IPMH Chapter 36

Footsteps near the kitchen door startled Su Xing, who was concentrating on packing the lunchbox. He almost threw the plate in his hand. It was the homeowner.

This was the first time the youth had been caught by the homeowner, he stiffened and dared not move. Yu Feng suddenly saw the hot dishes, as well as the open food box. Needless to say, he had come back too early and interrupted the mystery man’s cooking.

In the next second, he pretended to see nothing, turned around and returned himself to his bedroom. But his heart was pounding as he carried the box of cake.

It was unbelievable. A determined atheist, Yu Feng was adamant that this was an exception. His mysterious friend was a living person, not a monster, so it was normal. Very normal.

Ten minutes later, Yu Feng came out of the bedroom. He walked into the dining room as usual and saw the fragrant dishes and fruit laid out on the table.

Of course, this was because Su Xing felt that there was no need for the box now that the homeowner had returned.

In truth, Su Xing was really frightened when the homeowner suddenly appeared. In the end, the other party was understanding and left after a glance. He could be considered an angel himself.

At this time, Yu Feng sat at the table gazing at the delicious dishes.

He took out his cell phone and texted Su Xing: [Did you eat?]

Su Xing standing next to him, did not expect such politeness: [Not yet, wait until you finish then I’ll eat.]

He left himself a portion and kept it inside the kitchen.

Yu Feng pondered something and pressed down the impulse to invite the other to eat dinner together: [Okay. I bought a cake today, you have to accept it.]

Su Xing choked at the message. He felt moved as well as shame from his last rejection: [Ok, thank you very much.]

The homeowner quickly replied back: [No need to say thanks, we are friends.]

Then the other party began to dig into the delicious dinner. As one could tell, the taste was as always to his appetite, which was a very joyous situation.

After eating, Yu Feng spoke to the air. “I finished eating. I’ll head to the living room for some tea, you take your time eating.”

Such friendly instructions felt incredibly heartwarming! Su Xing was surrounded with the feeling of friendship. He hurried into the kitchen, brought his dinner and stuffed a piece of melon into his mouth.

It was delicious! It was cheap and tasty! He should buy some more tomorrow to slowly enjoy. While seemingly concentrating on eating, Su Xing would glance at the gift from time to time with bright eyes, a gift meant for him.

Now that they were considered good friends, it would be natural to accept the gift. Su Xing held the idea, after dinner he reverently opened the gift from his friend. 

What a beautiful cake it was, six inches in size and covered with cream. Su Xing could not wait and dug out a spoonful of cake with jam. The taste quickly captured his taste buds causing him to squint his eyes in enjoyment.

Unfortunately, right after dinner, the cake decreased by a third. Su Xing put the remaining two-thirds into a container and set it aside for when he was hungry in the evening.

The young man smoothly finished his dinner and quickly texted the homeowner: [Mr. Feng, I finished eating. The cake was very delicious, I liked it very much.]

Yu Feng received a text message from his mysterious friend while drinking tea. He was expressionless and thought, of course he really liked the cake from XX road. He would have to go there often in the future.

At this time, Su Xing had not touched his textbooks for a long time. Today, his previous state of insatiable learning returned and he was eager to learn.

Su Xing’s major was in journalism, his father chose it for him. He felt that his child’s character was not suitable for the finance or art classes. After sifting through, pragmatic journalism was more suitable for Su Xing.

But Su Xing’s father did not know that although news in the 1980s and 1990s were pragmatic, things in the twenty-first century were different.

Su Xing, a person of the new era, certainly knew the state of news in today’s society. It was impossible for a small shrimp like him to have a big career.

His ambitions were not deep, he only hoped to write the truth with his pen and reveal the inner reality in exchange for a modest salary, enough to support a family.

Otherwise, he could self-broadcast, Su Xing thought. However, he still should read professional books. He picked up a book, “The History of Public Opinion Journalism” and started to read.

But after an hour, the homeowner texted him: [What are you doing?]

Su Xing picked up his phone and replied: [I’m reading a book.]

The words “self-improvement” suddenly emerged in the president’s mind and his impression of his mysterious friend improved: ]People who love to read are not bad.]

Su Xing looked at the dense, dizzying technical book and felt the hair on the back of his neck rise: [You are not wrong.]

If he didn’t read any books, he would not be able to keep up when he returned to studying. He would not be able to keep up with his studies and then graduation would be difficult!

Su Xing was accepted into a good school, if he did not study hard, wouldn’t that be a waste of his university entrance exam scores?

So Su Xing thought, it would be better to concentrate on reading. This focus made him forget about time. By the time Su Xing felt sleepy and rubbed his eyes, it was getting late.

Su Xing was surprised at his concentration. He started to send a message but the words “Yu Feng” suddenly appeared on the screen.

It was a call from Mr. Feng! Su Xing wondered to himself why the homeowner was calling him? If it was about the two messages he did not respond to, the latter was too cautious.

Su Xing hesitantly pressed the answer key. “Hello?”

On the other side, the answer did not sound good. It also sounded a little too young, as well as a tad familiar?

“It’s me.” Yu Feng asked while having some inner doubt. “Are you all right?”

Su Xing knew why he called after that question and quickly answered, “It’s all right, I was just reading.”

The voice definitely sounded familiar. Yu Feng absentmindedly hummed and had the heart to tease. “What are you learning? Is there anything you can tell me?”

The simple Su Xing did not notice any sinister intentions and said, “I’m reading The History of Public Opinion Journalism. It’s okay and there’s some theoretical knowledge.”

In truth, it was dizzying to look at and he did not remember much in total.

The book’s name attracted Yu Feng’s attention and he wondered, “Why did you think of reading that book?” If he remembered correctly, that book needed to be read for news-related matters.

Su Xing whispered in embarrassment. “Because of an exam.”

Exam?! Wasn’t this man a rural farmer?

“Mr. Feng,” Su Xing asked. “Are you hungry?”

He thought about the half cake in the fridge. If the homeowner was not hungry, he would have no need to make dinner tonight.

Yu Feng was confused on several levels. With his straightforward character, he would not secretly speculate things. Yu Feng asked in a serious tone, “Are you a student, office worker or a farmer?”

Su Xing replied, “Part-time student and farmer.”

Yu Feng was silent. He had over-thought things, this was the actual situation, instead of a rural farmer in the middle of nowhere. 

Being a student was good, at least able to find a decent job after graduation. No need to return home in order to farm.

Out of concern for his friend, Yu Feng asked, “What grade are you?”

Su Xing said, “Twelve…but I’m taking a break from school because of inconvenient matters.”

Yu Feng scrunched his eyebrows and pursed his lips. He originally wanted to ask what the situation was, but did not inquire after some thought. “You said you only cook for me, what about your parents?” He automatically ignored the two dogs and ten chickens beside him.

“They’re gone.” Su Xing was quiet, then he remembered that the owner did not seem to have family. “What about you?”

Yu Feng sighed and whispered, “I’m like you.”

It turned out that his new friend was a young man who lost both parents before he graduated.

“Oh…” After thinking of his father, Su Xing’s mood was down.

Yu Feng had more experience than Su Xing and he had dealt more with society. He was also a private person, so he would not push Su Xing to talk about sad topics.

Then he reluctantly asked, “So where do you want to work in the future?”

“Um…That…” Su Xing’s voice over the phone showed that he did not have a clear answer to that question at the moment.

“There are a lot of media companies here in S-city. Prospects are good, so you can think about when you graduate.” The president was a very direct person.

“Uh-huh.” Su Xing nodded.

S-city was indeed a good choice. However, Beijing was also very good because he had a house there! Working in Beijing did not require paying rent, if he worked in the homeowner’s city would require more funds.

Su Xing calculated with his inner abacus, but did not say anything to the homeowner.

“I have some influence in the city. There shouldn’t be any obstacles if you’re coming.” Yu Feng was not satisfied with the other’s perfunctory answer. There was no need to feel pressure about getting employed in a first-tier city.

“Eh?” Su Xing was stunned silly. His mind wondered, did Mr. Feng mean that he should hold onto a golden thigh…and he was available?

Why was this kid so sincere? Yu Feng slightly hated iron for not being steel. This youth was definitely raised in a simple environment, unable to have adult communication.

The president could take that as a rejection and helplessly say, “Study well to get a diploma and I can arrange work for you.”

Su Xing was speechless. Arranging work? Isn’t the homeowner too much of a good person?

However Su Xing was still reluctant to not use his Beijing house. The rent in S-city would be expensive if he worked there.

Su Xing grimaced and then said, “Food and lodging?”

The boss’s eyes darkened. Good, this silly friend could bargain, not completely hopeless. “Included.”

Su Xing felt flatfooted, the development was completely different than what he imagined, this was the golden S-city he was talking about. Spending money to hire a small rookied, including food and lodging, the boss was not a fool!

“That…” Su Xing felt that he could push his luck to be thorough. “Salary…at least $20,000?”

After covering his face, Su Xing quietly added, “Also want insurance, housing funds, year-end bonus, travel expenses, shopping coupons and newcomer bonus.”

There was silence on the other end of the phone, for five seconds.

Su Xing instantly regretted running his mouth. He awkwardly smiled, “Mr. Feng, I just ran my mouth, don’t take it to heart. It won’t be too late to think about work matters a few years later.”

“It does not matter.” The president spoke after serious consideration. “You’re right, maybe two years from now, a salary of $20,000 won’t be enough.”

“Huh?” Su Xing happily thought that he liked his new friend, he was honest and very nice!

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