feng was always aware of his surroundings and asked without thinking. “What’s the matter?”

Su Xing started. “Nothing.”

“Okay, let me know if you feel any motion sickness while I’m driving.”

Su Xing nodded. “Okay.” He shrunk in on himself.

It was not deliberate, but Su Xing did not know what to talk about with Yu Feng. But it was not good to be silent.

Su Xing opened his mouth. “Did you drive an off-road vehicle because I told you about the mountain?”

Yu Feng glanced at him but did not deny it. “Are you cold?” He was a man of few words as he fiddled with the air conditioning.

“It’s not cold.” The temperature was comfortably cool, Su Xing even felt a little sleepy. Before the car reached top speed, he fell asleep sideways.

Yu Feng parked the car on the side of the road, took a blanket from the back and covered Su Xing. Then he continued driving. During that time, Su Xing slept like a log and did not stir.

The car was so quiet that Yu Feng could not help but worry. He wondered if Su Xing did not sleep at night? Otherwise he would not be resting like this. With that, Yu Feng drove non-stop on the road for six hours to make the roundtrip back to Shanghai.

Su Xing woke up when Yu Feng declared, “We’ve arrived in Shanghai.”

“Eh?” This was the first time the youth had gone to Shanghai so he looked out the window. He saw the high-rise buildings that were similar to Beijing.

“Are you hungry?” Yu Feng watched the back of Su Xing’s head. His heart was secretly uneasy as this was the first time he had to take care of Su Xing.

For example, he thought Su Xing might like to eat fried chicken burgers and other junk food but he was not sure if that would satisfy his friend.

“Hungry, what are we going to eat?” Su Xing thought of the ingredients in the fridge. “Do you want to go home and I can cook for you?”

That proposal was immediately rejected. “No need for cooking, I’ll take you out to eat.”

Eating out for a long time would be tiring, but fine occasionally. It was acceptable for Yu Feng.

“Okay.” Su Xing had no complaints. One, he was a guest and second he felt reserved and did not want to make any mistakes.

Yu Feng took Su Xing to a nearby restaurant. They ordered grilled fish, roasted lamb chops and mushroom soup. When Su Xing saw the lamb chops, his eyes lit up and he dropped his restraint. He picked up a piece and gnawed, his cheeks looked like a hamster’s.

Yu Feng watched from the opposite side, his fingers felt itchy and he had an impulse to poke the other’s cheeks. Eventually, Yu Feng drank some soup to dispel the idea.

Su Xing noticed something but also lowered his head to drink some mushroom soup. He smiled at Yu Feng while also licking his lips from the delicious soup before continuing to eat lamb chops.

Yu Feng coughed twice to the side while wiping his lips with a wet towel. He was evidently full and waiting for Su Xing to finish. Su Xing finally finished the last lamb chop and patted his stomach in satisfaction. But looked pityingly at the unfinished grilled fish.

Su Xing’s expression was easy to understand, Yu Feng did not need to guess what he was thinking. “If you think it’s delicious, I can bring you again.”

“It’s alright.” Su Xing did not want Yu Feng to overspend. “We can buy lamb chops and make them ourselves.” When he said that, his eyes flashed with energy.

“Okay.” Yu Feng lightly responded.

He looked at the time, five o’clock in the afternoon and guessed that Su Xing must be tired. He took the other home. Su Xing stood at the door of this familiar home and his heart thought back to when he first went back to the countryside.

He looked inside the hallway and then looked at Yu Feng in confusion. The other side urged him, “Su Xing, come in.”

Su Xing did not want to arouse any suspicion. He smiled at his friend, walked in and sat on the ground to change into slippers.

This rabbit was far less lively and cheerful in reality when compared to during phone calls. Yu Feng thought about that while looking at Su Xing’s head.

When Su Xing changed his slippers and was ready to get up, he noticed Yu Feng crouching and looking at him like he was studying something.

“Su Xing…” After the pair looked at each other for a bit, Yu Feng gently rubbed Su Xing’s head. “I am not sure about your thoughts, but you can think of me as a family member.”

Su Xing was obviously startled and his eyes widened. “Yu Feng…”

“Okay, I know you are feeling down.” Yu Feng sighed in his heart. It was inevitable that the youth could not be strong when hurt.

Su Xing’s head felt warm and he looked warmly at Yu Feng, no longer separated by formality.

“Thank you.” Su Xing was very moved and he accepted Yu Feng’s gesture. He reached out to the other for a hug between friends?

That sudden thought interrupted Yu Feng’s encouragement. Yu Feng patted Su Xing’s head while they hugged, he figured this was effective encouragement. A child who was happy would also work hard.

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