IPMH Chapter 44

Su Xing of course knew that A-university was the dream of many people. But he didn’t know why the homeowner was annoyed?

“Mr…Yu?” Su Xing wanted to say he could not help think that he was a long-lost brother. Then again,if not for his age, father would be a better fit.

“I really want to know, “Yu Feng calmly asked. “Why on earth are you off school?” What kind of event would push him to the point of leaving school.

With this unspeakable issue, Su Xing used his habitual attitude of playing dead. “Mr. Yu please don’t ask. If circumstances permit, I will go back to school as soon as possible.” Until then, it would be a waste to talk about schooling.

Yu Feng forced himself to calm down despite still being unable to pry an answer from the rabbit’s mouth. He needed to treat this matter with a normal heart. “A-university is my alma mater.” He spoke coldly.

“Ah?” Su Xing was surprised. “Well, we could be considered fellow students then?”

Really? The little rabbit’s surprise was not a lie, which calmed Yu Feng down and made him less sad. “Yes, I graduated from the history department.” An impressive sounding achievement.

“Wow!” Su Xing’s reaction was very sincere. Because he felt for degrees that were not tailored to a profession, finding a job was an amazing feat! Very few would be successful.

“I’m in the journalism department.” Su Xing awkwardly said.

“I know.” Yu Feng hummed.

Su Xing wanted to ask how the homeowner knew that. Then he remembered that the homeowner had asked the title of a book that he had been reading. That was to say, Yu Feng could easily tell that he was a journalism student from the reading material.

Su Xing laughed, “Mr. Yu is so clever.”

Yu Feng smirked, if anyone else had boasted about him, he would think it was mocking. But from Su Xing’s mouth, it was a sincere compliment.

“You can really boast.” He said these words in a monotone.

Next, the two people who could not beat each other awkwardly talked for twenty minutes. Su Xing looked at the time, pulled his blanket to his chest and said in a sleepy voice, “Mr. Yu, do you have work tomorrow?”

“Hmm.” Yu Feng paused, “Tomorrow is Saturday.”

“But I’m a little sleepy.” Su Xing said in a whisper. “Do you want to talk tomorrow?”

Before they knew it, time had flown by and it was already eleven o’clock in the evening.

“Okay.” Yu Feng was in favor of children going to bed early. After hanging up, Yu Feng noticed that since he spoke with Su Xing on the phone each night about going to sleep, he would not work late into the night…

When he was hungry, he would only eat some fruit or snacks. He did not want Su Xing to wake up late to make dinner. The next morning was another sunny day. 

Summer bugs buzzed from the trees and made the quiet farmhouse more lively. After Su Xing’s two months of effort, his doorstep had gone from barren weeds to a lush vegetable garden. At present, there were already mustard sprouts, cabbage and amaranth.

Among them, Su Xing had a soft spot for amaranth. He reminisced back when he was a child, he particularly liked to dye the rice fuschia. His dad not only did not make fun of him, but told him that amarnath juice could dye clothes red.

That summer, the white t-shirts in Su Xing’s wardrobe suffered. At noon, he decided to eat the amaranth that would dye the rice red. Su Xing picked some into his basket and then squatted in the ground to till the soil and remove insects. Pure vegetables without pesticides inevitably attracted bugs.

One dog thought itself an insect catcher and was sniffing through the leaves. The dog not only did not find any bugs, but also messed up the vegetable garden.

“Get out of here.” Su Xing unceremoniously lifted the dog and removed him from the garden. Once the fence door was closed, they could not get back inside.

The viewers watching the video pitied the host’s two dogs. Su Xing did not have to look to know what they were saying and snorted, “Only eating, no work yet making trouble, how lucky they are?”

The audience in the chat sent out a wave of messages; some said that the host did the right thing, and can not spoil the dogs. Others said dog meat was delicious and suggested stewing the two dogs. Of course, it was a joke, those who liked to watch pastoral videos were not hot headed people, instead their heart yearned for quiet.

Then there were some people watching for the young host instead of the farming. For example, Yu Feng the game company president who avoided push notifications.

He got up in the morning to eat Su Xing’s breakfast, then he turned on his computer to do some research. It was not until his phone chimed that he was Su Xing’s living environment through his camera.

Yu Feng seldom went to the countryside for work, not to mention his permanent residence was in the city. At this moment, he saw the quiet youth living an independent life in the countryside, planting vegetables, raising chickens and feeding dogs.

His heart felt a tad strange. The situation made Yu Feng even more curious. What reason would a student from a famous university with real estate, give up the city and return to the countryside?

This turn of events, seemed to due to a major blow…Was it lost love? Yu Feng frowned, it was possible. When young people encountered emotional frustrations, they would feel like the world ended.

For example, one of the company director’s broke up a relationship and skipped a whole month of work. Yu Feng thought it seemed more plausible. It would be a shame if Su Xing took a break of school because of relationship matters.

“…” Yu Feng had to ask.

When Su Xing finished the live broadcast, he immediately received a phone call.

“It’s me.” After connecting, Yu Feng who was dismissive of feelings seriously asked, “I wanted to know if you left school because of emotional matters?”

Su Xing thought blankly about his feelings for his dad. “Ah? Yeah..” They should count.

Yu Feng’s heart felt stung a bit, but the feeling quickly disappeared, only feeling a bit disappointed. In the end, Su Xing was still a mortal person. Of course, that was not Su Xing’s fault, Yu Feng thought that his requirements for a relationship were too high and difficult to achieve. It was a pity.

“Actually…” Su Xing whispered to his friend. “Before my father died, I was not like this. I was full of energy and wanted to shoot for the stars…” Then his dad was gone and he suddenly lost the ability to face the world. He just wanted to hide and live alone.

Then the opportunity came, which strengthened Su Xing’s desire to return to the countryside and live along. He thought it was safe and quite there.

Yu Feng: ???

Wait, what was Su Xing talking about? Weren’t they talking about relationships? How did they start talking about his father? He always felt he was not on the same channel as Su Xing! But his depressed mood immediately disappeared for some reason.

“So..” Yu Feng spoke, “That is, because your father passed away, your mental state deteriorated and you took a break from school and secluded yourself?” If so, Su Xing was really filial.

“Yeah, that’s it..” Su Xing’s face warmed, it was true that his father’s death dealt him a huge blow. “Mr. Yu, do you think my heart is made of glass, too fragile?”

Yu Feng immediately answered, “No, it showed your filial piety.”

That sentence made Su Xing’s heart bloom with happiness but also a bit of sadness. “I was part of a single parent household with my dad.” In other words, his father had been his only family member.

He was sensible and knew that his situation was not the same as others. He had no mother and his grandparents were also gone. There were no uncles or aunts.

Yu Feng’s heart beat and he immediately wanted to pat Su Xing’s head. Unfortunately, the conditions were unsuitable, so he could only clench his fist. Although Yu Feng had parents and grandparents, somehow their situations were no different.

In a way, he understood Su Xing’s situation and his vulnerability. “Your father must have loved you very much.” Yu Feng pondered.

“Of course.” Su Xing rarely boasted about his father, but he felt he could speak freely with Yu Feng. “My father never hit or scolded me, at night he would coax me to sleep. His singing was pretty bad and he often fell asleep before me.” Hey, it was nice to talk about these things.

“Oh.” Yu Feng answered emotionlessly. Since he did not have happy memories like Sus Xing, he wanted to continue the conversation.

“What about Mr. Yu? How long have you lived alone?” Su Xing felt that talking only about his matters was not good. As a friend, he should care about Yu Feng’s life as well. “Since you aren’t young, have you considered starting a family?”

Yu Feng was speechless. Wasn’t he the youngest diamond bachelor on the internet? Why on earth did Su Xing think he was not young? Yu Feng was only twenty-seven years old.

Su Xing: “Oh right.” Then he nodded. “I’m nineteen.”

Yu Feng took a deep breath, he softly spoke in response to the youth’s bloody admission that he was an old man. “You are really cute.”

During the afternoon, Su Xing’s mind echoed Yu Feng’s praise with a fluffy feeling. You know, Yu Feng was the second person to praise him like that, other than his father who was bias. Other people said that he was good looking.

How could they compare to the observant homeowner? How heartwarming!

Author: Yu Feng smoking like a hooligan: Yes, I am caring.

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  1. Thank you for the update ♥️ good that he is supporting the break from study but more reasons are valid – better than nothing though I guess and dies seem to be rather rare in writing


  2. There’s a bit of a funny typo here:
    “Oh.” Yu Feng answered emotionlessly. Since he did not have happy memories like Sus Xing, he wanted to continue the conversation.”

    ‘Sus Xing’ lololol
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  3. Typo
    Then the opportunity came, which strengthened Su Xing’s desire to return to the countryside and live along. He thought it was safe and quite [quiet] there.


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