IPMH Chapter 39

In truth, Su Xing also had a medicine box at home. Several times in the past, Su Xing bought red antiseptic, sanitizer, gauze and so on which were all used for open wounds. But for a while, he forgot anti-inflammatory ointment for swelling.

Whether or not the homeowner had any, the next time he went into town he would  definitely buy some ointment. After sending the text message, Su Xing did not wait for a reply and went upstairs to make some small buns.

They were the size of a child’s fist and came in two flavors. One was veggie-meat and the other was wood ear mushroom and meat. The buns were white, round and delicious; unable to resist. Su Xing ate several at once and felt full. He packed a box for uncle Niu.

“Little Yellow!” The youth went downstairs with his buns and fed breakfast for the dogs.

As far as he knew, many people in the village said they did not feed their dogs in the morning to get rich. What kind of sorcery was that?

The young man, who dreamed of making a fortune, looked at the two eating dogs and shook his head. Su Xing took advantage of the dogs eating buns to get on his tricycle and out the door.

It was only eight o’clock in the morning and the mountain air was fresh. The scenery was also pleasant to look at. 

Back in S-city, Yu Feng had just woken up. The first thing the man who slept well all night did after waking up was checking his phone. Sure enough, there was an unread text message in his inbox.

The corners of his mouth slightly raised, but he stiffened after reading the message contents. “Got bitten by a mosquito?” This was not a small matter.

Mosquitoes in the countryside were more powerful than in the city. The swelling described in Su Chen’s message, likely was from a poisonous mosquito. He did not hesitate to get up and check in the living room cabinet for commonly used medications.

He found stomach medicine, but no anti-inflammatory ointment. He frowned, changed his clothes, picked up his wallet, phone and went outside to the pharmacy. Everyone knew that pharmacies in the city usually did not open until after eight o’clock.

At this time, people had just opened for business and were still getting prepared. Yu Feng’s face could not help but reflect the anxiety in his heart. “Hello, please stop sweeping. I would like to buy some ointment for swelling.”

After purchasing the ointment, he hurried back. On the way back, he texted Su Xing: [I have ointment, when will you come and get it?]

At this moment, Su Xing was driving up the road in his tricycle. He would only see the homeowner’s message after half an hour at the earliest. The homeowner was an acute man, when he noticed no response, he directly called Su Xing.

This time Su Xing heard the sound and quickly parked on the side of the road to answer. “Hello?”

Yu Feng held the newly bought ointment and said, “Does your face hurt?”

Su Xing touched his face. “A bit of pain, but also itchy.” He accidentally scratched it and hissed.

“Then come and put on medicine.” Yu Feng glanced at the ointment and left it on the table.

“But I’m outside right now.” Su Xing held his bike. “I’ll put some on when I come back at noon.”

Out? Yu Feng raised an eyebrow. “Where are you going this early?” Was it going up the mountain again?

“Going to mail packages to customers.” Su Xing said.

“How are you getting there? Is it a long way?” Yu Feng was concerned.

“Driving a tricycle.” Su Xing then added, “It’s not far.”

Yu Feng started when he heard the word tricycle since he was accustomed to luxury sports cars. It took awhile for him to respond. “Tricycle?”

Su Xing hummed in agreement. He kind of wanted to say he learned to drive it after half an hour, but held back after thinking about it.

Yu Feng hesitantly opened his mouth, “You…” But after thinking about it, he did not know what to say. This was Su Chen’s life, he had no right to interfere even as a friend. “Then go, but be careful on the road.” He sighed and spoke after a bit.

“Okay, goodbye Mr. Feng.” Su Xing hung up and was back on the road.

In town, Su Xing went into the pharmacy after sending off the packages to ask the clerk for a tube of itch ointment. He also bought a pack of flavored tea packets that were on sale.

After paying, Su Xing opened the ointment and dabbed a bit onto his mosquito bite. His skin felt pleasantly cool and immediately soothed the itchiness. Given that mosquitoes were rampant in the mountain, Su Xing thought about buying a bug net.

That way, he could save money on mosquito repellent, so why not. It was nearly noon by the time Su Xing arrived back home with his purchases.

He went up to the second floor and saw the ointment on the table, which was the same as the one had just bought. Su Xing found it interesting and sent a text message to the his homeowner: [How much did Mr. Feng pay for the ointment?]

At this time, his ‘roommate’ was at his company. He saw the message and did not care that his secretary was reporting; he rummaged through his wallet to find a lone receipt.

After checking the amount, he replied: [Fifteen dollars, don’t worry about it.]

Su Xing was happy to respond: [I bought it for only thirteen!]

Yu Feng saw the answer. His mind had sketched out an image of a cheerful young person that was unexpectedly not annoying.

The secretary forced to stand aside was suddenly very curious. Who was the boss texting? Why was he alternating between smiling and thoughtful? Those were not normal expressions on the boss’s face.

“What are you looking at?” Yu Feng saw his secretary looking at him and stared back. “What did you just say?”

The secretary squirmed but was curious enough to risk withheld wages and asked, “Who was the boss texting?” That made him smile so gently.

“Is it the person who cooked for you last time?” The secretary’s eyes lit up, “Or the one who had a nice sounding voice?” But the latter was a boy.

Yu Feng was annoyed and had a bad expression. “Why do you want to know so much?”

“Worried about you!” Pei Wen spoke and then lowered his voice. “If I tell you something, don’t let the director Ji know or she’ll kill me.” He shrunk his neck at the end.

Yu Feng was curious and suspiciously asked, “What’s the matter?”

The secretary looked left and right before whispering in his boss’s ear, “Director Ji has a boyfriend.”

“That’s it?” Yu Feng murderously looked at his secretary, as if blaming him for sparking any emotion for the matter.

The secretary felt wronged, he did not take into account the boss’s indifference.

“Off work.” Yu Feng stated.

“What about the supermarket you were recommended? Were you satisfied?” The secretary was unafraid of death as he mustered up his courage to ask.

Thinking of that, Yu Feng stopped and gave a good response. “Not bad.”

“The one at home is satisfied, right?” The secretary scratched his chin and wondered whether the girl who could cook or the boy with the nice voice was together with Yu Feng.

When Yu Feng heard the other’s intention to gather information, he raised an eyebrow and warned, “I’ll tell Ji Jiaying that you were talking about her boyfriend.”

“Eh?” The secretary was stunned silly. Wasn’t the boss an upright person? When did he develop the bad habit of injecting himself into office gossip? 

Yu Feng refused to speak further to his big-mouthed secretary, to say that the virtuous cook and the boy with the nice voice were actually the same person. Otherwise, the whole company would know.

After all, the secretary had been asked to not tell anyone else about what he had been told….and then he revealed it to many people.

Yu Feng carried in fresh fruits and vegetables and purposefully looked at the ointment he had left on the table. There wasn’t any trace of having been used. Mr. Feng frowned and felt that Su Chen was treating him like an outsider.

Always refusing to accept others kindness. Su Xing saw the homeowner huffing around the house and wondered if anything had happened. Was it like last time when he encountered something infuriating?

Su Xing was worried and quickly took out his phone to send a text message: [I bought flavored herbal tea today, do you want a packet? Tea has a calming effect.]

Yu Feng: [You are so polite that I dare not ask for your things.]

Su Xing saw the reply and felt bewildered. He did not understand why the homeowner said that? Was it because of the ointment? Su Xing thought of that possibility and his heart felt anxious.

At the same time his fingers were typing: [Mr. Feng, I already put some ointment on my face so there’s no need to open another one. Maybe I can use some after taking a bath in the evening.]

That was his thought, since the homeowner’s ointment was on the second floor, everyone could use it as needed.

Yu Feng replied half an hour later: [Hmm.]

Su Xing was cautious: [Do you want herbal tea?]

Yu Feng: [Yes.]

Su Xing breathed a sigh of relief and felt the homeowner’s temper was really hard to figure out. He set down his phone and grabbed several packets at once. Taking advantage of when the homeowner deliberately went into his room, he brewed a cup of tea in his cup.

When he saw the fruits and vegetables on the table, he brought them into the kitchen and put them away as well.

[Mr. Feng, you can get your tea.] Yu Feng received a text message on his phone after he changed his clothes. He had a habit of changing clothes after returning home since it was convenient for napping.

He approached the table and saw his cup filled with dark liquid that smells strange. As a man who had never drank herbal tea in his life, he stared at the cup with uncertainty. He wondered if he could get rid of it when Su Chen was not looking.

But Yu Feng thought about it for a while, if he really threw it away, it would be a waste of Su Chen’s efforts. So he steeled himself, pinched his nose and drank the tea. This way, Yu Feng drank Su Chen’s herbal tea and Su Xing used Yu Feng’s ointment. Two people cared about each other and reciprocated their friendship.

Before going to bed, Su Xing was setting up his mosquito net while also answering the homeowner’s call. “Hello? Mr. Feng?”

The situation was like this, Yu Feng was preparing for bed but could not help but think of his friend’s situation. He had a few things he wanted to say. “Yes, it’s me.”

Su Xing was on his toes as he pulled the rope so his voice was a bit winded. “Hmm, are you hungry? Did you see dinner on the table?” He had just texted the homeowner as well.

“Saw. You said before that you were on study break?”

“Eh?” Su Xing hummed in agreement. The topic was a sudden change.

“You shouldn’t do this, at your age you should be in school.” Instead of running around the countryside on a tricycle or foraging under the hot July sun.

“Hmm…” Su Xing was unable to refute the sentiment.

In truth, if his father was still alive, he would be afraid to go through the study break procedure even with the courage of a thousand suns. Of course, if his dad was alive, he would not have had an emotional breakdown that led to this situation in the first place.

In short, the study break was sort of ambiguous which made Su Xing’s heart feel complicated.

“Then go back to school.” Yu Feng felt that his friend was someone to listen to advice and he softened his tone. “If there are any financial difficulties, I can help you.”

“No need.” Su Xing felt that the homeowner seemed to have misunderstood something and wanted to throw his money. “I don’t have any money problems Mr. Feng. I have a house in Beijing.”

Yu Feng was shocked. “You have a house in Beijing?”

Su Xing made a sound of agreement. He was not trying to sound super rich, he just did not want the homeowner to think he was poor!

Yu Feng mulled over that unexpected information and thought things were okay. Then he went back on topic and said, “Let’s keep talking about your schooling.”

When it came to school, Su Xing felt pressured and his voice reflected that tension. “Okay.”

“Do you have any relatives?” He did not have parents and did not know if his friend had any other family members.

Then Yu Feng barreled onward and said, “Never mind, tell me when you stopped school and when you plan to go back.”

Su Xing leaned against the wall. “Got off in May, intended to…” He trailed off.

“What?” Yu Feng thought the signal was bad. “Say that again?”

Su Xing wanted to avoid talking about the school problem and said, “Mr. Yu, I’m sleepy.”

This was the first time someone so obviously tried to avoid further conversation with him. As soon as he heard that, Yu Feng knew that Su Chen was pretending, but he did not have any intention to dig further.

Author Note: Su Xing: What would Mr. Yu think of me if I accidentally showed off some wealth?

(Interviewing Mr. Feng’s thoughts) Yu Feng: Hm, I have many premarital houses as well.

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