IPMH Chapter 40

Su Xing was talking nonsense with open eyes and held his breath and waited for the homeowner’s response.

It took a while before the other side said without doubt, “Okay, since you are tired, then we’ll talk next time.”

The young man’s heart was filled with joy and he carefully whispered, “Okay, good night Mr. Yu.” The clear voice sounded very well-behaved.

“Okay, good night.” Yu Feng had no brothers or sisters and naturally figured his tolerance of Su Chen was caring for a younger sibling. That way, he could explain why he had a different attitude towards Su Chen compared to his secretary.

Su Xing hung up the phone and immediately hopped to hang up the mosquito net. But…his heart sank and he felt he was under a great pressure. During this time, his relationship with the homeowner was getting better and better, then the other unexpectedly started worrying about his school life.

Well, being cared for felt very warm. In fact, Su Xing was afraid that with more contact, his ordinary identity would disappoint the homeowner. But Su Xing was not an overly anxious person. He shook his head and started reading with his lamp within the mosquito net.

Since he had not cut his hair for two months, it had started to get in his face. He needed to use a rubber band to tie his hair up to keep his vision clear. Speaking of his appearance, Su Xing’s skin was particularly fair, even after going up the mountain for the past two months, he still looked paler than average. The skin on his hands was also quite fair.

Pale fingers tapping a pen against his leg was especially good-looking.

At this moment, Yu Feng was eating while playing back their recent dialogue. He noticed a problem that could not be ignored, he suspected that Su Chen was tired of learning.

Yu Feng lightly frowned at that thought. After all, although he was unrestrained, there were still conservative places in his heart. For example, he had a very traditional attitude towards studies. Even during the darkest parts of his life, Yu Feng was still meticulous in terms of his schooling.

So disagreed with Su Chen wasting his learning years by not going to school. Given his family’s circumstances, it was likely that Su Chen was an orphan. Yu Feng’s non-interference policy had changed a bit and he wanted to help deal with this matter.

The next morning, Yu Feng went to the company to deal with some affairs and then paused to call Su Xing.

The young man had forgotten yesterday’s issue and was measuring the size of his kitchen stove with some rope. He picked up the phone and spoke joyfully, “Mr. Yu?”

When he heard that the other was so happy, he raised an eyebrow, “Are you that happy to get a call from me?”

“Of course.” Su Xing did not hesitate to answer.

“Okay, then let’s talk about your schooling.” Yu Feng said with relief.

Su Xing was silent and struggled to make any noise, like a small animal choking on some food.

After a while Su Xing spoke, “Mr. Yu, I’m actually quite busy right now. It’s true.” In order to win Yu Feng’s trust, he immediately sent over an image of his stove.

If Yu Feng only speculated that Su Chen was tired of studying last night, then he was very sure of the matter. Su Chen was tired of learning and obviously did not want to go to school.

He frowned and asked the young student, “Why did you stop school?”

Su Xing opened his mouth but could not speak.

Yu Feng lowered his voice in concern, “Bad grades?”

“No.” Su Xing’s academic performance was good.

“Was it campus violence?” After Yu Feng spoke, he had a serious expression and continued more ferociously, “Who dared bully you? You can tell me.”

Su Xing was dumbfounded…that sort of thing happened? He found being protected by the homeowner could be distressing.

“No.” Su Xing did not want to lie. “No one bullied me, I did not want to attend.”

The homeowner would obviously ask why he did not want to attend. Su Xing was annoyed because he did not want to say he was depressed.

“Why don’t you want to go?” Yu Feng unsurprisingly asked.

“…” The reluctant youth looked left and right at the rope in his hand and the stove. He made up his mind and was determined to catch up with his studies. He did not want to waste his previous efforts.

“Su Chen.” Yu Feng’s voice came from the phone.

“Um..I’m still here.” Su Xing answered.

Yu Feng had no way to go further with this kind of personality that made people stressed yet unable to speak. The two were deadlocked, but Yu Feng gave up since he was not patient. “Fine, if you don’t want to say I have no reason to interfere. After all, not going to school is your own business.”

Su Xing widened his eyes and was embarrassed by the homeowner’s remark. “It’s not that…” He wanted to say something more, but Yu Feng cut him off. “You’re busy right now, let’s talk next time.”

Su Xing realized that the homeowner was angry since he could not get any more words in. But he felt that keeping some distance…was not bad. “Okay, bye.”

Su Xing hung up the phone and looked at the stove with an uncomfortable feeling. Then he continued to measure using the rope. When he was done, he went into the garden to keep himself busy.

But his mood still did not improve. At lunch, Su Xing did a wonderful job as an apology. However, the usually non-stop ringing phone had been silent all afternoon.

Su Xing felt depressed as he texted the homeowner: [Mr. Yu, I’m heading into town to buy some pots.]

Yu Feng’s mood immediately recovered when he glanced at Su Chen’s text message. However, he did not answer as usual after reading the message. 

Secretary Pei Wen was in the company break room and had drunk two cups of coffee, but he did not want to leave. He was waiting for the right person to share gossip with!

“Ji Jiaying!” When he finally saw the woman, he immediately waved. “Over here, I have something to tell you. Don’t tell the boss or he’ll kill me.”

The director received a warm welcome but she approached suspiciously. “What’s the matter?”

The secretary smiled like a wolf. He looked around before lowering his voice, “The boss quarreled with his lover and he’s making a fuss.”

“How do you know?” The director’s expression shifted into a smile since she did not expect to hear any gossip about the boss.

“He’s been looking at his cellphone all day.” The secretary snorted, “Disappointed every time.”

“Wow!” The director slapped her thigh. “My goodness…” She could barely hold back her laughter.

“Calm down.” Pei Wen patted Ji Jiaying on the shoulder and asked, “Is this what happened when you fought in the past?”

The director’s face smoothed back into a neutral expression. “We never had a fight.” It wasn’t that she was a saint, it was that the man did not fight with her at all!

Since the secretary did not understand, Ji Jiaying revealed some information about their relationship. “What is considered a couple? It’s one where the pair can quarrel and be awkward. The young, ignorant me and the boss could only be considered close friends eating together in the library. Our friendship was too perfect.”

It was the legendary kind of pure friendship between a man and a woman. She was proof that the concept existed in real life.

Afterwards, she bumped the secretary’s arm. “Okay, let’s go. Don’t keep me from washing my cup.”

Secretary Pei Wen’s curiosity was satisfied. “You go first.”

With that, the day came to an end.

Su Xing was reading while in his mosquito net. He occasionally looked at his phone and felt Mr. Yu might not reply to his text message. Should he make a phone call? As soon as the thought entered his mind, he cut it off.

He sadly thought to himself, even if the atmosphere was cleared, what would he say if Mr. Yu asked the same question again? So Su Xing did not make a call.

He read his book for a while then carefully adjusted the mosquito net. Then he turned off the lamp to go to bed. However, his phone screen suddenly lit up which startled Su Xing.

He opened it with surprise, then sighed when he only saw the words [Good night.].

[Good night Mr. Yu.] That was the message Yu Feng received. He looked at it without any complicated feelings.

As Su Chen’s friend, he clearly knew that there was a line regarding things he should deal with. The issue was that Su Chen’s parents were dead, he seemed rather naive and also had some secrets.

He was not interested in those secrets. In order to help Su Chen’s situation, he had to know his image in Su Chen’s mind and whether he had enough influence to make decisions for the other. Otherwise, if he interfered, he could cause problems or make a fool of himself. Yu Feng’s pride would not allow him to make that mistake.

At present, the main problem was that it was impossible to determine what Su Chen was thinking. This made Yu Feng a little irritated. As soon as he got irritable, his temper ignited and his employees were the ones to suffer.

That Friday afternoon, Ye Xiaohan was urged to send a message to the boss about a potential vacation for the technical department over the weekend. He smoothly agreed and sent a message to the boss: [Mr. Yu, we have tomorrow off.]

One had to know, he had spoken with Yu Feng two days ago and things were stable.

In a trance, Yu Feng suddenly remembered that tomorrow was Saturday and he could stay home all day. Then he remembered Su Chen, the student who was tired of studying.

[No you don’t.] Yu Feng smiled as he sent a response.

Ye Xiaohan: [What are you talking about?! No? Didn’t you already agree? You have the guts to say no, I have a slipper with your name on it!]

Yu Feng: [Okay, I’m heading over now.]

Ye Xiaohan: [Hey boss, I’m kidding!]

Yu Feng was not joking, he did have something to say to the technical department and was not playing around with Ye Xiaohan. While heading over, a courier holding a delivery bumped into the absent-minded boss.

When the box fell, it’s contents also rolled out.

Xiong Yuanfei found himself bumping into the boss and instantly bowed in apology, forgetting about his package. “Sorry boss. I am so sorry.”

Yu Feng just waved a hand since he only got grazed. “It’s all right.” Then he looked at the mess on the ground and crouched down to help clean up.

Xiong Yuanfei was flattered. “Boss, no need. These things are dirty. I’ll do it myself, no need to delay you.”

As you can see, he admired Yu Feng. Of course, he could be likened to a god in the programmer’s mind.

“It’s all right.”

Now this god was squatting to help pick up mountain goods from the ground. Xiong Yuanfei felt his admiration for the boss get even deeper!

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