IPMH Chapter 46

Su Xing did not know that the homeowner wanted to invite him to dinner. Even if he did, according to his personality, he would seriously tell his friend about the two hundred kilometer distance between them.

Eh? More than two hundred kilometers? That only meant around four hours of driving. That was not really that far. Su Xing occasionally imagined what the homeowner’s life in the city was like; the people he met, whether he had any other close friends…though the last one was a long shot.

Su Xing figured that the homeowner did not have many close friends. The homeowner finally returned around 7:20, along with a familiar cake box in his hand! Things had come to this point, Su Xing was certain that he was one of Yu Feng’s best friends.

[Welcome home! I see you bought a cake.] This was something Su Xing did recently, sending a welcome text message to Yu Feng. Because he thought being welcomed home was heartwarming.

However Yu Feng looked calm every time he read a text message, Su Xing could not tell if he liked it or hated it. 

“Yes, I’m back.” Yu Feng got used to the feeling of talking to air so it was not as awkward. But whenever he received a text from Su Xing, his heart warmed.

The man carefully walked to the fridge with the cake box and spoke to Su Xing. “Eat in the evening when you are hungry.”

The youth nodded his head while following behind. “Okay, okay.” It was a heartwarming scene, like the ordinary days when he was a child.

“You…forget it..” Yu Feng gave up, Su Xing would eventually understand. “I’ll go take a bath first.”

When Yu Feng left, Su Xing also said, “Okay, I’ll be steaming fish.”

Yu Feng suddenly stopped in place, Su Xing was not paying attention and walked straight into the other’s back. 

“Ow…” Su Xing covered his face, then his body froze and he paled.

Yu Feng was silent and stood in a daze. His muscles involuntarily tightened, though his reaction was calmer than the other. Just now, Su Xing bumped into him!

After that thought, Yu Feng hesitantly spoke, “Su Xing?”

The youth in trouble thought about it and decided to play dumb. He pretended that he was not on the second floor. However, Su Xing suddenly remembered that fish was still cooking in the kitchen!

Thinking of that fat fish, Su Xing sneaked back into the kitchen to make sure that no accidents occurred. Poor Yu Feng was left standing in the hallway questioning life.

“Little rabbit…” Yu Feng knew his friend’s personality and knew Su Xing had run away. But why did he flee? The thought occupied Yu Feng’s heart throughout the evening.

Finally, an hour after dinner, he could not help but call Su Xing. “Just now…you bumped into me in the hallway.”

Su Xing had already forgotten about that, though it did happen. “I’m sorry Yu Feng.”

He did not know that Yu Feng’s heart had pounded and his palms felt warm. Yu Feng also did not know what was wrong with him. He was not a recluse and had no shortage of propositions. It did not make sense for him to react so strongly with Su Xing only bumping into him.

“It’s okay. I’m not blaming you, just curious.” He coughed as he noticed his voice deepen to clear his voice and school his expression.

“Okay, I’ll pay attention next time.” Su Xing answered.

He had been reading a book and now he was chatting with the homeowner on the phone. So he got up and poured himself a drink,

“So you can touch me?” Yu Feng asked.

“Eh? Yes.” Su Xing swallowed a mouthful of pear water. “Yes, you can touch me too.”

Yu Feng felt his breathing get heavier and stranger, so he frowned and wanted to cut the call short. “Okay then. Are you studying?”

“Yes, I’ve been studying every day after dinner.” Su Xing continued with, “I see you have been busy at work lately, have there been any problems?”

Yu Feng had wanted to hang up and instead continued to talk. “Yes, I’m developing a new game but the framework has not been completed.”

“Oh.” Su Xing did not understand but thought it sounded very professional. “I guess you must be an important figure in the company.” He must be in a high-level position.

It occurred to Yu Feng that Su Xing did not know his identity. “Hmm.” Yu Feng took a gamble and did not tell his friend that he was the company president.

“Oh.” Su Xing noticed that Yu Feng sounded absent-minded. He was pretty certain that the other was thinking about work. “Then I’ll go back to studying, you should get back to work.”

“Okay.” Yu Feng agreed. He finally hung up as he wished, but his heart felt empty when he finished the call.

He thought about what Su Xing had said. He squinted at his hands, they could touch? On the other hand Su Xing also looked at hands, then at his handwriting before preparing for bed. Time passed by when one buried their heads into study.

At ten o’clock in the evening, Su Xing looked up and stretched his neck. He shook his hand then returned to the second floor. He opened the fridge and lit up into a smile when he saw the cake.

Su Xing sent a text message to the house-owner: [Mr. Yu, are you hungry?]

Yu Feng sent him a response: [Not hungry.]

Then he sent an addition: [Go to bed early.]

Su Xing could tell that the house owner said he was not hungry for his sake. He was a good man.

Su Xing told his friend: [I’m eating cake in the kitchen.]

Yu Feng intended not to bother Su Xing this evening. But after reading that message, his heart felt itchy, like someone had dropped a feather onto it. In order to mitigate his strange feelings, he threw his phone to the side and concentrated on his work.

After Su Xing finished his cake, he went to bed. Before he fell asleep, he worried and wondered if Yu Feng’s sleep quality had improved. Or if he still had nightmares? With these thoughts, Su Xing fell asleep.

He had a sweet dream and the sky was bright when he woke up. Usually, Su Xing would have already woken up and let the dogs out to play, but he slept in today and the dogs were noisy.

Su Xing sprang from bed and ran out in his slippers. The dogs saw him and barked louder. “Silly doggies.” Su Xing laughingly scolded while opening the door. Fresh air came in from the door and felt refreshing.

Su Xing walked out, checked on the chickens and refilled their feed. At first, he was afraid that the chicks would run away, but his worries were unfounded. The chicks seemed to think of the dogs as mothers. Wherever the dogs went, the chicks followed.

The youth took out his phone, took a picture of this warm scene and posted it on his account. The caption read: [Good morning everyone. I can’t bear to leave my chicks and dogs.]

But Su Xing knew that he eventually had to return to finish his studies. The sooner the better. Su Xing regretfully stood up and went to wash.

He remembered that he had not visited uncle Niu for many days. After breakfast, he hopped on his bike and headed to the village. He arrived at uncle Niu’s home, but did not see him weaving things at the door.

“Uncle Niu?” Su Xing pushed open the door and his heart tightened when he heard coughing sounds. “Uncle Niu, are you sick?”

As he spoke, he quickly approached the bedside and saw uncle Niu lying on his face. Alarmed, Su Xing touched uncle Niu’s forehead. It was hot, so Su Xing immediately decided to bring uncle Niu to the clinic.

Thanks to his recent physical work, his strength had increased, enough to easily support the other man. “Don’t worry uncle Niu, I’ll bring you to the doctor right away.” Su Xing laid uncle Niu on the tricycle.

He was extremely glad that he had a vehicle!

The confused old man coughed, but closed his eyes with peace of mind knowing that he was lying on Su Xing’s bike. Forty minutes later, Su Xing brought uncle Niu to the only hospital in town and he was feeling better.

“Come put on an ice pack.” The nurse handed over ice packs before checking on patients in other wards. She was obviously very busy.

Su Xing had not expected the nurse to provide extensive care either. He wrung out a towel and wiped the sweat of uncle Niu’s body. Then he wiped some cooling agent on uncle Niu’s temple, hoping for the old man to feel better.

“Ah.” After laboring all morning, Su Xing took out his phone to send a message to Yu Feng. [Mr. Yu, uncle Niu was ill this morning. I took him to see a doctor in town and estimate I won’t be back for at least half the day. So you’ll have to arrange your meals.]

After sending that, he looked around the hospital ward. Su Xing wanted to go and buy some easy to digest food, but he dared not leave. He was afraid that uncle Niu’s situation was unstable.

While thinking, his phone started to ring, it was the homeowner’s phone number. As soon as the call connected, Yu Feng asked, “What’s the illness? Is it serious?”

The panicked youth’s heart inexplicable calmed down hearing his friend’s voice. “A fever, I’m cooling him off right now.”

The doctor said things were okay and not to worry. The only caveat was that since uncle Niu was old, it was recommended to be hospitalized for observation.

Su Xing relayed the information to Yu Feng. He paused, looked at uncle Niu and approached the doorway. “Mr. Yu, after summer vacation, I will go back to school.” So he could graduate early and return to the countryside sooner.

Otherwise, if another year or two passed, it would be bad if uncle Niu’s health worsened.

Yu Feng thought it was a little unexpected and his eyebrows rose. “Okay.” He always felt that the little rabbit’s voice sparked something inside him.

Just as he was about to say a few words of encouragement, he heard Su Xing whisper. “Yu Feng, what should I do about my chickens and dogs?”

Yu Feng was full of question marks. Wasn’t it embarrassing for his friend to act like this?

Su Xing continued, “And my garden with my freshly planted green peppers and cucumbers. They just flowered…”

Yu Feng was speechless. He adjusted his mentality and said soothingly, “Isn’t that good, the vegetables will mature in around ten days.” He can go to school after the harvest.

“What about the chickens and dogs?” Su Xing asked.

“Have uncle Niu watch over them and you can be reassured of their care.” Yu Feng pondered and gave some advice.

Su Xing did not speak and it was quiet for a few seconds. Then he spoke, “When I’m gone, who is going to cook for you?”

Yu Feng choked and then had a smile that could cause women to faint. “Still should be you.”

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5 thoughts on “IPMH Chapter 46

  1. Wait what, was his university in the city Yu Feng’s in? I forgot xD
    So it turns out he wants to stay in the countryside after graduating huh…. that’ll probably be conflicting for him in the future, once he grows closer to Yu Feng.
    Thank you 😀

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  2. Yes he addressed the issue and cared about it not just offhandedly passing the animals off to someone (*˘︶˘*).。*♡ also Yu Feng still claiming his home cooked meals (ㆁωㆁ)


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