IPMH Chapter 47

Why would he cook while in Beijing? Su Xing tilted his head and thought the homeowner must have misunderstood something. He embarrassingly explained, “Mr. Yu, I have no access in Beijing and cannot cook for you.”

Moreover, going to school required housing and he could not continue cooking.

Yu Feng thought to himself in silence, he was focusing on Su Xing’s tone instead of the word’s meaning. He paused for a moment, before simply saying, “I know, you take care of the patient and we’ll talk next time.”

Su Xing nodded, “Okay.”

In his opinion, the homeowner was very busy. “You get to work, it would be bad if the boss thought you were lazy.”

Yu Feng was the boss, who would dare to think him lazy? However, Su Xing knew nothing so Yu Feng could not respond.

“Hmm.” Yu Feng pretended to have a boss, then he hung up the phone.

He pondered, then sent another text message. [Take care of the patient but don’t forget to take care of yourself.] He was afraid that if Su Xing was too busy, he would forget to eat and rest.

Su Xing saw the text message just as he entered the ward. His heart warmed and he quickly sent a response. [I know Mr. Yu. You also have to take care of yourself. If there are no issues, I should be back tomorrow morning.]

After the kind Yu Feng finished texting, Su Xing sat back in his chair and kept uncle Niu company. Now he was full of worries about the latter’s future. Uncle Niu was not that young.

Su Xing sighed, he was worried and thinking about what to do about school and uncle Niu. After pondering, did uncle Niu have any relatives? While thinking, the IV bag emptied and a nurse replaced it. Then uncle Niu woke up.

Su Xing looked at the uncle and whispered, “Uncle Niu, how are you feeling? Are you hungry?”

The old man was still stick, he opened his mouth and made some noises but nodded his head so Su Xing understood.

“Okay, I’ll go out and buy something to pad your stomach.” Su Xing told his plans to a nurse and quickly walked away.

There weren’t many choices in the street, so he bought porridge, dumplings as well as soup noodles. Around one o’clock in the afternoon, Yu Feng asked Su Xing if he had eaten. Su Xing was rather busy, so it took more than half an hour to send a response stating that he did.

Yu Feng could tell at a glance that it would not be good to disturb his friend and did not send further messages. On Su Xing’s side, uncle Niu’s fever finally receded.

At five or six o’clock, the two men gathered around a small hospital table and had dinner with a smile. Alas, uncle Niu’s body was still a bit weak with his age and fever, but talking and eating were not an issue.

“Don’t worry.” He told Su Xing. “A fever is only a minor illness.” Uncle Niu smiled lovingly.

Since the child came to the village, the old man had watched everything the youth had done. It was a situation where a thank you would not be enough. Uncle Niu sighed, he had to trouble the young man for these matters.

“Do you have any relatives?” Su Xing asked without beating around the bush.

Uncle Niu responded, “I have a nephew, but have not been in contact for many years.” He did not know how said nephew was doing now.

“Hmm.” Su Xing nodded, it was good he still had relatives. “Uncle Niu, after summer vacation I am returning to school and I was not assured of your health.”

Then he suggested, “Would you like to contact your nephew?”

Uncle Niu waved his hand and smiled, “No need, I am fine.” But he felt reluctant hearing the child wanted to return to school.

Su Xing listened and did not push further. After all, this was uncle Niu’s personal matter. However he was worried.

At seven or eight o’clock in the evening, uncle Niu fell asleep early as a result of his illness. Su Xing was a little bored idling around. The hospital was a place that was noisy day and night do he could not fall asleep.

Why doesn’t he call Yu Feng? Su Xing startled himself for the first time with this train of thought. Because he had been annoying Yu Feng too often recently. Su Xing was worried about disgusting his friend. Then he took back the idea of looking for Yu Feng.

Just when Su Xing was reflecting on whether he was acting appropriately, he received a phone call from Yu Feng, rendering his worries moot. Before going to bed, the two had a half hour phone call.

Su Xing slept well in the evening and woke up the next morning refreshed. He waited until eight o’clock to have a doctor check uncle Niu’s situation. Once sure that there were no major issues, he could go through discharge procedures.

It was only a basic fever, so the next morning uncle Niu’s spirit was very good. The doctor checked him and said he could be discharged from the hospital. The two men had nothing pressing to do so they ate breakfast, strolled around and bought a few things to bring back.

As the saying goes, illness arrives like a mountain yet leaves like a trail of silk. Although uncle Niu only had a fever, Su Xing still felt the old man needed to supplement his body.

When he got home, Su Xing immediately stewed a pot of chicken mushroom soup and delivered it to uncle Niu. Yu Feng also drank a bowl despite not being sick or in pain.

Yu Feng, who was used to eating whatever Su Xing cooked, did not know what exactly he was drinking.

At night his heart was on fire and he could not fall asleep. He asked the little rabbit, “What did you give me at dinner?”

Su Xing answered chicken stewed with reishi mushroom. Yu Feng was speechless. The dish should have some effect on men, but Yu Feng felt like his blood was on fire.

“Su Xing…” Yu Feng scolded and reminded, “Next time you give me something to eat, I’ll ask you to inform me in advance.”

Su Xing obediently agreed. He uneasily thought, Yu Feng did not usually take supplements and was feeling uncomfortable?

“I’m sorry, I did not consider the situation.” He asked curiously. “Mr. Yu, are you bleeding from your nose? Is your heart rate increased and you can’t fall asleep?”

Yu Feng did not want to talk to a youth about this sort of thing. “No.”

“Oh.” Su Xing thought that the reishi mushroom effect was not overly strong. 

Then Yu Feng remembered something important and asked, “Have you eaten it as well?”

Su Xing nodded. “Ate it.” He did not feel any real difference after, so he thought the mushrooms were lighter.

Yu Feng felt at ease at his friend’s lack of reaction and thought that Su Xing was still young. After sending Su Xing to bed, he worked until midnight as usual and went to work the next morning.

Su Xing remembered uncle Niu and visited the latter’s house each day to deliver some of his home cooked meals. With that, after four or five days, half of summer vacation was over.

Su Xing’s heart felt a bit down at the thought of parting. He wished that he did not have to leave. Su Xing knew that his mood was not good as he depressingly mused that there was nothing wrong with spending his life here. Were those things that people thought must be done in order really that important?

What would happen if he did not do them? These internal conflicts wrecked havoc on Su Xing’s mood. Therefore, he paused his review in order to stabilize his mood again.

As usual, Yu Feng cared about Su Xing’s studies over the phone.

Su Xing, who had not studied for several days calmly reported, “It’s okay, review has been fine.”

Yu Feng was not toxic to everyone, he liked hard-working people like Xiong Yuanfei, a programmer from his company as well as Su Xing.

“That’s good.” His voice unconsciously softened. “If there’s anything delicious you want to eat, I’ll buy it for you.”

Su Xing started, “I…”

“What’s wrong?” Yu Feng thought the other was embarrassed. “Don’t worry about it. This is a reward for studying hard.”

Su Xing’s face was red. He was really embarrassed. He whispered after a pause, “Yu Feng…I didn’t study.”

Yu Feng was full of question marks and did not respond.

Su Xing felt afraid and depressed. “I’m sorry.”

Su Xing thought that Yu Feng must be disappointed and charged forward. “I cannot muster any spirit for learning…Do people really have to go to university?”

If the purpose of university was to find self-worth, then Su Xing felt he knew himself well and his desired way of life. If the purpose of university was to find a job, he was doing well and that was not necessary.

“I’ll slowly go over this question with you.” After a long silence, Yu Feng answered. He thought Su Xing’s problem was serious and needed to be resolved in a face-to-face setting.

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6 thoughts on “IPMH Chapter 47

  1. What a strange concept – the illness was fever. Fever is just your body trying to kill off bacteria or a virus. It’s like saying vomiting is the illness, rather than whatever is making you throw up.


    1. yes, but i feel like in asia, (at least in my place) fever is regarded as an “illness”. so like if you have a fever, then that usually means you are “ill” haha, doesn’t matter what’s causing it


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