IPMH Chapter 35

But that was my compensation to Yu Feng. Su Xing thought to himself as he held his phone. He could not tell the truth to the other, which also made him sad.

Just when Su Xing wracked his brain on how to answer the homeowner, the other side quickly sent a text message. It made him feel oppressed, like the impression the homeowner gave Su Xing of a powerful person.

The homeowner’s text message simply asked: [Are you still there?]

Su Xing did not think further and immediately replied: [Here.]

Homeowner: [Then why didn’t you text back?]

Su Xing was an ordinary student and it was the first time in his life being acquainted with someone of high social status, who was also very successful. Even though they were friends, it was not easy to have casual conversation. There was a lot of pressure!

The text message was calm in contrast to Su Xing who was pulling out his hair burdened by untold pressure. He slowly answered: [Nothing wrong, you’re great.]

The homeowner quickly replied: [Did you eat the food I bought?]

In the face of Yu Feng’s perseverance, Su Xing gave up and replied: [Yeah.]

Although it was only one word, the president, who made a friend for the first time was relieved: [It should be like this between friends.]

What else could Su Xing say as he smiled: [Yes.]

Then he carefully added another part: [Mr. Feng, it’s getting late and I still have work to complete.]

Yu Feng was also ready to say he had work to do, felt his heart move: [Okay.]

After he thought to himself, the other side was working? This was an important piece of information. During the information age, having a phone number is equivalent to having access to the bulk of a person’s situation.

But he deliberately did not investigate the other person’s identity or address. Unless the other party personally told him, he refused to entertain sneaky measures. There was another reason why Yu Feng did not use other methods to investigate Su Xing’s information. The boss thought that a person as simple as the mystery man would reveal his birth date, zodiac sign and so on in a few days.

After half an hour, Yu Feng sent another message when he was supposed to be working: [What do you do?]

At this moment, Su Xing had been hard at work for half an hour. His face was dripping with sweat, it was too hot. He stopped to wipe his sweat and drink some homemade salted water to counteract dehydration.

Just in time to see the homeowner’s message. He was a little surprised, Su Xing did not expect Yu Feng to have time to chat with friends while at work.

Su Xing suddenly felt the homeowner was pretty down to earth? It was similar to himself.

With the homeowner’s workaholic impression shifted, Su Xing smiled back: [I’m doing farm work.]

In a high-rise building, Yu Feng was basking in an air-conditioned room when he received a reply from his mysterious friend. A trace of sluggishness flashed across his face for a moment. But he was serious soon after, he would not hold that against him.

Friends would not differentiate between rich and poor. His mind would not change knowing that the mystery person came from the countryside.

Su Xing paused for a bit, then replied. [Oh.]

Since the reply from the other side did not mention anything further, Yu Feng sketched out an image of a busy farmer in his mind. It was not a calming image. He looked out the window and saw the blazing sun, then thought about his female staff who lamented getting sunburnt by ultraviolet rays in silence.

There was a chiming noise. Su Xing had not received a response for a while and was ready to put down his phone to continue work, when he once again received a message from the homeowner.

The other party asked: [Do you want to work in the city?]

Su Xing looked at the message unable to react. This…He….Umm…It took a lot of effort to return to the countryside.

Su Xing sighed and rebuffed the homeowner’s good intentions: [For the time being, I’m doing well in the countryside.]

While looking at the message, Yu Feng recalled how much rice he had eaten in the past two months. His expression darkened, and the atmosphere around him became worse.

He thought the mystery friend was a little foolish, but not hopeless, but now he changed his mind. The mystery man was not only silly but also very naive. Seeing that he is a farmer that makes money from the land, he also freely spends money to cook for others!

Then Yu Feng suddenly remembered something important and asked: [How many people do you cook for?]

Su Xing: [Myself, you, two dogs and ten chickens.]

Yu Feng’s mood slightly improved but after learning more about the mysterious person’s situation, his heart felt needled. He felt that the air conditioning was more like suffering than enjoyment.

Yu Feng pressed down the discomfort in his heart: [Why do you cook for me?]

Su Xing grabbed his phone with bright eyes: [We were fated to meet. In the future, you can eat my cooking.]

It also suited his personality and he did not dislike the situation. Su Xing thought to himself that it was nice supporting someone else.

Yu Feng lightened up and continued asking questions: [Are you short on money?]

Su Xing did not hesitate to answer: [Lacking!]

Yu Feng: [I can give you money then.]

Su Xing responded: [No, we are friends.]

After being rejected, along with some self-retrospection, things made sense. True, the two share a friendly relationship, if the other party only wanted money, he would have asked much earlier.

Yu Feng sent an answer: [Fine, I won’t push, but if you have trouble let me know.]

Su Xing was warmed by that sentence: [I know, and thank you.]

A comforting smile appeared on Yu Feng’s face as he responded: [Okay.]

Where could one find such a simple and hard-working young person in today’s society?

Before today, he originally thought that Sky Online’s success was the biggest gain of the year. He did not expect this mysterious friend to show up like a dark horse, creating ripples in the stagnant pool of his life.

Meanwhile, Su Xing was humming while listening to pop songs. He was especially energetic as he pulled weeds, his work efficiency had improved by a lot. It seemed that people needed encouragement from their friends in order to get past tough times.

In addition, the homeowner’s understanding let Su Xing realize that even his seemingly invisible efforts could play a vital role in someone’s life.

Today, Su Xing worked until five o’clock in the afternoon and tried his best to complete all the work. He went back to his yard and rinsed himself with well water to refresh his body. Then he went upstairs to cook for everyone.

Su Xing opened the fridge, took out the fresh beef and admired the quality. This was the legendary imported beef right?

He swallowed as he looked at the beautiful, marbled texture. Even the raw ingredient could make someone drool. He cut this piece of good beef into thin slices and seasoned them.

Since the homeowner bought tofu, shrimp and shellfish, these three ingredients could be made into an especially delicious tofu seafood soup! That was why Su Xing told the homeowner that he chose well and he liked the ingredients.

He cut the tender tofu into even squares, and the fresh shrimp were the size of Su Xing’s thumb. If there was any sand in the shellfish, just soak them in some cold water before boiling should be fine.

Su Xing finished preparing the seafood tofu soup, washed the pot and then started making the more robustly flavored sauteed beef.

If it wasn’t for the homeowner’s S-city tastes that did not involve hot peppers, Su Xing would have been able to make the sauce more heavy. But he needed to accommodate his friend’s preferences, so there was no alternative.

Today’s fruit was a fairly cheap melon. The local melons were only the size of Su Xing’s fists, but they were sweet and juicy. He cut the fruit and arranged a plate. The melon’s delicious appearance was very tempting.

Since his friend told him to come home early after work, as soon as the time came, Yu Feng turned off his computer and packed up to leave. He was in such a hurry that the other workers could not help but think the boss was dealing with an urgent matter.

Director Ji Jiaying asked the secretary, “Was the matter on the internet not handled well?”

The secretary choked and spoke up with a bitter expression. “I also want to deal with it quickly! But the boss’s thinking is weird, he told me that the complainers who have the free time to whine won’t affect those making gold. I don’t understand, why can’t he sacrifice his tough-guy image to reveal the truth? It’s not like he’ll lose any meat or bones…”

The director held her coffee cup and did not answer.

“Why don’t you talk to him?” The secretary drooped.

“I have a date.” The director shook her head and sighed. “You know that I can’t help with matters related to the boss’s life right? In his eyes, I’m a colleague who had a temporary relationship with.”

It was leaving or staying as a friend.

The secretary looked at the director’s back and sighed while looking at his watch. “Damn, it’s five-thirty? Time to clock off.”

This year, everyone looked forward to two things: getting paid wages and leaving work on time. As for the boss, who cares?

On the other hand, Yu Feng left the company before half-past five. He drove to the cake shop recommended by the secretary last time. He bought a cake and arrived home just before six o’clock.

The boss looked at the package of cake in his hand with calm eyes. If the other side still refused to accept the gift, he had a plan of attack.

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