IPMH Chapter 48

Su Xing did not intend to trouble Yu Feng with his schooling matters, but that was what inevitably happened. He blamed that their relationship had improved to the extent where Yu Feng could not idly sit by.

He sighed in a self-deprecating manner, “Mr. Yu, this situation won’t be resolved in a day or two. You focus on your work and don’t worry about me.”

Yu Feng quickly answered. “No way, how can I sit back and ignore this?”

 Su Xing was certain that Yu Feng was outerly cold but warm inside, especially when caring for his friends. He appreciated the support but continued to persuade, “But…I can’t do it. As long as I think about leaving here, my heart gets choked up with pressure, not happy at all…”

“Why would this happen?” Yu Feng was puzzled while the little rabbit did not speak further.

Yu Feng’s anxiousness sparked his temper and he brought out the momentum he usually used against strangers. “Su Xing, what is going on with your attitude?”

The tired young man was shaking as he held the phone. He quickly yet vaguely tried to explain. “I…I don’t want to…”

Yu Feng was terrifying! Would it be okay if he just hung up? Su Xing thought but did not stop the call.

The angry Yu Feng sternly said, “Send me your address, I’ll find you.” This would make it easier to solve the problem.

This sentence startled Su Xing, “What?”

“I’ll visit you.” Yu Feng painstakingly said it again. He thought that for the sake of Su Xing, he could handle a lot.

“No.” Su Xing said in refusal.

Yu Feng’s face darkened. “No?” He did not think that would be the answer, the two of them had a good relationship.

Su Xing looked around his home and explained. “You should not come. The mountain roads are difficult to walk and cars cannot drive through.”

Yu Feng is from the city and would be wronged if he came! That was one reason.

Yu Feng pondered a compromise. “Then I will travel to your town to pick you up.” This method was sound. If Su Xing still refused, it meant there was a ghost in his heart.

Su Xing had a desperate expression on his face. “Mr. Yu, please don’t do this.” He would be very sad if their ramshackle boat of friendship was capsized. Fortunately, Yu Feng was not the kind of man who would cut off communication with a friend.

He was more patient than Su Xing imagined and said in a conciliatory tone, “Okay, there’s a month until school starts. You can enjoy the rest of your summer vacation, what do you think?”

It was like a pie had fallen from the sky, Su Xing nodded his head like pounding garlic. “That’s good.” That was great!

Yu Feng continued on with, “Although you say  you don’t want to leave, I know your heart wants to achieve your goals, only action cannot be taken for a while. For your problem, you just need time and someone who can guide you.”

After saying that, Yu Feng concluded with, “You can have fun with me here, without putting any pressure on yourself.”

“But..” Su Xing was dazed and did not understand what he was struggling with.

“You’re only nineteen years old and haven’t been exposed to society. Much of what you know about the world is from your imagination. If you still feel like this in two years, I would support you, but not now.” Yu Feng said.

Su Xing bowed his head and thought Yu Feng was right. Not just due to admiration of his personal achievements and abilities, Su Xing also chose to believe in the precious feelings between friends. In short, Yu Feng was doing this for his sake.

“Hmm.” Su Xing felt if he did not feel thankful, he would never get friends in his lifetime. “Okay, I will do my best, even if I don’t succeed in the end.”

“Don’t be discouraged.” Yu Feng interrupted. “Even if you don’t believe in yourself, trust me.”

Su Xing smiled and felt his heart warm up.

Yu Feng relayed the arrangements. “I will wait for you in town tomorrow morning at eleven o’clock.”

“Eh?” Su Xing was surprised, so soon? How did Yu Feng know where he lived?

Su Xing racked his brain about when he ever gave out his address and could not figure it out.

“There’s still half the day remaining, if there’s anything you need to do, make arrangements quickly.” Yu Feng reminded him.

“Yes.” Su Xing thought about it and did not object to Yu Feng’s plan. “Then I’ll arrange matters for the dogs and chickens first.”

He thought he would be out for eight to ten days at the most. He would eventually return to care for them, so there was no pressure in his heart. After that, Su Xing hung up the phone.

The surrounding area was quiet and cooled down. However, Su Xing’s anxiety was much better after confiding with Yu Feng. All he could say was that Yu Feng was a great conversationalist.

A two year time limit, enough for a person who felt powerless to ignite a desire to live an ideal life. Su Xing looked forward to living with a healthy state of mind in the near future.

So the rejuvenated youth enthusiastically grabbed his dogs and chickens to send to uncle Niu’s house. The latter would help him look after his animals for a while. He also told uncle Niu to call if something happened.

“I’ll be in Shanghai, it’s very close. Don’t worry about travel.” Su Xing told uncle Niu.

Uncle Niu thought it was good. He had been to Shanghai when he was young, it was a large bustling city.

“Are you going alone?”

Su Xing smiled warmly. “No, with a friend from Shanghai…”

“That’s good.” Uncle Niu was at ease. Su Xing would be able to enjoy the city more with a local friend.

Su Xing went back home before dark and started packing up luggage for Shanghai. Su Xing looked at his phone and thought up a bold idea. He immediately ran to the second floor to see if the homeowner had returned. Fortunately, no one was in the house.

After Su Xing moved his luggage, he texted Yu Feng. [Mr. Yu, I have sent my luggage to your house. When you find it, don’t throw it away.]

Yu Feng had just arrived at the door when he received the message, he replied: [Ok.]

He returned home and looked around. He did not find the luggage Su Xing mentioned. He opened the cloakroom and finally found a blue suitcase in the corner. Yu Feng shook his head and left with a slightly floating gait.

He passed the kitchen and suddenly stopped. He could not hold back and looked inside. Usually when Su Xing was cooking, he would close the door and only leave a tiny gap. But today, he forgot to close the door.

Su Xing was carrying some salt and suddenly saw a face in the doorway watching him. He was so scared his hands shook and he dropped the salt. Yu Feng only saw the stove was on along with various dishes. He knew nothing about what else happened.

Su Xing was frozen in place looking at the salt on the ground. He was not happy but also could not be angry. Crying without tears, he took out his phone to call the culprit.

Right after, Yu Feng heard his phone start to ring. One look showed it was Su Xing looking for him. Yu Feng had a rarely shown grim expression.

“Hello?” Yu Feng went into his study to answer the call.

“Mr. Yu, I dropped the salt when you scared me!” Su Xing was depressed. “I haven’t put salt in the dishes on the stove. What should I do, that was the only salt in the house.”

Yu Feng was silent.

Su Xing shook his head. “I’m turning off the stove. You hurry downstairs and buy a bag of salt, otherwise there won’t be any food for dinner.”

“Okay.” Yu Feng immediately agreed.

He hung up and left out the door to find the nearest place selling salt. He bought three bags in one go. The entire process only took fifteen minutes so Su Xing was very satisfied.

“Is this Shanghai salt?” Su Xing looked at it, but there didn’t seem to be much difference from what he bought at his home.”

He made dinner and chatted with Yu Feng about meeting tomorrow.

“Mr. Yu, if I go, will I be a bother? Would it affect your work?” Su Xing was worried.

“No.” Yu Feng responded. He had not disclosed his position to Su Xing. He revealed the truth in order to dispel Su Xing’s doubts. “The company is mine, you don’t have to worry about that sort of thing.”

“Eh?” Su Xing thought Yu Feng felt like a king, but he did not expect his friend to actually be the boss of many people! He inadvertently became friends with such an amazing person…

“Don’t worry about it and go to bed early. See you tomorrow.” Yu Feng said in a gentle tone, surprising Su Xing.

“Yeah, good night Yu Fefng.” Su Xing’s mood shifted from surprise to emotional. No matter Mr. Yu’s identity, their friendship remained the same. “See you tomorrow.”

Early the next morning, Yu Feng personally drove to pick up Su Xing. On the company side, he had already informed his secretary that the boss had private matters to deal with and would not be at the company for a bit.

Su Xing also got up early in the morning to get ready. Although he and Yu Feng made an appointment for eleven o’clock in the morning, the town car did not wait for people. Su Xing could only drive his tricycle to town.

After arriving in town, Su Xing sent a text message to Yu Feng. [Mr. Yu, I have arrived in town. Don’t be in a hurry, be careful when driving. I will be waiting for you.]

Yu Feng read the text message while driving. A refreshing energy emanated from the message, enough for him to paint a vivid image in his mind.

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6 thoughts on “IPMH Chapter 48

    1. Su Xing’s and Yu Feng’s house are connected by magic. Su Xing exists there like a poltergeist.

      Su Xing can use, eat, and touch anything in Yu Feng’s place, but he’s not physically there.
      And anything from his side of this magic is not physically in Yu Feng’s place. So say if Su Xing brought book to read and left it on the couch, Yu Feng wouldn’t be able to see or touch it.
      But Su Xing can “deposit” things into Yu Feng’s space by “sending” them through the hall closet first.
      This is all one way though.
      Yu Feng can’t see, touch or send anything from his side.

      This is how Su Xing’s been making food from ingredients he’s found in the mountains and giving them to the Yu Feng.

      He makes the food using Yu Feng’s pots and pans, puts it in the closet to “send” it to Yu Feng, takes it out of the closet and puts it on the table for Yu Feng.

      If Yu Feng were to look in the pots and pans that were mysteriously moving around like a poltergeist, he’d probably see nothing if Su Xing was using his own ingredients.

      When Su Xing uses the ingredients in the fridge though, ingredients that are already physically in Yu Feng’s space, they both can eat them without the extra step of the closet.

      I don’t think Su Xing himself can use the closet to send himself though. But he sent his luggage that way. (Might be a plot point later, forcing him to test that theory) So Yu Feng must physically go drive to where Su Xing is in the country to pick him up.

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