IPMH Chapter 43

A phone call with the imposing Mr. Yu was as tiring as a guerrilla war on the battlefield. Su Xing sighed, but was glad his speaking skills and reaction time were still good. At least he did not mess up this hard-won friendship.

So today’s lunch had to be done well. After all, part of the reason the homeowner so easily forgave him was out of appreciation for his cooking. Su Xing was not heartless.

His heart was warm as he concentrated on the pot. He fired up the stove and coated the pan surface with a piece of pork fat. When the piece of fat was charred yellow, the pot surface was covered in oil.

Su Xing’s father taught him this cooking technique along with other common life tips. The youth calmly continued while his heart thought of his father. He was unsure how much better his current sluggish thoughts were compared to the previous overwhelming feelings of dullness.

Su Xing went to the second floor kitchen, opened the fridge and took out today’s ingredients: beef ribs, prawns and jellyfish.

So many delicious ingredients, he could make black pepper beef ribs. Garlic shrimp! Cold jellyfish! Among those, Su Xing was skilled at making cold jellyfish and confident in his seasoning skills.

Su Xing was determined to get the homeowner’s praise to make up for the mistake. He thought this as he carefully cooked the three dishes.

As the saying goes, three dishes and a soup. In addition to these three dishes, Su Xing pondered, with his mustard sprouts, he could make a salted duck egg with mustard soup. A natural and refreshing smell entered his nose.

Su Xing took out a red apple in satisfaction. He showed off his knife skills by carefully preparing a plate of rabbit-ear apple slices. All the dishes together on the table revealed a pleasing sight.

Su Xing did not hesitate to post a short video to his account, titled “Lunch time, I hope the one who eats this meal will be happy!” For lasting friendship! Smooth study and work!

At the same time, Yu Feng’s phone started chiming. He raised an eyebrow, why was it making that noise? He had shut down any software or push notifications on his phone. There should be no exceptions.

He felt inexplicably angry, then he remembered that he had a newly installed app. With a clear mind, he naturally picked up his phone to see the notification.

The pop-up stated that a streamer he was following had released a new video along with the option to click and see. Yu Feng did not hesitate to click and found the youth appearing in front of him with his sincere blessings lingering in his ears.

He coldly watched the whole video several times. He could not help but glance at the time in the lower-right screen corner, it was 11:30. It was time to get off work. Fifteen minutes later, he arrived at his doorstep.

Yu Feng looked at the closed door and was entering the password. Suddenly he wondered, how could this produce this eager to go home feeling? In truth, when he opened the door, it would still be the cold empty room unable to be called a home.

When did that change? However, when he opened the door, the smell of food smacked his face. One should know, his home was no longer the one of the past. Now there was a mysterious friend who served him three meals and cleaned up the house. It was like a dream.

Yu Feng stepped into the familiar yet strange home. He awkwardly opened his mouth and spoke to the air, “I’m back…”

Su Xing was standing by the sofa. He looked over and warmly smiled. “Welcome home.” Although the owner could not hear him.

Ah, that’s right. Su Xing used his cell phone to send a message. [Welcome home Mr. Yu!] Ding, the phone made a noise.

Yu Feng’s heart was startled by the noise. Calm on the outside, he glanced at his phone, it was indeed a message from Su Xing. He’s inside the house!

Then he asked if Su Xing could see him. Su Xing was sitting down and embarrassingly replied. [Yeah, Mr. Yu’s blue tie looks good.]

After sending it, he worried if Yu Feng would get offended and he would get flattened.

Yu Feng looked at the tie he casually picked this morning, and felt this boring item also had some charm. He replied with thanks.

Then he put away the phone. As if used to being praised, he calmly removed his shoes and went into his bedroom to change clothes before eating dinner. As usual, Su Xing stayed in the kitchen and ate.

Yu Feng knew about this habit. While eating his meal, he pricked up his ears to listen to the movements inside the kitchen. He was satisfied even if he only heard a little noise. After all, it proved that the other person was real, and they were sharing a space.

Yu Feng took a rabbit apple slice and took a bite. The sweet taste enveloped his mouth…but it was too much. He felt he couldn’t eat any more, but he also did not want to waste anything. Let’s have Su Xing eat some.

He found an excuse for himself. He resolutely lifted the apple slice and stopped in front of the kitchen door.

After hesitating for a long time, the homeowner spoke, “Su Xing, you can have the rest of the fruit.”

The sudden voice scared Su Xing so much he almost dropped his rice bowl. “Eh?” Why was Yu Feng giving him food? That was sudden.

“It’s too sweet, I don’t want too much.” Yu Feng responded.

Su Xing wondered if that was true? But he had already eaten his share of the apple slices.

“Come and get it, I’m tired of holding it up.” Yu Feng said, not caring that an apple was very light.

All right. Su Xing put down his bowl and carefully received the plate of fruit. He thought that the homeowner did not like the childish rabbit shape for the apple slices. It seems like next time, he would have to cut a cooler shape.

When Su Xing took the plate, Yu Feng felt a force take the item and his heart paused. When his hands were empty, he returned to attention. Yu Feng retracted his hands and flexed his fingers.

Su Xing picked up one of the rabbit apple slices and put it into his mouth. He bit off a portion. “It’s really sweet.” No wonder Mr. Yu did not want to eat it all.

Su Xing vaguely remembered that Mr. Yu  did not like sweet things like cakes. So, Yu Feng without knowing his identity, and knowing that he did not like sweets, specially went to a cake shop to buy a cake as a gift?

What kind of angel was he? The best friend in all of China! With his mood improved, Su Xing finished off the entire fruit plate.

He truthfully told the homeowner that a friend invited him during summer vacation. Only said friend’s itinerary was very intensive along with preparations to travel abroad. Su Xing could not do such a thing, he could only stay outside for a week at most.

So he could only regretfully refuse the friend’s invitation. While chatting, the friend learned that he was living in the countryside. He asked in horror if Su Xing was bored.

Su Xing replied that his life was not boring at all. Although he lived at the foot of the mountain, he had his dogs and friends, and could drive out to buy what he wanted to eat.

During the evening when Su Xing and the homeowner texted each other, the former accidentally sent: [My friend is off to Lijiang the day after tomorrow. I am really envious.]

There was a large amount of information in a short sentence.

Yu Feng perked up: [Oh? You are not going?]

Su Xing was unafraid and sent a long response: [No, I can’t leave the house for too long. I have to take care of my chickens and dogs and there’s no one to take care of them. Plus they’re going too long, I can’t keep up with crazily playing all summer.]

Yu Feng: [Yeah makes sense, so who took care of your pets when you went to Beijing?]

Su Xing: [Uncle Niu from the village took care of them, but I would be embarrassed if I asked to dog-sit often.]

Yu Feng: [That’s true, but you could still come out and play for three to five days without issue.]

Su Xing: [Yes, that’s what I was thinking.]

Yu Feng: [Then you can plan something.]

Su Xing: [Of course, only after my chicks grow up. They aren’t grown yet.]

Yu Feng was silent. Damn chickens. In truth, Yu Feng did not want to meet with Su Xing in person, he just felt that Su Xing was pitiful since he lost his parents young. Coupled with Su Xing’s recent education troubles, it was clear he had encountered a turning point in his life.

What would Su Xing need at this time? Obviously, he would need an elder who was calm and rational to supervise and guide him through life’s adversity. As an adult who had been honed by his life experiences, Yu Feng knew he was at least more experienced that Su Xing.

Yu Feng: [Have you been studying since leaving school?]

Su Xing blinked, not understanding how the topic changed so fast. But that didn’t matter, he was happy to keep talking. [Yes!]

If he was asked when he was returning to school, he would play dead!

Yu Feng: [I know you wont’ talk to me about your break, so let’s talk about your school.]

He speculated that Su Xing was likely a regular university student, around that level.

Su Xing hummed and  proudly mentioned: [I am a student at A-university!]

When Yu Feng saw Su Xing’s reply, he spit out the mouthful of tea he had been holding while texting.

“Cough…A-university…” Wasn’t that his alma mater…Su Xing this little rabbit was a student there? Yu Feng felt like the sun was rising from the west.

After wiping the water from his math, he called and said while gritting his teeth. “Do you know how many people dream of entering A-university?”

Then this person, despite how difficult the entrance exam was, was not going to school? Yu Feng felt he would be angered to death!

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  1. waahh… big boss… even geniuses have the right to drop out TT university isn’t the end all be all. i hope he gets to play at su xing’s house soon! the humble farm life would do him good. and perhaps to cultivate some *cough* good feelings ^q^

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