IPMH Chapter 41

Things were scattered all over the place, from dirt-encrusted kudzu roots to yams. As Xiong Yuanfei said, it was inevitable that one’s hands would get dirty picking the items up.

However Yu Feng did not care, when he looked at the things, he remembered the object of his current annoyance, Su Chen. The day before yesterday, Su Chen had braved the hot July sun in order to dig up things from the mountain and make soup for him.

These thoughts were in Yu Feng’s heart and felt that as a professional, he should tolerate Su Chen’s lack of experience. Yu Feng cooled off and decided to give Su Chen a phone call after the situation with the technical department.

“Thank you boss!” Xiong Yuanfei gratefully thanked his boss after the pair picked up the foragables, his words overflowed with admiration.

After all, he remembered when he got caught watching a live-stream at work and did not get scolded.

“Did you buy this online?” Yu Feng wiped his hands and asked curiously.

“Yes!” Xiong Yuanfei then added, “There’s a host who forages in the mountains, no artificial cultivation. Boss do you want some? You can take some home to cook!”

As the boss, he would not take an employee’s things, and he was sufficiently well-off. “No need, I also have some at home.”

Xiong Yuanfei enthusiastically added, “These were dug in the mountains!”

Yu Feng thought to himself, the ones at home were also from the mountains. “You go in, I’ll go wash my hands first.” Then he went straight to the washroom, twisted the tap and washed off the dirt and sap with soap.

While washing, Yu Feng noticed something wrong. His hands were itchy. What was going on? He could not help but scratch, which made the itchiness even worse. A bunch of red marks appeared on the back of his hand.

Yu Feng’s expression and entire demeanor darkened again. Then he remembered that Su Chen should have an idea of what was going on. Without hesitation, he called Su Chen.

Su Xing was startled by the sudden call but still happy to answer. “Mr. Yu? Are you looking for me?”

Who else would he be looking for? Yu Feng awkwardly looked at his itchy hands and spoke, “Yes, I wanted to ask you something.”

Su Xing immediately stiffened, and thought that Mr. Yu was asking about his studies again. “Okay, what is it?”

“I just touched some kudzu roots and yams, now my hands are itching. What’s going on.” Yu Feng sounded harsh and indifferent.

“Ah, that.” Su Xing did not pay attention to Yu Feng’s tone and focused on wondering how he encountered yams? “That’s normal, yam sap often causes some itching.”

The solution was simple. “Do you have any propane gas around you?”

“No.” Yu Feng looked around. “I am at work.”

“Hmmm…” That made things more difficult, Su Xing thought, “Then you can use some scrap paper to make a small fire. Toast the itchy patches, there should be an immediate effect, but be careful.”

It was not hard. “I see, thank you.” Yu Feng nodded.

“No problem.” Su Xing smiled and then added, “Um Mr. Yu, are you still angry?” He finally noticed that Mr. Yu’s tone was strange.

The big boss felt being angry at such an oblivious person like Su Chen was a waste of effort after getting directly questioned. He sighed, “No, I’ll start a fire first.”

Su Xing received an answer and carefully added, “Be careful that you don’t burn yourself.”

Yu Feng’s mouth curled into a smile, which he fought to control. “Okay, I’m hanging up.”

The bathroom was obviously the best place to take action. In accordance with Su Xing’s instructions, he set fire to a pile of paper towels on the counter. Fortunately he had a lighter in his pocket.

When the flames started, Yu Feng waved his hands close to the fire’s heat, particularly the red itchy areas. Sure enough, it did not itch anymore like Su Chen said.

He cleaned up the ashes and walked into the technical department with his head up. He straightened his expression. Ye Xiaohan suspected that his boss was not coming for trouble but instead to cheer him up.

“Old man, you played me on purpose, didn’t you?” It was impossible to change things after agreeing to the holiday starting tomorrow morning.

“Hmm.” Yu Feng simply went along with the flow.

Anyway, the technical department would not have any effect on the company during the weekend. However, if there was something to be done at the company, they would be called in, the price of being a programmer.

“You are!” Ye Xiaohan was very angry.

Yu Feng did not feel guilty as he looked around. “Didn’t you say you had a slipper ready? Where is it?”

Ye Xiaohan coldly smiled as he bent over to remove a shoe from his foot.

“Okay, let’s talk business.” Yu Feng casually grabbed a chair to sit down and talk to Ye Xiaohan about serious matters.

Then his phone started to ring. He looked at Su Chen’s name without any expression. Yu Feng smirked and was ready to answer when the call suddenly cut off. “Eh, it disconnected?”

Yes, the call was disconnected. He dialed back without hesitation. A moment after, Su Xing’s voice came through the phone. “Sorry Mr. Yu. I was trying to call a customer and accidentally pressed your phone number.”

So it was a case of the wrong phone number. He frowned when he realized the situation, “It’s all right.” Then he added, “The advice you gave me was very useful.”

“Really? That’s good.” Su Xing was very happy that he could help Mr. Yu and he smiled. “Then I’ll be calling other customers to remind them about this as well.” Yu Feng hummed in agreement.

He hung up the phone and saw a strange smile on Ye Xiaohan’s face. He kicked the other in reflex. This yellow-haired wolf must be thinking about something inappropriate again.

“Ah, what did you do that for? I didn’t say anything.” Ye Xiaohan wailed while clutching his leg, his expression radiating injustice.

“Back to business matters.” Yu Feng gave him a glance and shifted his foot threateningly.

“Okay, fine…” Ye Xiaohan mentally snickered while keeping his face blank.

He extremely disagreed with Yu Feng’s lifestyle. There was too much abstinence! In his mind, Yu Feng was like a purehearted practitioner. He looked like an overbearing president with a lot of money in his hands, but he lived like a hard-working monk.

He did not take the initiative to drink wine and did not spare a glance at the beautiful women that crossed his path. How many men could complete such a trial? Yu Feng was one of the few.

If it hadn’t been for the fact that he had fallen in love, Ye Xiaohan would have wondered if he had some kind of abnormality. Then again, even if he had fallen in love, it did not prove anything.

While thinking, Ye Xiaohan had a wretched smile on his face. “Ow, why did you hit me?” The next second, he grimaced in pain while holding his leg.

“Business matters.” Yu Feng warned, as if he could sense what was in Ye Xiaohan’s heart. “There are two months until school starts, did you think about what I said last time?”

As soon as Yu Feng mentioned that, Ye Xiaohan responded with a smile. “About that…”

After saying a word, someone’s cell phone rang in the office, interrupting the pair’s conversation.

“Hello? Brother host?” Xiong Yuanfei answered the phone. Although he deliberately lowered his voice, Yu Feng could still hear them talk. “Yes, I received the kudzu roots and yams. What? Yam sap will cause itchiness on the skin? Oh, just warm it near the fire? Okay I see, thank you for taking the time to call and let me know.”

Xiong Yuanfei and the other side chatted for a bit. At the end of the call he said, “Okay, thank you again and goodbye!”

The programmer hung up the phone and suddenly noticed someone standing next to him. “Ah!” Xiong Yuanfei scooted back in shock and looked up. “Boss?” He panicked in a similar manner to the last time, “Are you alright?”

“Who were you talking to on the phone?” Yu Feng felt something strange was going on. It was too much of a coincidence when Su Chen said he would call customers about the yam sap and then Xiong Yuanfei received a call about the same topic.

Xiong Yuanfei started, he did not expect the boss would ask this kind of question. “It was the livestream host who sold yams. Boss, what’s wrong?”

“What’s his name?” Yu Feng scrutinized his employee while asking.

“I don’t know.” Xiong Yuanfei noticed his boss’s disappointment and then added, “But you can look at the mail label, maybe it has a name on it.

Yu Feng did not wait for anyone and focused his attention on the delivery box at his feet. Sure enough, the box had a mail label with a clear name and telephone number.

When he saw the name ‘Su Xing’, he was surprised. Because the young man he met in Beijing with the Han family came to mind instead of Su Chen who was evasive to him. That said, his previous absurd guess was likely to be true.

He thought about it and silently opened his phone address book. When he compared the numbers, they were exactly the same. When he realized that he had been fooled, his expression darkened to the extreme.

Needless to say, Su Xing was Su Chen! That little rabbit had a mouth full of lies!

“Boss…” Xiong Yuanfei could not help but tremble as Yu Feng’s expression darkened. “What’s wrong?”

Did the boss know the live stream host? Otherwise, how could his phone number be in the boss’s address book? Or, the boss also bought some yams from him! It had to be said that Xiong Yuanfei’s thoughts were not completely wrong.

“You said he’s a live-streamer?” Yu Feng calmed down and stared at Xiong Yuanfei. “Which platform is he on? What’s the account number?”

Xiong Yuanfei quivered, why did the boss look like a hunter? Should he betray the anchor?! But if he doesn’t, he’ll be fired by the boss! He could not struggle further as he revealed the host’s live platform and account. “This live-streamer doesn’t stream often, but will regularly release some short videos. The content is about country life with his dogs and chickens…”

Yu Feng heard the keywords dog and chicks and his eyebrows rose. He coldly hummed, “Two dogs and ten chicks right?”

Xiong Yuanfei nodded, “Uh-huh boss, how did you know?” Did the boss really know the live-streamer?

Yu Feng certainly knew since he ate his dishes for dinner every day. Only he did not know that Su Xing was that sort of person.

“Old Ye, we’ll talk about it next time, I have something else to do right now.” Yu Feng had his temper stoked and he unhappily left the technical department with the information he had learned from Xiong Yuanfei.

Ye Xiaohan looked at Xiong Yuanfei and asked, “What is he going to do? Get into a fight?”

Xiong Yuanfei shook his head, “No…I don’t’ know.” But he had a hunch that he was going to be in trouble?

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