IPMH Chapter 45

Su Xing was raised by his father, other than his parents, his teachers also cared for him. However in his heart, a teacher manages students out of professional responsibility and ethics. Once a student left the school, like him now, teachers would not follow up with students.

So Su Xing was not disgusted with the homeowner worrying about his school life, on the contrary he was a little overwhelmed and happy. He thought that he was lucky to have someone as pure and sincere as Yu Feng be friends with someone like him.

Su Xing reflected on his shortcomings, a change to his previous excuses to avoid studying. He ran to his bedroom, grabbed his book and placed it in the living room. He embodied the spirit of studying while eating yesterday’s leftovers.

He reopened the chat with his previous group of classmates. Unsurprisingly, the students were talking about summer vacation. Some traveled abroad, others worked a variety of things. There were also two students chatting about games. The atmosphere was very harmonious.

Su Xing watched before quietly typing: [Hi.]

This lone word was quickly submerged in a wave of messages, which stunned Su Xing. It seemed like the students were very chatty. He figured it would be better to answer questions asked and keep to himself. Su Xing had a decent friendship with a top student at school.

[Eh, Su Xing? You’re finally here, you missing person?] The student was very surprised.

Su Xing was extremely embarrassed and wanted to try and explain himself. [Sorry to bother you, I will need to ask you questions about school after summer vacation.]

[Ah that’s alright. We were worried when you suddenly left school and the teacher didn’t say anything. Since you asked me about learning now, everything should be okay?]

Su Xing nodded. [It’s okay, I estimate that I will go back to school after summer vacation.]

That was the best case scenario. But whether it could be done was another story.

[That’s good.] The student continued. [You missed two months of class, I guess you are cramming now?]

Su Xing nodded and agreed to the statement.

The other party generously said: [Then I can give you remedial lessons. Since it’s summer vacation, I don’t have anything other than playing games.]

Su Xing was moved by his friend’s care and felt more ashamed of his former weakness. [Hmm! Thank you brother.]

He could not bear it and added: [I’ll send you some local products.]

[What?] The student was confused.

Su Xing shelved the idea of local products for now. Even if it was not sent in the near future, when he returned to school, he would bring a bunch. From today onward, Su Xing decided to focus his priorities and study hard like the other students.

As a result, he reduced his trips up and down the mountain and river, almost to the point of nothingness. Even Yu Feng noticed that the rabbit had not uploaded any small videos. He did not know what the other was busy with all day.

At nine o’clock in the evening, he called Su Xing an hour in advance after being ignored for several days. 

“Good evening Mr. Yu.” Su Xing’s peaceful voice came from the phone. To the ear, it gave the illusion that the speaker could get knocked over with a single finger.

Yu Feng shook his head and set aside this strange idea and spoke, “Yeah, what are you doing?”

Su Xing answered, “Chatting with classmates.” He blinked and concernedly asked, “Are you not feeling well today?” He felt that Yu Feng’s voice sounded a little hoarse.

“It’s been busy lately, and it’s also a tad hot.” Yu Feng casually answered, but his focus was on what Su Xing had said. “You are messaging your classmates?”

Male or female students? Yu Feng frowned when his mind immediately went to this question.

“Yes, my classmates are going to give me remedial lessons!” Su Xing did not want to disappoint the homeowner, so he was especially detailed in his report. “Lessons start at eight o’clock, I am doing homework right now. When I’m done, my classmates check my answers.”

The little rabbit was busy studying, which was definitely a good thing. But Yu Feng still felt uncomfortable. “Is he doing well? Enough for him to check your homework?”

“Yeah!” Su Xing boasted about his classmate. “He’s very studious, the top or second best student in our class! His personality is good too, willing to sacrifice his free time to have remedial lessons with me.”

Yu Feng frowned more and he did not agree with Su Xing’s statement. He could also sacrifice playing time to give him remedial lessons. But he did not say anything, after all Su Xing’s classmates would be closer to him.

“Okay, concentrate on your homework and go to bed early.” Yu Feng smoothly spoke.

“Okay.” Su Xing obediently nodded. “Can I call you when my homework is done?”

“That’s fine.” Yu Feng curtly answered. In truth, he wanted to check Su Xing’s homework, but he did not say that.

“Then I’ll finish quickly.” Su Xing hung up.

About Yu Feng’s hoarse voice…As he wrote, Su Xing wondered about preparing some pear with rock sugar. It cleared the lungs, which was best for smokers. The next afternoon, Su Xing made a large pot of pears with rock sugar, enough for several days.

“Mr. Yu, did you see the cup on the table?” Su Xing called Yu Feng. “That’s my homemade pear with rock sugar water. Drink it when you go to work, it will help your voice.”

Cup? Yu Feng got the call as he exited the bedroom. His line of sight fell on the table…with a bunch of cups. Three to be exact. Transparent glass containers with plastic lids shaped like bear heads, colored sky blue, light green and pink…

Yu Feng speechless. Did he dare bring there three cups to work and take them out to drink? But this was Su Xing’s heart. Since he was more tolerant of him, he would close one eye and pretend to be blind.

Keeping with that mentality, he brought the three glasses to a meeting. All discussions leading up to the meeting were about the bears lined up in front of the boss.

Then the company’s senior management felt this was conducive to promoting the boss’s image, so they sent the photos to the company’s official website and blog. By the time Yu Feng received the news, he and the bear cups were a hot search.

Ignorant people eating melon seeds thought it was posing. It must be a way for Yu Feng to get rid of his negative image! Pei! How could a wolf-hearted, scum to his ancestors man be childish? What a joke!

Yu Feng sneered in response to this remark. He was too lazy to explain. Not just the melon seed eating passersby were in disbelief, in fact those in the company did not believe that Yu Feng brought those glasses.

How could the boss be childish? They thought to themselves, it must be ordered by public relations right? Should they ask his secretary?

When said secretary was questioned, he answered in a daze. “I don’t know where those three bears came from…” If it was for PR, he swore that he was not involved.

To tell the truth, when saw the boss at yesterday’s meeting with the three cups contrasting his overbearing image, Pei Wen was shocked silly.

The staff urged, “So you’ll ask?”

Secretary Pei Wen swallowed and said, “Okay, I’ll ask.”

Unafraid of death, the secretary opened the door to the president’s office with a stack of papers. “Boss, there are a few documents that you need to sign.” While speaking his line of sight swept across Yu Feng’s desk. He once again saw the cups that did match the boss, and he could not hide his surprise.

“Hmm.” Yu Feng took them and then signed them. The documents Pei Wen brought were ones that could be immediately signed.

“Umm…” Pei Wen started to speak.

“What’s the matter?” Yu Feng looked at him seriously, sharply contrasting the cute water cups.

Secretary Pei Wen could not control his desire for gossip in face of this bizarre combination. “Boss where did you buy the water cups? They look good, I’ll buy one for my niece.”

Before he finished, he noticed Yu Feng staring at him. “Pei Wen.”

The secretary immediately shrunk his neck and dared not ask further. “Nevermind, my niece is not short on water glasses.”

Then he boldly looked at the contents and saw a piece of pear, it was pear stewed with rock sugar! So sweet, the boss’s wife position should be filled soon.

“What are you looking at?” Yu Feng realized his secretary was eyeing Su Xing’s cups and likely thinking of messy things.

With unknown courage, the secretary hinted. “Hey, I was wondering how the pear with rock sugar tastes?” Then he saw Yu Feng ignore him and continue working.

Pei Wen was silent. He dared not speak out and could only scold the boss in his heart. Then he left to make coffee. Recently, Yu Feng has been busier than before summer vacation. Mainly since summer vacation is the peak of game consumption along with all kinds of other transactions.

It’s not impossible for a game company to rely on one or two popular games to eat for a lifetime, but this was obviously not Yu Feng’s style. He had been searching for new content since he last went online.

After careful screening, Yu Feng had a good impression of a Jinjiang series of novels which were in line with his new game concept. It was just a matter of details and he needed to contact the book author.

If the other party was willing to extend the plot and add more ideas for more exciting content, it would not be bad for the company to pay for an adaptation copyright. It just so happened that the author was located in Shanghai.

Yu Feng did not want to chat online and instead requested face-to-face conversation. He was surprised to learn that the book author was a woman. No wonder the text was slightly more nuanced and refined than the average male author.

He didn’t think much further and the two talked about his ideas in more detail. It was dinnertime after the talk, the other side said it was getting late and Yu Feng did not keep her.

After the other person left, Yu Feng looked at the time and immediately called Su Xing. “I’m sorry, was working and forgot the time. Have you had dinner?”

“Mr. Yu?” Su Xing continued, “I was studying and forgot the time and I haven’t cooked yet.” He wanted to call the owner, in the end…

Yu Feng had a rare smile. “That’s a coincidence, how about…”

“Huh?” Su Xing waited for a bit. “What’s the matter?”

“It’s all right.” Yu Feng calmed down. In fact, he wanted to say instead of cooking, he would invite Su Xing out to dinner, but that was impossible.”

“You can cook, I’ll come back and eat.” Yu Feng said.

“Okay.” Su Xing naively nodded, ignorant of the other’s troubles.

Yu Feng felt like smoking.

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  1. Whuut Su Xing’s hoping to go back to school in 2 months? What about his dogs though pwq xD I mean, I’m not sure how chicks work but dogs would surely be sad if their owner left… aww
    Thank you~~


  2. Thank you for the update ♥️ at least he has $$ thick thighs to hug for getting the dogs places but won’t be able to happily keep them with him while studying regardless (-_-;)・・・Suppose it would always end up happening and if they go somewhere or to someone else it’s easier while they are younger to adapt faster?


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