IPMH Chapter 42

Yu Feng was really angry, his mind occupied with Su Xing saying his name was Su Chen on the phone. The question was, did he know that they met a month ago in Beijing? His anger was slowly obscured with some doubts.

Then there was some curiosity, what exactly did that guy livestream on the web? So he sat in his office, stewing in curiosity, and opened the live platform Xiong Yuanfei told him with a serious expression.

He entered Su Xing’s name and clicked search. Soon he saw a teenager’s profile in the background under a blue sky, it gave off a beautiful feeling.

“Picking Stars with Your Hands?” The corners of his mouth lifted into a smile. “More like a little rabbit.”

He clicked on the anchor’s latest video. It showed a neat farm yard along with a group of yellow chicks lazing about. “My chickens are out again, so irritating.” A clear young voice entered Yu Feng’s ears.

This was undoubtedly Su Chen, no Su Xing Chen’s voice. He had to admit that the little rabbit had a pleasant voice. Unfortunately, he was also a little liar who didn’t want to study well, Yu Feng blandly thought. He scrolled through the video list to find what he wanted, the bunny’s lifestyle.

He went through the whole list and noticed a set of Su Xing’s selfies. He saw the photo contents, the first was Su Xing hugging his dogs, smiling brilliantly at the camera. It was if they contained stars, which made people feel happy.

The second showed Su Xing standing barefoot on white sand in front of mountains and a river, it was also a beautiful photo. The third was Su Xing sitting near a reef quietly looking at the sky in the distance. One could see the wind was so strong that his hair and clothes were mussed up. In short, the person was looking up as if combing through some unknown thoughts.

After that, all the pictures were of animals and the scenery, nothing too noteworthy. Yu Feng swiped the screen back to the first photo. He scrutinized Su Xing’s eyes and his young face for a while.

He concluded that the child did not look like a delinquent and could be reasoned with. To tell the truth, his memory from a month ago was too faint. Yu Feng’s impression of Su Xing was green and inexperienced.

He was a little surprised when he realized that the two people he knew were actually the same person. After looking at the photos, he did not hesitate to dial Su Xing’s phone.

Today was quite strange, yesterday the homeowner did not make any calls or send many messages. Today he made several consecutive phone calls.

“Hello, Mr. Yu?” Su Xing answered.

“What are you doing?” Yu Feng hid any anger from his tone.

The young man was setting up a pot and set the phone to speaker so the boss could listen to what he was doing. But it was impossible to understand the sounds, Yu Feng thought it was random background noise.

“Su Xing.” Yu Feng almost shouted.

“Mr. Yu, I’m in the kitchen.” Su Xing then felt something was off. “What did you just call me?”

Yu Feng, who started with the mindset of revealing a crime, suddenly answered, “Su Chen.”

Su Xing’s heart dropped to his stomach when he asked the question, then he felt that his nerves were too tense, likely from too much pressure. “Oh, since it’s going to be noon soon, I just wanted to remind you not to buy any groceries. There is a lot in the fridge.”

Yu Feng had a complex expression on his face getting ordered by the bunny. “I know.”

Su Chen, who controlled food intake at home, then kindly asked, “Is work going well today? Do you want steamed or braised fish at lunch?”

Yu Feng’s angry crusade was replaced with thoughts of steamed and braised fish. He answered in slight annoyance, “Whichever you want.”

“Okay.” Su Xing said. “Was there something else you wanted to talk about?”

This was too much. Yu Feng clenched his fist and took a breath. “You said you think of me as a friend?”

Su Xing blinked and then nodded, “That’s right.”

“What is a friend’s most basic obligation? Yu Feng turned a corner. God knows how long it had been since he had ever been this patient with someone else. But if he showed his temper, he was afraid that Su Xing would cry.

“The basic obligation of a friend.” Su Xing thought about it and said, “Being good to your friends!”

Yu Feng almost fell down and found a new word to describe his scarily naive little rabbit friend. “No, the most important thing for friends is trust.”

Su Xing nodded at this new piece of information. “Oh.” Then he looked at his pot, he hesitated between the two before continuing to focus on Mr. Yu. Were they still good friends?

“So?” Yu Feng asked.

“So what?” Su Xing pricked his ears for a response.

Yu Feng’s expression was as dark as a pot when he spoke to the little rabbit. “Were not going to tell me that your name is Su Xing?”

He was done for. Su Xing unthinkingly blurted out a sentence. “You didn’t tell me your name was Yu Feng.”

The world was silent, the prelude to a disaster. Su Xing knew that he had said the wrong thing and hung up the phone.

“Idiot…” The young man knocked his head. “Silly…dummy…” Then he hugged his head in pain.

His cellphone rang again in his hand. Su Xing did not hesitate to hang up. Called again, hung up again. The calling continued…he kept hanging up. The brave Su Xing did not know that there were few people in the world who dared to try Yu Feng like this.

After a while, Su Xing was flushed with embarrassment and humiliatingly called Yu Feng to confess his guilt. “Mr. Yu, you already knew….”

Listen to this soft weak voice. Yu Feng loosened his tie and turned on the air conditioning. His eyes were burning like embers, he would not be swayed!

“I’m sorry, but I didn’t mean to lie.” Su Xing cleared his throat. “Well, I just didn’t want you to know that we met in Beijing.”

“Why?” Yu Feng could not understand what was going on this young man’s melon brain. Was the eight year age gap really that serious?

“I don’t know.” Su Xing shook his head. “I thought it would be better to stay phone friends with you.” No need to meet in person or in-depth communication. The current situation was ideal in Su Xing’s opinion. 

What was this little rabbit thinking? “Do you think that I would want to meet you in person?” He frowned and then stated, “Aren’t you being arrogant?”

To tell the truth, even if he knew Su Chen was Su Xing, what about it?

“You think too much.” Yu Feng said in a cold voice.

Su Xing was silent and red-faced. He could not wait to find a pit to bury himself in. But! He wasn’t arrogant to think that Mr. Yu would really want to meet him. He was just careful to maintain a safe and comfortable distance.

No matter what Mr. Yu thought, this distance made Su Xing feel at ease. Then Su Xing added cheekily, “Since we both have the same, let’s continue to be friends who eat together.”

There was no response for a long time. Su Xing thought coldly, didn’t friends do that sort of thing? Maybe Yu Feng was still angry?

“Fine, I’m in the wrong not telling you the truth and you have the right to be angry.” Then he added, “I am here to say sorry. You are free to make your decision and I will respect it.”

He easily continued with, “Anyways, the kitchen in my house has been repaired, you can cook for yourself from today. If you don’t want me to bother you, I won’t do it again.”

The more Yu Feng listened, the more he frowned and felt unhappy. “What are you talking about?”

“Eh?” Su Xing started, “Can we continue to be friends?”

Yu Feng finally found his footing and said, “Of course.”

Su Xing heard that with joy and apologized. “Okay, thank you for forgiving me. I will make a special lunch today to celebrate that we are still friends.”

Yu Feng heard the words and felt a little more joyful. “Hmm…” Revealing the truth and staying friends with someone was cause for celebration.

“That’s right,” Yu Feng remembered something else once the issue was resolved. “Has Han Muzhen come to trouble you?”

Su Xing was listening intently. “Mr. Han?” He never caused any trouble. “He just called me a few times and sent a few messages.”

“What did you talk about?” Yu Feng wanted to get to the bottom of this.

“Nothing really, he just asked me if I was going to Beijing.” Su Xing obediently answered.

“What did you tell him?” Yu Feng frowned. How is Beijing any fun? Shanghai is more entertaining and not far away.

“I turned him down.” Su Xing felt pressured in Beijing, how could he go back to play. “But summer vacation is here. Some friends invited me out to play.”

Yu Feng’s eyelids twitched. “Where are you going?”

Su Xing immediately started to list out locations, “Dali, Lijiang, Daocheng, Chongqing…” A number of names, but no Shanghai.

“Oh.” Yu Feng coldly snorted. “I still have work.”

Su Xing closed his mouth at that answer and did not dare disturb his friend further. “Okay, you should concentrate on work. I will cook and wait for you to come back.”

“Hmm…” Yu Feng did not want to speak further. After hanging up, he could not concentrate on his work.

In fact, his mind kept replaying that Su Xing said he had friends who invited him out to play. In other words, Su Xing had a lot of friends to hang out with. However, Yu Feng was categorized as a friend Su Xing did not meet in-person.

It had been a long time since Yu Feng had this kind of frustration but still had to be generous. It was pretty upsetting.

Author Note: 

Su Xing: (^ _^) Yes, we are still good friends!

Yu Feng: An old beast lighting a cigarette embroiled in the vicissitudes of life.jpg

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  1. 😮‍💨 This is why I’m not a fan of tsundere gongs. The shous have to cater to their emotions and tantrums.


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